Saturday, March 31, 2012

Over 100 Arrested in Kingston Drug Sweep

Mayor Shayne Gallo holds a broom at a press conference w Cheif Tinti; members of State police; Sheriff Van Blarcum, Under Sheriff Frank Falutico, and DA Carnright

Friday, March 30, 2012

Schriebman Gets Endorsements in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia and Green Dems


With two weeks left before petitions are due for Congress, Julian appears he will be the Democratic nominee for Congress against Republican Chris Gibson. First he will have to push back a challenge from Dutchess County Legisltor Joel Tyner which should be a walk in the park.

Chris Gibson's district which has been Democratic before (Gillibrand over Sweeney, Murphy over Tedisco) has a big farming community and is extremely's my free political advice to Congressional candidate Schriebman to grow back his beard...It will do him well in the district for both primary and general.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dem Convention

Julian Schreibman Accepts Dem nod for Congress  photo by Dan Torres
 packed house..

This is about a week old.... Julian Schreibman was nominated as our next Congressman by Ulster Democrats. Julian has also now received the endorsements of the Dutchess, Greene, and Columbia County Democrats. I hear Ahouse and Zimet are both out. The DCCC is actively looking for another candidate but it looks like Julian has a good shot, both for the nomination and the general. Schreibman has my support, the party has endorsed him and I think he will do well.

Frank Cardinale was elected Chairman. Cardinale's failure as Chairman is inevitable, he has no clue, no drive and is fueled by divisiveness. I hope someone can run in September and defeat him for the sake of the Ulster County Democratic Committee.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Woerner for Chairman

The race for Ulster County Democratic Chairman is between two candidates tonight at 7pm at the Hillside Manor, City Chairman Frank Cardinale, and former Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner. The choice is clear: Vote Woerner.

Nick has the knowledge to the job, he know how to win in a Republican town, which he has done twice, he knows how to orginize and raise money for candidates, which he has done for a geographically deserve amount of candidates around the county including Tony McGinty, Debra Schneer, Gary Bischoff ect.

Cardinale is Kingston centered insider, he readily admits he took a 20 yr plus break from politics and his return three years ago has left a lot to be desired, just look at what happened during the Kingston Mayor's race.

Nick also has taken the race more seriously, which is indicative of how he will be as Chairman, he has made the rounds to the committees, phone calls have been made and personal visits...Frank Cardinale comes back from Flordia today..Enough Said...too much is at stake, give Woerner a 3 month chance to fill Schreibman's term and lets get moving with what will be a very important 2012 election season.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here and There

 Mike Hein not running...Hein sent shock waves through Ulster County this week when he announced that he would not be a candidate for Congress this year. Hein has been mentioned as a possible successor to Congressman Hinchey since he took office as Executive in 2009. Matter of fact Hein spent thousands of dollars in advertising during his reelection campaign despite having no opponent. Which fueled rumors he was gearing up for a run when Hinchey retired.

Speaking of Hein's reelection campaign; I heard a joke on the street this week that was kinda funny:  

Why did Hein have billboards up all over Ulster County if he was running unopposed?

No mirrors on the way to work! ;)

Seriously, Mike was astute to let the public know he was running and and to get his record out to the people of Ulster County. Despite what some may say, you don't get a free pass as the County Executive because the opposing party thinks you are doing a bad job or more importantly because they think they can beat you. Micheal Hein did not have an opponent last year because they could not beat Hein.

Hein getting his name out on a year the legislature was up and other offices, helps Dems across the county. I kid the county Executive on his superficial public presence sometimes but the fact remains Micheal Hein is a great Executive with the people's interests at heart. Julian, Susan and everyone else can all take a breath now, there chances of being elected to Congress got a whole lot better with Hein's exit from the race.

Now What? Well Julian Schreibman is campaigning pretty hard and is gaining some momentum (, we hear New Paltz Supervisor Susan Zimet also is looking to run, Sue has a strong following is savvy and will raise a ton of her 2006 Senate race she raised over 300k easily. Last year Zimet had a huge political comeback getting back her old job as New Paltz Town Supervisor. Sue also has her enemies..she's a mixed bag of powerful friends, powerful enemies and a tireless drive to fight for what she thinks is right, she's a very creditable candidate.

Game Changer Candidates: Dan Ahouse (announcement could be coming any day now) and what if Hinchey changed his mind Monday night at the Ulster County Democratic Convention and announced his intentions to challenge Gibson...a lot of people were talking about how good and energized our Congressman was on St. Patrick's Day. Will Danny Boy in the halls of Congress for two more years??!! I know it seems like a crazy long shot, but hey, crazier things have happened.... 

Tortuous and the Hare: Buzz is Monday's Democratic Convention could be a Woerner comeback..Woerner is doing well at committees I hear. Frank Cardinale is reportedly on vacation until late Sunday night..convention date was moved to Monday to accommodate Mr.Cardinale. Should be interesting to see how it all goes down on Monday.

Other blogs such as Rich Cahill's blog and the Ulster Report have reported on Jim Quigley's exit from consideration in the new senate district that includes Kingston. Albany Republicans have made that district for Assemblyman George Amadore an up and coming Republican from Schenectady. Apparently in order to get GOP backing in Albany you have to write checks to Albany..not to the community you hope to represent. I see some Democratic Quigley supporters pulling down levers for the Democratic nominee...and from what I hear there are two Democratic legislators would be very strong!

Also thanks for the positive comments regarding work ect....please do not get offended if I didn't publish your comment on subject, I respectfully would like to keep the two separate. I read all comments moderated and unmoderated and I appreciate it the kind words..thanks so much again, I think I know who most of you are :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kingston GOP Chair Tony Sinagra Resigns

I give Mr. Sinagra credit for resigning and taking responsibility for his loss. Chairman Frank Cardinale on the other had bashes Mayor Gallo for an entire year and wants to be our Ulster County Democratic Chairman...go figure.

Whoever leads the GOP is of no interest to me but Robb Kinnin would do a good job for what it's worth. To be objective for a moment, he would do well and be fair.

Vice Chair Bruce McLean is now acting Chair, he would be a good choice too.

Peace Talks...What do Mike Hein and Terry Bernardo have in common?

They say the first step to two people resolving their differences is to find some common ground. Whether it be finding things they share a cause on; such as giving Bloomberg and the DEP a huge headache..ect..

Please use the comment section to leave similarities between Hein and Bernardo in an effort to find common ground and good government.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back from Hiatus....

Sorry for the hiatus!

 How did I miss the honey moon between the Bernardo led legislature and the Ulster County Executive's office? You would think they would be natural allies, they both want to privatize Golden Hill so why the fighting over who sits on the LDC? Also if I am Terry Bernardo I am promoting Mike Hein and his agenda with full force... if Hein runs for Congress (which will happen) if he is elected it sets the stage for the first woman Chair of the legislature to run to become Ulster's first female Executive.

Of course I am known as a peace maker ;~) I offer to have lunch with Executive Hein and Chairwoman Bernardo and play peace maker in a similar way that was done by President Clinton in 93 between than Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.  Minority Leader David Donaldson can buy.

 Congress:  Hein Watch Speaking of Mike Hein:  We are all waiting for the inevitable announcement from County Executive Micheal Hein that he will run for Congress. With Ulster County intact in the new Congressional distric, he would be foolish not to run. Julian Schreibman the former Chairman of the Ulster County Dem committee has a little bit of a head start and if Dan Ahouse runs it really could make things interesting. Congressman Hinchey will be at the Democratic county convention in two weeks... will he nominate his successor? If so he almost would have to back Ahouse who was his former Chief of Staff and trusted adviser.

However, with the 22nd a lot different as the current proposed district Ahouse loses a bit of his edge to Hein. Dan Ahouse has the 22nd playbook down..what he lacked in name recognition he made up for in knowledge of the district the players, fundraising ability ect., the new district proposed is much different than it currently is now. I have to give County Executive a slight advantage over the rest of the pack but both Hein and Ahouse should not sleep on Schreibman who is working hard.

Also keep in mind we are now in a district represented by freshman Congressman Gibson, Gibson took out Scott Murphy last year. Gibson's district was a swing district before redistricting (this is Senator Gillibrand's old seat) now it includes areas like Rensselaer and Ulster, making it even more Democratic. More Dems from outside of Ulster County will run for this seat, especially in a year that President Barack Obama is on the ballot in NY.

Ulster County Dem Chairman- The Convention for Ulster County Democratic Chairman is coming up, I am supporting and voting for Nick Woerner. I think Mr. Cardinale just would not be the best choice for Chair of the county. I say that as a City of Kingston Democratic Committeeman, I have seen first hand Frank in action and he leaves a lot to be desired.