Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Julian and Democrats' next two years

Let me start by congratulating Julian Schreibman for being elected Ulster County's Democratic chairman for another two years, being elected unopposed..which should not of happened, Democrats deserve a choice and it's not Julian's fault that he didn't have an opponent so I don't fault him obviously.

Julian will be Democratic boss next year in 2011, which I truly feel will be the most important election year in our county's history. So much is at stake for Democrats and we can't afford any mistakes and I assure you that our real party leader Mike Hein, will not tolerate an absent chairman.

Julian has a full time job in NYC and a young family, he chose to run again despite that and our party put faith in him, he must deliver and I wish him the best and vow to give him a fair shake for our party's sake. We need to reelect Mike Hein as county executive, we need to elect Jonathan Sennett as our next District Attorney and we need to desperately take back the county legislature after the new lines are drawn and single member districts take place...mark my words whatever party takes the legislature next year after redistricting will have control for a very long time.

There also is a lot to be done in 2010, we need to make sure all of our countywide races are successful, that Elliott Auerbach serves another term as the County's watchdog, Paul Van Blarcum is reelected as our Sheriff and that Frank Skartados and Kevin Cahill return to the NYS Assembly were they have served us proud, especially Kevin Cahill who is one of the best public servants in Ulster County..actually the best hands down.

Just to clarify Julian's comments regarding the Comptroller's race in the Daily Freeman today where he said this:

Schreibman said the most hotly contested race is shaping up to be between Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach, the incumbent Democrat, and Republican challenger Fawn Tantillo

“The comptroller race is more high-profile,” Schreibman said. “It’s seen more as a political position. It’s new, the role that I think more than any other the voters wanted to see created in county government when they adopted the charter.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Come'on Julian I am trying very hard to like you.

First let me say the office of the Comptroller is not seen as a political position, it's viewed and it is an independent office that watches and oversees county tax dollars, making sure all departments, including the office of Executive and the legislature are running smoothly. Now some people may not like that but no one sees that office as political except maybe Julian and his former boss DA Harvey Dent..I mean DA Carnright.

Secondly the race is hotly contested.. Really, since when? You have Elliott Auerbach who by all accounts is doing a great job, (even Republicans and conservatives will privately tell you they support Elliott) running against an individual that is a former legislator that chaired the jail oversight committee, never holding a single meeting, while taxpayers saw their taxes rise over 39%. An individual that when she left the legislature took a patronage job she was unqualified for, forcing her colleagues to make an ethics law in her honor..the Tantillo law. Not to mention Fawn Tantillo's campaign has no money, so hotly contested...I think not.

Julian made a good point in that Ulster Democrats need to take an interest and an involvement in our statewide races. When Andrew Cuomo ran for Attorney General, he got less votes in this county than Allen Hevesi. With Paladino energizing Republicans and caring Ulster 2:1 in the GOP primary, we need to work hard for Andrew and not take anything for granted. We also need to make sure that the highly qualified Eric Schneiderman is elected Attorney General, upstate will be key to this race.

Democrats in Ulster County have enrollment advantage, a highly energized committee, great candidates and an ivy league educated Chairman...we have all the tools to be successful.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Jonathan Sennett and Senator Schneiderman
Senator Schneiderman with New Paltz School Board Trustee Dan Torres

Future NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman attended the Garlic Festival at a campaign stop in Saugerties with Kingston attorney Jonathan Sennett. It's good to see Senator Schneiderman out and about meeting voters across the state, while his Republican opponent sits in Staten Island and throws untrue shots at Eric's record.

photos by Dan Torres

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Intresting Episode of The Kingston Chronicles..go about 38 secs in or so

WOW, Are you kidding me?

I've enclosed a picture in the story for those of you that have not seen Holly in four and have forgotten what he looks like.

Holly Carnright put out a letter the editor blasting the NFL for an internal policy decision that was made regarding an NFL employee that had been charged with drunk is the letter.

DA Carnright to the NFL: Get It Straight

Braylon Edwards, the Jets wide receiver gets arrested for DWI, .16 (BAC), and the NFL says "this is a violation of their substance abuse policy".


It is a crime. Driving While Intoxicated is a crime. An organization that has as much influence on our young people as the NFL should get it straight. D. Holley Carnright
Ulster County District Attorney

Holly's letter which is three sentences (never one to be know for his insight) is soo brazen and ridiculous. I'm against drunk driving don't get me wrong but this is coming from the same DA that failed to investigate claims that a NYS Senator was strong arming people for money under his nose. Or his jail investigation findings that were laughable,(and we mean laughable, people were reading the findings uptown chuckling, although no one had a bigger grin than former County Clerk Al Spada, nope Uncle Al got the last laugh that day.) The same DA that passed on the Palin investigation and brushed off Auerbach's audit and findings on the investigation calling them "too political."
Perhaps the biggest reason as to why this is hypocritical, he is blasting the NFL for how it handled one of it's internal policies because of the example it sets for children. What about Holly Carnright's internal policies? Like sweeping under the rug the names of employees in the da's office that were caught looking at pornography at work. Calling it an internal WRONG Mr. Carnright. These employees salaries are paid for by the taxpayers, therefore your office should discipline and release the names of those involved. And, what kind of message is the da's office sending to kids?? However, it's no surprise with him passing on case after case, that he has time to comment on a matter that has absolutely nothing to do with Ulster County.

Since we are talking about the NFL, this letter is like Micheal Vick writing a letter against an organisation for it's mistreatment of dogs. It's just hypocritical. It might of been best for the D.A. to just not have said anything at all.

Peter Rooney

Look at this video, this is a Youtube video of the fuel and Dump truck that collided and hit Peter Ronney's warehouse. Peter Rooney a candidate for the NYS Assembly's 101st, had illegal fireworks in the warehouse which went off as a cause of the collision. It made it very difficult and dangerous for rescue workers to respond and put them in serious danger, as you can tell from the below video. It's a very powerful video.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sottile Bombshell: If I don't run I'm supporting Hayes Clement

We hear Mayor Sottile was talking with some constituents at Stewart's in Kingston, saying that if he opts out of running for reelection next year (which is widely expected), he will support 9th Ward Alderman Hayes Clement to be his successor.

What a huge blow to his Alderman at Large Jim Noble who has stood firmly behind Mayor Sottile's side through everything. However it probably will do more harm for Clement than good. I doubt Hayes or Noble want or will seek the unpopular Mayor's support if they run next year.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thanx Carl!
Last nights primaries were very interesting..full update tomorrow...but wow, what a huge blow to Rick Lazio..Carl Paladino won huge!!

Congratulations to Senator Eric Schniederman, NYS's next Attorney General. While he was not my first or even second choice for AG, my party has spoken and I fully support Eric Schniederman. I have always been a supporter of the Senator's stellar record as a state lawmaker and am confident he will make a fine attorney general. I commend Eric Dinallo for running a great campaign, he is a man I have the utmost respect for and is all class.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I didn't Know The Jail Was Gunna Cost That Much!

Fawn Tantillo, former Chair of the jail Oversight Committee

Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Primaries

The following is who we like for the 2010 does not reflect who we support in the general elections.. specifically the Governor's race, I strongly support Andrew Cuomo for Governor. Make sure you all go out and vote...especially for Kingston City Judge Larry Ball and Eric Dinallo for AG!!!

Republican Governor : Carl Paladino

Democrat US Senate: Kirsten Gilibrand

Republican US Senate: Joe DioGuardi

Republican US Senate: Jay Townsend

Democrat NYS Attorney General: Eric Dinallo

Independence City of Kingston Judge: Larry Ball

Conservative City of Kingston Judge: Larry Ball

Democrat New Paltz district 7 Committee : Dan Torres and Toni Hokenson

Hein Looks To Prevent Job Cuts in 2011 Budget

Counties across the region are preparing their 2011 budgets to be presented in the next several weeks. The financial problems facing all of them in the last few years, including fewer revenues, more charges and fees and unfunded mandates from Albany, have left counties in rough times.

In Ulster County last year, county officials enacted employee layoffs to help balance the spending plan.

County Executive Michael Hein said he does not want to place anymore of a burden on county residents.

“Taxpayers simply cannot afford major tax increases. We need to make significant transformations in government,” he said. “Government can’t just whittle around the edges. Government has to actually make significant changes. The American family, they know that tough decisions are needed because they make them every single day and that’s something government has to learn to do.”

Hein said he hopes there will be no need for layoffs this year. He will present his proposed budget to the county legislature in about a month.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Assemblyman Cahill's Picnic In The Park!!!

This Sunday!!! September 12th, 2010 1:00- 5:00 PM Upper Hasbrouck Park , Overlooking the Majestic Hudson River! This is always a really great event and I encourage everyone to attend.

Here and There

Wow, the RRA report Elliott Auerbach released sure has got him a lot of great press, except from certain members of the legislature, well as they say the truth hurts. These are some of the benefits of having a watch dog that is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to protect Ulster taxpayers. Bravo, Comptroller Auerbach.

Sorry to see Kingston Public Access is off the air, again! It was only a matter of time though. That commission is a complete mess with a clear agenda. Whether I agree with certain shows on that station, throwing away a 6 municipality live tv station is a huge blow to free speech.

So Mario has decided to pull out of the race for Chair for a second time. Rumor has it Robin Yess was not backing out for him and has secured the support of Al Spada. The era of good ol' boy politics ended with Mike Hein, Elliott Auerbach and other great electeds that stood up and said, you know, we are here to serve the people not ourselves. There are a few people that apparently have not gotten that message.

County Exec Hein Takes Wadnola To Task On RRA

Fred Wadnola is doing a disservice to his constituents and the entire legislature by willfully misrepresenting the facts.

- County Executive Mike Hein

Ulster Legislative Chairman Fred Wadnola was taking to task by County Executive Mike Hein today after Wadnola falsely misrepresenting the facts of Auerbach's latest audit that was critical of the county legislature's handling of the RRA. Here is a link to the Freeman Article: Freeman

Here is some of the exchange between Comptroller Auerbach, Executive Hein and Leg. Chairman Wadnola:

Wadnola contended that Auerbach issued the report after taking “marching orders” from County Executive Michael Hein, who, like Auerbach, is a Democrat.

Auerbach responded that the report was intended to “look out for the interest of the taxpayers in Ulster County.

“So that’s who I take my ‘marching orders’ from, and there must be a disconnect because the (county) charter specifically talks to the role of the comptroller in the new county form of government and addressing its efficiency and effectiveness — that is really our charge.”

Hein said it was “very sad” that Wadnola, a former Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency board member, has “decided to play politics when there are so many incredibly important issues” that have not by addressed by the Legislature.

“This is an attempt by Wadnola to deflect from his involvement in the RRA as well as cover up the fact that under his leadership in the Legislature, they have accomplished virtually nothing,” Hein said.

“Fred Wadnola is doing a disservice to his constituents and the entire Legislature by willfully misrepresenting the facts,” Hein said. “That’s unfortunate because he knows well as a former board member of the RRA that the direct (comptroller’s) report is to the Legislature.”

Catalano Endorses Paladino for Governor

Ulster County Republican Chair Mario Catalano and the Ulster County Republican committee have officially endorsed Carl Paladino for Governor over party favorite Rick Lazio. Wow!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

2011 DA POLL: Sennett Would Crush Carnright

According to our recent poll if an election for DA were held between Jon Sennett and Holly Carnright next year, the current DA would go back to handling divorce cases, getting crushed by Jonathan Sennett who took in 60% of the vote.

This is no surprise, Carnright won due to a three way race which split the vote between Sennett and Vince Bradley. Since Carnright has been in office there have been countless blunders and an overall failure by Holly to establish himself as the DA, and not the guy that sits behind Don Williams' old desk.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Next NYS AG Eric Dinallo!

Schneider Man!!! Click video and watch on youtube..I cant fit video in blog

Catalano Changes Mind?

BREAKING NEWS: We hear there was a secret meeting of Republican top brass in Ulster County Tuesday night and Mario Catalano has reconsidered and will be running another term as chair of the Ulster GOP due to fear that there is no one that can really step up and do the job.

Come Celebrate Ulster County and Support Our Executive Mike Hein!!!

Come out and support Ulster County Executive Mike Hein. I know there are a ton of fundraisers and times are tough but it's really important that we reelect our Democratic County Executive Mike Hein next year. Unfortunitly running countywide is very costly and it takes a lot of money to win these campaigns. So if you can make it please try to attend.

- Jeremy Blaber

Time: September 21 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Hillside Manor, Route 32 South of Kingston

We will be keeping it local with farm fresh fare from Ulster County.

Donation $75.00 per person.

Checks made payable to:...Friends of Mike Hein
PO Box 3005Kingston, NY 12402

Please contact to reserve your ticket

poll results

Quigley wins GOP chair poll with 40% of the vote!

Here and There

With the tea party candidate's upset victory in Alaska could we see Carl Palidino win the GOP primary for Governor? He certainly deserves it over Rick Lazio who has just dropped the ball. What a coward Lazio is by the way for refusing to debate Carl Palidino. I firmly support Andrew Cuomo but would love to see Carl Palidino win the GOP primary over Lazio.

Eric Dinallo was very impressive in his debate in Albany yesterday on WAMC, he was clearly head and shoulders above the other candidates, I really hope Democrats come out and support Eric Dinallo who has all the right qualifications and experience to be our next AG. I will say before the debate Assemblyman Richard Brodsky got up unexpectedly and started playing the piano at the theater where the debate was held, I must say he was good, I like Brodsky he is a good guy.

Alderwoman Jen Fuentes and CSEA put on a great community event last weekend, it was really well attended and they both deserve a lot of credit and kudos.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mr. Chartock and I at the Attorney General's Debate Today in Albany--a true legend!

Could Ron Polacco Be The Next Mayor Of The City Of Kingston?

Alderman Ron Polacco is looking better and better at becoming Kingston's next chief executive and would be the first Republican to hold the office in over a dozen years.

While many under estimate the young two term Alderman, I don't and anyone that does is really mistaken. Ron Polacco has very similar qualities to T.R. Gallo as a young charismatic Alderman that came out of no where and took over a city that was desperate for new fresh leadership.

Ron Polacco is gaining support, he recently assisted KPD in a huge drug sweep that netted more than 18 arrests and has been active and about at all city functions and events throughout the city. In my opinion he easily will be the Republican nominee for mayor and I have it on top sources he's in the race and in it to win. He will likely have to face a primary from former Alderman Rich Cahill and possibly from Minority Leader Andi Turco Levin, both he will defeat.

In a general election it gets tricky, Polacco has to overcome a huge Democratic enrollment advantage in the city but the 6th Ward Alderman has been a fairly moderate voice which will appeal to independent voters and some Democrats that are feed up with Jim Sottile. Put it this way if Jim Sottile is the nominee for mayor, Polacco will win by almost 1000 votes.

Can he beat someone like Jim Noble or Hayes Clement, well that remains to be seen. Lets not forget that he did beat the very popular Elisa Ball last year, who's a great lady and would have been a terrific he has proven he is not to be underestimated and in this political climate Mayor Ron Polacco is at the very least a good possibility.

Auerbach Watching Our Backs!

The Ulster County Legislature is supposed to closely monitor the spending and operations of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, but it hasn’t, costing county taxpayers almost $32 million over the last decade, County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach said Monday.

Auerbach released a report on what he calls a “laissez faire approach” to the UCRRA by lawmakers even though the county has been paying net service fees as a result of a 1992 agreement.

“We think it is an opportunity for the legislature to look back at the initial agreement and amend it,” he said. “We are also concerned of what the future is going to hold and we see there may be some dramatic changes to the industry going forward and how is that going to impact the county and the cost they are providing to Ulster Resource Recovery Agency to make up the shortfall?”

Legislature Chairman Fred Wadnola was surprised at the report, saying he thought the RRA was functioning well.

“The net service fee has been reduced, I believe, over the last three or four years and I think everything was going well there,” he said. “The executive director meets with the Environmental Committee on a monthly basis, and since January, he’s been doing it on a quarterly basis. I have to investigate the report and review what the comptroller has stated.”

Auerbach’s report found that since 1992, the county has covered between 10 percent and 50 percent of UCRRA’s annual operating expenses; the county has not employed its contractual powers to monitor the fees; the county has not practiced due diligence to ensure the UCRRA complies with its contractual obligations; and under the status quo the agency will not be able to meet its obligations in the future without continued, annual net service fees from the county.

Primary Vote



Why not a woman? Why not Robin Yess??

Why not Robin Yess?

Why would Republicans not support a woman that was the right hand to current chair Mario Catalano.

Why not support a woman that has been involved in every single major Republican event for the last two years including the sold out event honoring America's Mayor Rudy Guiliani?

Why not support a woman that has volunteered countless hours to the party and been part of several successful Republican victories over the last two years?

Why not support a woman that took one for team and went on a suicide mission for her party challenging the virtually unbeatable Assemblyman Kevin Cahill?

Do you think maybe cuz she's a woman?

The fact of the matter is there is no reason not to elect Robin Yess, she is capable, qualified and has done everything right. However if you look at my poll or ask the average Republican committeeman you are given a sneer...why is that? Do you think if Robin Yess were a man there would be any question as to who would replace Mario? Why dont Republicans just admit they are sexist and don't want to see a woman in a position of power??

I hope the GOP proves me wrong, Ulster Republicans are in a position to elect their first female chair, something not even Ulster Democrats have been able to do...Why not make history by doing the right thing; elect Robin Yess chair of the Ulster County GOP and finally start to head toward the 21st century.