Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Shows Lack of Judgement in Veep Pick

John McCain picked small town Mayor and newly elected Governor Sarah Palin as his pick for VP. After attacking Obama's lack of experience for months, he picks a woman that two years ago led a town about the size of New Paltz...he might as well of picked Sue Zimet, she is probably more qualified, just ask her.

McCain's judgement really is called into question with this pick. The most important role of a Vice President is to be able to step in if something happens to the President. McCain feels that Sarah Palin, a 42 year old, former beauty queen with 0 experience in foreign affairs should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Let's not forget that McCain is 72 years old, if he is elected and something was to happen to him (God forbid) do you really trust this person to be able to lead our Country?

I'm not sure that Palin will even help McCain pick up women voters. You don't get more ant-woman than radical Conservative Sarah Palin, who is a staunch opponent of supporting a woman's right to choose.

I think this pick just sealed the deal for Obama.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill practices his reporting skills holding the Ch.6 mic for Elliott Auerbach last night at the Obama Watch party at Keegan Ales.

Obama Rocks Denver

There was at least one thing about Barack and his family that every American could relate to tonight. The opposition can label them elitists but they are just regular everyday hard working Americans . After tonight, I do not know how anyone can not vote for Barack Obama. Barring any unforeseen event taking place, nothing will stop Obama from being our next President.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clinton Unites The Democratic Party Behind Obama

Hillary Clinton gave a great and moving speech tonight in Denver that was electrifying and moving. It exceeded expectations even for staunch Hillary supporters. The message was simple this is bigger than me (Hillary) and there is nothing more important than electing Barack Obama the next President.

Talks of unity was very well received. There is one person that can have the same effect locally amongst Ulster Dems as Hillary had on a national level tonight. He knows who he is and we're counting on him.

Watch Video Here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum

cordially invites you to an evening in support of

Elliott Auerbach

for Ulster County Comptroller

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
5:30 pm until 7:30 pm
159 Basin Rd.
West Hurley, NY 12491
Please RSVP by August 23rd by mail to
Friends of Elliott Auerbach, PO Box 542, Ellenville, NY 12428 or by calling
(845) 532-1503 or by email to

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Assemblyman Cahill's Fundraiser

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill had a sold out fundraiser in Rosendale on Sunday and it was a great time and the kick-off to the Cahill 2008 campaign.

Kevin's race has been targeted by the RAC committee so it's very important that we all show our support for our great Assemblyman. Now more than ever we need to return Assemblyman Cahill to Albany.

On a side note: There was also a great fundraiser today for Elliott Auerbach at the home of Rich and Colleen Parete that was very well attended.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill talks with supporters

Tom Hoffay and Mrs. Cahill, two of the greatest minds in Ulster County Politics
Ed Palideno, Brian Cahill, myself and Rob Parete

Saturday, August 23, 2008



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bernardo Talks the Talk....

On Monday the NY Daily News and the NY Post both reported that State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith held a fundraiser at the Wiltwyck Country Club in Kingston and compared his fundraiser to an "initial public offering" of stock in a corporation. Initial public offerings are typically the lowest price a stock is ever offered at. Smith reportedly told donors that if they didn't give now, they would have to give more later.

"Leaders of both major parties have to cast off the special interest politics, the politics of the insiders and get back to business creating jobs and lowering taxes, not doing favors and raising money," Bernardo said.

Bernardo has also called for an investigation by AG Cuomo's office.

I commend Len Bernardo for this, if he is serious and this is not some political ploy.

It will be interesting to see of Bernardo is serious becasue he has a unique chance to show that he is.

DA Carnright made a statement today saying that he will not investigate the mater and would hope the State Commission of Public Integrity will do so instead. This is something that can be investigated in Ulster County by the District Attorney's office. Furthermore, the Ulster DA's office should have their own Commission on Public Integrity as Mr. Sennett proposed in last years campaign. (Video Below)

Len Bernardo, who is touting himself as the Independence candidate with Republican backing has an opportunity to show his
Independence by urging Holley Carnright to reconsider and launch an investigation into this matter.

Len, you say you are about change and ending the good ol' boy style politics, well, prove it. We're waiting.

Sennett's Foresight

Daily Freeman: Carnright Passes on Investigation, Recomends State Commision on Public Integrity look into matter.

This is something that could be done by the Ulster DA's office and is more of a reason why the DA's office should have their own commison on Public Integrity.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parete Nets Unanimous Kingston Endorsement

John Parete was unanimously endorsed for reelection by the City committee to serve another term as Chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Committee over challenger Julian Schreibman.

Kingston is the largest committee in Ulster County.

For me, I looked at the two candidates and it was very clear that John Parete was the best and most experienced to continue to lead the party. Julian was too negative, divisive and lacked a clear understanding of how to lead the party in any direction but downhill. His suggestion that we would of lost the DA's race last year even in a two way race was particularly insulting to me and showed a complete lack of judgment and understating of the process on his part. Julian also failed to offer any solutions to the problems that he claimed existed.

We do not need divisiveness, we need leadership and unity. No question, I have had my disagreements with John Parete but he is a leader. The most important thing this year is electing Mike Hein, Elliott Auerbach and our entire ticket, I am confident that under Parete's leadership we will do that.

Blaber News will make a formal endorsement for Chairman Parete in the coming weeks.

Daily Freeman Endorses Sottile's Idea to End Stint Work

The Freeman has a good editorial endorsing an idea proposed by Mayor Jim Sottile to end the City's stint work policy. The policy allows employees to leave right after the days work tasks are completed. Employees are paid for an eight-hour day, but are said to typically work between four and six hours without a lunch break.

Read the------>> Editorial Here

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blaber's VP Picks

Hillary Clinton -- A guaranteed W for Obama if he goes with Hillary. It is a clear and obvious choice for him and the dream ticket. Hillary will put key states like Florida in play and increase Obama's support amongst older voters and women. Unfortunately, it is just a dream ticket, Obama and Hillary do not get along and there is also the Bill Clinton issue.

Obama's Pick: Smart money says Governor Tim Kaine or believe it or not, former Dem nominee John F. Kerry.

Mike Huckabee --- Governor Huckabee helps McCain among Conservatives and brings energy into the dismal McCain campaign. Everyone likes Mike Huckabee and it would spruce up the McCain campaign a little bit.

McCain's Pick --- Joe Leiberman or Mitt Romney.

VIDEO:Auerbach and Sponge Bob at the Soap Box Derby


Democrat and Working Families candidate Elliott Auerbach lead our Blaber News straw poll this week.

The poll conducted over a period of about a week showed that 53% of the more than 600 people that participated support Elliot Auerbach for County Comptroller

Elliott Auerbach, is currently the Village Manager of Ellenville and has more than 20 years of experience in public service. His opponent is Republican Jim Quigley, of NYC.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mike Hein and his wife Christine, hand out balloons at the SoapBox Derby with their son Mikey.

SpongeBob with Alderman Madsen

Labor Day of Caring

Members of local labor, Elliott Auerbach, members of the County legislature and numerous volunteers come together to make repairs at a local church.

Auerbach working on the ladder to repair a local church

Elliott Auerbach rolling up his sleves with local labor groups( BSOIW Local 417, LIUNA Local 17, CWA 1120, IBEW 363, and CSEA Region 3) and members of the County Legsilature to repair a local church. Right is Legislator Terpening
Chairman David Donaldson scrapes some old paint of the church


Make sure to go to the Kingston SoapBox Derby today in downtown Kingston at 1pm to see Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach, the Democratic candidates for Executive and Comptroller.

Mike Hein has entered the Hein for Exec soapbox and Elliott Auerbach will be making the rounds with a very special guest!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kudos To Legislator Wayne Harris

Kudos to Legislator Wayne Harris (R-Clintondale) for supporting the more than one million dollars in cuts that were proposed by County Administrator Mike Hein.

In an effort to protect the county against rising fuel costs and expected cuts in state aid, the Ulster County Legislature voted to trim more than $1 million from the county budget.

Unfortunately, every Republican except for Legislator Harris voted against the spending cuts. The Republicans voted against the cuts putting partisan politics ahead of the business of the people.

It's good to see that at least one Republican in the legislature is willing to stand up and do the right thing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum

cordially invites you to an evening in support of

Elliott Auerbach

for Ulster County Comptroller

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
5:30 pm until 7:30 pm
159 Basin Rd.
West Hurley, NY 12491
Please RSVP by August 23rd by mail to
Friends of Elliott Auerbach, PO Box 542, Ellenville, NY 12428 or by calling
(845) 532-1503 or by email to

Hein Fundraiser

(Doesn't that just look like Ulster's first family)

Mike Hein Fundraiser

Date: Friday, August 22nd

Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Portabello Restaurant

Tickets are available for $50 each

And are available at Academy General Ins.

237 Fair Street

Gardiner Dem Garage Sale

Garage Sale Fundraiser at the Shawanagunk FireHouse

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24TH, from 9 to 4 pm

Please come out and support the Gardiner Dem Committee; MariAnn Sennett, Gardiner Dem Chair Leon Steiner and Tim Hunter really have worked hard to put this together.

Gardiner town candidate Greg Finger will be there. The campaigns of Hein, Auerbach, Cahill and Skartados will also be there.

We need good quality donations!! Call Tim Hunter at 255-2323 to arrange a greenhouse gas neutral pickup, or to find out where to drop off donations!

There also will be a lot of great activities going on, homemade lemonade, an organic apple tree lease will be raffled off, face painting and much more...make sure you come to this great event!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mike Hein, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and Congressman Hinchey host a press conference for a new solar company that hopes to bring 400 JOBS TO ULSTER COUNTY

Zimet Sticks It To Parete

Chairman John Parete doing his part, holds a Zimet sign at her kick off rally. But, hey, he didn't really do much...right Sue?

A proposed ethics law that would prevent Ulster County officials - including legislators and the county's elections commissioners - from sitting on county political committees drew sharp criticism from opponents on both sides of the Ulster County Legislature's political aisle who painted the ban as unfair, unethical, and even un-American.

All three attempts to offer amendments for compromise have failed which means that the legislation will pass and Zimet has finally found a way to stick it to John Parete.

To be fair I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand I see this as a good bill for ethics in Ulster County but on the other hand I see this for what it really is : A way for Zimet to get back at John Parete and push him out as our election's commissioner.

Legislator Zimet is wasting county time dealing with an issue that is really not that important on the big scheme of things. I think more county residents care about how they are going to heat their homes this winter more than they care whether or not John Parete is both party chairman and election's commissioner. What is unethical is they this is being politicized.

Jeanette Provenzano, D-Kingston, said the provision prohibiting county party chairmen from being election commissioners is directed at Parete, because some Ethics Board members were upset over the way he handled the November race for district attorney.

I love Jeanette but I strongly disagree with those comments. This ethics law started way before the DA controversy. It has to do with her continued vendetta against John Parete that started back in 2006. Zimet felt and still feels that John Parete did not give her the proper support in her bid for the State Senate.

Unlike what happened last year, Sue had the proper support and was given every resource possible, I was there and I saw it. I remember Nick, Sue and I put in a 12 hour day going to events for her and campaigning for her candidacy. She had the entire county party behind her and not for nothing she won Ulster County.

Jeanette also gives Zimet too much credit, Sue would not be taking this stand for Jon Sennett or anyone else. At the end of the day, all Sue Zimet really cares about is Sue Zimet and what will benefit Sue Zimet and that is unfortunate.

McCain's Latest Blunder : In The 21st Century Nations Don't Invade Other Nations

Yeah, he said it, when asked about the Georgia-Russia hostilities. Another foreign policy blunder from Mr. Experience. Can you imagine that McCain of all people would say such a thing. I really think he is starting to lose it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RIP Arkansas Dem Chair Bill Gwatney

Former state Senator and current Arkansas State Party Chair Bill Gwatney was shot dead today by some loon who entered the party headquarters in Little Rock.

Nick Woerner and I had the privilege of going to Little Rock Arkansas a few months ago, where we meet several Democratic leaders at a reception at Governor Bebe's home. It's a very tight community with very down to earth people. I feel really bad for the state of Arkansas and for Mr. Gwatney's family.

Hein Responds to Governor Paterson’s Budget Proposals





On Monday August 11th, Governor Paterson released a new round of budget proposals. Among the $1 billion dollars in potential cuts were $250 million in cuts in local assistance. The proposal would reduce local aid to over 50 programs. The largest impact would be in areas like early intervention, (Article 6) public health programs, foster care and probation, all of which are mandated. Ulster County’s Nursing Home and Community College would also be negatively impacted. The $250 million dollar proposed reduction does not include a cut in services, only a reduction in the States contribution.

The New York Association of Counties (NYSAC) has issued a press release urging State Leaders to protect property tax payers. In their press release NYSAC Executive Director Stephen Acquario said, “Let’s be clear here. They are cutting the reimbursements for programs that county governments are required by state statute-to deliver.” “If we are going to make the hard choices to address the current economic situation, then we need to reduce state programs and services, not simply shift more costs to property taxpayers.”

Ulster County Administrator Mike Hein said, “Like the Governor, we’re committed to protecting taxpayers and I applaud his desire to address the State’s Budget issues. I urge the State to make serious choices and not simply shift the burden from the State to County taxpayers. Taking taxes from the right pocket instead of the left pocket is not an acceptable answer.”

Alan Lomita, Chairman of the Ulster County Ways & Means Committee:

“The County Administrator and the Legislature have been protecting taxpayers by using innovation, making tough decisions and making cuts. It’s important for the State do the same during these difficult financial times.”


Blaber News' Pinheads and Patriots

Bill O'Reilly has a regular feature on his show called pinheads and patriots, on the show Bill features people that are helping America, patriots and people that are hurting America Pinheads.

Here at Blaber News, we will be doing a weekly spin off of that segment every Wednesday. I will feature people that are helping Ulster County become a better place, Patriots as well as people that are hurting Ulster County, Pinheads.

I also will take your suggestions for both categories. If you have a nomination please e-mail me the suggestion with a pithy description of why this person should be nominated to : All submissions will remain anonymous but please do not be a misanthrope when writing to us.

Mayor Jim Sottile has toughened up on the city's lax sexual harassment policy, putting measures into place that clearly identify what is and is not appropriate behavior in the work place. Mayor Sottile has also called for the hiring of two new positions that will make sure that this new language is enforced. For the Mayor taking a stand and showing leadership he is a Patriot.

Paul Lendvay, a local member of the NRA, has made a ridiculous claim that Congressman Hinchey smacked him in the head at the Rosendale Street Festival. Despite the fact that Lendvay waited nearly two weeks before he made this public and than went to the press rather than the police, there are witnesses that claim that the incident never happened in the first place. It seems Mr. Lendvay is making these false claims against our Congressman to score political points and for that he is a Pinhead.

Auerbach House Party

Please join Rich Parete and Judy Hakam

for an afternoon of conversation, light refreshments,

and the opportunity to meet

Elliott Auerbach

Candidate for Ulster County Comptroller


The Home of Rich & Colleen Parete

289 Cherry Hill Rd, Accord

Sunday, August 24th

1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Donations Appreciated

Spread the Word to Old Friends and New

RSVP by August 18th to

Rich Parete at 687-4255 or

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coming Tomorrow

Julian Schreibman is making the rounds to be become Chair of the Ulster Dem Committee...we will have full coverage of the disaster that would spell to our current and future candidates.

Also a sneak peak at the upcoming committee primaries in Marbletown and Woodstock.

The Clinton's Visit Dutchess County

BREAKING NEWS: Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton and Chelsea were in Rhinebeck today were they had lunch at the Beekman Arms. No word to what they were doing in Dutchess or if they are still in town.

The Clinton's are more than welcome to cross the river to Ulster County and spend the night at Blaber Manor.

Assemblyman Cahill Fundraiser

Our Assemblyman is having a fundraiser and I hope everyone will come out and show their support for him. There is no one that fights for us in Albany like Kevin. He is a true leader someone that has brought important issues to the forefront like property tax reform, ethics, and dealing with the energy crisis.

We are extremly lucky to have a friend in Albany that truly cares about the issues facing NYS, specifically the issues in the 101st assembly district. There is no elected official that I have more respect for than Kevin Cahill. Someone that is only a phone call away if you need him, someone that is responsive to his constituants and more importantly a public servant that we can count on and trust.

Please join me in sending Kevin Cahill back to Albany this year!


WHERE: ByWater Bistro 419 Main St. Rosendale

WHEN: Sunday, August 24th from 11am-1pm

Breakfast Buffet and Cash Bar

Donations Greatly Appreciated

Please RSVP to Debbie 845-264-3972 by 8/20

Exec Campaign Tee's

No News on KPA?

What is going on with public access tv? It seems that it has fallen off the radar. I have not really paid too much attention with the status of the what is going on, so a plan may be in the works.

From what I understand, the safety issues are legit and the landlord has no interest in fixing them. So the commission needs to find a new spot and move. Talk of the town of Ulster taking over operations has been rumored.

The cable commission should be meeting regularly with Alderman Madsen (cable chair) and Alderman Pollocco (council liaison) to find a solution to fix this. While, it has been nice not to listen to Cahill and Cosme this last month, as a former vice-chair of the Kingston Cable Commission, I know that this station is a benefit to the community.

It's amazing the amount of people that I do not know that come up to me and ask what is going on with the station. People are waiting.......................

Monday, August 11, 2008

Someone sent me this picture. Either they photo-shopped my face onto Mike Hein's body or my new diet and daily rigorous jogging is paying off faster than expected.

Hein Tops Blaber News Poll

Democrat and Working Families candidate Mike Hein lead our Blaber News straw poll this week.

The poll conducted over a period of about a week showed that 55% of those who participated support Mike Hein for Ulster County Executive.

Mike Hein, is currently Ulster County's chief budgeting officer and is the Democratic nominee for County Executive. His opponent is Republican Len Bernardo.

Please participate in our new County Comptroller poll.

Comptroller Campaign T- Shirts

Sorry Terry

The other night I went to Ugly Gus to meet up with a friend and instead I ran into Len Bernardo, and had hour and a half conversation with him...sounds like the start to a bad story. Well, not totally, we had a great talk (a lot of which had very little to do with politics) and I gained a lot of respect for Len after that.

I strongly feel that Bernardo is not the right choice for Exec, I do not support his ideas for the office but nonetheless he is a nice guy.

During the conversation, my blog came up in regards to the Ants incident. Mr. Bernardo told me that his wife Terry was extremly upset over a post that I had written that challenged whether or not the incident happened.

While I do not believe that DSS sent the envelope with the ants, I am not going to challenge whether or not the incident happened by a third party. I e-mailed Terry and apologized and she has asked that I do so publicly.

I'm sorry.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here is the Hein ad. Mike Hein, you know within three seconds what he is running for, which is key. Hein also talks about the position will bring to government : accountability. Over and over you see his name in the ad and what he is running for and it has a personal family connection added to it. This is a superior ad.

Night and day difference to Bernardo's. Who fails to mention what he is running for, until about 28 seconds into a 30 second ad. For the first 17 seconds we don't know who he is. These tv ads are supposed to be introducing yourself to the public and Bernardo misses the mark.

I could be wrong just my analysis.

Watch the Bernardo ad by clicking here

Donaldson Gives Quote of The Month

"according to Glenn Noonan, everything's their idea."

- Dave Donaldson, Chairman of the Legislature

How true.

That was in response to Noonan's claim that the GOP first called for the imposed hiring freeze that County Chairman Dave Donaldson and County Administrator Mike Hein put into place yesterday.

Earlier in the day the freeze was criticized by the GOP, including Len Bernardo and Jim Quigley and now after it was revealed that it will save taxpayers about $750k, it's just politics and we (the GOP) thought of it first.

These people have no shame and must really think voters are stupid.

Noonan and the gang are so bitter, they see the writing on the wall for November and it does not look good for them.

Bernardo TV Ads Launched

Len Bernardo the Republican candidate for County Executive has launched his tv ads this week. I caught one this evening on Fox news.

The ad is pretty bad. It can be viewed by clicking here.

Since, Blaber News is fair and balanced we feel compelled to analyze and offer advice to Mr. Bernardo.


1. We have no idea what the ad is until more than half way through a short 30 second spot. " His is the story" who is his?

2. The Independent approach that you are portraying is ineffective and will not resonate with voters; at least not in this ad.

3. You fail to mention what office you are running for until the very end of the ad....huge huge mistake.

Pros :

1. I like the little intro in the beginning, makes it personal and that's a draw.

2. The constant mention of your name on the screen is also effective. Should be done throughout the whole ad


Friday, August 08, 2008

CREEP: Edwards Admits To Affair; While Wife Had Cancer

This guy is such a creep. More details later.

Letter From Chairman Donaldson

Dear Editor:

During a public hearing on the ‘Ulster Tomorrow” economic development plan this past Wednesday, August 6th, the Republican County Executive Candidate Len Bernardo showed a complete disconnect when claiming he had his own plan and was against the Ulster Tomorrow plan as a guide line for economic development. That disconnect was clear when he said, “The Ulster County Development Cooperation should have found out what the towns wanted.” It is too bad that he didn’t pay attention, listen or participate in the process that took place over the past 18 months because that was one of the main thrusts to the many things the UCDC did during their intensive fact finding mission in creating the Ulster Tomorrow Plan. So for the sake of information he should be made aware of the following:

  • Approximately 200 citizens from around the County participated in formulating the goals, strategies, and actions in the plan. It is the most intensive study of this kind ever done in Ulster County with citizens that represent a very diverse cross section of the community, with almost every conceivable viewpoint and interest group included, from environmentalists to manufacturers, from artist to car dealers, from the most liberal to the arch conservative.
  • Thousands of person-hours have been expended reaching consensus on the elements of the plan.
  • Town supervisors were specifically asked for their views and priorities, along with the priorities of their specific neighborhoods which resulted in the Steering Committee thoroughly discussing the varying needs of individual communities.
  • The process involved a systematic investigation of obstacles to development, and the strategies were designed to tackle as many of these as possible – while still continuing to welcome any constructive ideas on how to better address them.
  • Solid supportive research by professional economic experts was done on the County’s economy, trends in our community and in the larger global marketplace, along with how environmental changes will have an effect.
  • Dozens of open meetings, probably scores, have been held over the last 18 plus months – with abundant opportunity for anyone to give input and get involved

The Ulster Tomorrow’s consensus goals and alignment of purpose have already produced “wins” such as the bipartisan support for The Solar Energy Consortium and the Shovel Ready infrastructure jobs projects in Saugerties and Lloyd which will bring 100s of bread winning jobs. The formal adoption of the plan in a bipartisan manner by the legislature would bolster several current major projects involving hundreds of jobs – both retention and creation, while increasing significant state and federal grant opportunities.

Len Bernardo was awarded many opportunities to get involved and participate, or at least get an understanding of what was being done, why and how it would effect our county. He chose not to. I respect that not all people have the time or desire to volunteer. I only ask him not to insult all those that did volunteer their time and all the work that went into this comprehensive plan. It would be foolish to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity for Ulster County to create a united front in our economic development efforts because a candidate didn’t know the facts.

As someone that was once a strong critic of the UCDC, I applaud them and all the volunteers for their work and will ask for the formal adoption of this plan to be done immediately to show that Ulster County is not content in discussing and arguing the plan details and approaches indefinitely, but is ready for action to create good jobs now.

David B. Donaldson, Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature and Chief Executive Officer

Hudson Valley for Obama Boat Ride---Photo Blog

The Obama boat ride was great tonight. A great group of energetic Obama supporters showed their support for our next President aboard the Rip Van Winkle. I'm sorry I do not have more pictures but I really would like to thank Stephan Gilman, a guy that has been stumping for Obama for over a year in the Hudson Valley and across the US.

Saugerties Dem Chair Mike Harkavy and Jon Sennett
Comptroller to be Elliott Auerbach and Blaber, sporting the Auerbach for Comptroller hat, part of the exclusive Auerbach summer clothing line.
Auerbach talks with a supporter about the important issues facing Ulster County.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Senator Schumer announces money for HEAP, Assemblyman Cahill and County Administrator Mike Hein look on.

Paterson's Approval Rating Sky Rockets

Just found this interesting.

Above is a recent poll done by Quinnipiac on Governor Paterson's approval rating. It is absolutely through the roof.

Quinnipiac pollster Mickey Carroll chalks up Paterson's high approval rating to his tough talk about the budget, which has irked some of his Democratic colleagues and labor friends.


Alderman Hoffay, the Democratic candidate for Ward 2 drew well over 100 people to his fundraiser last night at Le Canard. It was a great tribute to Alderman Hoffay who is a life long resident of Kingston and Ward 2.

The energy in that room was great. I never have been to such a successful fundraiser for a council candidate.

Some notables : Congressman Hinchey, Assemblyman Cahill, Mike Hein, Elliott Auerbach, Alderman Landi, Alderman Whitlock, Alderman DiBella, Alderman Reynolds, former County Legislators Jack Finch and Jim Kelley Smith, Kevin O'Connor and the Sennett's