Saturday, September 29, 2007

Football Picks with Blaber and Parete

A new weekly feature on the blog, Blaber and Legislator Parete's football picks, will feature Rich and my weekly football picks. We'll keep track every week and see who does the best. Please feel free to use the comment area to post your own.

Parete's Picks :

Minnesota over Green Bay L
over St. Louis W
over Jets W
over Detroit L
Miami over Oakland L
over Houston W
Baltimore over Cleveland L
over Tampa Bay L
San Fran
over Seattle L
over Arizona L
San Diego
over KC L
over Indianapolis L
over Giants L
over New England-- Monday L

Blaber's Picks :

Miami over Oakland L
over Houston W
over Baltimore W
over Detroit L
Green Bay over Minnesota W
Dallas over St. Louis W
NY Jets
over Buffalo L
Carolina over Tampa Bay L
over San Fran W
Pittsburgh over Arizona L
Kansas City over San Diego W
over Denver W
NY Giants
over Philadelphia W
Cincinnati over New England --Monday L

Blaber --8 Parete--3

Gov. Spitzer's License Program Gains Support from AFL-CIO

Gov. Eliot Spitzer finally picked up a friend in the increasingly bitter debate over his move to allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. New York State AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes called it “strictly a matter of fairness” and said Spitzer “should be applauded for taking a pro-active approach on this issue, while the federal government has done little to address immigration reform.”

“Governor Spitzer’s actions will shine a light on those who are willing to become productive members of our society and workforce. As such, greater scrutiny will reduce the opportunities for those who would otherwise take advantage of individuals willing to work and provide for their families. The ability to protect a workers’ livelihood is essential, regardless of immigration status.

“As a progressive, enlightened society it is our responsibility to ensure a level playing field for all who want to work in this country. This policy change is a step toward eliminating exploitation.”

New Comptroller named in Kingston

John Tuey of Lake Katrine has been named the new Comptroller for the city of Kingston. Tuey is expected to be confirmed by the council this month for a contract that will last six years with an approximate 90k annual salary. The sad part is that out of a state wide search not one single applicant was from Kingston. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Tuey, from what I understand is extremely qualified for the position....more details to follow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Could the Dysfunction Amoungst Dems Throw the GOP into Power?

In--Out--and Back In--- County Auditor Lisa Cutten has announced she is back in the race for mayor as a write in candidate. Now, first, for the record, I like Lisa Cutten, she's bright, articulate and has done wonders as our county auditor. But one has to wonder what is she thinking? Under the new charter form of government adopted by voters last year, we will be electing a county comptroller and Lisa Cutten seemed like the obvious choice for the Democratic nomination and the odds on favorite for the job. I think running against the mayor of Kingston in an election she has no shot at winning, will unfortunately, hurt her chances next year for Comptroller.
Lisa Cutten may want to take a lesson from play it safe Hein, Mike Hein, is in a similar predicament as Cutten. Hein who serves as county administrator is widely speculated to be running for County Executive next year and has been very careful to keep very low key, in what is a politically charged election season.

What does Cutten's announcement mean for incumbent Mayor James Sottile? Absolutely nothing. Mayor Sottile has a well oiled machine behind him and will easily win reelection in November by at least a 2:1 margin. And rightfully so, whether you like the sometimes stubborn chief executive or dislike him, one thing is certain, he loves Kingston and is a terrific Mayor. The type of guy that would do anything for you or his city. I've never met a more caring compassionate person in public service.

However, the perception of a prominent Democrat like Cutten running against Sottile doesn't help Sottile or the unity of the Democratic party. It's my honest belief that this is being allowed to happen because of Vincent Bradley Jr., who is like a nightmare you can't wake up from for Sottile and every Democrat in Ulster County, who feel they owe the younger Bradley's father, the late and well respected Vincent Bradley Sr., his due. Kingston Dem Chair Robert Golnick should of put a stop to this write in campaign the first time she announced by telling Cutten to sit on her hands and be loyal to her party and the leader of our party (Mayor Sottile), but how could he with Bradley's name engraved on Sottile/Noble headquarters? It's time for the Democratic party to become united and for Bradley to take the silver spoon out of his mouth and start thinking about someone else for a change.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jail Report Released

The jail report was released today and I picked up a copy and went into an informational meeting on the findings this evening. I'm in the process of looking through the documents and I'll report more on it later this week. I think we have to really applaud Tracey Bartels, Robert T. Aiello, Richard Parete , and Frank Felicello who spent tireless hours on this report and did so in a bipartisan manner.

It's my understanding that the legislature is going to request that the D.A. launch a criminal investigation. Julian Schreibman, a senior investigator in the Ulster D.A.'s office, that was assigned to oversee the jail investigation, was at the informational meeting and was in regular contact with the legislature throughout this stay tuned.

Scott Moone Passes Away

I first met Mr.Moone when that nut Hal Turner was planning to come to town, I forget who contacted who but I do remember what a nice guy he was. What many people may not know, Mr. Moone, who I only met a few times is responsible for the creation of this blog, giving me the idea when he was developing a website for a friend of mine. Not sure if Monday morning radio will be the same without the guy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photo Blog: Assemblyman Cahill's Event at the Park

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill's event at Hasbrouck park was a huge success drawing about 150 people for a day of fun with friends and supporters. The event really showed the strong support that Kevin Cahill and the Democratic party has in Kingston and Ulster County. Here are a few photos from the event.

Future D.A. Jon Sennett talks with Assemblyman Cahill
Majority Leader Reynolds with not a care in the world
Commissioner Landi with County Democratic Chairman John Parete
Alderwoman Jennifer Ringwood comes to show her support for Assemblyman Cahill
Former 5th Ward Alderman Jimmy Madden, we all miss him serving the 5th Ward. A much better Alderman then the current one.
Judge James P. Gilpatric working the crowd
U.C. Legislator Brian Cahill pauses for a photo
Future County Legislator John Martino pulls into the Cahill event in style
Judge Gilpatric applauds Assemblyman Cahill

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a Reminder: Cahill's Fun Raiser will be held this Sunday

That’s right, folks -- its back!

Please join us for an afternoon of food, friends and fun!Sunday, September 23, 2007 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Hasbrouck Park, Delaware Avenue, Kingston Here’s the best news…the price hasn’t changed since 1985! Still $15 per person -- children under 12 are free!Music by Tuttle Soundlabs Enjoy our traditional burgers, hot dogs, (new this year -- veggie burgers!) homemade salads, desserts, beverages, children’s craft table and much, much more!
If you can come to this event please do. Assemblyman Cahill is a man that is always there for the people of the 101st District and a public servant in every sense of the word.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Alderman Robert Senor did in fact defeat Todd Langon in a GOP primary this past Tuesday. The Board of Elections had made an error, originally declaring Langon the winner by a vote of 26-24. The actual vote was 24-16 in favor of Senor. Senor now holds both the Dem and GOP line, which means lights out for new comer Todd Langon who still holds the Conservative line.

Primary Shows Kingstonians Happy with Sottile and his Democrats

With the dust settling from Tuesday's primary one thing is clear Mayor James Sottile and his Democrats will coast to victory in November with all of Sottile's hand picked candidates winning big. I think a message was sent on Tuesday that the people in Kingston are happy with it's current leadership.

James Noble trounced Lenny Walker by more then 2:1, Landi, Whitlock and DiBella were all successful in their primaries. One shocker was Alderman Senor's loss to fringe candidate Todd Langon who pulled out a squeaker winning by two votes, I think we can chalk it up to an extremely low turn out in the eighth ward and people wanting a choice in November. In the end, Bob Senor will have no trouble winning reelection this November.

The City Judge race split with Judge Gilpatric winning the Independent line and J. Michael Bruhn Jr. winning the Conservative line...while Judge Gilpatric has a strong edge and in the end will emerge victorious this will be the only real competitive race city wide.

And, finally, Roscoe Pecora vowed to stay in the race for County Legislature after getting beaten handily in a Democratic Primary by Alen Lomita, Phil Terpening and Sal Silvestro. Pecora said he would stay in on the Conservative line and run as a spoiler. And you guessed it Pecora is a staunch supporter of Vincent Bradley Jr., surprise surprise!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shirley Whitlock's Clean-Up a Success!

Rev. Shirley Whitlock poses for a picture at her community clean-up that drew the neighborhood together and worked to lift the moral in Ward 4. Shirley is making Ward 4 a place where people can be proud of and her efforts are to be applauded. It's my sincere belief that Rev. Whitlock is putting her words to action and will be successful as the next Alderwoman of Ward 4.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Opinion Poll : Kingston Mayor

Sottile Wins Opinion Poll by nearly 2:1!

Poll Resuls ---> Here

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ELECTION RESULTS--- Noble Coasts to Victory

Noble 612 Walker 258 DEM Alderman at Large
Gilpatric 57 Bruhn 37 IND City Judge Kingston

Bruhn 68 Gilpatric 48 CON City Judge Kingston
Whitlock 59 Ryan 55 DEM Alderman Ward 4
Langon 26 Senor 24 GOP Alderman Ward 8
won the IND line 6-0
DiBella 5 Jacobs 1 IND Alderman 5

Dr. Aleo 4 Weiss 1 WF Town of Ulster town justice :)

Lomita 381 Terpening 357 Silvestro 278 Pecora 232 --DEM Ulster Legislature District 7
Dutchess County :
Poughkeepsie Mayor:
KNAPP DEFEATS COZEAN 785-594 :) :) :) :) :) :)

Blue indicates the winner

I'll have more of an update tomorrow, I'm too tried tonight. We'll talk about what the results mean for November..there were a couple of interesting results. Ward 4 and the Alderman-at-Large race I pin pointed the results almost exactly...check back soon.

Blaber on WAMC Tonight at 6PM

I was interviewed on WAMC by Susan Barnett, about this blog, and the upcoming primary in Kingston.
Please tune in tonight at 6pm, 90.9 FM


Please make sure you get out and vote today. If you need information on your polling place call the Board of Elections at 845-334-5470

Monday, September 17, 2007

Primary Election Results will be Reported Here First!

Check tomorrow night for election results for all races in Ulster County. Results will be posted here by 10pm! We'll also see how I did on my predictions.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Primary Elections

It's hard to believe that the primary elections are already this Tuesday, it's coming up very fast. I think the most important thing that we should do besides voting this Tuesday is to be an informed voter. Especially in a primary election you should really look at the candidate in a very careful manner and decide if this individual represents your beliefs and the beliefs of the party that he or she is seeking to represent on the ballot in November. I wish all the candidate running Tuesday the best of luck.

City Judge --- James P. Gilpatric and J. Micheal Bruhn Jr., face off for the Independence and Conservative lines.
Prediction : Gilpatric takes both lines in a close but decisive vote.
Ind = 35 Con = 18

Alderman-at-Large-- James Noble and Lenny Walker face off for the Democratic line.
Prediction : James Noble will win in a landslide.
Vote Total= 900

Ward 3---- Patrick Carroll and Charles Landi are asking Independence voters to go and write their names in for an opportunity to ballot election.
Prediction : Too close to call; Carroll seems to have a lot of signs out.
Vote total with both candidates = 8

Ward 4---- Shirley Whitlock is being challenged by Matt Ryan for the Democratic line. GOP line also up for grabs.
Prediction : Whitlock wins a close vote.
Vote total both candidates = 90

Ward5---- Anne Marie DiBella faces off against Jean Jacobs for the Independence line in an opportunity to ballot.
Prediction: Smart money says DiBella pulls this one out.
Vote total both candiates = 3

Ward 8----- Robert Senor faces off against GOP scapegoat Todd Langdon for the Republican and Conservative lines.
Prediction: Senor will easily win both lines and reelection on Tuesday.
vote total GOP = 105 Conservative 15

Ulster County Legislature District 7 ----Alan Lomita, Sal Silvestro, and Phil Terpening are facing off against Roscoe Pecora for the Democrat line, voters can choose any three.
Prediction : Lomita, Terpening and Silvestro hold on to their lines, in that order.

Friday, September 14, 2007


50,000+ visits
Blaber's News hits fifty thousand visits since it's start in March 2006. There is a story in the Kingston Times that features local blogs including this one, and it's effect on local elections. To read the story click here---> KT STORY

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Word has it that this week the CSEA and the City of Kingston had a very productive negotiation meeting and that a 4 year contract settlement may be near. Despite all that is going on it's good to see both parties are able to put their differences aside for the betterment of Kingston. My hat is off to Mayor Sottile and the CSEA.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Handicapped Kingstonians Need Not Apply with Cahill

Richard Cahill, Republican candidate for mayor is at it again first he tries to take away money earmarked for a handicapped bathroom at the Art Society of Kingston. Now he's setting up a campaign headquarters on the second floor of the Koenig Building which is not handicapped assessable and is not compliant with the American Disability's Act.

Now, Chirs Koeing, a Sottile supporter, owns the building and is grandfathered in and under compliance with all state laws. However, Rich Cahill sure is being inconsiderate for putting his headquarters in such a poor location that excludes many members of Kingston, particularly senior citizens that can't get up to his headquarters. Surely with the "lack of business" in Kingston that Cahill always talks about there should be plenty of spaces for him to rent a space that can accommodate all people. Kingstonians should be disappointed but not surprised by Cahill's choices.

Anyway, people who share in our frustrations can always go to the Sottile/Noble Headquarters on Grand to everyone not just certain people.

Mayor James Sottile commemorates 9-11 in Kingston

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blog Down for Awhile

I'm out of state for a few days dealing with a family emergency. I will update when I can...please be patient...comment moderation and posts will happen less often for a little while. Thanks.

A Time to Reflect; 6 Years later

Today as we all know is 6th year anniversary of 9/11 and instead of using this blog in a political manner, maybe we can take the day to reflect on that day and to be thankful for all that we have. Days like this make the political nonsense and other bickering that goes on so petty in the scheme of things.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Alderman Cahill Owes Sottile an Apology

Alderman Cahill claimed on his blog that Sottile had the flag hung incorrectly during the Holley on Sunday and refused to take it down when it was brought to his attention. I spoke with the Dep. Chief of the Fire Dept. that told me that the Kingston Fire department is responsible for putting the flag up and it was put up correctly. I then went to make the correction on Cahill's blog and he had conveniently omitted his accusation. Mr. Cahill please apologize to the Mayor.


Attention Dem's Anne Marie DiBella is hosting a Fund-Raiser for the Conservative candidate for D.A. on Thursday, September 27th. Mrs. DiBella is a Kingston Democratic Committee woman and is working against the Democratic candidate that our committee proudly supported, Jonathan Sennett.

I urge people to call Anne Maire DiBella and tell her to step down as a committee woman if she is going to host a fund-raiser for a non Democrat.

Call Anne Marie at:


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kevin Cahill Event Sept. 23


That’s right, folks -- its back!

Please join us for an afternoon of food, friends and fun!
Sunday, September 23, 2007 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Hasbrouck Park, Delaware Avenue, Kingston
Here’s the best news…the price hasn’t changed since 1985!
Still $15 per person -- children under 12 are free!
Music by Tuttle Soundlabs
Enjoy our traditional burgers, hot dogs, (new this year -- veggie burgers!) homemade salads, desserts, beverages, children’s craft table and much, much more!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alderwoman DiBella; Please Resign

I was saddened to learn yesterday that Alderwoman DiBella is continuing to support a non-Democrat for the office of District Attorney, and is going so far as to host a fund-raiser for this person at her home. Mrs. DiBella has the right to support whom ever she wants. However, as an Ulster County Democratic Committeewoman to publicly work against the Democratic candidate is against the rules and unfortunately that is exactly what she is doing.

So, I respectfully ask that Mrs. DiBella resign as a committee person. By resigning it will allow Mrs. DiBella to support her candidate and save her from a formal hearing where she would be ousted. This really is an important move, what Mrs.DiBella fails to realize or just chooses to ignore is that her support for this candidate does not only effect Jonathan Sennett, the Democratic Candidate for D.A., but it also effects City Court candidate, Judge James P. Gilpatric and Aderman-at-Large James Noble who very well may not have the Independence and Conservative lines that the candidate she supports has. There is also the option that Mrs. DiBella call off her fundraiser and do the right thing........I won't hold my breath.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jonathan R. Sennett with Governor Elliot Spitzer

Jonathan Sennett, Democratic Candidate for District Attorney, shares a moment with NYS Governor Elliot Spitzer. Gov. Spitzer was known as the Sheriff of Wall St. and tackled the toughest cases to benefit all of NYers as our Attorney General. Jonathan Sennett has a lot of similar approaches to tackling crime as Gov. Spitzer had when he served in the capacity of Attorney General.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vote Yes on The Kirkland Hotel

Tomorrow the council will vote on whether to support following through on the renovation for The Kirkland hotel or to let it sit in shambles as it has for over twenty years, it's that simple. There are politicians that are making this a political issue but the real issue is whether or not we want to restore a historical landmark or not.

Alderman Cahill practically admitted on his show that the reason he was voting against this project is because he does not want it completed before election time because it would give Mayor Sottile's campaign a boost. I don't care about Rich Cahill or his campaign, I do however care about making Kingston the best place it can be and restoring it's landmarks.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that an eye sore that has been sitting dormant since before I was born is now turning into the gem of Uptown Kingston. I tilt my hat to Kevin O'Connor and RUPCO for their tireless efforts in restoring the Kirkland hotel.

Comment Moderation

I get a lot of comments and e-mails about the comment area that is on this blog. As many people know I approve all comments before they're published and often people wonder why one comment went through and not the other. Sometimes I get e-mails from candidates that were attacked on the comment section wanting me to take them down and other people accuse me of simply playing favorites. For the most part, I'll accept all comments in the name of free speech but there are times that I hit the reject button if someone is attacking a friend of mine..Which I admit is not fair but it's my blog.

There is one thing I'm fair about and that is not allowing an attack on a candidate's family. A good example is the 22 comments I have rejecting regarding a recent arrest of a high ranking Republican's daughter. I will not publish those comments so do not bother sending them. I have no problem with holding a candidate or official responsible for their own actions but I will not allow someone to bring their family into the mix. For those of us involved in the political scene it's an unwritten rule that a persons family is always off limits, a rule I firmly support.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Walker A No Show for Kingston's Hooley on the Hudson

A major Kingston event, Kingston's Hooley on the Hudson was a major success with 10 thousand plus people attending this great family event. One notable absence was Alderman-at-Large candidate Lenny "watchdog" Walker, I wonder what was more important than attending a very important event in Kingston. Is this the beginning of what's to come? The last thing we need is an alderman-at-large that is no where to be found.

On the other hand some notables at todays event were:
Congressman Maurice Hinchey, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Kingston Mayor James Sottile, Alderman-at-Large James Noble, Ward 3 Aldermadic candidates Pat Carroll and Charles Landi, Alderman Madsen, Alderman Senor, Kingston Judicial candidates James Gilpatric and J. Michael Bruhn Jr., School Board Trustee Matthew McCoy, U.C. Minority Leader Glenn Noonan and D.A. candidate Jonathan Sennett as well as the other two.....

I previously stated that Rich Cahill was not at Sunday's Event, he says he was and I beleive him..I appoligize for the mistake, although I'm close, I'm not perfect and on occasion I make mistakes. Also there were other candidates and notables at Sunday's event that I neglected to mention : Mrs.Gill, Mrs.DiFalco, Todd Langdon, Mrs.Petit, Roscoe Pecora, U.C. Legislator Peter Kraft and of course Ken Brett.

Watch Dog Walker

Here is a picture from Ulster County Politico, a nasty blog that I usually ignore but every once in a while it takes a break from attacking me and puts up something that actually makes me laugh.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Funny Quote of the Day

In the Kingston Sunday Freeman today, there was a feature story about the upcoming Alderman-at-Large election and it featured information on both Council President Noble and Alderman Walker. Walker made me laugh out loud when he compared himself to NY Governor Elliot Spitzer. Now really, is he serious???? That would be like me comparing this blog to that of the Huffington Post. Alderman Walker really needs a reality check..hopefully by voters this September and again in November.

"I consider myself like (Gov.) Eliot Spitzer," Walker said. "If I have to ruffle some feathers, then I will ruffle some feathers. ... People know me as a person who gets things done. The council needs to be a check on the mayor's office."

Alderman Lenny Walker (R-3)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alderman Reynolds Tackles Recycling

Alderman Bill Reynolds has come up with a new plan to increase recycling by brining in a company called Recycle Bank, which pays people to recycle! This is another great idea by Majority Leader Reynolds that will lower our tipping fees which in the long run will lower your taxes, and it's great for the environment too. Here is a FAQ on the company.

When will Alderman Reynolds smarten up and realize that while Kingston is lucky to have his leadership, he would be an asset in a much higher public office. County Executive Reynolds?

DiBella Knows Best, Soyer Deserves Property

I'm learning more and more that there is usually no need to second guess Alderwoman DiBella, or as I call her Kingston's rising star, becasue she's typically on the ball. This property controversy that we keep reading about is no different. Everyone is familiar with this bidding war that seems to be going on and every Alderman seems to have a different opinion on it. Ranging from just shoving it off to the highest bidder to Republican Mayoral candidate Richard Cahill wanting to take it off the tax-rolls and give it to a non-profit for $1. Than there is DiBella's plan, giving it to a woman that lives in Kingston with a proven track record of renovating properties in Kingston. At least for me it seems clear as to who the property should go to. But, in politics nothing seems to be easy, especially during an election year.

Whatever it's worth and probably not much, in my humble opinion the Common Council should follow the recommendations made by DiBella's committee and award the property to Renate Soyer.

Photo Caption : From Kingston Daily Freeman, a local woman Michell Whittaker shows her support for Mrs. Soyer.

Clint Brown for Mayor?

I'm not sure what this obsession is with Clint Brown.... I get a lot of comments on the blog about the Fourth Ward Alderman. Personally, I like Clint Brown and I wish he would of run again, which would of guaranteed a loss for Matt Ryan and stability in Ward 4. However, things happen and family comes first, I'm sure we'll see Alderman Brown in an elected capacity again...maybe sooner then he thinks...someone has went ahead and took a photo off my website and created one of their own by launching a write in campaign for Clint to run for mayor. Obviously, I am supporting Sottile and I think that this person who is doing this website is kidding. Anyway.. here is the website -- Clint Brown for Mayor