Saturday, September 30, 2006

Aspiring Late Night Political host meets King of Late Night Politics

Jeremy Blaber host of Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber and Bill Maher host of Real Time w/ Bill Maher briefly crossed paths Friday night at the Palace theater in Albany. Blaber who was there to see Maher perform caught up with him after the show. He was very personable said Blaber. When asked what show was better Blaber conceded, although I have the number 1 show on Kingston Public Access I am not on the Maher level yet.... " He is a genius."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

More bad news for Pirro: Federal Investigation over secret recording of her husband

Jeanne Pirro the republican candidate for Attorney General announced Wednesday that she was under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION over hiring NYC Police commissioner Bernard Kerik ( who pled guilty to two ethics violations which were unclassified misdemeanors in early 06) and his private firm to investigate her husband by secretly recording him to see if he was having an affair. " This is unreal said Blaber I am beyond speechless, she is running for Attorney General?? Maybe she should run for State Dog Catcher she might have a better chance. Pirro is challenging Democratic nominee and former HUD secretary Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General.

"I was a very angry woman, and I said a lot of things," Pirro said. "What matters is what I did and didn't do, and I didn't do anything here other than vent."

Pirro, who faces former federal Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo in the attorney general's race, said she learned about the investigation when she was approached by a pair of
FBI agents outside her home. She repeatedly said this was a personal matter involving her husband and charged she was the target of "an unethical, overzealous prosecutor with a partisan agenda."

U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia confirmed in a statement his office was investigating but declined to offer details. But, Garcia said, "we do not take politics into account in deciding either the subject matter or timing of our investigations."

A telephone call to Albert Pirro's White Plains office was not immediately returned Wednesday.

A Cuomo spokeswoman, Wendy Katz, declined comment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jeanine Pirro flip flops on choice... What else has she flip flopped on?

NARAL PRO-CHOICE New York proudly endorsed Andrew Cuomo for attorney General today, NARAL passed on endorsing Jeanine Pirro after she betrayed NARAL's endorsement last year by putting her party above her own personal beliefs on choice. What else will she flip-flop on? She simply can't be trusted, I have lost all respect for her said Blaber who pointed out how Andrew Cuomo like him or hate him you know were he stands he is a straight shooter and that is what I want to see in the job of attorney general. " I would not want to be in a fox hole with Pirro he added.

Pirro's Flip Flop timeline:

August 29, 2001 Jeanine Pirro returns a 100% pro-choice signed questionnaire to NARAL Pro- Choice New York including opposition to abortion bans that fail to protect a woman's health.

September 21, 2001 NARAL Pro-Choice New York endorses Pirro's re-election as Westchester District Attorney.

Fall 2001- NARAL Pro-Choice New York conducts Get Out the Vote efforts for Pirro.

January 22, 2002 Pirro serves as keynote speaker at NARAL Pro-Choice New York luncheon, Gaining Pro-Choice Power in the Republican Party

May 2005 Pirro announces she will run for a statewide office but refuses to indicate whether it will be Attorney General or U.S. Senate.

August 8th 2005 Press reports that Pirro is set to announce that she will seek the office of United States Senate.

August 9th, 2005 Mike Long, Conservative Party Chairman is quoted in the New York Times saying, ''Partial-birth abortion and gay marriage are deal breakers for us, and without us, I don't think she can win for the Senate. No Republican has won statewide without our endorsement since 1974.''

August 9th, 2005 Pirro abandons the pro- choice movement by flipping on her former position announcing on CNN that she is now not in favor of protecting a woman's health.

August 10, 2005 Pirro states, It's the life exception that I was in favor of. New York Times

September 2006 Despite repeated contacts and request, Pirro does not provide NARAL Pro-Choice New York with an updated and completed questionnaire for her run for Attorney General.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blaber News Person of the Week Alderman Clint Brown

This weeks person of the week is Alderman Clint Brown, Alderman Brown is just a great public servant who is dedicated to the people of the fourth ward. (which he represents on the council) Alderman Brown when not answering calls from constituents or walking the ward tackling some of the issues facing the residents of midtown, he can be found running several Neighborhood watch programs in his ward were residents can come together and express the issues of the ward with each other in hopes of improving the quality of life. '' He cares about the people it's that simple if the council was made up of 9 Clint Browns we would be in good shape said Blaber.

Alderman Brown is in his second term as Alderman of the fourth ward and is a member of the Laws and Rules Committee as well as the Community Development Committee and the general government/Public Safety Committee both of which he chairs.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clinton looks to honor Ulster County womans right leader Sojourner Truth

Senator Hillary Clinton has introduced a bill to have a monument of Truth placed in the US Capital to honor the womans rights leader and inspirational speaker to African Americans having been freed from slavery. I think it is important that we honor Sojourner Truth for her bravery and compassion, I think this monument would be a nice tribute .

''It is past time that we honor a woman who, despite all the hardships she faced, was a tireless advocate for women's rights," said Clinton.

Sojourner Truth began her life as a slave and ended it as a celebrated anti-slavery activist. She was born into slavery in New York and was sold several times before escaping to freedom with an infant daughter in 1827. She worked as a housekeeper, lived in a religious commune, and eventually became a traveling speaker and preacher. Although she could neither read nor write, Truth was a captivating speaker: she reportedly stood nearly six feet tall and was a powerful evangelist who spoke out for women's rights and against slavery. Prompted by religious feelings, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843. Her memoir The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (as told to author Olive Gilbert) was published in 1850 and helped establish her in the public mind. The next year, at a women's rights convention in Akron, Ohio, she gave her famous speech, "Ain't I A Woman," a short but stirring challenge to the notion that men were superior to women. During the Civil War she worked to support black Union soldiers, and after the war she continued to travel and preach on spiritual topics and as an advocate for the rights of blacks and women.

Van Blarcum picks up endorsement from Ulster's top Dem

Paul Van Blarcum has received the endorsement for sheriff from Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner; last week Woerner endorsed Van Blarcum praising Van Blarcum's extensive experience with the Ulster Sheriff Department making him the most qualified to be the next sheriff of Ulster County. In a light moment Paul pointed out that he has been a police officer 6 more years then Nick has been alive.

Other endorsements:

NYS Attorney General Elliot Spitzer
Ulster County Democratic Party
Ulster County Conservative Party
Ulster County Independence Party
Ulster County Deputy Sheriff's Police Benevolent Association
US Congressman Maurice Hinchey- 22nd District
NYS Assembly Member Kevin Cahill
Town of Woodstock Police PBA
City of Kingston Democratic Committee
Town of Hurley Democratic Committee
Town of Marlborough Democratic Committee
Town of New Paltz Democratic Committee
Town of Olive Democratic CommitteeTown of Rochester Democratic Committee
Town of Saugerties Democratic Committee
Town of Wawarsing Democratic Committee
Town of Woodstock Democratic Committee
City of Kingston Mayor James Sottile
Town of Shandaken Police Benevolent Association
New York State Union of Police Associations(NYSUPA)
CWA Communication Workers of America 1105
(Parent Union of the Ulster County Sheriff's Office Corrections Officers and Civilian Staff)
CSEA Ulster County Local 856 -Ulster County and Upper Hudson Valley Labor Council
County Majority Leader Jeanettee Provanvano
County Majority Whip Rob Parete
Leonard Distel - Ulster County Legislator
Mary Sheeley - Ulster County Legislator
Joseph Stoeckeler, Jr. - Ulster County Legislator
Donald Gregorius - Ulster County Legislator
Peter Kraft - Ulster County Legislator
Richard Parete - Ulster County Legislator
Gary Bischoff - Ulster County Legislator
Frank Dart - Ulster County Legislator
Hector Rodriguez - Ulster County Legislator
Lewis Kirschner - Ulster County Treasurer
City of Kingston Majority Leader Bill Reynolds
Alderman Lenny Walker
Alderman Clint Brown
Alderman Mike Madsen
Alderman Jennifer Ringwood
Alderman Anne Marie DiBella

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Charlie landi and Amee Peterson approved to KPA board

Former Alderman Charlie Landi and Amee Peterson were unanimously approved to serve on the KPA commission last Tuesday both will represent the City of Kingston. '' This is great news, I think both of the new commissioners are extremely qualified and will do a fantastic job, I could not of asked for two better people." Both Landi and Petterson volunteered for the betterment of KPA and I really am looking forward to working with them both.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Supervisor Woerner's fundraiser a success, supporters gather at sold out ride

Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner greeted a sold out crowd for a fundraiser put on by the Friends of Nick Woerner. '' 300 tickets were sold, the boat sold out. It shows that Nick has strong support, the people feel he is a great supervisor and his actions thus far are proof that the people are right."

Some notable appearances tonight: Ulster County legislators Mike Berrardi, Brian Cahill, Jeanette Provanzano and Sue Zimet who is currently running for State Senate in the 42nd district, also in attendance former Mayor John Hietzman, 4th ward Alderman Clint Brown, former Alderman Charlie Landi and Ulster County sheriff candidate Paul Van Blarcum. Nick said the Friends of Nick Woerner raised approx. 5000 after expenses. Not Bad.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Attorney General Elliot Spitzer endorses Cuomo to be successor

Elliot Spitzer endorsed Andrew Cuomo to be his successor as NYS Attorney General, Spitzer praised Cuomo calling him EXTREMELY QUALIFIED to Partner Against Powerful Interests and Stand Up to Federal Government for All New Yorkers. Elliot Spitzer has been an excellent attorney general and for him to endorse Mr. Cuomo over his opponent means a lot said Blaber, his input will weigh in on all of New Yorkers.

New York State Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo today received the endorsement of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Attorney General Spitzer praised Cuomo’s outstanding record of results taking on the big fights and announced that together they will be a team bringing reforms to New York.

“I spent 8 years of my career building that office- making it stand for the principals I believe in- building an office that dedicated to public service and values the public litigation,” said Eliot Spitzer. “Protecting that office is something I care deeply about. That is why I am standing here today to endorse Andrew for Attorney General. I understand from examining his record and his career that he has what it takes to be Attorney General -- the deep commitment to public service, the litigation of public issues that sometimes put you in unpopular positions. His dedication to law enforcement, to protecting the laws of the state, to representing the governor and the people of New York makes him extremely qualified to be Attorney General. Andrew understands what it takes and has a record that demonstrates the values that will lead him to be a great Attorney General.”

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, far and away one of the best Attorneys General in this state and nation’s history. I look forward to working closely with Governor Spitzer and the Democratic ticket so that we can bring honor, integrity and principle back to government. Together we will level the playing field and balance the scales of justice. Together, we will take back New York.”

Paul Van Blarcum wins Independence and Conservative lines

Democrat Paul Van Blarcum defeated challenger Kevin Costello to win both the Independent and Conservative line for the U.C. Sheriff race. The Independents and the conservatives went out and spoke they made a clear choice for who they wanted, they choose Paul Van Blarcum.

Paul who was endorsed by both the conservative party, and independent party, faced Costello in a race full of negative campaigning by the opposing side said Ed Gaddy the Conservative party vice- Chairman this proves they want a clean campaign and a candidate that will stick to the issues not write nasty letters about the process.

There is still an election in November Blaber pointed out not wanting to take anything for granted, I am happy by todays results and I hope we have similar results in November. Now that the primary is over people will start looking at the candidate and there qualifications and what they stand for, Mr. Van Blarcum will defiantly stand out his 30 + years in the U.C. Sheriff dept makes him the more qualified candidate. He knows the department, his opponent does not. Mr. Van Blarcum also has experience as an elected official Blaber pointed out having served on both the Onteora school board and as a Shandakan Councilman. If you stack the qualifications side by side there is simply no comparison.

Spitzer, Clinton, and Cuomo stomp the competition

Democratic candidates Elliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton stomped the competition today beating there opponents by a large margin. "We really stuck together today, we (democrats) were able to stand strong and the numbers speak for itself and the numbers will speak in November.

With candidates like Cuomo, Clinton and Spitzer all with proven records of leadership reform can start. We live in a state that has so much potential and we are not living up to it, we used to be the Empire State now people look at us and say what happened?

I am proud of tonights results, I am proud we stuck together and choose the best and most qualified democrats to represent us against the republicans in November.

Molinaro breezes, beats out Manning

Tivoli Mayor Marc Molinaro easily defeated incumbent Assemblyman Patrick Manning to win the republican nomination for the NYS 103rd Assembly district. " This is a big win for Mr. Molinaro and for the people of the 103rd district", I talked to Marc tonight to wish him a congratulations and I had a very positive conversation with him and I hung up with a good feeling of what is to come, he is going to do well said Blaber.

Mr. Molinaro faces democratic challenger Virginia Martin in November, but it is just a formality in a district that has never elected a democrat in it's history. This is just a case were party does not matter it is about getting in the most qualified person and that is Marc Molinaro.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A time to remember and reflect; 5 years later

Dear Friend,

Five years ago today this county faced the worst terrorist attack in it's history, thousands of innocent men, woman, and children died for no good reason when two planes were hijacked and struck the World Trade Center buildings. I never will forget that day I was at school and very confused and saddened by what happened, How could somebody do this? Why would someone want to harm us?

That day was a reminder to us all about the evil in this world, we were attacked by a group of people who wanted to hurt us because of our freedom and they wanted to pull this great country apart but instead we were able to united together as one.

Through out the year we fight and bicker about such little things that really in the scheme of things do not matter, let us take today reflect on on what happened that tragic day and honor the men and woman who died, and our service men and woman who continue to die to protect us in Iraq.

Remember we are all Kingstonians, New Yorkers, and most of all we are all Americans.

Very truly yours,

Jeremy Blaber


Tuesday the 12th is primary day please remember to get out and vote for information about were to vote please call the Ulster County Board of Elections at 845-334-5470

Please support the following candidates:

Democratic Nomination

Elliot Spitzer for Governor

Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate
Independent Party

Paul Van Blarcum for Sheriff
Conservative Party

Paul Van Blarcum for Sheriff

Republican Party

Marc Molinaro NYS Assembly 103rd Assembly district

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vote Andrew Cuomo for AG Tuesday the 12th

Andrew Cuomo's record in HUD speaks wonders to what kind of AG he will be, former persident Bill Clinton called Cuomo's work with HUD as one of the most successful reforms of a federal agency in modern US history. On Tuesday the 12th please join me in making Andrew Cuomo the democratic nominee for attorney general he is the only candidate strong enough to beat the republicans and follow in Elliot Sptizer's footsteps. Also on Tuesday please support our other democratic candidates Elliot Spitzer, for Governor and Hillary Clinton, for U.S. Senate

Andrew Cuomo is a passionate believer in doing what's right and he is a determined leader who gets it done. His test is never soft sentiments, but hard results.
- President Bill Clinton

You have breathed new life into a once-threatened department...As a result, HUD is more ready than ever to lead American communities into the new millennium.
- Representative Richard Gephardt

I commend you and all of the hard working people at HUD as you continue down this road of reform and strive to create a Department that will be a model of reinvention in this new century.
- Vice PresidentAl Gore

[Andrew] led one of the most dramatic and successful reforms of a federal agency in modern U.S. history, with HUD going from the brink of elimination to the forefront of the struggle for justice in America .
- President Bill Clinton,January 12, 2001

When I served as director of the FBI, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo asked me to collaborate with him to clean up HUD. At the time HUD was notoriousfor being a $30 billion department rife with waste and fraud. Secretary Cuomo announced a Get Tough program with zero tolerance for waste, fraud and abuse. They designed and implemented a state of the art electronic financial audit and fraud detection system for HUD's 30,000 vendors. This was coupled with a new Enforcement Center headed by an FBI detailee that investigated and prosecuted any fraud. The combination of competent program administration and a new ethic of integrity made a vast difference at HUD. Andrew's experience and achievement in fighting fraud in large government programs makes him an ideal candidate to clean up mismanagement in programs like New York State 's Medicaid Program.
- Louis Freeh, Former Director of the FBI

Ulster County Democratic Chair John Parete
"Andrew Cuomo is the best candidate to be New York's next Attorney General. Andrew's leadership at HUD showed the country and New Yorkers that he is a true champion of reform. When it comes to taking on special interests, cleaning up government, and fighting for middle class and working families Andrew Cuomo will be our strongest voice."

Kingston Mayor James Sottile
"I am proud to support Andrew Cuomo for New York State Attorney General. Andrew's outstanding record of accomplishments as HUD Secretary and at the state and local levels position him to be the most effective Attorney General who will clean up New York's failing Medicaid system, fight corporate polluters, to level the playing field and make government work for all New Yorkers."

Andrew is the proud father of three daughters twins Cara & Mariah, 11, and Michaela, 8.

Please support Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General his leadership abillity makes him the most quilifed candidate to follow in the footsteps of Elliot Spizer. The primary is Tuesday the 12th. Thank You.
-Jeremy Blaber

Friday, September 08, 2006

Blaber News person of the week Mayor Jim Sottile

Mayor Jim Sottile is Blaber News's person of the week for his dedicated work to the City of Kingston and to the community in general. '' Sottile is a dedicated man who works wonders for the community, he is not a 9-5 mayor, he works 10 to 12 hours at city hall then goes to different meeting and events after that. He truly is Mayor 24/7 and is a workaholic.'' During Sottile's tenure as mayor there have been many accomplishments that he has made.....

- Housing has become accessible for all Kingstonians

- Noah Ground breaking

- New tenants in business park creating 500 NEW JOBS

- Our failing sewers are being replaced and updated

- significant Clean up of our environment, due to Kingston's industrial past

- Bond rating has improved tremendously keeping city taxes down and increasing fiscal responsibility.

- Kirkland ground breaking

- Crime Down on a consistent basis

- Opening of an additional police precinct to address crime concerns on Broadway

- aggressively perusing private industry to Kingston by offering incentives and tax-breaks

These are just a few of Sottile's many accomplishments as Mayor of this great city, we should all be proud to have someone like Jim Sottile as our mayor. His leadership and guidance have made this city something to be proud of.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

King drops out of AG race and backs Cuomo

Charlie King today dropped out of the Attorney General race and backed Andrew Cuomo saying " I know this is a race I can't win and think we need to now get behind the most qualified candidate, Andrew Cuomo is a great candidate and will be the nominee in a week and I think it is best that I get behind him now so we can start a " united justice campaign."

I applaud Mr.King for getting behind Andrew and I encourage Mr. Malloney and Mr.Green to follow his example, Andrew's outstanding record of accomplishments as HUD Secretary and at the state and local levels position him to be the most effective Attorney General who will clean up New York's failing Medicaid system, fight corporate polluters, to level the playing field and make government work for all New Yorkers.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner cuts town taxes

Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner's combined $8.29 million general and highway budget proposal for 2007 would reduce the average homeowner's tax bill by $11 a year.

" Nick has been able to hire the necessary police to protect the towns residents, provide jobs for residents and still lower taxes said Blaber he has worked wonders for the town."

In my opinion in Woerner's first 8 months in office he has far surpassed the previous administration that was in place for several years, the Town of Ulster is lucky to have Supervisor Woerner's leadership, this tax cut is just the latest of several accomplishments Nick has achieved in a relatively short period of time. In just 8 months he has been able to drastically improve the quality of life for town residents.

Under Woerner's proposal town taxpayers would pay $5.68 per $1,000 of assessed value in 2007, down from $5.79 per $1,000, in general and highway taxes. A homeowner with a property assessed at $100,000 who paid $579 in general and highway taxes this year would pay $568 next year.

Woerner stated with the rising cost in County and School taxes town residents could use a break, "Any help the town can give its residents will benefit them" said Nick.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alderman Reynolds proposes parking Kiosks

Majority Leader Bill Reynolds suggests the City look into installing Kiosks vs. Parking meters. It has become clear that the city is going to get rid of the current two-hour system which seems to not be working. Now it is a question of what to do should the city set up parking meters, Kiosks, or something other.

Personally I think Alderman Reynolds idea is a GREAT one, why stick parking meters all over the place in our historic city, a kiosk could be put up every 100 feet or so rather then every foot, it makes the city look sloppy.