Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Debate Watch Party for Hillary this Thursday!!!

Ulster County Legislators:

Susan Zimet, Jeanette Provenzano, Mary Sheeley

Kingston Adlermen

Ann Marie DiBella, Jen Ringwood, Shirley Whitlock

Town Councilmembers

Deborah Silvestro, Terrie Rosenblum, Lynn Archer

UC Dem Vice Chair :
Karen Markisenis

Cordially invite you to join them and many other supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton for a Debate Party for Hillary.

When: Thursday, Jan 31, 7:30 to 10:00 pm

Where: Portobello Restaurant (across the street from Democratic Headquarters)

free admission/free food/cash bar

The January 31 debate on CNN is the last debate before the Feb 5 Super Tuesday Primaries

Crime in Kingston Continues to Drop

" We are focused like a laser beam on crime"

- Council Majority Leader Bill Reynolds

Crime in Kingston continues to plummet under the leadership of Mayor Jim Sottile, URGENT and the Kingston Police Department. The number of serious crimes reported in 2007 totaled 766, or 10.3 percent less than the previous year. In 2006, there were 854 serious crimes reported.

The number of reported burglaries went from 138 to 122 from 2006 to 2007, while the number of reported rapes went from 11 to 5.

Robbery reports dipped from 45 in 2006 to 38 in 2007; assault reports were down from 27 to 23; larceny reports declined from 608 to 551; and reports of motor vehicle slipped up from 24 to 26.

Blaber Picks Up Two Key Endorsements

Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner and Ulster County Legislator Jeanette Provenzano have endorsed my bid for a seat on the Kingston School Board. Legislator Provanzano represents most of the City of Kingston in the County Legislature; Supervisor Woerner is the head of the Town of Ulster, which is the second biggest town in Kingston's Consolidated School District. I'm honored and humbled that they both put their faith in me and my candidacy.

In our ever changing communities we need to elect leaders who will work for our best interest. From local government to the White House, we need leaders who know the issues and have comprehensive solutions to the problems we face. This is even true of our local school board. Our board makes decision each day which affect the current and future leaders of our communities. That is why I stand side by side with my friend and support Jeremy Blaber for School Board. Jeremy’s ability to comprehend the complex issues that we face, make him an ideal choice to serve as a member of the School Board. I stand committed to working hard for the people of the Town of Ulster and I know Jeremy shares my same vision of our shared constituency. Please join me in electing true and compassionate leadership for our children. Please elect Jeremy Blaber for Kingston School Board.

Nick Woerner, Town of Ulster Supervisor

I think Jeremy is a good choice for School board. He has the energy and can relate and will listen to the students in the Kingston consolidated school district. He also understands the burden high property tax puts on our Seniors. I supported Jeremy the first time and will do so again.

- Jeanette Provenzano, Ulster County Legislator

Mayor Giuliani Drops Bid for White House

Tonight New York Mayor dropped his bid for the White House after a very disappointing finish in Florida. Giuliani ignored the early States and invested major resources in Florida where he once held a large 25 point lead.

Let's face it, Giuliani has no one to blame but himself, when he entered the race he was the front runner and had a ton of support. Giuliani ran an extremely awful campaign, the more people he met the more support he lost. Giuliani was very arrogant to think that he could run the campaign that he ran and still win the GOP nomination.

I don't think we have ever seen a Presidential campaign go down hill so fast for no real reason. America's Mayor is expected to endorse Senator John McCain tomorrow in California.

The Flordia Primary

A huge win tonight on the Democratic side for Senator Clinton who stomped her nearest rival Barack Obama by about 20 percentage points. The Obama people are quick to point out that there is no delegates attached to Clinton's victory. Earlier this year the DNC punished the State for moving up it's primary by taking away Florida's delegates.

However, the reason Clinton's victory is significant, it shows that Hillary is the most electable candidate and has the strongest base of support. Over 800,000 people came out and made their voices heard by voting for Senator Clinton through grassroots campaigning. Senator Clinton took in more votes than any Republican candidate, even though the GOP candidates spent months of campaigning in Florida. Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton will not only be the Democratic nominee but the next President of the United States.

On the Republican side John McCain pulled out a close win against Governor Mitt Romney wining with about 36% of the vote. This makes Senator McCain the clear front runner to be his party's nominee in November. There still is a small chance that Romney can pull out some States from Conservative voters that hate the idea of a McCain presidency. With ultra Conservative candidate Mike Hucabee vowing tonight to stay in this race, Romney's chances are very slim.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blaber for School Board

I have decided to once again explore the possibility of running for a seat on the Kingston School Board. Last year, I learned a lot about the district and had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people involved. Now more then ever I am committed to serving on the board and doing the best job that I can for the students in the Kingston School District.

There are a lot of important issues that face the Kingston School District, I look forward to meeting with Superintendent Gretzinger and all of you to discuss these issues over the next few months.


Jeremy Blaber


- Increasing security at Kingston High School; specifically looking at a way to limit the now more than 56 entrances and exits that currently exist.

- Working with the City of Kingston to finally restore the Carnegie Library that has sat vacant for so many years.

- Following through and working to implement the recommendations in the building facilities report that was conducted for the district.

- Taking a closer look at the Montessori plan that has been proposed for George Washington. I think we have to take a look at the cost to the taxpayers and getting input from parents, administrators as well as the teachers at George Washington School

- Working with Assemblyman Cahill and the State Legislature to end the way school taxes are funded in New York State through property taxes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Wins South Carolina (yawn)

As expected, Senator Barack Obama pulled off a victory today in South Carolina. Not to take anything away from Obama but even Jesse Jackson won South Carolina. This was a must win for Obama and he pulled it off. It's now time for Senator Clinton to move forward to Super Tuesday, were millions of Americans will be able to pick their candidate for President. I'm confident now more than ever that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee.

Ronnie Rondout

It seems that Alderman Al Teetsel called up Political Editor Hugh Reynolds to correct him on an error that was written in Reynolds' column. I guess Reynolds put in that Teetsel dressed up as
''Ronnie Rondout'' the clown for Roundout Savings bank when it was really for North Star Bank. Who cares! You think Teetsel would call Reynolds about something he has done in his Ward but I guess that is difficult when you do nothing.

Is it just me, or is anyone else not surprised that Teetsel dresses up as a clown? I guess that's the reason why he has behaved like a clown on the Council all these years, Teetsel was in character.

From now on Teetsel will always be know on this blog and everywhere else as Ronnie Rondout.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Audio Blog w/ Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

Check out my new audio blog with Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. Our Assemblyman talks about Gov. Spitzer's recent budget proposal and the upcoming Presidential Primary.

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The NY Times Endorses Senator Hillary Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton picked up a huge endorsement today from the NY Times in her bid for the Democratic Nomination for President. The editorial comes out tomorrow, below is an excerpt:

Hearing her talk about the presidency, her policies and answers for America's big problems, we are hugely impressed by the depth of her knowledge, by the force of her intellect and by the breadth of, yes, her experience," the newspaper said.

During her years in the Senate, Clinton has immersed herself in national security issues and has won the respect of world leaders and many in the American military, the newspaper said, adding that she would be a strong commander in chief.

Kucinich To Drop Bid for President

Dennis Kucinich is officially going to drop his bid for the White House tomorrow and focus on the current office that he already holds. Congressman Kucinich is facing four primaries for his seat on the House of Representatives and the latest challenge comes from very popular and well funded Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman.

Again, I thank Dennis Kucinich for his bid for the White House, he's a little nutty but he's a bright guy and I wish him all the best.

Marlborough Holds Pre Primary Democratic Candidates Night

Marlborough Democratic Candidates Night will feature Representatives for all of the three major Democratic candidates for Present. All Democrats are encouraged to attend.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey will be speaking on Senator Clinton's behalf.

When: Friday, January 25th at 7:30 PM

Where : Christ Episcopal Church, Rt. 9W, corner of Old Post Road. in Marlboro, NY

Empire Liquor Leaving Kingston; Sottile Did All He Could

Empire Liquors is leaving Kingston and taking with it over 200 jobs. I really wonder how this company went from expanding and creating an additional 100 jobs, to leaving completely. The owner is saying he is leaving for economic reasons and that seems to be the case.

A lot of people the next few weeks will be making this into a political story against certain politicians but one person who needs to be commended is Mayor Sottile. Mayor Sottile bent over backwards to keep this company here in Kingston. Whether it be working against the Unions for an IDA exemption, meeting with the school board about tax breaks or trying to work out a PILOT with the City.

Mayor Sottile really put himself out there and deserves credit for doing what he did. Are they leaving? Yes. However, we know and can sleep at night, knowing that our Mayor did everything in his power to try and keep these jobs here in Kingston.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

541-431 Teetsel Loses To Himself


541 Ward 1 residents went in that voting booth this past November and decided that they were not going to vote for their unopposed Alderman..which means Teetsel is indeed beatable. In comparison Alderman Bill Reynolds who also ran unopposed carried more than 63% of the vote.

No real story here, just pointing out the number of people that are unhappy with their Alderman. It's really sad to be a Minority office holder when you run would think you could muster just 50%.

Sottile's Tough Choice

Alderwoman Ringwood's resignation is a big loss to Kingston and Sottile has a tough choice in picking her replacement. I have went through the Ward and have narrowed list down to four that most likely Sottile will pick from.

Kathy Mihm ---Not Interested in Position

Tom Hoffay

Jack Finch

Vince Bradley Jr.

All four are highly qualified for the position and would do a credible job and most importantly beat the Republican in November. That is really key, Sottile must pick a candidate that is willing to run this November. I have a favorite but will not opine, for risk of him/her not being picked. I also am a member of the Democratic committee so I will NOT be able to talk about who Sottile picks even if I find out. I would be willing to bet, one of the four mentioned will be the next Ward Alderman.

Obama's Sour Grapes

From time to time we have to use the Sour Grapes picture when a public offical dserves it, this time we use it on Senator Obama. The Obama campaign is now complaining to the Nevada Dems about Senator Clinton's 'unfair Campaign tactics' and the more than 300 complaints that were recieved on election day.

This is nothing more then sour grapes on Senator Obama's part. Did Hillary complain about the Iowa caucus? Give me a break Brack, you lost fair and square.

For the full story click here ---> Obama's Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes Hall of Fame, click name to see the corresponding story :

3. Barack Obama

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breaking News : Alderwoman Ringwood Resigning From Council

Below is a letter that Alderwoman Ringwood wrote to Mayor James Sottile announcing her resignation effective May 1, 2008. Jen's departure will leave a huge gap in the Second Ward, she is someone that has done wonders for Kingston and someone that I deeply respect and admire. Jen has always been there to guide me while I learned the ropes of City Politics and I know at times she wanted to strangle me. I've learned a lot from Jen and consider her a political mentor and a great friend. I'm truly saddened to see her go but understand that family comes first.

Dear Mayor Sottile:

It is with sincere regret that I must officially resign my position as Alderman of the 2nd Ward for the City of Kingston effective May 1, 2008. My husband has been transferred to Syracuse, New York and as a result, our family will be relocating to Central New York.

Please know the great pleasure I took in serving the residents of the 2nd Ward. This announcement is not made with a light heart. I will miss working with you, Council President James Noble, Majority Leader Bill Reynolds and all the aldermen I have been honored to serve with on the Kingston Common Council.

My tenure on the Council will be something I look back on for years to come with fondness and satisfaction. I thank you and the voters in the 2nd Ward for giving me the opportunity to serve them and to leave a positive mark on our esteemed City. Over the next several months, I will continue to work hard to serve my constituency and this city.

I look forward to taking an active role on the committee to review plans for the site of the present Uptown Parking Garage and will continue to advocate for smoking bans in our parks and in front of municipal buildings. Now, as always, I will be available to residents of the 2nd Ward who have any questions or concerns. I also look forward to working with you to discuss a potential replacement for my position.

Again, I thank you for your leadership and your friendship. I shall miss you and Kingston. But, I know Kingston’s best is yet to come. Under your administration and the Council’s direction by President Noble and Majority Leader Reynolds, I am confident Kingston’s true potential will be realized.

Jennifer Ringwood


Alderwoman Cruella DiBella is at it again, this time she wants to shut down the live call in shows on KPA. Cruella told one producer that he better enjoy the shows while he can because they're going.

Why is Cruella trying to muffle free speech? Not really Democratic if you ask me. Do I agree with Alderman Cahill or Alderman Walker when they go on and blast the Mayor and City Dems? Of course not. But free speech is an important thing, whether it be on a blog, in a newspaper, radio or on KPA.

When I had my show, I promoted local Dems, especially DiBella and now that I'm back I will continue to do so.

I think it behooves Cruella to attend a KPA commission meeting or start a show and actually get involved in the process..Lisa Alt, the Chair of the commission would take any help she can get. I agree with DiBella, changes need to be made. People who are not entitled to an hour show should not have one. I would even be in favor of the City Council looking into passing some sort of fairness doctrine if allowed by law, to make sure there is an even balance of political shows.

I urge people to e-mail Cruella at and encourage her to take a second look at KPA before she tries to destroy live programing.

Dem Primary Comes to Boiling Point in South Carolina

The Democratic debate in South Carolina took a nasty turn, with a heated exchange between Clinton and Obama for most of the debate. Poor Senator Edwards barely got a word in the whole debate.

Senator Clinton made a good point in that Barack Obama refuses to accept responsibility for his record...he loves to play the victim...he will probably win South Carolina but after that his campaign will tap out

Here is a small bit of the debate exchange tonight :

Obama told the former first lady he was helping unemployed workers on the streets of Chicago when "you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart."

Moments later, Clinton said that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies "when you were practicing law and representing your contributor ... in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago".

Giuliani's Numbers Tank in NY

A new poll has Senator John McCain ahead of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The poll released by Siena college has Senator McCain leading with 36% and Giuliani trailing with just 24%. If you can't win your own state maybe it's time to call it quits. Giuliani the anointed front runner of the GOP party has just lost his momentum and has no one to blame but himself.

On the Democratic side, Senator Hillary Clinton is leading Democratic rival Barack Obama by a 2:1 margin. Clinton leads with 48% compared to Obama's 28% Edwards trails with just 10% of likely NY Dem voters.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Harlem's Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts endorses Hillary

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King Jr., 1963


I will make my official return to the KPA airwaves tonight on Formisano Live at 10:30 on Ch.23. My regular show will be back soon, hopefully within the next few weeks. Make sure to tune in for a lively show tomorrow, I'll have a lot to say.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Turner's E-Mails with the FBI

Here is some of the e-mail communication that was hacked from Turner's website and posted on the Southern Poverty Law Website. I blocked out the FBI Agent's e-mail address so he is not bothered with e-mails.
****Please Note the following communication contains some strong language. Those easily offended may not want to continue reading.*******

From: Hal Turner []
> Sent: Sun 7/1/2007 4:53 PM
> To: s****; Len Nerbetski
> Subject: Threat to Kill Senator Feingold of Wisconsinon July 4
> Guys:
> I wrote an opinion piece on my site today in which I opine about
> 46 US Senators who I believe should be removed from office on
> July 4 for betraying their constituents and this nation.
> An anonymous person, posting on the outside, third-party visitor
> comments area of my web site wrote:
> "im going to kill senator feingold on july 4th. may thomas
> paine smile upon me and alexander hamilton bless my cause.
> praise the lord and pass the ammunition."
> As you are probably aware, Feingold is from Wisconsin.
> The posting was made today, July 1, 2007 at 4:34 PM EST from IP
> address which comes back to the University of
> Wisconsin.
> The posting can be viewed by the general public at:
> Once again, my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a
> possible crazy.
> Please acknowledge receipt of this warning. Of late, both of
> you have become remiss in acknowledging e-mails.
> HT

From: "Haug, Stephen M."
Date: Monday, July 2, 2007 7:23 am
Subject: RE: Threat to Kill Senator Feingold of Wisconsin on July 4
To: Hal Turner

> Got it thanks. I think you forget that I no longer have my
> blackberry and thus no real-time link to the email. I have to be
> logged on to a server to access it. As you know, I don;t have
> one growing out of my ass...Some emails require no comment...

Yes, I am aware you no longer have the Blackberry and that you don't have a server growing out of your ass.

I made the "you need to write me back" remark because after what I've done the past five days, some extremely powerful people are looking to jam me up. I intend to make certain I cross all the "T's" and dot all the "i's".

The White House is livid over my interference with the President's "legacy" immigration bill. My name was dropped in the Presidents ear by many Senators who laid blame for changing their vote on my act of "intimidation." I have confirmation from more than one source that my name crossed shrub's (Bush) lips several times about me being . . . . . ready for this . . . . . an "insolent mother fucker who dared to interfere."

Things are going to get very serious for me over my single handedly stopping the immigration bill. I can;t let some asshole make an illegal threat on my web site, then get jammed up for "not reporting."

Thank God some of the Marines at the White House feed me info. You'd be shocked what they hear standing there opening doors all day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

McCain Wins South Carolina

John McCain won a tight race tonight in South Carolina narrowly defeating Mike Huckabee 33/30 with 90 percent reporting. This is huge momentum for McCain and will likely carry to a Florida victory. Thompson will likely drop out soon, the other candidates will stay in. However, this race now comes down to McCain and Romney. Guliani, Huckabee and the others should pack their bags and go home.

Teetsel Continues to Flip Flop on the Issues----- Again!

Call him the Mitt Romney of the Kingston Common Council, First Ward Alderman Al Teetsel continues to flip flop on the issues. Teetsel's latest flip flop has to do with the Kings Inn, Alderman Teetsel says that he is against emanate domain for the Kings Inn property because it will take the property off the tax rolls, yet he voted to recommend that the City enter into an agreement with attorney Josh Miller to start proceedings.

If the proceeding is approved by the full council, the City will pay Mr.Miller 20k initially and likely much more, in what will be a long legal debacle that will cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees alone. Tell me again Alderman Teetsel about your strong Conservative values?

Clinton and Romney Win Nevada

Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney won their respective caucuses today in Nevada. Clinton beat Obama by about 8 points with a decisive win today. On the GOP side, Romney crushed the competition with more than 56% percent of the Republican caucus. Ron Paul came in a distant second with 18% just ahead of John McCain.

South Carolina should prove interesting both McCain and Huckabee need to win South Carolina. The winner of this race will be given front runner status to compete with Mitt Romney who is looking pretty good right now.

Rev. Whitlock Celebrates MLK Day at Barnes and Noble

Join Reverend Shirley Whitlock to celebrate Martin Luther King day at Barnes and Noble in Kingston. The event will take place at 2pm.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Listen to Radio Free Kingston this Sunday

Please tune in this Sunday at 12:30pm to Radio Free Kingston w/ Billiam Van Roestenberg, Jonathan Sennett and myself!! I received a call from Art Richter who hurt his knee and asked if I would fill in. Art may also be appearing if he feels up to it, we wish him a speedy recovery.


It seems Hal Turner who came to Kingston two years ago for a "Rally against Black on White Violence" was actually an FBI informant. Turner who ran a website and radio show from his New Jersey home was known for his racist rants and over the top commentary, which would often include calling for the murders of public officials.

In 2002, Turner ended his show for "money reasons", in reality the FBI shut him down and then flipped him. When the show returned in late 2003, Turner gathered information for the FBI, until last week when a hacker broke into Turner's e-mail accounts. The hacker discovered communication between Turner and the FBI, the hacker then threatened to expose Turner, shortly after the show and website were shutdown.

Turner again citing money trouble as the reasoning for the shutdown:

The Hal Turner Show is ended.

The free market votes with its wallet and for seven years, this show has struggled to garner new listeners and financial support.

I have grown weary of this battle; my heart just isn't in it anymore. As such, it is with great regret that I announce the termination of the Hal Turner Show in its present form. If a new show airs at all, it will be entirely different than it is now.

I hereby separate from the "pro-White" movement. I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it. Thank you for your support in the past.

I wish all of you the best of luck in the future. Those few of you who subscribed more than a single month will still have access to the archives until your subscription expires.

- Hal Turner

I must wonder that Yankee Jim, a Hurley resident, who has left racist comments on this blog and on the Freeman's website, might be a little worried. Yankee Jim was a close "friend" of Mr. Turner's and helped orchestrate the event in Kingston that cost residents close to 80k.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alderwoman Ringwood Pushes for Smoking Ban at City Parks

Alderwoman Jenifer Ringwood has written a proposal to Common Council President Jim Noble asking that the City of Kingston ban smoking in all City owned parks and within 50 feet of a City owned building.

"As a representative of the people, I feel we must do all that is within our power to safeguard an individuals' most valued resource - their life," Ringwood said in her memorandum to Noble. "To do less would be negligent on our part."

Some lawmakers feel that smoking should be baned on all City owned property.

I'm personally in favor of this, kids should not be subjected to cigarette smoke or any other smoke while innocently playing at a park or any other City owned property. Kudos to Alderwoman Ringwood who continues to bring forth legislation to improve the quality of life for all Kingstonians.

Romney Wins Michigan

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney won the GOP's Michigan Caucus on Tuesday night with 39% of the vote, McCain came in second with 30%. The GOP race is really a wide open field at this point, Romney, Huckabee, and McCain have each won a primary respectively and Guliani is lurking in the background counting on Florida to save his campaign.

I think at this point it's too late for Rudy, he will end up losing Flordia and fade into the distance. Rudy can talk about how he has not campaigned in the last four primaries but when you finish behind Ron Paul, as Rudy did last night, your campaign is dead in the water.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

BET Founder Attacks Obama for Playing Race Card

“And to me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood –­ and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book –­ when they have been involved.”

- Robert L. Johnson, Founder of BET

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, who is campaigning today in South Carolina with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, just made a suggestion that raised the specter of Barack Obama’s past drug use. He also compared Mr. Obama to Sidney Poitier, the black actor, in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

At a rally here for Mrs. Clinton at Columbia College, Mr. Johnson was defending recent comments that Mrs. Clinton made regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She did not mean to take any credit away from him, Mr. Johnson said, when she said that it took President Johnson to sign the civil rights legislation he fought for.

Dr. King had led a “moral crusade,” Mr. Johnson said, but such crusades have to be “written into law.”
“That is the way the legislative process works in this nation and that takes political leadership,” he said. “That’s all Hillary was saying.”

He then added: “And to me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood –­ and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book –­ when they have been involved.”

Moments later, he added: “That kind of campaign behavior does not resonate with me, for a guy who says, ‘I want to be a reasonable, likable, Sidney Poitier ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.’ And I’m thinking, I’m thinking to myself, this ain’t a movie, Sidney. This is real life.”

Mike Huckabee: Give Fred Thompson Some Metamucil!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alderman Teetsel Flip Flops Positions

Alderman Teetsel flip flops on his positions regarding whether or not the City should of paid for Mayor Sottile's boots. On Thursday, Teetsel appeared on KCR and told a caller that he was against the Mayor receiving a pair of boots. That same day in the Kingston Times, Teetsel is quoted as saying that he is in favor of Sottile getting boots because he goes to different areas of Kingston during snow storms.
Alderman Teetsel than went on to attack the Mayor's secretary, who never even received a pair of boots but that's neither here nor there.

Well, Alderman, which is it, are you for it or against it?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gretzinger and Farrell Address Public's Concerns of Safety at KHS

The Board of Education met today at George Washington school and discussed the safety at the Kingston High School and took questions from the more than 150 people in attendance.

It really was a very informative meeting and a lot of good points were brought out and the board was very receptive.

I would like to thank Superintendent Jerry Gretzinger, Board President Chris Farrell and the entire school board for having this meeting so promptly and showing great leadership to the community.

Superintendent Gretzinger said he is adding two additional security guards and an additional safety officer to increase security and safety at the Kingston High School.

Audio Blog w/ Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner

Listen below to my new audio blog w/ Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner. Mr. Woerner talks about his appointment of Craig Artist as Ulster's Deputy Supervisor.

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Breaking News: Teen shot in Kignston

An 18 year old was shot in Midtown Kingston on Thursday night. The incident happened sometime between 10 and 10:30 p.m. Hoffman Street runs between Broadway and Mary's Avenue in Midtown. Police have not arrested any suspects but have received reports of a guy walking around on Hoffman St. with a rifle.

John Kerry Endorses Senator Obama for President

I have such a tremendous respect for John Kerry and I respect his desicion to support a candidate but I'm disappointed that he has backed Obama over Clinton. I'm not surprised, Kerry lives his life like John F. Kennedy, his role model. Obama and Kennedy both speak of hope and their messages are very similar...the major difference is that Obama's message is not real, it's a fantasy If we're not careful we will elect another Republican in 2008.

2008 Council Holds First Meeting

What do you get when you mix a professional actor, a Reverend, a contractor , two former Aldermen and some well polished politicians? A good reality t.v. show and the 2008 Common Council. Tuesday's first real common common council meeting of the new year was very interesting as well as very predictable.

Charles Landi made it pretty clear that he is going to be an independent voice on the common council for the next two years as he fought hard unsuccessfully against the majority to transfer a property on Henry St to Trans Art that plans to turn the project into a African American museum.

" We can't have more properties going off the tax roles, I hope all of you people that are voting in favor of this tell your constituents that you just voted to raise their taxes" said Landi. The transfer passed 7-2 with Alderman Landi and Alderwoman DiBella being the only people to vote against the transfer.

After the Third time that Landi spoke on the issue, I must wonder if Council President Jim Noble may have regretted that his Dems brought back Landi to the Council. There also was some interesting tension and competitiveness between Landi and'll be interesting to see how that will play out in the coming months.

I also got my first look at Alderman Polocco and Alderwoman Whitlock in action and I must say that I was impressed with both of them. Whitlock and Polocco seemed very knowledgeable as freshman law makers. Polocco certainly had more to say than his fellow GOP colleague Al Teetsel, who as usual, sat and did nothing.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Governor Spitzer Delivers State of the State Address

Three New Links

There are now three new sponsored links on Blaber's News! I received a contribution from an anonymous contributor that has given me a list of four links that he wanted like to sponsor.

The followings links have been added:

Ulster County Politick

Kingston Community Radio

Kingston Public Access

If you would like to sponsor a link or list your business or political campaign with Blaber's News please send me an e-mail at

Richardson Out

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has dropped his bid for the Democratic nomination for President after a poor showing in New Hampshire. Governor Richardson ran a good race and I commend him on his efforts. I hope that the Governor will now come out and endorse Senator Clinton's candidacy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Come Back Kid : Clinton Wins New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton is the Come Back Kid!!!

Hillary Clinton pulled out a big win in New Hampshire tonight overcoming the much over hyped momentum of Obama by the main stream media. Hillary worked hard and got the job done.

Hillary will continue to be the front runner and secure the Democratic Nomination. Tonight is a historic night for the Democratic party and for America. At this point nothing will stop the Clinton Political machine!!

Change is on the way.

McCain Wins New Hampshire

As expected, McCain won New Hampshire with 37% of the vote. Romney came in second with 31%. This really changes the whole dynamic of the race for the GOP nomination, there now really is no front runner. I think Gulaini is now out of the race, ignoring New Hampshire and Iowa was a big mistake. It's now between Huckabee, Romney and's a wide open field.

Check Out Our New Audio Blog w/ Majority Leader Bill Reynolds

Alderman Reynolds comments on a new Operation Impact study that has serious crime down in Kingston down over 20%

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Teetsel Looses His Cool...Makes Fool of Self

Alderman Albert Teetsel lost his cool tonight attacking me before I even had a chance to walk into the Common Council's Chambers. Teetsel railed off at me, saying that I unfairly attacked him over his attendance record. Alderman Teetsel screamed that he had missed meetings because of a personal family matter not because he was slacking off. First, I had a very similar thing happen in my family at the same time as Teetsel did..actually a week apart, so I am certainly sympathetic to him.

With that being said, Teetsel's poor attendance record is only half of the reason why he is a poor law maker. Teetsel is a dead beat Alderman and does nothing for his ward or for Kingston. Teetsel sits at his seat and votes with the majority...never questions anything or speaks up for anything. Matter of fact if he did not confront me tonight, I'm not sure, I would know what his voice sounded like.

Alderman Teetsel if you don't want to do the job than don't run for the were given a free ride this time, enjoy it, it will not happen again.

New Hampshire Voting Starts

As of 12:01 AM 17 people have already voted. I'll have full coverage on the New Hampshire primaries.

Dixville Notch Vote has Obama and McCain Ahead

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sennett on KPA Tonight

Jon Sennett will make a guest appearance tonight on Fromisano Live at 10:30 on Ch.23 Make sure you tune in!!!!

Two of the Students Charged with Rape Recieved Mayoral Award a Year Ago

Quami Daniel and Sharkey Daniel two of the students now charged with Felony rape were recipents last year of the Mayor's monthly ' Mayoral Awards'.

On September 12th 2006. both students were described as scholar students and people that were mindful of others. Now they both allegedly raped a girl. I must ask how does a person go from a model citizen to a rapist in such a short period of time..a scary thought.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two More Students Charged with Sexual Assault

Two more KHS students have been charged in connection with the rape of a 15 year old girl in the men's rrom at KHS. Korey Rogers 16, and Tyler Bryant 18 were arrested today, all five are in Ulster County Jail.

Police report on the incident said Moore-Giles "did restrain a 15-year-old female by pushing her into a men's bathroom and subsequently refusing to let her leave the bathroom. This 15-year-old was raped and sodomized while inside this bathroom. Moore-Giles and Bryant engaged in both forcible oral and vaginal sexual intercourse with the victim, while Rogers and Quami Daniel engaged in oral sex.

Kingston police expect additional arrests to be made.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

UPDATED Breaking News : Student Raped at KHS

It's been reported that a 15 year old female student at Kingston High School was allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted by three male students in the girls bathroom at Kingston High School, late Friday afternoon. It's believed that the victim knew her attackers and the incident was not a random attack.

As of 3:00pm, the Kingston Police have two people in custody awaiting arraignment. Lt. Tim Matthews would only acknowledge that an investigation was being conducted. More details as they develop.

This is really an unfortunate incident and I hope that Kingston Board of Education increases security at the Kingston High School for the next several weeks.

9pm : The following people have been charged in connection with this incident:

Christian Moore Gill, 17 charged with Felony Rape, committing a Felony sexual act, and unlawful imprisonment

Sharkey Daniel, 19 and Quami Daniel 17 both brothers, were charged with committing Felony sex acts.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sottile Makes City Buy His Boots

You can't make this stuff up................ Mayor Jim Sottile is now having City taxpayers pay for his boots!!

It seems that this all came about after some DPW dispatch workers received a boot allowance and for some reason the workers at city hall filed a grievance with CSEA to get boots as well and won. So now all City employees will receive a $100 voucher for boots. Can't say I agree with it but it's a union issue...seems like that would be that..right? Wrong!

Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile, who is not a member of CSEA, thought he was also entitled to boots and received a pair at the City's expense last week. I wonder how Cruella feels about this? Kingston's Fifth Ward Alderman works with homeless kids who can't afford shoes, let alone boots. How can she as a lawmaker, justify approving such a thing for a man that makes over 75k a year?

Let's look at the breakdown :



Car Insurance



The following items are all paid for to Sottile by the City of Kingston. You would think he could buy his own boots!

Suozzi to Obama : Get Ready for the Big Leagues

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, gave his thoughts before Senator Obama's vctory today at Hillary's campaign headquarters in Iowa :

“I don’t think it’s that surprising. After months of intense scrutiny, she ( Hillary) is still the best candidate out there.”
“If Obama gets this win tonight, he’ll get some of the scrutiny she has been getting over these last 11 months. We’ll see if he can withstand that. I’m not saying there’s a deep secret there. I’m just saying he will now be subjected to normal scrutiny.”

Dodd Out, Biden to Follow

CNN is reporting that Chris Dodd is going to drop out of his bid for the Whit House after his poor showing in Iowa tonight. There are some reports that Joe Biden will follow. I congratulate these fine candidates on a hard and well fought campaign and urge them to hope on board Team Hillary.

Obama Wins Iowa's Democratic Caucus, Huckabee Pulls Out GOP

Presidential candidate Barack Obama pulled out a big win in Iowa today winning with more then 37% of the vote. Clinton and Edwards both carried about 30 percent with Richardson trailing at just 2 percent.

While I'm disappointed with the outcome, Obama is not really the winner of tonight's caucus. The real winner is John Edwards. Edwards tied Hillary and was outspent by more than 3:1 by Clinton and more then 4:1 by Obama.

Tough night for Hillary but her campaign is strong enough to overcome tonight's disappointing loss.

On the GOP side Mike Huckabee pulled out a huge win over Romney even though he was outspent nearly 10:1. Huckabee has gained some major traction in his bid for the GOP nomination.

See you in New Hampshire, I personally will be heading to NH to campaign for Senator Clinton!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sottile Looks For Annual Raise for Himself and Aldermen

Mayor James Sottile is looking for annual raises for the office of Mayor, Alderman at Large and for rank and file Aldermen. The raises, if approved will coincide with Kingston's local CSEA contract. Which means that if the CSEA approves a contract that calls for a three percent increase for three years, than the Mayor, Council President and the aldermen would get the same raise.

I do not have a problem with a reasonable cost of living raise for the office of Mayor because it's a full time position. However, the Alderman at Large and Aldermen are part-time jobs and they should not be entitled to annual raises
However, the Mayor negotiates the CSEA contract on behalf of the city of Kingston. Therefore, it's a major conflict of interest to have his raises negotiated at the same time and in the same manner as CSEA. One must wonder will the mayor be negotiating on behalf of the city of Kingston, or on behalf of himself.

Mayor Sottile should rethink the way his administration is proposing to grant themselves raises. The current proposal to say the least is unethical. The public should stand up and get answers from the Mayor and the Aldermen that they elected just two short months ago.