Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tivoli Mayor Marc Molinaro to appear on late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber

Tivoli Mayor and NYS Assembly Candidate Marc Molinaro will appear on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday to talk about his campaign for the NYS Assembly.

Mr. Molinaro who is challenging incumbent Assemblyman Patrick Manning for the Republican nomination was endorsed by Blaber earlier this month. People have asked me why did I endorse Molinaro ( who is a republican) it's simple this is a case were it is not about the party, it is about what is best for the people.

" As Mayor Mr. Molinaro has done a great job on a city level and as a Dutchess County legislator he has done a great job on a county level and there is not a doubt in my mind he will do that same great job on a state level"

Note: Marc Molinaro is the first Mayor to appear on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber since it's debut to KPA a little over a year and a half ago...........hint....hint..... Jimmy.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Could Rubber sidewalks be in Kingston's future?

Jeremy Blaber has officially asked Common Council President Jim Noble to have the Kingston Common council look into the possibility of using Rubber Sidewalks in the City of Kingston.

I think this would be good for the city to look into, this new rubber sidewalk technique is environmentally friendly they are made from recycled tires. It also expands and allows tree roots to grow underneath the sidewalks with out cracking unlike concrete sidewalks. Blaber also pointed out the life span of a rubber sidewalk is nearly 4 times that of a concrete one.

The idea has gained support from both sides. " I think it's a good idea" said Common council Majority Leader Bill Reynolds. "It is something I would consider" says Minority Leader Richard Cahill. Third Ward Alderman Lenny Walker and Ninth Ward Alderman Mike Madsen also expressed support for the sidewalks.

Blaber's proposal to President Noble included looking into funding to develop a " test site" for the side walks, let's find a small patch of sidewalk approx. 20 feet or so and replace it with the rubber sidewalks and see how it does said Blaber, what do we have to loose?

For more information on the rubber sidewalks go to

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kirkland breaks ground

Last Night The Kirkland ground breaking ceremony took place, a historic building which has sat vacant for decades will reopen thanks to the hard work of the Sottile administration, I thank him for his tireless efforts to make this project a reality and bring the Kirkland back to the community, I also would like to thank RUPCO and Kevin O' Conner who are restoring this great building, this is great news for Sottile this is a project that hits home with him and has been a focus on his administration, most of all this is a win for all of Kingston.

The Kirkland Hotel, located on the corner of Clinton Avenue and Main Street, will be renovated within the next year, and will offer an historic pub space with a handmade wooden bar on the ground floor, and a restaurant with seating for 85, on the first floor, and office space and apartments on the floors above.

The hotel was constructed in 1899 and served as a boarding house until 1917. In 1922, the new owners established it as a hotel and added the restaurant. The hotel accommodations were ended in 1968, and until 1983, a restaurant inhabited the building. It has been vacant since.

RUPCO Executive Director Kevin O'Connor said the building represented a great part of the city. Were making a link from 100 years ago, and not only to today and our generation, but I believe were putting in motion the chance that this building is going to be here 100 years from now, said O'Connor. We've taken some missteps and lost some buildings, but this time I think were getting it right.

Kingston Mayor James Sottile has strong family ties to the hotel. His father worked as a bartender there for 25 years. Sottile became emotional while sharing his dream come true of the renovation of this building.

It's about a community... said the mayor, trying to hold back tears. It's about a community coming together to make dreams come true. If it wasn't for the commitment of this community, our residents love for this community, this dream would not be coming true today.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey secured $1 million toward the renovations and Senator William Larkin secured $500,000 toward the $4 million renovation price tag.

Cuomo wins debate at Pace University

There was a clear winner Thursday night at Pace University as democratic hopefuls battled it out to try to convince the people who is the best candidate to face off against the republican challenger J. Pirro in November. Andrew Cuomo, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Charlie King talked about a variety issues from Medicaid fraud to health care in the end Andrew Cuomo just had better answers to the issues and is more experienced to be the Attorney General said Blaber who attended the debate, there is no doubt that all the candidates are qualified to be New York's lawyer but Andrew Cuomo sticks out as the most qualified.

The debate which lasted for a little over an hour, was interesting in the fact that it is still any mans race there was no clear favorite, while Andrew Cuomo is ahead in the polls he does not have a lead that is too comfortable and needs to continue to get his message out, Sean Maloney, and Charlie King both raised good issues that got a favorable response by the people, Mark Green on the other hand was so nasty toward Cuomo and offered no solutions or facts on three different occasions he was booed.

There were a few light moments during the lightning round were candidates are instructed to answer questions by either a yes or no answer. One of the questions, 'Was Mario Cuomo the best governor New York ever had?" Yes, that is an easy one said Andrew. Another was when candidates were asked " do you have any interest in running for governor" when Cuomo said no, Charlie King questioned if there was a lie detector available.

If there was any doubt that Andrew Cuomo is not the man to beat, when candidates were allowed to ask a question to one of there opponents they all separately choose Cuomo which shows that he is the man they feel they need to beat, this primary will be an interesting one because it is not Cuomo vs. Green with two other no name challengers, it is Cuomo vs. Green vs. King vs. Maloney.

Thank You to Sean P. Maloney for giving Blaber News tickets to the debate.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blaber News person of the week Jamie Sottile

The head of the Mayor's task force Jamie Sottile is this weeks person of the week for his hard work and tireless efforts to make the City of Kingston run well, Jamie who has been under fire recently by certain people who choose to attack him to get to his father, frankly it is sick. The younger Sottile does an excellent job for this city on and off the clock and goes above and beyond the call of duty. If people want to attack the mayor, then go ahead but do not go through his son.

" The unofficial care taker for the city " says Alderman Robert Senor, Jamie Sottile is the type of person that will work on his day off if something needs to be done and will do so because he loves this city. I have had the privilege to work with Jamie can tell you there is no harder worker then Jamie Sottile, I can't keep up with him. He is simply a hard worker, I get nothing but compliments about Jamie and all the hard work he does.

The Mayor's task force which Jamie leads is responsible for general errands within the City of Kingston from mowing city property, cutting weeds, to picking up trash. All things that make the quality of life better for Kingstonians.

The task force is lucky to have someone like Jamie Sottile, said one Kingston resident, I watched him work one whole day at Kingston Point Beach and he really made it look nice she said.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sottile tackles Crime with opening of police precinct on Broadway

105k that the City of Kingston will receive out of a 350k state grant "operation impact" will go towards fighting crime said Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile, who plans to use the majority of the money to open up a police precint on Broadway at the location of the current People's place which is moving to a different location.

The precinct will be manned by officers at different times of the day and night said chief Keller. This is great news said Blaber, the mayor is addressing peoples concerns, obviously Broadway is a problem and now there will be a more visible police presence there.

The police department has establish such precincts in the past, including one at the Everette Hodge Midtown Community Center on Franklin Street, Sottile felt the donated location on Broadway was a good move. " We need to be visible in MidTown, Sottile said. "We need to put officers were needed."

Serious crime for the first six months of this year is down 34 percent.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Blaber News Proudly Endorses Joe Lieberman for US Senate

Blaber News is proud to endorse Joe Lieberman for the U.S. Senate, usually Blaber News sticks to local and State Government but due to the current circumstances we have felt compelled to voice our opinion on the 3-term senator. '' I can understand that some may be turned of by some of Senator Lieberman's pro-war stances but he is a good democratic senator, period. I think the democrats really need to stick together and get behind Lieberman for the good of the party, I am sure, well I know Mr. Lamont is a great guy but I think Mr. Lieberman is the better choice for our progressive agenda.


Former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned for Lieberman in Waterbury on 2006-07-24
U.S. Senator Chris Dodd
U.S. Senator and Minority Leader Harry Reid
CA Senator Barbara Boxer, who campaigned for Lieberman on 2006-07-24
DE Senator Joe Biden, HA Senator Daniel Inouye, CO Senator Ken Salazar, who campaigned for Lieberman on 2006-07-31
NY Senator Hillary Clinton
IL Senator Barak Obama
IN Senator Evan Bayh
NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg
DE Senator Tom Carper
CA Senator Diane Feinstein
OR Senator Mark Pryor
OR Senator Ron Wyden
NE Senator Ben Nelson
CT Representative Rosa DeLauro
CT Representative John Larson
CT Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan
CT Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz
CT State Comptroller Nancy Wyman
CT State Treasurer Denise Nappier
Former Democratic Party Chair John Olson
Blaber News and Commentary
All of Connecticut's State Democratic Legislators [104]
All Democratic CT candidates for U.S. Congress [105]
Both Democratic CT candidates for Governor [106]
Republican Congressman Christopher Shays.[107]
Civil Rights Leader and GA Congressman John Lewis who pledged to support Lieberman in the general election as well, regardless of the outcome.[108]

The League of Conservation Voters
CT Planned Parenthood
UNITE-HERE, The Human Rights Campaign
The CT AFL-CIO, the Food and Commercial workers, the CT Teamsters, CT Letter Carriers, Firefighters, Carpenters, Communication Workers of America Locals 1103 and 1298, Connecticut's Postal Workers, American Federation of Musicians, the National Association of Government Employees and the National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 19. [109].
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has endorsed Lieberman.[110][111]
AFL-CIO and affiliated labor organizations endorsed Lieberman.[112][113] However, Connecticut AFT, the second largest AFL-CIO union in Connecticut, endorsed Lamont (see below).
Planned Parenthood Federal PAC endorsed Lieberman on June 30, 2006.[114]
NARAL Pro-choice America PAC, which lobbies for reproductive rights nationally, has endorsed Lieberman.[115] However, Carolyn Treiss, head of Connecticut NARAL, supports Lamont.[116]
Human Rights Campaign, one of the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equal rights organizations in the United States, has endorsed Lieberman.[117]

The Hartford Courant, the state's largest newspaper.[118]
The Connecticut Post, the state's 3rd largest paper, serving Southern Connecticut.[119]
The Washington Post, saying that he "has been faithful to the fundamental values that most Democrats associate with their party".[120]
The New York Post.[121]
On June 14, 2006, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman Charles Schumer said that the DSCC might endorse Lieberman even if he runs as an independent, if Lieberman agrees to vote for Democrat Harry Reid for majority leader if elected.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jeremy Blaber chases off Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Faso at Ulster County Fair

Jeremy Blaber and John Faso the Republican Candidate for governor, exchanged words today over a variety of issues at the Ulster County Fair but Mr.Faso seemed to get heated when asked by Blaber " Why are you more qualified to be governor''. I asked a very simple question and he dodged the issue.

Here was the exchange:

Blaber: Mr. Faso what makes you more qualified to be governor then Elliot Spitzer?

Faso: I'm here were is Elliot?

Blaber: Mr. Spitzer had a previous commitment that kept him from coming to this event.

Faso: I am sure.

Blaber: He did, so because you are here that makes you more qualified?

Faso: No, but Elliot has no experience as a chief executive.

Blaber: what experience do you have as a chief executive?

Faso: I was a minority leader to the NYS assembly

Blaber: That has nothing to do with being a chief executive.

Faso: You can't win with you people

Faso walks away.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blaber News embarks on paper edition

Blaber News and Commentary will embark on a weekly paper edition, the news will provide local news about Ulster County and the City of Kingston. The paper will be the first fair and balanced paper in the area. I think this is needed said Blaber, we have to much misinformation out there and no real fair and balanced reporting, Blaber News will not only provide a fair and balanced news source but it will be an outlet for everyone in the community. " I plan to go to local businesses and do stories on the everyday person, if it bleeds it leads will NOT be my philosophy. I think people are sick of that and want a real community paper.

Should Blaber News start a paper edition?
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bob Gillon appointed to KPA Board

Bob Gillon has been appointed to serve on the KPA board as a City of Kingston representative to fill out the term of Jeanne Edwards who resigned for personal reasons earlier this month. As many people know KPA is going through major changes after moving, dealing with a law suit, funding problems, contract negotiations ect.

Unfortunately though we have a commission that for the most part does not have a lot of support or active members. The KPA desperately needs dedicated people to serve, I know Mr. Gillon he is a friend of mine and there is no one I could think of more qualified to serve then him He is dedicated, reliable and cares about kpa. Bob Gillon will bring a breath of fresh air on the commission and I look forward to working with him.

City of Kingston Person of the Week Robb Kinnin

Robb Kinnin of NetStep Access Services and is this week's person of the week for his hard dedicated work to the community. Mr. Kinnin, a local business leader, helps many local companies in the City of Kingston with their Internet and telephone needs. He handles his customers in a professional manner and focuses on the importance of local service. Some of his clients include the City of Kingston and the Kingston City School District. Most recently Mr.Kinnin has installed VOIP [internet] phone service for Kingston Public Access television at NO cost. I am pleased by Robb's actions. It shows that he gives back to the community, I think I speak on behalf of the KPA when I say Thank you, kpa is on a very tight budget and every little bit of savings helps. " I wish I had 10 more Robb Kinnin's"

NetStep Access Services, the Hudson Valley's premier Internet Service Provider, has been providing Internet access, primarily to businesses and schools in the Hudson Valley since 1996.

They specialize in dial up and dedicated Internet access, LAN/WAN setup and consultations, as well as web site development/hosting and server co-location. NetStep is determined to bring you high quality Internet access, with our low user to modem ratio and the best Tech Support in the Valley. Our Local access numbers cover Dutchess, Ulster, Rockland, and Westchester Counties as well as New Jersey, Long Island and the 5 boroughs of NYC.

For more information go to