Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here and There

Mayor Jim Sottile just could care less about reelection these days, he has managed to make enemies of his majority caucus, the firefighters, police, CSEA and is acting completely reckless example: The Maxwells Pizza situation. WTF is this guy thinking?!?!?! Alderman Reynolds, Clement or any other competent Democrat could take him out in a primary in a walk. Mark my words if Sottile is the nominee for the Democratic party Ron Polocco will be the next Mayor of the city of Kingston and I can't say that's a bad thing, I think if Polocco decided to run he would be a good leader much better than what we have now.

Looks like Judge Larry Ball who know has the Democratic and Independence line is well on his way to a landslide victory over the very awkward Mike Bruhn Jr. have you ever tried having a conversation with the guy? It's painful..Ball will destroy him in November.

The race for Ulster County Comptroller has been set, Elliott Auerbach will face of against Fawn Tantillo who has three lines. Tantillo has the Independence line because she is a member of the party and the bylaws of the party call that they support their own. Which is fine but make no mistake about it if Linda McDonough would have won the GOP caucus, Ellliott would have the I.

The one benefit Elliott has in not getting the Independence line is that it will be a constant reminder to the old guard Republicans that Fawn Tantillo is a turncoat. Fawn left the Republican party with her tail between her legs when times were tough for the party but asks for their support when it's convenient. Fawn may have the Republican line but plenty of prominent Republicans will be supporting the very likable and qualified Elliott Auerbach. Republicans are under no obligation to support Fawn she is not a Republican.

On a side note at the GOP convention, Butch Dener nominated Linda McDonough over Fawn and he made mention of my blog and what was written about his candidate like 3 or 4 times during the speech...I'm glad the Ulster County GOP is reading. ;)

I would like to thank Mario Catalano for allowing me to observe, Chairman Catalano is always very gracious and while we are members of different parties and share really no similar views, I respect the guy and he's a friend.

I also ran into Ulster Mojo author MoJoe Roberti at the convention, he gave a lack luster speech nominating Goodwin for Sheriif (let's not forget Roberti has a crush on Frank Falutico) and when I confronted him about the untrue and nasty postings he writes about me and everyone else he grinned and ran away as fast as possible...what was that you called Ken Ronk a few weeks back MoJoe Roberti?...I think the word began with a p? Yeah that's definitely the way MoJoe was acting that night.