Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sue Zimet Picks Up Steam

Sue Zimet the democratic candidate for the NYS Senate in the 42nd district has picked up steam with just a week left before the election. Her opponent who has out spent her by a 2 to 1 ratio has resorted to negative campaining and destorting the facts but that is not fooling most voters said one town resident who said " We want a change Bonicic has failed us, we want someone that will work hard for us someone like Sue Zimet." Sir, I could not have said it better myself. Sue Zimet has the experiance and leadership to bring much needed reform to New York. I urge all voters to join me in standing with Sue Zimet on November 7th, Sue will bring a breath of fresh air to New York state government.

Susan Zimet is endorsed by:
NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
US Congressman Maurice Hinchey
NYS Senate Minority Leader David Paterson
NYS Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther
NYS Assemblyman Kevin Cahill
Citizen Action
The Sierra Club
NY EdPacLeague of Conservation Voters
Empire State Pride Agenda
Teamsters Local 445
Teamsters Local 693
Ulster County Democratic Women
Poughkeepsie Journal
Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County

U.S. Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey:

"Susan Zimet has tackled the difficult issues that impact the region and the nation as a whole. She fought for the protection of the environment, Choice, fiscal responsibility, creative economic development, common sense public safety priorities, support for veterans and their families, civil rights and equity for all. She is a partner I know I can count on in Albany."

New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer:

"A Democratic majority in the New York State Senate is critical to reforming Albany. Susan Zimet's record demonstrates the political courage and will that is essential in Albany. As a two-term county legislator, and previously as town supervisor, she has battled Albany's unfunded mandates and fought for accountability from state and local government. As Governor, I am counting on the voters of the 42nd District to elect Susan Zimet to the New York State Senate."

Senate Minority Leader David Paterson:

"Susan Zimet will bring a much needed blast of fresh air to the New York State Senate. Her passion and commitment to effective and honest government will well serve the residents of the Hudson Valley and New York State. She understands what it means to work together, with both sides of the aisle, upstate and downstate, to achieve common sense solutions to the difficult challenges facing the state."

New York State Assembly Member Kevin Cahill:

"Susan Zimet is a tremendous leader, who for the past decade, has worked diligently for the future of the Hudson Valley and for the New York families who call our community home. I look forward to working with her in Albany on important issues that she and I care about, from expanded healthcare coverage and affordable higher education and job opportunities for our residents, to safeguarding our environment and creating sound economic development initiatives. Susan Zimet will make a great New York State Senator and I encourage the voters to support her."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blaber News Poll finds Dems given thumbs up by voters

A recent Blaber News poll finds democrats strongly ahead in Ulster County. A poll which was conducted by Blaber News asked 500 likely voters who voted in last years general election.
Note Statewide races only reflect ULSTER COUNTY.

Elliot Spitzer D 8O%
John Faso R 15%
Five percent undecided

Attorney General
Andrew Cuomo D 60%
Jeanne Pirro R R 37%
Three Percent undecided

Allen Hevesi D 70%
Chris Callaghan R 12%
Eight Percent undecided

U.S. Senate

Hillary Clinton D 56%
John Spencer R 41%
Three Percent undecided

Ulster County Sheriff

Paul Van Blarcum D 62%
Kevin Costello R 34%
Four percent undecided

Proposition 1

Yes 56%
No 28%
16 Percent are undecided

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blaber News Person of the Week Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is this weeks Blaber News person of the week. His commitment to Public service and the people of New York is second to no one. Andrew's work with HUD is consider by both Dems and Reps as a successful turn around of an agency that was close to being shut down prior to his taking over. He was confirmed to his position in HUD twice by a Republican US Senate. President Clinton is quoted as saying that Andrews work at HUD was one of the most dramatic turn around of a federal agency in Modern U.S. history. When Mr.Cuomo worked at HUD he had 300 lawyers working under his direct supervision, which makes him most qualified to be our next Attorney General.

Andrew M. Cuomo was born in Queens, New York on December 6th, 1957, the second child of Mario Cuomo & Matilda Raffa Cuomo. His paternal grandparents, Andrea and Immaculato Cuomo emigrated from Salerno, Italy in the 1920s to New York where Andrea ran a small grocery in South Jamaica, Queens. Andrew and his three sisters and one brother grew up in Hollis, Queens. Andrew received his Bachelors of Arts in 1979 at Fordham University in the Bronx and then went on to receive his law degree from Albany Law School in 1982.
Andrew with sister Margaret

Hard work and family have defined Andrew’s life. Andrew worked during college and law school in an array of positions including security guard, landscaper, and an auto repair mechanic. At the age of 24, while still in law school, Andrew served as campaign manager for his father, Mario Cuomo, in his successful 1982 race for Governor of New York. Andrew then headed the Transition Committee for Governor-Elect Cuomo and worked as a key aide in Albany. Thereafter, Andrew joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and then went to a private law practice and subsequently founded HELP, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless.

Andrew has always been passionate about fighting for the most vulnerable citizens, particularly when it comes to fundamental human rights and social justice: ensuring that each American has a safe, secure place to live. Andrew established Housing Enterprise for Less Privileged (HELP) in 1986, which became the nation’s largest private provider of transitional housing for the homeless. By providing more than just shelter, but also education, job training, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, mental health services, and emergency and transitional housing, HELP challenged the traditional orthodoxy on the issue by advocating the true needs of the population as opposed to the current thinking that the “solution to homelessness was three-fold: housing, housing, housing.” HELP was recognized by Congress as a model of dealing with the many problems facing the homeless. Based on his pioneering work through HELP, Andrew was appointed by New York City Mayor David Dinkins in 1991 to lead the New York City Commission on the Homeless. That Commission issued a report titled “The Way Home” which was widely accepted as effective housing and social policy.

The Cuomo family has a great tradition of fighting for social justice. HELP USA has benefited from the leadership of many members of the family. Andrew’s mother, Matilda Raffa Cuomo, founded HELP’s Mentoring USA branch in 1987 when she served as New York State’s First Lady. The programs provide structured, one-on-one mentoring for “at risk” kids in New York City. Andrew’s sister, Maria Cuomo Cole, has served as Chairperson of HELP since Andrew went to Washington to serve with President Clinton in 1992. Under Maria’s leadership, the organization has grown as a national provider of homeless services and expanded its programs in job training, domestic violence and affordable housing. In it’s 20th year, the organization founded the HELP USA Justice Center, dedicated to fighting discrimination in New York State. The Justice Center is extending the organization’s mission to address the root causes of the myriad problems that confront underprivileged families across the country. HELP USA's Justice Center will work as a legal advocate to eliminate systemic inequalities and unfair racial and discriminatory practices.

Academics and Awards. Andrew has received numerous awards, among them, the National Association of Homebuilders Appreciation Award; the National Puerto Rican Coalition Appreciation Award; the NAACP Freedom and Justice Award; Alliance for Justice and the Coalition of Italo-American Assoc., Inc. Leadership in Public Service Award. Andrew edited Crossroads: The Future of American Politics, published by Random House in October 2003. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.Andrew has practiced law in both the private and public sectors. His professional legal career after law school began in public service as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan under Robert Morganthau in 1984. He also worked in private law practice and at the real estate investment firm Island Capital.

Taking the Fight for Justice To WashingtonAndrew's work in New York City fighting homelessness attracted national attention. In 1993, Andrew was invited to be on Bill Clinton’s Transition Committee and was then asked to serve as Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under Secretary Henry Cisneros. He quickly established a reputation as an innovative reformer. Andrew became a key senior official in the Clinton Administration and was involved in numerous Clinton initiatives, such as the White House Working Group on Welfare Reform, Family Support and Independence 1993-94 and numerous interdepartmental assignments. Andrew was picked by President Clinton to serve as HUD Secretary at 39 years old in 1996. Under his leadership, HUD was transformed from a bureaucratic backwater to a revitalized engine for economic development, unprecedented housing opportunities, and underwent a dramatic reform, which resulted in millions of dollars of savings for taxpayers. Andrew’s work earned HUD the prestigious “Innovations in American Government Award” from the Ford Foundation and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, on three separate occasions. Andrew served for all eight years of the Clinton Administration.

Jay Z and Andrew Bringing the Fight for Justice Back to New YorkIn 2003 Andrew launched a public campaign about the damaging impact of the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. These laws require mandatory minimum sentences for first-time, nonviolent drug users and have had a disproportionately negative impact on minority families since its inception 30 years ago. These laws also waste millions of taxpayer dollars to lock up people who would be better served by residential drug treatment programs, at about half the cost. Efforts to reform the laws had been stalled for 10 years, so Andrew partnered with hip hop mogul Russell Simmons to form a large coalition to call for changes in Albany. The “Drop the Rock” coalition staged a rally with thousands of young people who gathered to voice their opposition to the unfairness of these laws. This effort helped spur Albany to act – and pass – a reform bill. Although Andrew feels the legislation doesn’t go far enough, he’s proud to have helped initiate the debate on this important topic. [Daily News: Hip Hop's Elite Join Pols' Drug Law Rally] READ MORE>>

Andrew has been instrumental in organizing an advocacy campaign to keep the death penalty out of New York. In 2004, New York’s Court of Appeals struck down New York’s death penalty statute as unconstitutional. Andrew has campaigned vigorously to keep the death penalty statute out of New York State, leading the “Death to the Death Penalty” coalition of anti-death penalty groups to educate and organize support against the archaic law. Harnessing innovative internet technology with his “Network for Justice” initiative, Cuomo partnered with many civic organizations to enable thousands of citizens to tell their elected representatives to keep the flawed death penalty law out of the state. As of today, New York does not have a death penalty law. [Op Ed: Don't Revive the Death Penalty] READ MORE>> And last year, when the Bush Administration proposed drastic and harmful cuts to Andrew’s former department HUD, Andrew immediately went into action to protect New Yorkers. Under the Bush Administration’s proposal, New York would have lost over $100 million annually in critical funding for anti-poverty, community development and Section 8 housing programs. Cuomo organized opposition to the cuts and demonstrated the harm they would do to urban and rural areas. He helped mobilize citizens and community groups to help save funding for housing for seniors, AIDS victims and disabled New Yorkers. He also threatened to sue HUD in order to stop the cuts on Constitutional grounds. While unable to beat back all of the proposed HUD reductions, the group did manage to shame Congress into restoring much of the proposed cuts. [Op Ed: Ending Block Grant Program] READ MORE>>

Andrew is the proud father of three daughters – twins Cara & Mariah, 11, and Michaela, 8.
A Fighter for Social Justice

Thursday, October 26, 2006

NYS Senate Candidate Christopher McBride on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber

Christopher McBride who is running for New York State Senate in the 42nd district will join Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday at 10pm on ch.23, he will discuss his candidacy and talk about why he is the most qualified candidate to be your State Senator and what his plan is from education to reform. Feel free to call in and ask Chris questions he would be happy to answer them.

" McBride is a great guy and a man with impeccable qualifications and will bring much needed reform in Albany, I ask that you join me in supporting him to be our next Senator."

Some of McBride's endorsements have been from Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer

"Chris McBride is determined to change state policies so that New York becomes a state young people want to move into, not leave from. Chris will bring his experience as a father, basketball coach and businessman to >Albany to fight for New York's middle class."

-U.S. Senator Charles Schumer

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stand behind Hevesi a man with a record of accomplishment

Allen Hevesi is the most qualified man to be New York's Comptroller, don't buy into the political nonsense made by his opponent. No one is infallible and people make mistakes. Mr.Hevesi admitted he made a mistake reimbursed the state and it is time to move on for the betterment of New York. Please take a look at Mr.Hevesi's record of accomplishment and let that be the decider on how you vote.

Throughout his public service, Alan Hevesi has demonstrated a commitment to helping working families achieve a better life. His vast experience, background and track record have earned him the support of the labor movement in the race for Comptroller.

1. Alan Hevesi: Uniquely Qualified To Protect Your Future. Alan Hevesi is the only Comptroller running for Comptroller in this race. Only Alan Hevesi has the fiscal experience to protect taxpayers. Alan Hevesi has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and improved services with audits that made a difference. He's rooted out fraud, waste and abuse in government agencies and corporate boardrooms. Alan Hevesi's strong fiscal management helped increase the value of the New York City pension fund from $50 billion to $81 billion.

2. Alan Hevesi Has a History of Supporting Issues of Concern to Working Men and Women.Alan Hevesi is the only candidate who was a member of a labor union. Alan Hevesi has supported labor issues and initiatives including the right to organize, an increase in the minimum wage, a living wage standard, Agency Shop, and the enforcement of prevailing wage laws. His actions and points of view concerning the future well-being of working men and women are a significant contrast to his opponent in this race.

3. Experience You Can Count On.A product of our public schools, Alan Hevesi earned a Ph.D. in Public Law and Government from Columbia University. Alan Hevesi served in the New York State Assembly for 22 years and authored 108 laws. As Comptroller, he will continue to be a strong voice for public education and he will protect the rights and interests of working men and women.

* Jeremy Blaber has thrown his full support behind Comptroller Hevesi

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

With Deepest sympathy

My thoughts and prayers go out to Larry Brigati and his family at this time, loosing a loved one is never easy especially when taken so suddenly and at such a young age. I am glad I had an opportunity to meet your wife she was a nice lady and will be deeply missed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blaber Search for Person of the Year

Blaber News and Commentary is in search for Blaber News Person of the year and is asking for your help. Blaber News person of the year must be an active member of the community and posses significant contributions to Ulster County. The criteria contained herein have been established to provide visibility in points and ensure objective selection. The person of the year picked by Jeremy Blaber with the help of the public will receive a plaque, full page write up on Jeremyblaber.com and will be the first guest of 2007 on Blaber's widely popular show Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber.

The Nominees:

Mayor James Sottile- Mayor Sottile has been a breath of fresh air for the City of Kingston and Ulster County, Mayor Sottile has dedicated his life to public service and dedicates his free time anyway he can to the community and making the City a better place to live for everyone. He has tackled crime with the cooperation of the KPD, worked hard to bring in development, successfully brought a new tenant in the industrial park that will bring in 500 new Kingston jobs, and worked hard to keep taxes in check. His love for the City and the people in our community is very reflective by his actions and behavior toward them.

Alderman Bob Senor- Alderman Senor is just a great public servant a veteran alderman of The Kingston Common Council, Alderman Senor has worked hard this last year to work make the City of Kingston a better pace. He was a leader in working with a special committee to try to better the City's recreation committee and has worked hard to work with everyone on a variety of issues in a bipartisan matter to better City government. Alderman Senor has also been instrumental in helping Kingston Public Access.

Alderman Bill Reynolds - Alderman Reynolds a 14 year alderman has shown his leadership is par none. In addition to being the Alderman of Kingston's 7th Ward he is also the Majority Leader of the City of Kingston. Reynolds has worked hard to address train horn noise that has become a safety concern in this city, he also has made proposals to provide free internet access through out this City making the internet accessible to everyone even people on a fixed income who might not be able to afford high speed internet access. Reynolds has also worked in a bipartisan manner with the Alderman in Ward 8 to develop a joint neighborhood watch were constituents can come and address there concerns directly to their Alderman.

Ulster Supervisor Nicky Woerner- Supervisor Woerner is the youngest Supervisor in the history of NYS and one of the best in just 9 months in office he has been able to settle a contract with the labor unions, hire new police to protect the residents, develop a legal police commission and lower the towns taxes and reviewing some of the tax burden on Town residents. Woerner also volunteers his time at various different community activities.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill- Assemblyman Cahill has done such a fantastic job as our assemblyman and worked hard to bring in money and resources for our county. Although he works in Albany and has a hectic schedule he still never forgets were he came from and participates in local events and neighborhood watch program were he can address the concerns of his constituents. Assemblyman Cahill was able to secure a grant for Kingston Public Access TV that was in desperate need of funding.

Who should be Blaber News Person of the Year?
Mayor James Sottile
Alderman Bill Reynolds
Alderman Bob Senor
Supervisor Nicky Woerner
Assemblyman Cahill
Write your own nominee in our coments area
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber welcomes Majority Leader Jeanette Prozanzano

Jeremy Blaber is pleased to welcome Jeanette Provenzano this week on his widely popular show " Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber". Jeanette Provanzano is an 8 term legislator and is currently the Majority Leader for the Ulster County Legislator. In addition to being the Majority leader Mrs. Provenzano also serves on the Human Development and Ways and Means committees. The show will air this Monday at 10pm on ch.23

Blaber News gives Official 2006 endorsements

With just a few weeks left before the 2006 election it is important that we all get to know who is running and who will do the best job to represent us, I urge everyone to get behind the candidates supported by Blaber News they all have the leadership and experience to be our representatives. Thank you.

Governor : Elliot Spitzer
Elliot has the passion and leadership to be our next governor, during his tenure as AG he fought against crooked business practices and tackled corruption on Wall Street. Elliot has made it his business to stick up for the little guy and will make an excellent governor.

U.S. Senate : Hillary Clinton
Hillary has done wonders for NY in her first term as US Senator and especially in Ulster County, please join with me in supporting Senator Clinton for a second term.

Attorney General : Andrew Cuomo

Andrew's outstanding record of accomplishments as HUD Secretary and at the state and local levels position him to be the most effective Attorney General who will clean up New York's failing Medicaid system, fight corporate polluters, to level the playing field and make government work for all New Yorkers.

Congress: Maurice Hinchey
What can we say about Maurice Hinchey, Hinchey has done such a great job as our congressman and will continue to do so I urge everyone to go out and vote for Maurice and give him another two year term to the US Congress.

NYS comptroller - Allen Hevesi
Allen Hevesi Respected among his peers, quietly supported by unions, business leaders, politicians, and, yes, many newspapers (including the NY Times), Alan has and will continue to work alongside the political and business leadership, and with the workers and their supporters, to move New York forward into the future.

NYS Senate: Christopher McBride
Chris is an experienced attorney with a dedicated history to public service, I know Chris will bring much needed reform to NYS government under the leadership of Elliot Spitzer.

NYS Senate : Susan Zimet
Susan Zimet has tackled the difficult issues that impact the region and the nation as a whole. She fought for the protection of the environment, Choice, fiscal responsibility, creative economic development, common sense public safety priorities, support for veterans and their families, civil rights and equity for all.

NYS Assembly: Kevin Cahill
Kevin has been a breath of fresh air for this area, as our state legislator he has fought for us in Albany on tough issues and brining us tougher results. I am proud to have someone like Kevin Cahill in my corner in Albany.

NYS Assembly: Marc Molinaro
As Mayor Mr. Molinaro has done a great job on a city level and as a Dutchess County legislator he has done a great job on a county level and there is not a doubt in my mind he will do that same great job on a state level.

Ulster County Sheriff : Paul Van Blarcum
Paul Van Blarcum has proven, on every level and in every aspect of his career, that he is a professional who can get the job done. Whether as a town councilman, United Nations public security officer, EMT, member of the board of education or in his 30 years of dedicated service to Ulster County as a member of the Sheriffs Department, his record speaks volumes. Paul promises to join our county legislature majority in bringing about fiscal responsibility in our Ulster County, and I believe he will. In the course of his three decades with the Sheriffs Department, he has worked in virtually every division, earning the respect of his co-workers and fellow officers. This time spent in the trenches uniquely qualifies Paul to step up to the plate and bring a new era of leadership, honesty and integrity to the role of Ulster County Sheriff. I urge you to support this outstanding candidate when you go to the polls this November.

Supreme Court Justice : Karen Peters
Karen continues her efforts to ensure that all individuals have equal access to justice and fights ibipartisanisan manner for equal rights. Her leadership speaks wonders and the people agree as she has been endorsed by paritiesrtys. I look forward to seeing Karen be re-elected to another 11 year term as our supreme court justice.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jaundiced Alderman refuses to apologize to exonerated Mayor

Alderman Richard Cahill refused to apologize to Mayor Jim Sottile after calling for his resignation alleging Sottile was guilty of Official Misconduct even though District Attorney Don Williams has stated that the Mayor's alleged actions of giving his son extra time do NOT warrant any criminal wrong doing.

Alderman Cahill your comments are outrages and over the top extreme, even the union members who have alleged Sottile broke union rules do not feel he should resign, you owe Mayor Sottile a public apology.

Final Thought : An Open Letter To Alderman Cahill

Dear Mr. Cahill.

Maybe Mr. Alderman it is you who should resign? I am not calling for your resignation but am simply asking that you think about the possibility of stepping down. You clearly have a vendetta against the Mayor and the Democrats that is making it hard to serve the people you were elected by. You have stated that your number 1 goal is the defeat of Jim Sottile more important then serving your constituents. What kind of message is that? Don't respond to this yet take a week or so and think it over, get your priorities in order... Do you want to be mayor? Do you want to slay the dems every week on TV and in the paper ? Or do you want to serve the residents of your ward that put their trust in you. Please do not try to further your political career by short handing the Ward 6 residents that elected you. You can't have it both ways either you are dedicated to your Ward or you are not. An Alderman is defined in Webster's dictionary as a member of a city legislative body governing a specific district, not Rich Cahill's stepping stone to mayor. Please take these thoughts into consideration. Thank you.

Your friend,

Jeremy Blaber

Mayor exonerated, D.A. Williams says no crime was committed

The Ulster County District Attorney's Office will not launch a criminal investigation against Kingston Mayor James Sottile over the mayor giving extra work to a summer crew that included his son. District Attorney Don Williams said yesterday Mayor Jim Sottile committed NO crime and that Alderman Lenny Walker's allegations were NOT creditable and did not warrant a criminal probe. You think? I could of told you that. I thank Don Williams for looking at the matter and making the right decision. Alderman Walker is simply on a witch hunt and it back fired on him now all the people in the City of Kingston know with out a shadow of a doubt Mayor Sottile broke no law. Thanks Lenny!!!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mayor strikes back over mendacious charges by union boss and alderman

Mayor James Sottile struck back at accusations of favoritism and breaking contract rules by granting extra work to his son, a city employee.

Bart Robbins president of the Civil Service Employees Association and Alderman Lenny Walker have led a personal attack on Sottile through his son claiming that Jamie was granted 160 hours of extra work this summer that should of went to union employees, Sottile corrected Robins saying Jamie Sottile worked 250 hours but was only paid for 160 because he donated the other 90 hours to the city. While Sottile acknowledges seasonal workers were not allowed overtime he said his son was just given extra hours to work on the docks and lighthouse in which regular city workers do not generally do.

Alderman Walker has called for Sottile's resignation saying Sottile clearly violated a contract for the benefit of his son, and he called the mayor's actions "unethical." "He breached the contract, and that is totally wrong," Walker said. "It all comes down to the contract, and he violated it (to favor) his son. You cannot do what you want to do and have disregard for the city workers and city taxpayers."


- Jamie Sottile was hired in 1998 by Late Mayor T.R. Gallo

- Mayor Sottile has a record of being fair to all employees and would never give special treatment to anyone

- Jamie Sottile worked 250 hours in EXTRA TIME not overtime performing tasks that are generally NOT given to city union employees for over time

- Jamie Sottile was only paid for 160 extra hours of work, he donated 90 hours to the City of Kingston, the city saved 900 dollars as a result of his generosity

- Lenny Walker has announced on several occasions he is running for mayor and has been a frequent critic of the chief executive that he will most likely primary next year, in light of this on issues involving the mayor his words hold NO water and should be dismissed.

-Bart Robins is simply looking for a handout for work he has not done and is trying to exploit the situation to burglarize the tax-payers if anyone should resign he should as union president as he is making the workers he represent look bad

My take, I have thought long and hard over this and find Sottile to be the victim of a personal and political attack by both Walker and Robins, I am a strong supporter of CSEA and if there was any shady business going on I would be the first one to point it out, that is simply not the case here. Jamie who everyone describes as a hard worker, (from working with him, I know.) worked extra time that would not of been granted as over time to union workers, he donated 90 hours of that extra time saving the city 900 dollars, Walker and Robins both have agendas and are trying to attack Sottile through his son and it is wrong and sickening.

I am nothing if I am not fair and maybe I am wrong on this I will let you the public decide in my online poll look at the facts and decide for yourself :

Do you think Mayor Sottile showed favoritism or violated union rules in granting his son extra time?

Do you think Mayor Sottile showed favortism or violated union rules by granting his son extrra time?
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