Friday, November 30, 2007

Here and There

Farewell to Joan Every, no, not the late Joan Every as Legislator Glenn Noonan referred to her in his Minority address a year ago. The very much alive Joan Every is retiring from the legislature with 20+ years of being elected..not 20+ years of service... It will be a benefit to all for this legislator to be shown the door, Mrs. Every is a prime example that being elected to the legislature is a popularity contest. No legislator has such a pitiful record of attendance than that of Legislator Every, or as she has come to be known by her peers as" Joanie Ducks." Mrs. Every earned that nickname due to the fact that she ducks from every meeting that has a controversial vote on the agenda. I guess as long as you show up to the pancake breakfasts and schmooze the seniors, it's enough to get elected. Mrs. Every even plans to skip the December legislative session the last meeting in which she will be a legislator... unreal.... I bet she'll show up afterward to pick up her last check.

I'm glad that the Republican that got elected in Every's legislative district was Laura Petit, I met Ms. Petit several times during the campaign trail and she will be a breath of fresh air for the legislature...someone that will be involved and dedicated to the county.

The city of Kingston's two Republican Alderman are fighting over which one will serve as the council's Minority Leader for 2008. Both Ron Polocco and Al Teetsil want the Minority post and GOP Chair Jean Jacobs refuses to step in and break the tie. In the end, smart money says Ron Polocco will take the post and that's not a bad thing. Teetsil has been another absent public official and in my opinion did not warrant reelection much less a leadership position.

And, finally it's good to see that both Shannon Schreibman ( Julian is prohibited because of his job) and Jon Sennett are staying involved in the local Democratic committee. Jon Sennett and Shannon Schreibman both attended the Dem Executive committee this past week. Sennett is staying active in his local committee and the Schreibman's have spearheaded an effort with Jay Mahler to start up the Ulster County Young Democrats. On the other hand Ulster County's hometown son, Vince Bradley Jr., is looking for a job all the way in Columbia county and has no interest in his community or anything else that does not directly focus on himself.

Dem Leadership Vote Moved to December 9th

Below is an e-mail that was forwarded to me be a person that will remain anonymous, it's an e-mail from Majority Whip Robert Parete informing people that the leadership vote has been moved to another date. Which is fine, Mr. Parete's position as Whip requires him to notify the Democratic caucus. However, in the e-mail it talks about proxy voting which I just found interesting and disturbing. In my opinion there should NOT be any proxy voting.

Don't shoot the messenger, this is not an attack on Robby Parete at all...simply an fyi on the issue of proxy voting.


Due to the impending weather forecast, the Leadership vote will not take place on Sunday, December 2, 2007. Instead, the Democratic Caucus will meet on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 to discuss leadership voting, and in particular, voting by proxy. Caucus will begin at 5:30PM sharp. This caucus will take place just prior to the annual budget vote. Only those members who are part of the 2008 Democratic Caucus will be allowed to cast a vote whether to allow voting by proxy the 2008 Leadership. This will be decided on Wednesday, but the Leadership vote will be scheduled for next Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 9:30AM at Democratic HQ on Fair Street in Kingston. As indicated in my previous email, the same agenda will apply. Please note the 2005 Leadership Vote occurred on November 21st, 2005. As always, feel free to contact me should you have any suggestions. Please respond to this email so I know you received it. I have asked Kathy Mihm to contact Legislator-Elect Decker.


Noonan Reelected Minority Leader

Glenn Noonan has been reelected as Minority Leader of the Ulster County legislature and while I didn't get involved before the vote because it's of no concern to me, I'm glad Noonan was reelected to the post. Glenn Noonan, a legislator from Gardiner, is as partisan and anti-Democrat as they come but he's a good guy with genuine intentions for the county. As long as he's only leading the minority, I can live with it. Congratulations to Minority Leader Noonan.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

HVCFI in Funding Crisis, Call your Legislator

In Governor Spitzer's inaugural address, on day one, he made an interesting remark : Like Rip Van Winkle, the legendary character created by the New York author Washington Irving, New York has slept through much of the past decade while the rest of the world has passed us by.

That seems to be true specifically in Ulster County, the Ways and Means committee of the Ulster County legislature just denied 250k in funding to the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, which may force this center that is such an asset to Ulster County, to shut its doors or move out of Ulster County. HVCFI has proven results with bringing in tech business and creating jobs for Ulster County residents. The HVCFI is striving to become self-sustaining through licensing revenues, corporate sponsorships, continued local, state and federal grants as quickly as possible, this funding is not a permanent thing.

When the HVCFI does get off the ground and become self sustaining, lets hope we would of had the foresight to keep them here in Ulster County. Let's ask ourselves can we really afford not to fund this program? New York State Business Council gave Ulster County an "F" failing grade for economic development earlier this year. So why in the world would the legislature even think of jeopardizing the loss of 15 jobs and four Ulster County businesses?

I was in Albany with two Ulster County legislators ( Sue Zimet and Robert Parete), when Governor Spitzer made his remarks about Rip Van Winkle and how the world has passes us by during the Pataki administration. Lets not be the county that fell asleep and let the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation pass by Ulster County.

Call your legislator and ask them to support the funding for the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation. Link to your legislator's contact info -----> County Legislature

Billiam VanRoestenberg joins Radio Free Kingston

Gary Bischoff and Art Richter, co-hosts of Radio Free Kingston announce that Billiam VanRoestenberg will be a regular host of the program. Radio Free Kingston is a weekly radio show that airs on WKNY, 1490 on the AM dial every Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The show started in July 2005 on Friday evenings and moved to Sunday afternoons shortly after.

Radio Free Kingston is a progressive talk show that counters a lot of the right wing propaganda that dominates talk radio today. Listeners are free to call the show and add to the discussion. The show discusses topics of interest locally and nationally.

The aim of the show is to entertain and educate listeners on a variety of topics. Most shows have local guests in the studio.

Billiam VanRoestenberg is a farmer living in Highland, NY. VanRoestenberg is active on the local political scene, and was a candidate for Ulster County Legislature in 2005.

"The addition of VanRoestenberg brings a fresh new voice to our radio program. During the weeks leading up to the election, I was not able to be on the show because of FCC regulations. We asked Billiam to 'pinch hit' for me, and he did such a great job that we invited him to be a regular host of the program. We plan to alternate and have two hosts in the studio each week. I am pleased to be working with Billiam who has proven to be a very polished, professional co-host."

- Gary Bischoff

Check out Jonathan Sennett's audio message below

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GOP Values: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Enodrsed by Bunny Ranch

In what seemed like a Saturday Night Live political parody, a real-world press conference was launched as MSNBC's Tucker Carlson and two prostitutes stepped from a limousine, the ladies were with their employer and the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch who arrived at an endorsement press conference for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). Carlson is traveling with the Paul campaign while doing a story for the New Republic.

Dennis Hof, the Bunny Ranch's owner is so excited that he wants to raise money for Paul. The Reno Gazette Journal reports: Following the news conference, Hof said he was so impressed that he wanted to start raising money for Paul.

"I'll do it today," he said. "I'll get all the Bunnies together, and we can raise him some money. I'll put up a collection box outside the door. They can drop in $1 dollar, $5 dollar contributions."
Two of Hof's prostitutes, Air Force Amy and Brooke Taylor, said they liked Paul's message, but wanted to learn more about the other candidates before making a decision.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gordon Webb Passes on.

Gordon Webb passed away this morning after a long illness. I went and saw Gordon yesterday and he was in rough shape but amazingly in good spirits. I never agreed with Mr. Webb on this issues but he served a very vital role in the establishment of public access, and to the community. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blaber News' Second Annual Person of the Year VOTE NOW

I again, am in search for our second annual Blaber News Person of the year and am asking for your help. Blaber News person of the year must be an active member of the community and posses significant contributions to Ulster County. The criteria contained has been established to provide visibility in points and ensure objective selection. The person of the year picked by Jeremy Blaber with the help of the public will receive a plaque, full page write up on and will be the first guest of 2008 on Blaber's widely popular show Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber(yes, I'll be back on by then)

2006's winner was town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner

Nominees for 2007: VOTE NOW!!

Jonathan Sennett- Mr. Sennett is an advocate in the legal community of Ulster County. Mr. Sennett stands up for the rights of citizens regardless of your economic means, race or gender. Jon believes in realistic approaches to fighting crime in Ulster County and making sure every citizen is safe and that above all justice is served. Sennett was the 2007 Democratic candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.

Nick Woerner - Mr. Woerner is currently the Supervisor of the town of Ulster, Woerner was elected in 2005 and was the youngest Supervisor ever to be elected in NYS. Since taking office Woerner has achieved many accomplishments including the establishment of a legal police commission, keeping taxes in check and promoting economic development for the town of Ulster. Woerner was voted Blaber News' person of the year in 2006.

Kevin Cahill- Mr. Cahill serves in the 101st district of the NYS Assembly which includes most of Ulster County and parts of Dutchess county, since taking office Cahill has faught tirelessly for his constituents on a number of local issues. Cahill has been a pioneer for property tax reform in our state. Assemblyman Cahill is the chair of the State Committee on Ethics.

Mike Hein - Mr. Hein became County Administrator in 2005 when the Democrats took control of the Ulster County legislature. Hein inherited a messy budget left over from the previous administrations. With the guidance of the legislature, Hein has transformed the county budget into a budget that is open and accountable to the tax-payers of Ulster County. Mr. Hein is currently a candidate for County Executive.

Diane Reeder - Mrs. Reeder is the executive director of the Queen's Galley in Kingston, which is a soup kitchen that feeds and educates the public. Mrs. Reeder teaches people the value of nutrition and how to shop healthy on a fixed budget and most importantly no one is ever turned away. Mrs. Reeder serves thousands of meals each month to the residents of Kingston.

RUN CAHILL, RUN!!!! 66% of readers say Cahill should enter Executive Race

66% of people think Kevin Cahill should run for County Executive according to the latest Blaber's News and Commentary poll. That's really interesting because that's an extremely large margin, it's no surprise to me though, people like Cahill, he's very personable and intelligent. There's no doubt he would make a great exec but will he run? People seem to think he won't because he would have to give up his relatively safe assembly seat, others think that being executive is a step down for Cahill, those naive people do not realize how powerful the position of executive really is. Look at former Assemblyman Tom DiNappoli, who ran and was the party's nominee for County Executive in Nassau County, DiNappoli was eventually defeated in a viscous primary by Tom Souzzi, but things seemed to have worked out for DiNappoli who currently is the NYS Comptroller.

In the end Cahill's heart is in Ulster County and I have a strong hunch that in February or early March our Assemblyman from the 101st puts it all on the line for the county's top spot.

Reynolds' Reality Check

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Hugh Reynolds is paid by the Daily Freeman as their political editor, the guy is either stubborn or just completely out of touch with local politics. First, I really like Hugh Reynolds, I think he's bright and for the most part I enjoy reading his column. For some reason the guy hates Jonathan Sennett and refuses to give him his due.

Now the race is over and I have moved on, but yesterday in Reynolds' column he made a comment that was simply untrue, the piece was about Ben Shore calling for John Parete's resignation from the Democratic committee, and it went on to talk about the d.a.'s race, and how there should of been a primary. At this point I'll even concede that a primary would of probably been a good thing. However, Reynolds went on to say that Sennett didn't want a primary because the reality was that he had a slim to none chance of winning it. This is where I really question Reynolds' competence as a political insider.... the unfortunate reality is that the general election turned into the September primary and Bradley lost terribly.

In a Democratic primary the main people that come out and vote are from the towns of Woodstock, Saugerties, Rosendale, Marbletown and Kingston. Let's look at the numbers:

Woodstock Sennett: 1250 Bradley : 209

Saugerties Sennett : 1160 Bradley: 800

Rosendale Sennett: 652 Bradley : 286

Marbletown Sennett: 698 Bradley : 306

Kingston Sennett: 1710 Bradley : 2265

New Paltz Sennett : 1565 Bradley: 289

TOTAL : Sennett : 7035 Bradley : 4155
Cut both the totals in half because the primary would of been much lower than the general and you have Sennett with 3517 and Bradley at 2077. We'll add on about 300 to Bradley for people that supported Sennett because he was the party's nominee... the total in the key areas of a Democratic primary would be Sennett at 3117 and Bradley at about 2377...the other towns would be about even with Sennett having the edge as the nominee....bottom line Sennett wins in a landslide.

You can't go by this entirely, because we're leaving a lot of towns out and there is the fact that anyone can vote in a general election and you don't know what the exact numbers would be in a primary vs. the general election. However, you can get an idea of what the primary would have been by voter trends and making an educated guess. There is absolutely no way that Bradley would have walked out of the primary as the winner and the numbers are very clear of that. Bradley only beat Sennett in Kingston (his hometown) by a few hundred votes. In comparison Sennett trampled Bradley in New Paltz by about 5-1. The problem was that for Sennett there was no guarantee that Bradley would have dropped out if he lost the primary. Sennett would have entered the general election with a lot less money and in the exact same situation. But, what do I know.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Andrew Saul Calls it Quits, Against John Hall

In a stunning development, wealthy businessman Andrew Saul (R) is making calls to inform supporters and GOP insiders that he is dropping his candidacy in New York’s 19th District. Saul was widely regarded as a strong Republican recruit to take on freshman Democratic Cong. John Hall (D). Saul’s ability to self-finance and the Republican-tilt of the district made it a top GOP target. But now, his exit from the race leaves Republicans looking for a credible challenger.

"I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of this campaign, and under different circumstances I know we would have been successful. I am truly touched at the overwhelming support I've received from my family, friends and the residents of the 19th Congressional District throughout this process."

- Andrew Saul

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

- Jeremy

Ulster Police Lieutenant, and avid Blaber New's reader, Joe Sinagra helps out on Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Join Mike Hein's Kick-Off Campaign Celebration for County Executive

Mike Hein will host his campaign kick-off for Ulster County Executive, on December, 6th at the Hillside Manor. The event is from 6-8 and you must reserve by December 1st. Tickets are 75 dollars per person. Hein has received the endorsement of Mayor James Sottile and U.C. Treasurer Lew Kirschner.

R.S.V.P. to:

The Committee to Elect Mike Hein,

P.O. Box 3005

Kingston, NY 12402

Just a final disclaimer: Mike Hein is seeking the Democratic nomination for Executive so I am posting this event and will post other events for our Democratic candidates. Anyone who say that I'm supporting a certain candidate is wrong. I'm staying completely neutral and will make a decision in March when all the candidates have announced and the people have had time to hear from all of them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Zimet Factor

The race for County Executive will have many good and qualified Democratic candidates running and that's a good thing. Right now the two names that are coming up are Mike Hein (who has already announced) and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. People should not rule out Susan Zimet for the position of County Executive, Zimet is a bright woman who has Executive experience and experience in county government...more importantly she has already won a county wide race. And, not to be gender biased she's a woman, I think we know of another very popular woman that may very well be on the ballot in November and that is U.S. Senator and presidential front runner Hillary Clinton.... Zimet's candidacy could really take off and she, like Cahill and Hein, is a worthy contender. Zimet also made significant contacts with the state party in her bid for NYS Senator and raised a boat load of money. Zimet can win.

Note: This is not an endorsement for Susan Zimet, like I said before I am not making any commitments at this time. Just writing down my thoughts.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ulster County Legislature's Dems Battle it Out for Top Spot

Ulster County Legislature's power struggle for chair has begun...Jeanette Provanzano is challenging incumbent Chairman David Donaldson for the top post and each candidate claims to have the support needed for the top spot. I just have to wonder why the Democratic legislature can't just work together and relax. Donaldson, who has fended of challenges twice before from Peter Kraft and Robert Parete, has done a great job in his current position and while I like Jeanette dearly there should not be a change in leadership.

The Democratic party seems to be too ambitious for it's own good. Then again, I'm sure the GOP when in power, where the same way. The GOP to its credit, had a party chair that would not tolerate such nonsense like trying to change leadership midterm in the legislature, or allowing committee members to support an Independent candidate for District Attorney. But I guess when the Democratic Chairman is also an Elections Commissioner, and you care about yourself more than the party you were elected to represent things like this happen.

The Ulster County Democratic Committee needs a new chairman it's that simple, Donaldson being challenged three times in three years, the d.a.'s race being the most obvious reasons. The fact of the matter is that the party is hopelessly divided, and with two huge county races coming up we can't afford to continue on our current path. It's also necessary for the moral to be restored and the healing process to begin and under Parete that simply will not happen.

John Parete has done a lot of good things for the Democratic party and deserves a lot of the credit for our Democratic majority in the legislature amongst other any good leader his time has passed.

DiNapoli to Audit Thruway Authority

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli will audit the NYS Thruway Authority in light of a proposed rate hike, the audit, which starts immediately, will determine if the hike is necessary.

“New Yorkers already pay some of the highest taxes and user fees in the country, and the cost of gasoline is expected to skyrocket even more,” DiNapoli said. “For thousands of New York families, particularly upstate, the Thruway is an economic lifeline. Before the Thruway Authority raises tolls and drives up costs for delivering everything from milk to lumber, my auditors are going to examine whether the toll hike is necessary. The Thruway Authority should hold off on the proposed increase until the audit is complete.”

I applaud Comptroller DiNapoli for his efforts, one always wonders where the money goes that we pay on the thruway...of course a large portion goes to up keep..however, an audit wouldn't hurt.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Marbletown Democratic Committee Calls for Parete's Resignation

Dear Mr. Parete,

I write on behalf of the Marbletown Democratic Committee, which voted unanimously at its November monthly meeting to call for your immediate resignation. Our committee has stood with you throughout your tenure, andwe have stood with you against past criticism. Sadly, it appears that our faith and support has been misplaced.

During the 2007 elections, you demonstrated not only a lack of good leadership, but also a lack of loyalty to the Democratic Party. Your actions divided and damaged the Party,costing us not only the District Attorney's office, but also opportunities to make gains in the Legislature.There comes a time, when we as Party members, must set aside personal preferences and think of the collective good of the Party. When that time came this year, you chose to put personal and family connections ahead of the Party, supporting another party's candidate for District Attorney. You need to take responsibility for the split that caused in the Party, and step down as Chair, so that the Party can heal and move forward.

If you continue in office, that will only hurt the Party during the 2008 election season, and it will have negative repercussions for years to come.We urge you to act, at last, in the best interests of the Democratic Party, and resign immediately.


Ben Shor, Chair
Marbletown Democratic Committee

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuomo Rumored to be Considering 2010 Run for Governor

With Gov. Spitzer's tanking numbers in the polls these days and Cuomo's numbers that seem to keep going up, people are speculating over a possible primary run in 2010. For purpose of full disclosure there is no bigger supporter of Andrew Cuomo than myself, I worked on his campaign for AG and I supported him as a very young Democrat at Miller Middle School for Governor the first time around, with that being said Cuomo should stay put. Nothing is to be gained by trying to unseat an incumbent governor especially someone like Elliot Spitzer.

Gov. Spitzer a self proclaimed f-ing steamroller has had his faults but a lot has been accomplished and I think Spitzer's numbers will climb back to about 65 percent come next year. When you're a leader and a reformer like our Governor, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made that are not always popular but make no mistake about it they are necessary.

Andrew Cuomo, who most likely has no real intention of running for anything but reelection as AG, has a bright future in NY politics and his time for higher office will come.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DiBella Taken to School

Majority Leader Reynolds will keep his post after DiBella has announced she is not going to challenge the senior Democrat from Kingston's 7th ward. In reality DiBella never had a shot at taking taking the leadership position away from Reynolds to begin with but that is neither here nor there. We congratulate Reynolds on his reelection to the leadership's well deserved.

DiBella, the Majority Whip, paid the price for her attempt to betray Reynolds, our congratulations to Jennifer Ringwood the new Majority Whip. If DiBella had spent a little more time at the Tom Hoffay School of Poli Scie, she would of known, Politics 101, don't go for a leadership position or release a piece of legislation unless you know ahead of time you have the votes. This should be the end of it, lesson learned, January 1st it's time to do the people's business.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cahill Drafted for Exec?????

I got an e-mail about a new group that has formed called " Draft Cahill for County Executive", according to the group they are a private group of citizens that feel Assemblyman Cahill is the best man for the County's newly formed Executive position. The site is not affiliated with Kevin Cahill or his campaign committee. They have an interesting website and it's apparent they are serious and have dedicated a great deal of time to the cause : Cahill for Executive

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, meanwhile, has stated that he will wait until spring to make a decision on whether or not to run. I must say, I agree. With the recent d.a.'s race and the party leadership in shambles I think it's best that the party has time to heal before they digest a new race.

Enjoy your holidays and we'll talk shop in March...for all you political junkies out there that need their fix, there is always Blaber's News and Commentary to keep you up to date.

In it to Win it : Hein Enters Race for Executive

Surrounded by family, friends and political allies Michael Hein has officially entered the race for Ulster County Executive, announcing outside the Ulster County court house. The election will take place in a little less than a year Hein has announced unusually early and there will certainly be competition in the next few months from Democrats and Republicans alike. One big relief for Hein is that Sottile is NOT running and apparently is supporting Hein.

There is a double edge sword with Hein's candidacy and that is that he has never run for public office before but that could be a good thing voters may not want a politician in that office but a business person that can lead the county from a buisness stand point, and that is Micheal Hein. Hein has worked successfully in the private and public sector most recently as County Administrator and even his harshest critics are forced to admit that he's done a hell of a job in that position. Hein in his current position has done everything one would want in an elected County Executive: open government, fiscally responsible budgets and accountability.

However, the 800 pound Gorilla in the back of the Ulster County court house that a lot of the local pols seemed to ignore today is will Kevin Cahill run? Cahill already has a group looking to recruit his candidacy (Draft Cahill) Kevin Cahill also has a large history of public service and leadership abilities and will certainly give Hein a run for his money and with his record can beat Hein. Cahill has strong ties to the community and to local labor. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Note: This is not an endorsement of Hein, I think Hein is a worthy contender but it's premature in this stage of the game to support anyone. I urge people to wait and take a look at each candidate carefully before a commitment is made.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bill Reynolds for Majority Leader

I have heard rumors and rumblings about Fifth Ward Alderwoman Anne Marie DiBella looking to run against Seventh Ward Alderman Bill Reynolds for his position of majority leader, a position that Reynolds has held for many years. I didn't want to comment on it, at hopes that it was untrue and would go away. Unfortunately, according to Hugh Reynolds' column today it appears the rumor is true.
Alderman Reynolds has served this city as the Seventh Ward Alderman and as Majority Leader for many years and is a superb public servant. As a resident of the seventh ward, I can honestly say that he's the best Alderman that a constituent can ask for. I'm involved in politics based on a simple e-mail I sent out to Bill Reynolds years ago. Bill responded promptly and got me involved. Some people may thank Bill for my involvement, others may want to shoot him for it--depending on who you ask. I of course thank him, not just for him helping me out but for the friendship we have shared for the last four years.
Since getting involved, I have walked the ward with him and have seen him in action. He truly cares about Kingston and is someone that I have the utmost respect for. Kingston is lucky to have him and he is far beyond his office.

Alderwoman DiBella is a bright woman who also truly cares about Kingston but in my opinion is too arrogant and power hungry. It takes a lot of gaul on DiBella's part to challenge a person that has done so much for her and for the Democratic caucus. I respectfully submit that Mrs. DiBella is wrong for that leadership position at this time. Keep in mind she is already in a leadership position as Majority Whip and I don't think she should even hold that spot.

Alderman Reynolds has dedicated his professional life to the city of Kingston first, and to his party second. I urge the Kingston common council's Democratic caucus to return Bill Reynolds to a leadership position.

Michael Hein Running for County Executive

Surprise Surprise, Michael Hein is going to run for County Executive and will announce his candidacy tomorrow at 1pm. Michael Hein is a great guy and has proven leadership in the county after presenting two fiscally sound budgets and bringing accountability to our government. Hein will likely face some opposition from his fellow Democrats. Make no mistake about it, the D.A.'s race will seem like child's play compared to this race, which essentially is the most powerful position in Ulster County.

I will have more on this race tomorrow, it is my sincere hope that the Democratic party has time to heal and work together so that we do not have a repeat of November 2007. I'm not committing to any candidate this early but I do wish Mr. Hein a lot of luck, he is a worthy contender.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Richard Cahill, the one term wonder from Kingston's sixth ward who lost his bid for mayor to incumbent James Sottile has vowed to stay active in the local political scene with a new blog: Cahill on Kingston, " if the Democrats thought they could get rid of me by beating me in a "close" mayoral election they're sadly mistaken" exclaimed a bitter Cahill. If I'm not mistaken it was the people that got rid of Alderman Cahill, in what was a foolish attempt by the freshman alderman to run against a well seasoned and well funded poltical power house by the name of Jim Sottile. Alderman Cahill would have easily of been getting ready to serve his second term as alderman of ward six.

Cahill immediately has used his blog to take cheap shots at myself and others including the the city, over it's possible funding of a rehabilitation program that helps former felons to become productive members of society. The program (Save Them Now), is run by a nice man by the name of Ronnie Wade who's program has been very successful in it's efforts. Cahill on this issue and many others, simply can't see the forest from the trees and that is why Kingston sent him packing.

Than again, maybe it's me, I have nothing against Rich Cahill except for serious philosophical differences, and if he is contained on a blog and a public access tv show and out of policy making decisions, then I guess I'm satisfied.

Vote on our online poll

All polls are now on the top right hand corner of the blog and run for about a week. This weeks question is : Should Jon Parete Resign as Dem Party Chair?

Friday, November 09, 2007


Is this guy really our Elections

County Democratic Chairman John Parete, who also is an elections commissioner, said it was "discouraging" not to have had the usual near-complete returns before 11 p.m. Tuesday, but added, "What the hell am I going to do? I don't know how these things work."

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Give Jon his Due.

Well, we have a new d.a. and unfortunately it's not Jonathan Sennett. It is however, Holley Carnright who is a nice guy and the county will be well served by him. The Democratic party can blame only itself for not winning that office. If you look at the numbers we must give Jonathan Sennett a lot of credit he lost by only 4500 votes in a three way race with another democrat running. Head to head Sennett would of crushed Carnirght. And, rightfully so, Politics aside, Jon Sennett, is the most honest caring and compassionate person I have ever met and a true gentleman, I'm honored to of met him and to count him as a close friend. I just hope that his experience with a power hungry selfish party does not detract him from running in the future, public service was made for him.

We can all sit here and play Monday morning quarterback about whether the party should of allowed a primary or whether Bradley should of dropped out but the fact of the matter is certain members of the party got to greedy and the in fighting lead to our defeat. We must now look to regroup, obtain new leadership and start the healing process. This must not be allowed to carry over into future elections.

I just hope that without blaming people that we use this race as what can happen when as a party we lose our way.

Judge Gilpatric Fends Off Family Challenge

Judge James P. Gilpatric can rest easy after easily winning the Kingston city judgeship yesterday after beating out his challenger and cousin, Kingston attorney Michael Bruhn Jr., and getting more votes than any other city-wide candidate that ran yesterday. Judge Gilpatric has done wonders for Kingston city court including establishing a court that specifically deals with cases of domestic violence and drug court. A very sincere congratulations to Judge Gilpatric on a well deserved win.


The team of Sottile Noble won big last night and I'm happy to see that voters rejected the ideas and beliefs that were offered by his opponent and instead recognized the leadership that Sottile has provided the city the last six years. If the last six where any indication of what's to come than we're in pretty good shape. I congratulate Sottile and the strong veto proof council that we now have. The aldermadic winners on Tuesday were Ringwood, Landi, Whitlock, DiBella, Polocco, Reynolds, Senor and Madsen.

Bob Gillon who was unsuccessful in his bid for sixth ward alderman is a good guy and I congratulate his efforts. Gillon worked hard and pounded the pavement for months and would of made a fine Alderman. The sixth ward has lost out on a real opportunity.

ULSTER -- Congratulations to Nick Woerner and Brian Cahill who both did a great job in their reelection bids. Woerner, while Ulster is lucky to have him, should not be held down in that position, the people would be well served if he leaped on to bigger and better things.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


~ Jonathan Sennett ~
Ulster County District Attorney


Senator Hillary Clinton (NY-D) --

"Jonathan Sennett's experience as a tough prosecutor in the Bronx and a seasoned defense attorney in the Hudson Valley make him the best choice for Ulster County District Attorney."

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) --

"Jonathan Sennett is a tenacious and proactive prosecutor who will be a first-rate District Attorney for the citizens of Ulster County and its law enforcement professionals."

Eliot Spitzer, NY State Governor --

"The people of Ulster County will be well served with Jonathan Sennett as district attorney….I respect his skills as a prosecutor and his dedication to finding cost-effective ways to reduce crime."
Legislator Tracey Bartels - lead legislative investigator on Ulster County Jail fiasco.

NY State Fraternal Order of Police --

"As police professionals who most experience and witness the trauma and effects of criminal behavior upon our fellow citizens, we understand, all too well, the significance of dedicated public servants as [Jonathan Sennett] who possess the courage and compassion to promote the confidence in our government and courts,"
Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation -- "[Sennett has] a solid track record as a prosecutor and a defense attorney."

Ulster County Democratic Women
NY State Democratic Committee
Ulster County Democratic Committee
The Working Families Party
Ulster Publishing -
- Please read the full endorsement here:

Jonathan Sennett has earned his endorsements by being the most highly qualified candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.


•Led a team of ten assistant district attorneys each handling nearly one hundred misdemeanor cases at all times.

•Conducted hundreds of grand jury investigations in cases ranging from gun possession to homicide.

•Prosecuted violent felonies on behalf of civilian and police victims.

•Served as lead or co-counsel in over thirty felony jury trials in cases ranging from gun possession to homicide.

•Experienced in the fields of ballistics, fingerprints and forensic medicine.

•Served as instructor for New York City Police Department Cadets in trial preparation and testifying techniques during training program at New York City's Police Academy.

Assistant Public Defender, Ulster County (March 2006 -Present)


The Courage to Make Needed Changes

•Devote More Resources to Victims of Domestic Violence & Sex Crimes
•Zero Tolerance for Crimes Against Children

•Conduct and Complete a Thorough Investigation of the Ulster County Jail Project
-Unencumbered By Party or Personal Affiliations
-Leave No Stone Unturned
-Lead the Grand Jury to a Just and Fair Conclusion

•Investigate & Prosecute Matters of Public Integrity & Official Corruption

•Modernize and Improve the D.A.'s Office through the Use of Technology in the Office & Courtroom

•Enhance Outreach in the Community

•Improve Communications and Working Relationships with Law Enforcement

•Evaluate Cases Earlier and More Thoroughly For Greater Efficiency

•Utilize Existing Alternatives to Incarceration for Non-Violent Offenders

•Community Based Sentencing

For more info go to:

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2007.
VOTE and help ensure Ulster County has the best District Attorney!

Thank you,

Friends of Jonathan Sennett

Sunday, November 04, 2007



Daily Freeman Endorses Holley Carnright


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Councilman Craig Artist Endorses Woerner for Supervisor

Republican Town Councilman Craig Artist has endorsed Nick Woerner for town of Ulster Supervisor. This is significant because Woerner is a Democrat and Artist a republican and Ulster is a very Republican town. Mr. Artist is going out on a large limb in his support of Supervisor Woerner. That really speaks volumes to the leadership of Mr. Woerner. is back!!! is back, thanks to Robb Kinnin of Netstep Internet services who was able to get my domain from MISK, who has held it hostage after I tried to switch companies almost a year ago. Please bookmark and I hope the blog is now easier to access.

Freeman Endorses Sottile for Mayor

Congratulations to the Mayor on this endorsement. Jim Sottile deserves the support of Kingston voters this Tuesday.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Candidate asked to stop using false endorsements

Town of Ulster: Democratic leaders in two Ulster County towns are objecting to false campaign advertising distributed to voters by Conservative and Independence party candidate Vincent Bradley, Jr. The mailer in question states that Bradley is a "registered Democrat" who has the endorsement of the Town of Ulster and Town of Wawarsing Democratic Committees.

"Mr. Bradley's enrollment in the Democratic Party does not take place until January 1, 2008. To advertise that he is a registered Democrat is not accurate. Accuracy and facts are the foundation of the work done by a district attorney," said Karen Markisenis, Chair of the Town of Ulster Democratic Committee and Vice Chair of the Ulster County Democratic Committee.

Markisenis also refutes Bradley's claim about having a current endorsement from the Town of Ulster and Town of Wawarsing Democratic Committees. "He has neither sought nor received our support following his failure to secure the Democratic nomination in June," said Markisenis.

"Bradley's decision to falsely claim that he has been endorsed by our committee demonstrates a significant lack of judgment and integrity. A small minority of our committee members endorsed him prior to the Democratic convention. Obviously, that endorsement has no effect in the general election. Our committee has not and does not support Bradley's campaign," said Markisenis.

Town of Wawarsing Democratic Chair, Sylvia Kalipolites, said: “He has not asked for, and most certainly has not received, our endorsement in this election. The Democratic candidate is Jonathan Sennett. ”

The Democratic leaders demand that Bradley cease claiming their endorsements and distribute no further campaign literature falsely claiming to have received endorsements he has not received.

"Mr. Bradley tried numerous times to gain the Democratic nomination. He did not succeed. Now he is running a campaign that is likely to interfere with the first election of a Democrat as District Attorney since the Great Depression. He seems fond of saying that the District Attorney's office is above politics. Yet, with his participation in the race, that is all that it has been about," said Markisenis.

Markisenis hopes that Democrats will rally around the party's chosen candidate, Jonathan Sennett. "While Bradley has called into question the integrity of others during this campaign, in reality he has his own issues to deal with. I don't see how Democrats can justify backing a conservative candidate who just wants to spoil this election."

Thursday, November 01, 2007


The New York State Fraternal Order of Police, the oldest and largest association of law enforcement professionals with over 20,000 statewide, has endorsed Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney."As police professionals who most experience and witness the trauma and effects of criminal behavior upon our fellow citizens, we understand, all too well, the significance of dedicated public servants as you who possess the courage and compassion to promote the confidence in our government and courts," said Charles J. Caputo, president of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police Empire State Lodge.

"This endorsement is proof that members of law enforcement agree with my stance on tough prosecution. Drug dealers, gang members and anyone who commits violent, offensive or criminal acts against another person in Ulster County will face tough and appropriate prosecution," said Sennett, the Democratic and Working Families candidate.


Vincent Bradley Jr. sent out a really nasty piece of literature that among other things tries to solicit votes by using his late pathetic. The letter pretty much calls Jon Sennett a liar and takes a series of quotes made in local publications that are not only untrue but taken completely out of context. Vincent Bradley needs to remember that he's running for district attorney, the most powerful law enforcement position in the county, not class president. The ad is a sign of desperation from a desperate candidate and voters should be appalled but not surprised by Mr. Bradley's actions.

In the ad, Mr. Bradley talks about electing a candidate with integrity but in the same breath he shows us that he posses absolutely none. The people deserve a d.a. that they can trust and Mr.Bradley presenting forth a series of lies will not sit well with voters next week.

BTW- There also is a letter going around from the Tuchman's that also is full of lies and propaganda. There is also a note on the bottom where it looks as if Tom Hoffey is endorsing the letter..this is not the case. For those of you who have gotten the letter from the Tuchman's please note that Tom Hoffey strongly supports Jonathan Sennett for district attorney.

Mr. Hoffey's response

Just to clear up any misinpression that could be read into your letter. I am strongly backing John Sennett, the Democratic Candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.

For the nine years I served as Chairman, I presided over the county nominating conventions, petitioning process and campaigns. I supported the candidates...all the candidates nominated by the Ulster County Democratic Committee. I expected committee members, representing their election districts, to do the same.

I think John Sennett has brought an intellectual strength to this campaign that makes me enthusiastic in supporting his candidacy for Ulster County District Attorney. I am disappointed that you would use my name, even as a reference point, in your support of a Conservative candidate. Please correct this error.