Friday, July 29, 2011

Legislator Bernardo w Help of Facebook Brings Graffiti Vandals To Justice

Below is an excerpt of a really cool story written by Paula Sirc, how Legislator Terry Bernardo was able to track down the two people that vandalized the Kerhonkson bridge that just opened about a 3 weeks ago.  A little detective work and social networking go along away. Kudos to Legislator Bernardo!

Two Kerhonkson youth, ages 13 and 15, have been arrested, each charged with two counts of criminal mischief, following an investigation into the graffiti that appeared at the base and under the deck of the Herbert Poppel Bridge within a month of its' reopening ceremony.

Key to the sheriff's investigation was Ulster County Legislator Terry Bernardo, R-Accord, who, after learning of the problem from members of the Friends of Historic Kerhonkson, discovered that the spray-painted doodles included the offenders' initials. Bernardo promptly posted pictures on her Facebook wall with the post: "Note to self: Don't write your own name when spray painting graffiti on a County Bridge."

The initials of the would-be artists were quickly identified by a local Facebook user after which Bernardo contacted the Ulster County Sheriff. Following police questioning, the two male juveniles confessed and were arrested. They will answer to the charges in Ulster County Family Court on Aug. 10.
Me and my favorite Republican former Ulster County Legislator John Naccarato

Hayes Campaign Manager on Board of Directors that is Lead Advocate of Closing the County Nursing Home


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gallo Fundraiser Draws Well Over 100 People

Alderman-at-Large Jim Noble, Democratic candidate for Mayor Shayne Gallo and Kingston Democratic Vice Chair Bob Gillon at Shayne's fundraiser last night. Over 100 people packed Mariner's to support Kingston's next Mayor..more pictures coming in the next few days

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reynolds' Column 7/22: GALLO MOST IMPRESSIVE

 Below is an excerpt of Hugh Reynolds' column this week, he is right on the money but if I may offer a minor correction: Shayne got 767 signatures, only 10 less than the entire city committee who had Hayes Clement on their petitions.  Gallo turned in more than "just over 700" as Mr. Reynolds stated but closer to 800, and a very good job by Team Gallo.

As Reynolds points out this is impressive but you really need to understand the process to realize why. Gallo did not have the benefit of the committee's backing, so he had to put together a group of volunteers to carry petitions for him and have them go out and get registered Democrats to sign them. Gallo was competing with the entire city Democratic committee because a registered Democrat can only sign for one candidate.

For those that don't know how this process worked, here is a little insight:  The Democratic committee had Hayes Clement on all the petitions, which means anyone that signed for Jim Noble for Alderman at Large or any of the Democratic candidates for Alderman, were by default also signing for Hayes Clement. So the 150 petitions Elisa Ball turned in for herself, or the 100 that Landi turned in, all also counted for Hayes' total. Some may say this is unfair but really that is how the process works and it is the only real benefit of being the unofficial candidate of the committee.

Shayne Gallo's petition on the other hand, were just for Shayne Gallo. Every person that signed and carried petitions were doing so specifically for Shayne Gallo to support his candidacy for Mayor. There is no denying that Gallo and his supporters sent a strong message to the city committee, it's chairman Frank Cardinale and their candidate for Mayor: This race is about grassroots and putting Kingston first, not about politics as usual or which candidate has the largest checkbook.

“Grass-roots” Shayne Gallo — they’re all grassroots campaigns at this level, Shayne — made the most impressive showing among non-endorsed petition gatherers, with just over 700 signatures. Gallo, the Democratic challenger, did not have the advantage of committee members circulating his petitions. If nothing else, Gallo’s signature total confirms a determined, serious candidacy.

On the Republican side, worker bee Pollaco demonstrated once again how far a candidate can go with grit and shoe leather. Pollaco won reelection as Sixth Ward alderman by canvassing the ward three times in 2009. A similar city-wide effort, largely on his own, produced an unofficial 376 signatures, more than three times the minimum.

GOP convention choice alderman Andi-Turco Levin produced a respectable 303 signatures. Republicans have about half as many committee members as Democrats; some can even sit up and take nourishment.

Former alderman Rich Cahill, GOP candidate for mayor in 2007, filed 176 signatures, mostly with a two-man campaign staff, himself and his father. Cahill, like Turco-Levin, is pointing to the primary. Both would be wise to keep a closer watch on Polacco.

Former school board president Jean Jacobs, seen as a joke by some, gathered 189 signatures.

Nominating petitions obviously are but a means to an end. But there is this. Thoughtful people — and here I eliminate dopes who sign anything placed before them — will tend to vote for the person whose petitions they signed, by and large. As such, the petition signing results — 303 for Turco-Levin, 741 for everyone else — should give the Republican official nominee pause.

The Democratic nomination would seem a tossup, again not necessarily good news for the party nominee.

Read more: Hudson Valley Times - Road show

Friday, July 22, 2011



Russo filed a declination to run in a primary against incumbent Rich Parete. Parete now holds the Democratic, Republican, Independence and Working Families party lines for county legislator..I'm gunna go out on a limb and say he has a pretty good shot of getting reelected ;~)

On a personal note, I'm really happy for Rich, he is a hard working legislator that does a lot for the county and his district, the people of his community are lucky to have him as their representative.

Tony Russo is a guy I have known since I was 8 years old, he's a family friend and a really nice man too, I hope we can all come together as Democrats. Tony Russo will make a  great County lawmaker some day, and from what I hear is doing a good job in Marbletown where he serves as Councilman.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carl Belfiglio for Ulster County Legislator

Belfiglio is the clear choice to stay in the district representing Esopus, Carl who has been on the legislature for one term is a great guy and a tireless worker. As a Republican he has been a brave and vocal supporter for Golden Hill and I am proud to support his reelection bid. Full endorsement later tonight, along with a full run down of the county leg races.. as well as a big surprise that I will be posting in a couple of days, it's sort of on the hush hush right now.

Three Great Leaders

It was good to see Mr. Cantor in Kingston, here he is with Ulster Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and future District Attorney Jonathan Sennett.

Note: Please check back  Thursday afternoon for more updates. Going to do a story on some county legislature races. My early endorsements for some of the primaries in Ulster County. As well as my first County Legislator endorsement and I'll give you a hint, it's an incumbent Republican that is facing a primary (and no it's not Terry Bernardo, that's a given).Check back and see later today!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

WFP Big Gun Dan Cantor To Endorse Sennett, Be There This Morning at 11am!!!!!


Dan Cantor the Executive Director of the Working Families party will be in Kingston tomorrow to endorse Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney.

Dan Cantor is a political idol of mine, I worked for his organization for over two years and gained a lot of experience and knowledge about politics during that time.

Interesting Fact: Mr. Cantor cut his teeth in Chicago starting a political party called the new party, they ran a young candidate for Illinois state senate that won named Barak Obama.

Mr. Cantor who is one of the most powerful political leaders in New York City and across the state, is as down to earth as they come, I would often see him ride his bicycle to work. Just a great and brilliant man. Come out today and support Jonathan Sennett for DA and meet Dan Cantor!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freeman Editorial Calls Juvenile Crime in Kingston a Public Emergency

Freeman Editorial

Read the above editorial, it's really well done. It discusses the current problem on juvenile crime in Kingston and what needs to be done to address it. Shayne Gallo who is running for Mayor, came out and offered a real plan to address some of these issues and he should be applauded for it.  Right after Gallo's plan was offered to the public, the community has stepped up and really started a dialogue, holding a series of meetings and working as a community to address these problems. Shayne Gallo is a leader and this is proof of that, just imagine the good work he can do as our next Mayor.

Immaculate Conception Bazaar

Father John has a way of bringing everyone together. Democrat Shayne Gallo and two of his Republican opponents (Jean Jacobs and Rich Cahill) at the Immaculate Conception Bazaar.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Times Up: Petitions are In..Who's In, Who's Out??????

Primaries Kingston:


 Democratic:  Shayne Gallo vs. Hayes Clement

Republican: Rich Cahill, Ron Polocco, Andi Turco Levin and Jean Jacobs

Ward 9:John Simek vs. Mark Halwick (D)

Ward 5: Nick Woerner vs. Bill Carrey (D)

Ward 4: Shirley Whitlock vs. Matt Ryan  Note: Ryan has filled petitions but from what I hear they are garbage, a lot of mistakes and will be thrown out. A primary in Ward 4 is not likely. (D)


Alderman at Large: James Noble has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines and will face off against  Joe Marchetti who will have the Republican line.

Ward 1 : Matt Dunn has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines to face off against former Alderman Al Teetsel who has the Republican and Conservative

( Teetsil's petitions are all messed up and he likely will be thrown off the ballot)

Ward 2: Seth Allen has the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines and will face off against the incumbent in that Ward.

Ward 3: Charlie Landi has the Democratic line and will be facing Nate Horwitz who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence..this is a race to watch but I still give Landi the edge.

Ward 4 : Shirley Whitlock vs. Republican (not sure his name)

Ward 5: Nick Woerner vs. Craig Johnson (R) vs. Janai McDonough (WFP)

Ward 6:Elisa Ball  unopposed..congratulations to the Alderwoman elect

Ward 7: Mary Ann Mills has the Democratic, Independence lines vs. Curtis Dankleman who has the Republican line

Ward 8: Robert Senor has the Democratic line and will face off against Republican Chuck Polocco

Ward 9:  Should be decided on the winner of the Democratic primary between Halwick and Simek.  Republican Debbie Brown's petitions will most likely be tossed for errors.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Congressman Hinchey Resting After Cancer Surgery

We have it on good authority that Congressman Hinchey's surgery went well and that he is resting comfortably.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Here and There

I found this great picture of the Pike plan back from the late 70's, it was a picture a friend sent to me of the actual ribbon cutting ceremony. I thought it would be nice to send the picture to Alderman Hoffay, Hoffay represents uptown and is a staunch supporter of the pike plan.

However, when I went to send it to Tom on Facebook I found he had defriended me.  Part of me thinks it's petty and childish and who cares. However there is another part of me that finds it very disturbing and  an offensive act of Alderman Hoffay to do. This coming from a guy that has made it a point to me over and over again of the importance of everyone getting along so we can come together after the primary. (He says this and than proceeds to attack me all over town). I have always been a strong supporter of Hoffay's despite the recent attacks because I understand this is politics to a certain extent, he is upset with me for no other reason other than I am not falling in line to support his candidate for Mayor.

It's funny, I've known Tom before Hayes even lived in Kingston. In 2007 after Hoffay retired abruptly from Albany and moved back to Kingston full time, it was me and other local Democrats that really stepped up and fought hard to have the Democratic committee urge Mayor Sottile to appoint him (which he had  strong reservations about, and rightfully so) to the council to fill Jen Ringwood's seat.

 It was also me that gave up a few Saturday mornings to walk with Hoffay's friend to areas of Ward 2 to get him signatures, it was also I who two years ago spoke to the Independence Chairman about getting Tom the line for reelection.  As early as this year I defended him numerous times over different nonsense that he was getting blamed for in regards to the Mayor's race even though everything I was hearing that he did, I knew in my gut he was doing. Hoffay and I are a lot a like politically, we play the same game of chess and use the same no holds barred type playbook.

I guess the only difference is I can separate the politics from the person, I can get in a sparring battle with someone for months and not take it personally because I understand the role and duty of a political operative. You are essentially a hired gun for the party or candidate you support, a lot of times especially in a primary you are going against people you like and sometimes you are on opposite sides of friends. However, you don't allow that to cloud your judgement or distract you from your obligations. Hoffay gets this better than anyone because in his gut he is nothing more than a political operative, that is who he is. This is a guy that once explained to me how many constituents must be in a ward to warrant going to their family's funeral.

Also lets not kid ourselves, Hoffay is the operative and brain behind the Clement campaign, it's not Kevin Buso and it certainly is not Ken Brett. It's Tom Hoffay running the show, he is the only one associated with Hayes' core campaign that is competent to do so on a city wide level.

 On a final note on Alderman Hoffay, it's disappointing I have lost a good friend this political season over a difference in opinion on who we support in a political race. The amount of lies and bashing he has done behind my back leaves a lot to be desired. If Tom had an issue with me, he could have talked with me directly, no need to lie about me to other people.

The Children's Day Parade in Kingston was great. It rained but no one seemed to mind, all the major candidates for Mayor were in attendance. I thought it was really nice of the Gallo campaign to hand out water to the kids and parade participants because even though it was a little wet, the sun was still beating out there.

James Noble had a sold out fundraiser at Mariner's Harbor, with about 200 people in attendance, he is looking at an easy reelection bid. Noble who recently was polled with the highest approval rating amongst city Democrats, has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines for reelection.

Joe Marchetti is rumored to be the Republican candidate for Alderman at Large has an uphill battle at best, I hear the Conservative party is not supporting his candidacy. Noble who cruised to reelection four years ago with just the Dem line should have no trouble this time around with three lines.

Location, Location, Location: I give Andi Turco Levin a lot of credit she could not have picked a better spot for her campaign headquarters. On the corner of St. James and Broadway it is a perfect location, 50,000 cars pass by it daily and it does not hurt it is a block away from Keegan Ales!

Dr. La Mar Hasbrouck who is in charge of the Ulster County Health department is really an impressive guy, I ran into him at the county building last week and was listening to him speak on a number of different issues at a health committee meeting of the legislature and he is top notch. Definitely an asset to Ulster County.

The Independence party of Kingston had a great picnic last week, Joe DiFalco did a good job putting it together. DiFalco who is acting city chair of the Independence party is really out working hard and doing good things for the community.

On a related note congratulations to Ellen DiFalco who was sworn in as a library trustee on Wednesday by Justice James P. Gilpatric . Ellen won a term on the board last month and I think will do a fine job for the Library.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mayor's Poll

Rumors of a Mayor's poll floating around that may be released as early as Monday shows a few very interesting points I have heard:

1. Gallo leads Clement by more than 25 points if the primary were held today.

2. Jim Sottile if he were to of run for reelection would of handily beat either Clement or Gallo in a primary among prime voters respectively. In a three way race, Clement does really well but Sottile still wins.

3. Jim Noble is Kingston's most popular Democrat with an approval rating at 68% among city Democrats.

4. Shayne Gallo has a 74% name recognition amoung Democrats to Clement's 28%

5. Either Shayne or Hayes would beat any Democratic Alderman in a hypothetical primary for Mayor. However, a certain female candidate that is not an Alderman yet, loses to Hayes by less than 5 points.

The poll professionally done is not sanctioned by any candidate or committee and the only poll that matters is on election day but interesting none the less.

Hugh Reynolds 7/7/11

Excerpt from Hugh Reynolds' column in this weeks Kingston Times

Kingston follies

It’s still almost twelve weeks to the primaries, but already Kingston candidates are strutting their stuff.

Democratic candidate Shayne Gallo stole a march on his opponents by latching onto the high-ground public-safety issue. Other candidates had been waxing large on such game-changers as smoking in the parks, fixing up sidewalks and fireworks.

Republican Rich Cahill’s blurb on moving the city’s fireworks display to the Fourth rather than a week before was timely, if somewhat disingenuous. Cahill, who certainly knows better, said that former mayor T.R. Gallo staged the city celebration the last week in June so as to avoid conflicts with Saugerties’ traditional display on the real holiday.

Baloney. T.R. Gallo didn’t give a damn about Saugerties, Esopus, either. He was crazy about vintage rock-and-roll acts, which came at a premium on the Fourth, but for a song the week before. “Sort of like roses on Valentine’s Day,” observed Republican mayoral hopeful Andi Turco-Levin.

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