Thursday, May 31, 2007


A special Congratulations to Alderman Ringwood and her husband on the arrival of their new baby girl, Abigail.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Assemblyman Molinaro launches Summer Reading Challenge


As he announced the kick-off of the 2007 Summer Reading Challenge, Assemblyman Marc Molinaro (R,I,C-Tivoli) encouraged participation as an excellent way to continue
developing children’s reading skills during the summer months.

“The summer months are a terrific time for kids to continue working on improving their literacy skills and my 2007 Summer Reading Challenge is a fun, effective way to combine
reading and learning,” said Molinaro. Molinaro said the Summer Reading Challenge is open to young people from Preschool through Elementary School and asks participants and their parents to read together for at least 15 minutes each day during the months of July and August. The Challenge is successfully
completed when 40 or more days are marked off of the calendar contained within the Summer
Reading Challenge brochure. Children who successfully complete the Challenge receive an
official Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate to recognize their efforts.

“Without question, literacy is a critical skill for our children to develop to ensure they
are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century workplace. The 2007
Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to encourage children to continue reading and
learning while being rewarded for their efforts. Parents who are interested in having their
children participate in this year’s Challenge should contact my office for their free copy of the
brochure,” Molinaro concluded.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Going back Zimet/ Spitzer Ad

I must say I love YouTube! There are some great is another bittersweet video back when Sue Zimet ran for State Senate. The senate missed out on a good leader in Albany. It's a good promo nonetheless.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Clark trys to make funny website..

Clark Richter's is under the assumption that I am behind The Kingston Fish Bowl, a site that he dislikes as do I, so what does he do? He makes a nasty website about me. Which is a little humorous but inappropriate and disgusting nonetheless. People can check out Mr.Richter's blog at : Nasty Blog.

I don't talk to Clark or have any dealings with him, why he chooses to attack me is beyond me. However, I have run for public office, I run a blog, and host a public access t.v. show. Therefore I'm subject to criticism, that's fine.

Please feel free to E-mail Clark about his new blog at : and tell him how you feel. Personally, I couldn't care less but to run a blog that has a sexual explicit title and attacks based on nonsence and not facts is in poor taste. I welcome any time Mr.Richter's wants to discuss the issues with me, the simple reality is he can't do it. Can you really expect anything more for a self described gadfly? Gadfly according to Webster's Dictionary : A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance. That fits Mr. Richter's in every sense of the word.

Memorial Day - - - -- - - A day to reflect

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Opinion Poll : Out of the 3 Democratic candidates running for D.A. which do you prefer

The poll is now closed, thanks to all who participated.

Out of the three Democratic candidates running for District Attorney which do you Prefer?

Winner : Jonathan R. Sennett 56 %

Poll Results

Jonathan Sennett's Summation at Camaign Forum

Jon talks about his candidacy.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Henry Street Crime Committee a joke!

A "Henry Street Crime Committee"' has been started to address crime in Mid Town, what a joke! Now listen, I realize there is a presence of crime in Kingston, so does the mayor, Aldermen and the police chief, but it is not as rampant as the way these political opportunists make it seem. This crime commission members consist of model citizens like Gorden Webb, who hasn't had a sober thought in years. Not a surprise this ' committee' is advocating for auxiliary police. Auxiliary police would be an absolute disaster in this community. It works in NYC, make no mistake about we are not NYC, and despite what some public access pundits want you to believe, were not even close!

So as crime in Kingston continues to plummet, so does the credibility of this crime committee and all associated with it. If people think they can win an election based on scare tactics they're sadly mistaken, I firmly believe the citizens of Kingston are smarter then that.

Again, there are crime issues in Kingston, just like every other community this size. How you address the quality of life crimes is by doing neighborhood meetings, keeping your eyes and ears open and letting the police do their job. Not by forming crime committees and playing Cops 'n' Robbers.

Jonathan Sennett TV AD 2

Jon's second TV Ad appearing throughout Ulster County.

Matt Ryan, wrong for Ward 4

Matt Ryan wants to serve the people of Ward 4, good for him... you got to give him credit for wanting to serve. However, that's the only credit he deserves. The guy is a walking complaint, will complain about anything the current administration does. However, like most complainers he does not do anything to address the problems. Some will point out the nabe watch groups and the community outreach. It's all an act. Like many I wanted to believe Mr. Ryan was a good person trying to do what is right for his neighborhood, and the ward. However, I was wrong, Matt Ryan is out for Matt Ryan, and does whatever he can to get his name in the newspaper.

Is there crime in Mid Town? Yes. Is Matt Ryan the type of person that can really do anything about it? Sure, but he would rather complain. BTW for the record, these neighborhood watch programs are a shame, what has Matt Ryan really accomplished, but to rile up the neighborhood in a Rosie the Riveter type manner? Matt Ryan is viscous and mean spirited. Matt can attack the Mayor, and the police chief all he wants, but at the end of the day he can't hold a candle to the great job that they do.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell VS Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View 5/23/07

Did anyone else get into this Rosie Hasselbeck feud? I've never really watched this show, but I got to say this is pretty entertaining. I'm sad to see Rosie go.

Daily Freeman's Blog Central

The Daily Freeman has started a group of blogs that are done by the local editors of each department. It's very interesting to get inside the thoughts and process of a daily paper. I encourage everyone to read it. I encourage Hugh Reynolds the political editor to start one as well, I know he does his column in the paper, but the thought process and behind the scenes work would prove interesting.

Is it just me or is it amazing how a daily paper works? Not the Freeman, but a daily paper... think of all the information and work that must go in to putting out the paper every day. I think I would like working at a fast paced paper, under tight deadlines, scrambling to get that great quote or story that will sell papers... call me crazy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jonathan Sennett TV AD

This commercial is playing throughout Ulster County!

Drop the Rock...

Jon Sennett talks about the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Cosme Soliciting Money on TV, continues to break the rules

Cosme continues to break the rules of the KPA Commission and get away with it. Cosme who was instrumental in getting Mike Marnell of the air for raising money on KPA, has decided he will do the same thing. This is not just hypocritical, but proves that Phil is as slimy as they come. For the last two weeks Phil has asked people to send him 5-10 dollars a month to save his program because his taxes went up. For those of you who do not know, you're not allowed to use public access to raise money. Phil is doing this because he knows at the end of the day he can get away with it. The commission is spineless, and is big on selective enforcement particularly when it comes to Phil Cosme. The Chairwoman Lisa Alt, is afraid of him so he runs wild, free of consequences.

Some of Phil's antics include :

- Yelling at a KPA Commisioner in front of her 12 year old daughter.
- Yelling and threatening a producer in front of his son.
- Yelling at a 14 year old kid for putting his program on.
- Getting in a producer's face and threating them, resulting in the police escorting him out of the building.
- Soliciting money on the air.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blaber calls for the resignation of Joanie " ducks" Every

Joan Every known to duck out on any controversial issue in the county, now is just not showing up for meetings. On a recent vote to investigate what happened in the county jail fiasco who was absent? You guessed it, Mrs.Every. I bet she is still going to pick up her paycheck on Friday and collect her health benefits. This woman is literally robbing the taxpayers of Ulster County. She has missed the most meetings of any county legislator. Frank Dart and Frank Felicello both have better attendance records then her, and they both have suffered from serious medical conditions. There are plenty of people that want to serve in our county legislator, myself included. People that would put time in and do the job, and properly represent their constituents. This woman has been given the privilege of being elected numerous times, by showing up to pancake breakfasts and schmoozing over the seniors, but does absolutely nothing.

Thankfully Joan has said she will retire this term, THANK GOD! However, January 1st can't come soon enough! I'm calling for the resignation of Joan Every, enough is enough!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

City Judge Poll

New : Poll Question of the week : Who Do you like for Kingston City Judge?

Winner : James Gilpatric 39 %

James Gilpatric

Donald Williams

Mike Bruhn Jr.

70 people polled.

Mixed Bag

Pat Caroll - Charlie Landi will not have a walk in the park against Pat Caroll, I had the opportunity to meet with Mr.Caroll last night at '' Fight Night", a very good and well attended boxing event put on by Aaron Fitzgerald of the KPD, and I was very impressed by him. Don't be surprised if Pat Caroll is the next 3rd ward alderman.

Hugh Reynolds - Wrote a very nice piece about me in the Daily Freeman on Saturday, I appreciate his kind words, and he is right I will be back. I have full intentions of running for the Kingston School Board next year. For now I will do what I enjoy doing most, helping others get elected to public office.

Rich Cahill- Speaking of fight night, Rich Cahill did a descent job as the ring announcer for the event. After November, when he's looking for employment he may want to team up with Micheal Buffer. I was very impressed.

Nick Woerner- As far as rumors flying around about a possible Democratic primary for the Ulster Supervisor....lets make it very clear who we should be supporting. We need to support a person that will move Ulster in a positive direction, and work hard for all residents in the town, a person that the people can depend on. No matter who runs we need to support proven leadership in the Town of Ulster. Nick Woerner, Nick Woerner, Nick Woerner.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Play nice

I got a call from Brian Woltman the other day over some comments made on this website about him. The comments have been very derogatory, and slanderous. I published them because I made a policy to accept all comments, but please try to be courteous. Mr. Woltman is not a public official, although he is a public employee, and therefore subject to criticism if warranted that is not the case however.

Facts :

Mr. Woltman is NOT behind The Kingston Fish Bowl

Mr. Woltman has never left a comment on my website that has attacked any public official

My father would say : If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

Friday, May 18, 2007

cuomo ad for AG

This is just a classic ad that I came across from last years AG's race. Cuomo sure is making NY proud.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ulster blog spurt ends, Blaber News still running strong

Blaber's News and Commentary, the first real political blog in Ulster County, made it's debut to the blogisphere a little over a year ago. Since then many others popped up all failing to last for whatever reason. They simply can't compete, said Blaber very confidently. Blaber's News and Commentary receives about 100-120 hits a day.

Some of the other blogs that have popped up :

Ulster Gop, Blogmaster : Mike Sweeney. Status : Closed

The Kingst'Onion, Blogmaster : Anonymous. Status : Closed

Kingston Political Fishbowl, Blogmaster: Anonymous Status : Closed

Kingston Politics 101, Blogmaster : Anonymous Status: Closed

Kingston's Truth, Blogmaster : Anonymous Status : Active-- just started

Sennett Launches Advertising Blitz

Jonathan R. Sennett, a Democratic candidate for Ulster County District Attorney, has turned up the heat in what promises to be one of the region’s most watched political races of the summer and early fall.

Sennett, a former Bronx County prosecutor and practicing private attorney and part time Ulster County public defender, has launched an interactive website located at . The website features video clips outlining Mr. Sennett’s campaign platform, values and vision.

Starting today Sennett has also launched a radio, print and cable TV ad campaign to tell the public of his hands-on prosecutorial experience and strong desire to make Ulster County a safer place to live. “I have solid experience prosecuting homicide to handgun possession cases in the Bronx. As an assistant district attorney in Bronx County, I led a team of assistant district attorneys and caseload about the same size of the current Ulster County District Attorneys’ Office,” said Sennett.

In 2000, Sennett moved his family to New Paltz where he later opened up a private law practice. Since then, Mr. Sennett has appeared in every court in the county as well as courts in Dutchess, Greene, Orange and Sullivan counties.

“For the past seven years, my family has enjoyed the quality of life Ulster County has to offer. My pledge is to create a cohesive team to make homes, schools and communities in this county safer,” said Sennett.

“We just spent $95 million on a new jail and taxpayers and the electorate need a proven leader to make cost-effective choices about prosecuting crime and administering justice. Key elements in this strategy include alternatives to incarceration and proven prevention programs.” said Sennett.

Mr. Sennet’s campaign platform calls for effective and efficient prosecution of crime, protection of special victims, developing customized school safety plans and fostering greater communication and collaboration in the law enforcement community. “We will do whatever it takes to bring out the facts in this campaign. Advertising and a new website are just the start,” said Sennett.

Don Williams' campaign website up and running

Don Williams campaign website for City Judge is up and running. Here is the link ----> Don Williams' website


I'm simply sharing with the public a website of a candidate running for public office.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thanks to all who voted

Thanks to all who voted last night. While I did not win, the budget passed and that is the important thing. Congratulations to Dr.Tack, Kathy Germain and Matt McCoy... they ran a good campaign and I know they will all do well.


Please get out and vote today, Polls are open from 7am - 9pm.............. If you need a ride to the polls call Jeremy at : 532-1503. If you need information on your polling spot call the district clerk at 943-3009.

Vote YES on the budget and Blaber for Trustee. Thank you all for your continued support, see you at the polls.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Condolences

Our condolences to Mayor Sottile on the loss of his mother. Our thoughts are with him at this difficult time. I did not know Mrs. Sottile that well, but she raised a son that I'm sure she was very proud of.

Blaber's News and Commentary heads to Albany

Blaber's News and Commentary heads to Albany this Monday, to join Governor Elliot Spitzer in endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. A full report on this event will take place Monday night.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vote YES Tuesday, May 15th

The Kingston School District has presented a good budget this year, and one that we as a community need to support. The budget restores programing that was cut out under austerity, and does so in a fiscally responsible manner. The tax levy is the lowest in over 7 years, the board has put together a budget that looks out for everybody including taxpayers of the district. I encourage everyone to get out and vote in favor of this budget.

For more information on the budget click here ----> District Budget

In addition to the budget, voters will elect three members to serve on the Board of Education, I am a candidate, and feel I have a good vision to move the district forward in a positive, and progressive manner. I ask for your support, if you have any questions feel free to contact me :, or call me at 845-532-1503. Here is a link to my campaign website--> Jeremy Blaber for School Board

Some of the people supporting Jeremy Blaber include : Assemblyman Cahill, Asemblyman Molinaro, Mayor Jim Sottile, Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner, and the Kingston Teachers' Federation

Freeman's Paul Kirby named reporter of the year

"It's well deserved," said Freeman Managing Editor Sam Daleo.

Daily Freeman's Paul Kirby named reporter of the year by the Journal register, the parent company of the Freeman. Kirby is the reporter people involved in city politics love to hate, and the award is well deserved.

Kirby does not discriminate in his coverage, a self described ' equal opportunity offender'. We at Blaber News wish Kirby a congratulations, and look forward to more successful years covering the City of Kingston.

The award was accompanied with a 1000.00 check, maybe now you can pay me for the 4 dollar bet you lost?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blaber's News and Commentary Print Edition UPDATE!

I have been in contact with a printer who will be doing our newspaper, I'm looking at having the first issue up and out Mid September. Anyone that has any ideas for the paper is encouraged to contact Jeremy via e-mail :

We are looking for positive stories that have a factual base. People looking to fill pages with negativism, and propaganda contact Mike Marnell :

Kingston races heatin' up

City of Kingston Mayoral race and council races are starting to heat up. It looks like an interesting year ahead of us. Here are some of the races Blaber New's has heard through the rumor mill. NO ENDORSEMENTS will be made until candidates are officially running.
*= Favored to win
= Lock.

Mayor -
**Jim Sottile (D) v. Rich Cahill (R), Phil Cosme (R)

Alderman- at Large *Jim Noble (D) v. Lenny Walker (?)

Ward 1 -
*Al Teetsil (R) v. ?

Ward 2- **Jennifer Ringwood (D) v. Phil Cosme (R)

Ward 3- *Charlie Landi (D) v. Pat Carol (R)

Ward 4 - **Matt Ryan (D) V.. CROSS ENDORSEMENT

Ward 5 - **Anne Marie DiBella (D) v. Jean Jacobs (R)

Ward 6 *Bob Gillon (D) V. Ron Polacco (R)

Ward 7**Bill Reynolds (D) v. Jack Shehe (R), possibly Tony Sinagra (R)

Ward 8 *Robert Senor (D) v. Robb Kinnin (R), Jay Hogan(I)---> may get GOP line.

Ward 9 *Mike Madsen (D) v. ?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Power Hungry Walker

There is an article in the Kingston Times this week that I find very amusing, Lenny Walker holding a " Vote Walker for County Legislator" sign, while announcing his candidacy for Alderman-at-Large. Now some people may come to the conclusion that Lenny does not know what the sign says... the truth of the matter is he can't decide what he wants to do. This is a guy that has seriously considered running for the following offices : NYS Senate, NYS Assembly, U.C. Sheriff, U.C. Legislator, Mayor, and now Council President. Lenny Walker is a power hungry person who does not know what he wants to do.

I have tried, and tired to understand and reach out to Alderman Walker, but with no success. Some of you may remember when I stuck my neck out for Lenny, and went against the entire Democratic party, and the Mayor asking that they reconsider a call for his resignation as a committeeman. Alderman Walker called me and asked for my help, and I foolishly accepted. At the time I believed that he was misunderstood, and trying to do the right thing. I have come to realize that Lenny is only out for Lenny. If it sounds like I'm attacking Walker this past week, maybe I am, but I have an axe to grind.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Alderman Senor jumps off the sinking GOP ship

Alderman Robert Senor (D-8), a GOP Alderman for nearly 14 years has jumped ship abandoning the Republican party, and enrolling as a Dem.

"It has become apparent that the Republican Party chooses to criticize and work against anything that is positive. As of late, there is only negativism, greed and personal attacks that should be done behind closed doors."

- Alderman Senor,
on why he has switched.

If anyone read any of the commentary from the Republican party in todays Freeman, you will see Senor's point. They respond in a viscously negative manner that is counterproductive to doing the people's work. I applaud Alderman Senor for finally seeing the light. It has only taken 14 years.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Alderwoman Ringwood tackles graffiti

Alderwoman Ringwood, who always is looking to clean up Ward 2 and our city as a whole has taken another significant step in improving the quality of life for all Kingstonians. Alderwoman led the effort to ban the spray paint to minors, this is another effective tool to fight the widespread problem that graffiti has become in Kingston. I think this proposal that unanimously was approved tonight will be effective. Let's be honest, the people that are spraying in the city are kids, this limits there access to spray paint. I applaud Jennifer for her continued efforts.

Lenny Walker, Missing in Action

Lenny Walker, candidate for Alderman-at-Large, was absent for the monthly Kingston Common Council meeting. We all get busy, and sometimes you can't make a meeting. However, it is the responsibility of an Alderman to contact the council president if you can't make it for whatever reason. Lenny never contacted me, said Council President Jim Noble. Wow, this guy wants to be council president, but he's not able to follow the rules of the council? How can Lenny proceed over a council, when he apparently does not know the rules of order?

Just a side note: Lenny Walker did not make the council meeting, but still found time to talk to the Freeman, and make nasty comments about Alderman Senor. Why was he bashing Senor? Senor has switched parties and become a Democrat. It was Lenny Walker who switched and joined the GOP just two weeks ago, you would think he would keep silent on the issue and not look like a hypocrite. Not Lenny, "It's no surprise Senor switched... he is just a "butt-buddy" for the Mayor anyway..... Nice language for a guy who wants to be Council President.

West loses re-election bid

Jason West, lost his re-elect bid as New Paltz Mayor according to unofficial results. I feel in good part West lost because of dirty politics. New Paltz, has lost a good leader, and it's unfortunate. However, there is a process and I respect it. I feel we have not seen the last of West, there is another great former Supervisor of the Town of New Paltz serving in our county legislature. Why not a Mayor from the Village of New Paltz, Legislator West? I think it has a nice ring to it.