Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here and There

 Mayor Gallo turned 52 this week, look at that great head of hair, does not look a day over 30!!! :~)

Hey all,  it's been a while but now that elections are heating up, this blog will be updated more frequently.

Robin Yess attacks me on her blog with these crazy pictures that are either Photoshopped or used from when I was much heavier, than she attacks me for hinting that dems shouldn't trust her on my blog. Robin than calls me phoney becasue personally we have a good relationship but in reality, it's her that is phoney and disingenuous. Robin will claim that her blog partner is responsible for the pictures that appear on her blog and not her. However, if you do the blog with him, you have to be responsible for it's content, you can't have it both ways.

For the record I did not attack Robin first, she did with her blog pictures and by overstating my relationship with the Bernardo's.  Keep in mind, I have been supportive of Robin, I am always friendly to her and when she ran for GOP county chair, I wrote a long post on this blog supporting her, I thought it would be good for a strong woman to lead the GOP, I like Robin.  Democrats have never had a woman leader and that's disappointing. Now, I can go into an entire blog post attacking Robin Yess and that nut in Rochester but I am not going to. First, they are irrelevant figures in county politics, and that is a fact, it's not meant to be a shot but their opinion just does not carry any weight. Secondly, I want people to like me, I no longer feel the need to attack people even if it's just dealing with politics, I have changed my life and am a happy person. Robin and her crew can have a field day fighting with themselves.

Julian Schreibman is looking at a 60% margin of victory next Tuesday, I have to be honest, I was more than a little bit skeptical about his candidacy but his team are really great people with a lot of energy and he is running a great campaign. I think he has a decent shot against Gibson in November!!!

I ran into former Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile and he is just so much happier and relaxed and enjoying his retirement, what a great guy!!!

Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo turns 52 today, picture above of him cutting his birthday cake, I wish the Mayor another 52!!

Speaking of changing my life, I have to thank NJ Governor Chris Christie, I know it sounds crazy but I watch his youtube videos daily and he has completely changed my life. I am more focused, confident and an all around changed person because of him. Christie inspires me in such a profound way, I don't even know know how to explain it. The guy is real, he speaks fro his heart and has made me a better person. I am happier, I feel better, I handle things directly, the guy changed my life. Ironically because I am so much more disciplined because of him, I have lost a ton of weight as well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Coming soon

We will have a new post tonight and an update on a few  local stories

Parete decides not to run for new senate seat,  still a three way Democratic primary for new 46th and Assemblyman Amadore keeps racking up support and money; looking like he will be the next Senator of the district by a big margin. We hear a former Kingston Mayor's son is leading up the Amadore campaign. Republican will a big check book, cross over support and a Democratic party that can't rally behind one candidate all but assures an Amadore victory.

Does the low turn out at the Ulster Dem convention indicate a dissatisfaction amongst Ulster Democrats with the leadership of the County committee? Or are  Dems not that enthused about the races in general? How will that effect local candidates?

Robin Yess still hates Terry Bernardo and the Republican committee that she lead not even a year ago... yawn..more details on that later and her cozy new relationship with Democrats..Dems beware!!!

Blaber and Rich Cahill top bloggers in County? According to Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley, yes. Link to Kingston Times story soon.

Speaking of Rich Cahill, Ulster Republicans nominated him as a place holder to run against our local powerhouse Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. If he remains on the ballot we could see Cahill vs. Cahill which would be fun but mostly very confusing. Come on, no Peter Rooney this year?! I hear  Rooney  is going to make an explosive announcement regarding his potential candidacy around the fourth of July.