Friday, June 29, 2007

Updated list below - Ante up : Parete stacks his bets for Bradley

Yesterday, I reported that I was confident that the Democratic Executive Committee meeting being held on Sunday would be fair, and that Chairman Parete would not stack the deck to allow Vincent Bradley Jr. to run in a Democratic primary. I'm disappointed to say I was wrong. Today, John Parete appointed 19 new members (Bradley Supporters) to the Executive board, that will be allowed to vote on Sunday. This is simply disgraceful and unacceptable. Mr.Parete has officially turned into Pete Savago. What? Does John Parete not have faith in his Executive Committee? It's one thing to have the Executive Committee vote and allow Bradley to run. It's a different story to appoint 19 new people to insure that Bradley is allowed to run. We as Democrats must take a stand on this, and not allow this to happen. If that means that Mr. Parete's Chairmanship is threatened then so be it. The party is bigger then Parete, Bradley and even Sennett. We must not abandon our principals for any one person.

Some of Parete's new appointees include :

Eli B. Basch, who serves on the Committee to Elect Vincent Bradley

Charles O. Landi, a staunch Bradley supporter

Kevin R. Bryant, also serves on Committee to Elect Vincent Bradley

Elliot Aurbach, seconded Bradley's nomination in his bid for the Democratic nod.

Abel Garraghan, Bradley supporter

Now, if these people want to serve on the executive committee, fine, they're all very intelligent and well qualified people, but they must wait until the next meeting. To put them on 48 hours before such an important vote is extremely inappropriate and does not fool anyone. It is very clear there purpose is to make sure Bradley is allowed in a primary, and that is immoral.

The Committee meeting is Sunday, 4pm at Democratic Headquarters on Fair St., I encourage everyone to attend and speak up against this outrage.

Better yet, Call John Parete and tell him that this is not the way our party works. It's not to late for him to change his mind and do the right thing.

John Parete : 845-657-8500
John Parete E-mail-


UPDATED:The folloing is how each new appointee voted on the resolution to let the full Democratic Committee decide Bradley's fate. Mind you these are the same group of people that claim to want everyone involved in the process.

Here is the full list of appointments that Parete has made to stack the deck to allow Vincent Bradley Jr., to run in a primary. Of Course, he denies this, but take a look at the list. Every person on there that I know, is a Bradley supporter.

Standing Committees and Chairs:

Legal: Joe O’Connor, Abstained

Finance: Eli Basch, No

Candidates: Bonnie Landi, No

Issues: Vince Fisher, No

Voter Registration: Kathy Mihm, No

Program: Charles Landi, No

UCD Women’s Club: Julie McQuain, Yes

Special Committees and Chairs:

Business Outreach & Development Issues: Abel Garraghan, No

Labor Outreach & Issues (trades; other labor): Keith Baxter, No

Labor Outreach and Issues Committee (civil service): Jeannette Provenanzo, No

African American Outreach & Issues: Kevin Bryant, No

GLBT Outreach & Issues: Otia Lee, No

UC Young Democrats: Jay Mahler, No

District Representatives:

District 1: Elliott Auerbach, No

District 3: Nancy Schuckman, No

District 6: James Sottile, No

District 9: Chris Mercier, No

District 11: Sandy Avampato, No

District 12: Brian Seche, No

17 No's , with two people Abstaining...tell me again, Mr. Parete did not try to stack the deck. Only one person voted in favor. Only one! Also, keep in mind the final vote was 26-20. Which means 17 out of the 20 that voted against the resolution came from new appointments.

The other two that voted against the full committee vote were Dep. Elections Commissioner Stuart Fraiser, a close Parete confidant, and Robert Golnick, the chair of Bradley's hometown committee.

In an earlier post I wrote that Mrs. McQuian had abstained from voting on sending the vote to the full committee. This was a mistake Mrs. McQuian voted Yes, my sincere apologies.

Democratic Executive Board decide Bradley's fate Sunday

The Executive Board will decide Vincent Bradley's fate on Sunday, when they make a decision on whether or not the Independent candidate can run in a Democratic primary, after being defeated by Jonathan Sennett at last months convention. Most people involved in the party are fairly confident Mr. Bradley does not have the votes to participate in the primary. However, Chairman Parete has the ability to add committee members ( up to 20 more) to the board before Sunday's vote. Now, I hope this does not happen, if it does it is very clear that Mr. Parete would be stacking the deck to ensure that Bradley can run. If this is the case, which many think it is, myself NOT included, Mr. Parete can almost guarantee that he will lose his Chairmanship next time around. I myself have confidence in John Parete, and faith that he will have the current board which consists of about 26 members decide whether or not Bradley can run. This is only fair to both Sennett, Bradley, and Parete.

The Case Against Bradley :

Now, I am firmly against letting Vincent Bradley Jr. run in a Democratic primary. Not because of my support for Jon Sennett or my personal feelings for Vincent Bradley (I actually like Vince a lot, and thinks he is a great guy) but because of the precedent that it sets. I don't think it's a very good precedent to allow a non democrat to run when we have a Democratic Candidate. On June 4th, the Ulster County Democratic Committee got together and voted for 31/2 hours on a candidate and we choose Jonathan Sennett, a well qualified candidate to run for the office of District Attorney. Now, the role of the Ulster County Democratic Committee and it's executive board is to elect Democrats. A primary will force our candidate to use his financial resources now, and diminish the amount of money he will have to use against his GOP challenger. Now, some will say well Julian Schriebman is going to primary so what's the difference? The difference is we are not condoning it. By allowing Vince Bradley to primary we are saying that a primary is o.k. and I think that is the wrong message to send. It's also a slap in the face to every committee person who gave up their time to come to the convention.

The Party of Inclusion :

Chairman John Parete has stated that Bradley should be allowed to run because " The Democrats are the party of inclusion" and he is absolutely right. Because we are the party of inclusion we allowed Mr. Bradley to participate in our political process, by inviting him to come to our local town committees and meet with rank and file committee people. Because we are the party of inclusion we allowed Mr. Bradley to participate in our Democratic convention. The harsh reality that some of the leaders in the Democratic party simply do not want to face is Vince Bradley lost. The Democratic party is the party of inclusion, but let's not also be the party of hypocrites, when Sennett was the underdog he was discouraged by leaders in the party to force a primary. If it was bad to primary then, it's bad to primary now. Let's unite behind our Democratic candidate for D.A., Jonathan R. Sennett.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who says I'm not impartial? Blaber with State Senator Bill Larkin (R)

Mayor Sottile and Alderman-at- Large James Noble

Assemblyman Cahill to Freeman : No Comment...until apology

Assemblyman Cahill shares his side of the story, in response to Ira Fusfeld's blog posting as to why Assemblyman Cahill refuses to comment to The Daily Freeman.

Dear Ira,

Let me start by letting you know that my decision to stop giving interviews to the Daily Freeman is not because I thought you were "too tough" on me.

We have been acquainted for a very long time and you know that I have a pretty thick skin. Over the 26 years that I have been involved in local public affairs, media coverage, from my perspective, has been a fairly mixed bag. The Freeman, in particular, gave what I believe to be generously fair coverage to issues that I felt were important and with which I was involved in my County Legislator days. In fact, your reporters and even your columnists went to great pains to portray our small but feisty minority on the County Legislature as relevant and our positions as legitimate.

There were also many times when reporters missed critical points, gave the other side a pass or when your columnist twisted reality beyond recognition. However, it is not and was not my newspaper, so whatever was dished out, I took and hoped for the best.

And often times, it was the best that was exactly what the public got. Kent Allen and Hallie Arnold, among others, come to mind in that regard. Some amazing writers and observers have gone through the doors of the Daily Freeman. I am impressed with the sharp writing and gently persuasive ways of Katie Young, the tenacity of that one-woman bureau, Patricia Doxey and the grit of the likes of Paul Kirby. So it is with some regret that I turn them down for interviews, particularly when I know there is another side of a story to be told.

I did not arrive at that conclusion lightly or, as you know, recently (in spite of the sense of surprise you express in your blog). After a series of encounters, probably going back to the Fall of last year, I decided that it would no longer serve the public interest to have my comments filtered by the Daily Freeman or for me to lend credence or credibility to your published stories.

The Editorial Board meeting you grudgingly extended to me after my repeated requests during the campaign of 2006 did not yield an honest editorial. Instead, the content of the meeting was largely ignored as your paper advanced the simplistic and moronic concept of "don't vote for any incumbents" -- hardly the stuff of thoughtful deliberation.

Hugh Reynolds' portrayal of a heated discussion I had with David Donaldson as a near-bar brawl was utterly inaccurate and irresponsible. Even if he had a "source" for the original mention as he suggested to me he did, when he found out from Dave, other witnesses and me that he was incorrect, he simply refused to clarify this in his column. That alone has caused a great deal of unnecessary distraction as I try to go about doing the peoples' business. Dave Donaldson has reported the same.

An account of an illegal meeting between Town of Ulster Board members, representatives of Callanan Industries and me was inaccurate. I was not at the meeting. In discussing it with the reporter whose byline was listed at the top of the story, he indicated that he did not write that I was in the version he submitted to the Daily Freeman. Amazing. Still, it was reported prominently, with a blaring headline of illegality and followed several days later by a lengthy editorial chastising me for irresponsibly and illegally participating in a gathering in violation of the open meetings law. It didn't happen. Yet, it was reported in the Daily Freeman as true and editorialized in such a way that criticized me twice, questioning my integrity.

But that was part of a tear that the Daily Freeman was on. Eventually, there was a very small mention in a corrections piece, but the mea culpa, hinted at in the third paragraph of your blog entry, did not make it to your editorial pages by way of clarification, correction or apology.

Your pledge of no retribution toward the end of your blog entry is -- forgive me, Ira -- laughable. You of "lickspittle" fame -- just one of the colorful pejoratives you have used to attack me -- have been every bit of vindictive and petty. Starting with your simplistic rendition of the events surrounding the selection of a new Comptroller to succeed Alan Hevesi, your editorial page has been a cesspool of angry, childish, inappropriate depictions of a State Legislature I dare say you simply do not understand. Your personal tirade on WAMC where you referred to me specifically as a "buttboy" to Speaker Sheldon Silver, a term with multiple meanings in modern society, one of which includes epithetically as a young male prostitute for a homosexual john, was your reaction to my attempts to get the Daily Freeman to advance a more balanced discussion of the Comptroller episode. That seems a bit vindictive to me.

You ran an AP story on judicial pay raises where you incorrectly listed the salaries of State Legislators as $180,000. Checking other publications of the same story, the Daily Freeman was alone printing that "error". Any fourth grade school child in a classroom where I have been invited to speak knows that the salary of State Legislators is (and has been since 1998) about half that.

You have editorialized on numerous occasions that the State Legislature, its leaders and its members are at best worthless and at worst, corrupt and criminal. You referred to State Legislators’ "slavish obedience to the status quo" and that it takes a "leap of faith when it comes to [trusting] the two-faced barons of the Legislature". And those are the mild comments.

I have read editorials and stories in the Daily Freeman that are pure rip-offs of editorials, columns and features that appeared days earlier in other area newspapers. Sometimes not even the colloquial references were changed to create even a sense of originality.

Maybe it never was, but the Daily Freeman sure isn't what it used to be.

I used to enjoy the bold-faced type of the Reynolds column. I used to get a sense of community when I scanned the pages of the paper. I used to believe that you actually thought you were in the business of conveying the truth, of informing the public, of keeping the pulse of the community.

Over the years, a lot of that myth has been blown. Over the last several months, it has instead become evident that the Daily Freeman is none of those things. Your reporters are overworked. Your editing is questionable. Your opinions are often ill informed. Your content is largely uninteresting.

You remain a vehicle for advertisements and no doubt contribute positively to the dwindling bottom line of your corporate owners. But you don't inspire. You don't even incite any more. As you have bemoaned yourself, obliquely perhaps, the Daily Freeman is becoming or maybe already is, irrelevant.

It was related to me in a telephone conversation with Hugh Reynolds that the new cutting style of the editorial column was an edict from on high to make the paper more relevant. That kind of approach, if done responsibly, also requires a higher level of understanding and sophistication of the subject matter. Anything else is just a rant, just another blog, only on paper. You have taken on the mantle of editorial provocateur, but failed to assume the responsibility attended with that approach.

Finally, I do have suggestions for your readers to get news and information from my office and me. As always, I will remain available for meetings, speeches, gatherings and events. My office telephone number is 338-9610 and my staff is ready to relay concerns and to provide information to the general public, as well as individual constituents. I will continue to discuss matters in interviews and quotes with other media outlets including local radio stations (call-in and news centers), other newspapers, television and other news bureau operations. I will continue to use our available resources to disseminate important information to the people of the 101st through flyers, mailers and newsletters. We are working with the New York State Assembly to speed up the process of putting all of our press releases and publications on the official Assembly website, as well. With internet access as ubiquitous as it is, that should provide a ready means of information for most of the population I serve and beyond.

I would suggest that your reporters have that same Internet access. In fact, one story did appear in your paper that quoted information apparently gleaned from our website. Unfortunately, the direct quote that appeared in the newspaper added a negating word that completely altered the original meaning of the passage copied, rendering even that quote inaccurate.

When the Daily Freeman is prepared to acknowledge the error of your ways, to recommit to professional journalism and to restore fairness and intelligent discourse to your pages, call me. Until then, unfortunately: no comment.

Kevin Cahill

Full Discloser : I'm a strong supporter of Assemblyman Cahill, but I take no position on this matter. Just showing both sides of the story.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cahill vows to stop Civil War if elected Mayor

Alderman Rich Cahill or Rich Almighty. According to Mr. Cahill, God gave him his powers temporarily to save Kingston. Now, Mr. Cahill, thinks he can stop things that are out of his control like the Civil War, and the Kingston Property Reassessment project. According to Cahill if he was elected mayor he would try to stop the property reassessment . Earth to Cahill: The project is almost 80% completed, there is no way it can be stopped, nor should it. This is just political grandstanding on the part of Kingston's top Republican. This guy will do or say anything to get elected. It's sad. In a related story Cahill also vowed if elected Mayor he would work to stop the destruction of the old post office.

Flip this house : Ward 2 Republican Candidate's house

These pictures are a little blurry, I took them as I drove past the house, but you get the idea. The guys house is an absolute disaster! He has a yard sale every week and leaves the stuff out all week. These pictures where taken on a Thursday afternoon.

Paris Hilton on Larry King 9pm CNN

Maybe, it's just me but I'm fascinated by this whole Paris Hilton thing. Apparently, she has found god, and is now going to be some sortof philanthropist. Gimme a break, Paris is worth millions and should be allowed to have fun....this will last two months tops. However, it should be interesting to find about her experience in jail and what her plans are. I hear there are going to be good political commercials on CNN during that time a well. Tune in.

Cosme turns KPA into QVC

Phil Cosme, the Republican candidate for Alderman, and general Kingston nuisance, has turned KPA into the QVC shopping central! Cosme who begs for money on t.v. on a weekly basis (against KPA rules) is now taking his sleaziness to a whole new level, hawking his unwanted yard sale items on KPA. (Also, against KPA rules) But, of course, nothing is being done, the spineless commission continues to cherry pick their enforcement of the rules. The whole thing would be laughable, if peoples rights were not being trampled on, while other degenerates reign free.. Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying Phil's hand-held Weed Whacker you can go to his weekly yard sale on Satuday morning. Coming tomorrow, I will post pictures of Phil's disgraceful property that looks like the setting of another tv show, flip this house.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Photo Blog : Sennett rocks the Skytop

Blaber steps up to the podium at the Skytop
Dan Gartenstien chats it up with Jonathan Sennett

Blaber with good friend, and former school board President Dan Gartenstien with his wife Allison.
Alderman Madsen with Democratic candidate for D.A. Jon Sennett and his wife Maryanne
Democratic Candidate for D.A. Jon Sennett addresses the packed crowd at the Skytop

Sunday, June 24, 2007

D.A. race a lot like AG Race

You know just thinking about this whole D.A. mess (I mean race) I'm reminded a little of the NY1 Pace debate I was invited to by then candidate AndrewCuomo. The candidates are very similar. You have Julian Schriebman, a bright, articulate, well qualified candidate that can't seem to get any traction.... he's the Sean Patrick Malloney Candidate. Then there is Jon Sennett, the seasoned, well spoken, and well qualified candidate that Dem's are drawn to...there's a little hesitation because of the whole how dare you try to run against the chosen candidate (Carl McCall, 2 years prior and Vince Jr. today) but Sennett still holds a strong lead in the county....he's the Andrew Cuomo candidate. Then, lastly, you have Vince Bradley Jr. who has a small base of support in a specific area where he has name recognition. However the guy lacks a personality and is extremely arrogant therefore he turns people off, a guy that'll do well in priate practice or in an appointed position but is simply unelectable....Bradley Jr., is the Mark Green candidate. I know only certain people will make sense of any of this, but it's just me over thinking.

Working Families Party makes endorsements for Kingston Council Races

"The WFP endorsement is like a seal of approval that says, 'this candidate has pledged to fight for the issues that matter most to low-income, working and middle-class New Yorkers – good jobs, good schools and good government,'" said Timothy Mathews, chairman of the Mid-Hudson WFP Chapter.

The Working Families Party has made it's endorsements for Kingston Mayor and Council races:

Ulster County D.A.- Jonathan R. Sennett

Mayor : James M. Sottile

Alderman Ward 2- Jenifer Ringwood

Alderman Ward 3- Charles Landi

Alderman Ward 4- Matt Ryan

Alderman Ward 5- Anne Marie DiBella

Alderman Ward 6- Robert Gillon

Alderman Ward 7- Bill Reynolds

Alderman Ward 8- Robert Senor

For a full list of all of the WFP's Ulster County endorsements, including the legislature click the link ---> Full endorsements

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cahill to Kingston residents : Don't put money in the meters!

An excerpt from the Daily Freeman, Saturday, June 23rd :

An attorney who is challenging the mayor for his office in the November election, Cahill, R-Ward 6, has said he has told motorists they don't have to put money in the meters because, in his august opinion, the meters are simply illegal.

Some of the locations previously identified as enforceable areas were superseded by subsequent legislation, he claims. Meters at those locations are, therefore, not legal. Ipso facto, he says, you don't have to put money into the meters.

Before we risk unnecessarily complying with any other laws that have technical defects, perhaps the alderman should enlighten us. Are there any other parts of the city, county, state or federal codes that the alderman would like to pass judgment on? Perhaps he'd like to take up the issue of the legality of the federal income tax, for instance.

This is simply irresponsible, Mr.Cahill is advocating that people break the law. Whether you agree with the meters or not they're there and they are most certainly legal. I urge people not to fall for Cahill's political games. How will the Alderman feel when the little old lady that listens to Rich ends up with a boot on her car?

A call to the purchasing office put to rest any doubt of impropriety . There was no mistake, we followed everything in the city code to the tee said purchasing agent Brian J.Woltman. Again, this is Mr.Cahill trying to make a political issue out of nothing.

Sottile picks up two more endorsements

James M. Sottile, democratic candidate for mayor, has picked up two additional endorsements this week that are critical to win a mayoral election. The Independence and Working Families both have endorsed Mayor Sottile to run for another term as the city's Chief Executive. The Independence and Working Families' lines represent an approximate 900 votes city wide. Sottile had previously received the Democratic endorsement.

Notables sign the Blaber petition

Make sure to sign the Blaber petition today, and please stop with the fake signatures this is a serious matter. While your at it buy a Free Blaber t-shirt.

While there are some obvious fake signatures on the petition, there are some notables that show the broad range support that I have.

Some signatures include : Hon. Abel Garraghan, Hon. Frank Dart, Hon. James M. Sottile, Hon. Hector Rodriguez, Holley Carnright and DPW Superintendent Steve Gorsline

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Blaber

Another new website has been launched "Free Blaber", as many of you know KPA has unjustifiably thrown me off the air without any real legitimate reason and refused to grant me a fair and proper hearing. Free Blaber,has been started to get me back on the air as soon as possible. You can go online and sign my live petition, as well as buy a Free Blaber t-shit. More to come. Sign the petition today and send a strong message to the cable commission!

Blaber in Kingston Times

I'm witting stories for the Kingston Times this summer and hopefully longer if things work out. Please check out pages 18 &19 of this weeks Kingston Times. There are two stories that I have in there this week. A special thanks to Steve Hopkins for giving me this opportunity.

The Kingst'Onion is back !

With me on my way out, I'm happy there will be balance in the blogmosphere with the return of my favorite blog The Kingst'Onion. Check it often. And, no, I'm not behind it.

As for my blog, I'm shutting it down as soon as I muster up the courage to throw away 16 months of hard work. I'm actually starting to get over my temper tantrum and may stay online.

Bloomberg leaves GOP, may run for prez

Mike Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, and Republican since 2000 has abandoned his GOP ties and become a NOP. It's widely speculated that Mr. Bloomberg will become a 3rd party presidential candidate. I've always liked Mayor Bloomberg, he's smart, articulate and besides the Vince Bradley Jr. move he pulled to run for public office, he is generally very honest. If the NYC Mayor enters the race he would make things very interesting, the multi-billionaire can easily fund his own campaign. Who knows, if Hillary is not the Democratic candidate in 08, I can see myself supporting him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

92 year old Middletown resident runs for Common Council

Faust Pugliese, a 92 year old Middletown resident, has decided to run for a seat on the Middletown Common Council. Pugliese often attends meetings and is involved in the issues of the town. God Bless him...I wish him all the best.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Parody

Isn't it funny..........

Now, I'm not one of these people that bash the Freeman, for the most part I find them to be fair and balanced. But, isn't it funny, Jon Sennett secures the Democratic Nomination in a MAJOR upset over Vincent Bradley Jr., trouncing him by over 3000 votes and the story lands up on page three. Then, Vincent Bradley Jr., pulls a win over Carnright by four votes for a minor party line, and it lands on the front page with a pretty nice picture. Now is this just sour grapes on my part, or is there a double standard? You decide.

Bradley wins Conservative nod

Vincent Bradley Jr., wins Conservative line, he won by a very slim margin (54-51) but to be fair he won. I doubt Mr.Sennett will say some sort of deal was made between Bradley and Carnright... he has a little more class then that. I wonder if Carnright gave him the respect he deserved and shook his hand afterward? Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out now amongst Democrats...real Democrats that vote in a primary will not like a candidate that is being supported by the Conservative Party. It seems to me Bradley can't make up his mind on what party he wants to be associated with. And, let's be honest the reason Bradley won this line is because of his father, a person that has always had the support of the Conservative party.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog Update

I don't have the heart to delete this blog outright...there is a way to take it down to " users only" and as soon as I figure out how to do that, I will do so. This also leaves the window open for me to bring this back up at some point.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vince Bradley's Sour Grapes

I know, I said that I was shutting this down, and I am, but this I couldn't resist. Vince Bradley Jr., today blasted Jon Sennett, Democratic nominee for DA, for doing his job? Bradley whined about some sort of conflict of interest but I don't see one. Actually, no one sees a conflict because a conflict does not exist. This is just sour grapes over his second loss to Jon Sennett. Sennett defeated Bradley for the Democratic and Working Families' nominations.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Nasty World of Politics

I think the title says it all, Politics is a nasty, dirty, blood-sport. And, if you wanna play with the big dogs of politics you better be prepared to expect all that comes with it. Now, I'm not talking about stupid little blogs that surface that are run by anonymous "keyboard tough guys". Those people have no credibility and are written off as nuts. I'm talking about being involved in politics where people you work with and learn to trust and even develop a friendship with are nothing more then backstabber's, that will sell you down the river to advance their own political agenda or the agenda of their "chosen" candidate. It's hard to do this, to come to a realization that you have been ignoring, but known for quite some time, they're not your friends...they're using you and will spit you out as soon as they figure out that your ideas may differ from what their ideas are. Even if what you think is what the majority of people have decided.

Well, what I described is not something I want to be part of any longer. In order to get away from the dirty world of politics you have two choices. 1.) Cut all ties or 2.) Work with someone who you know is genuine and will do what is in the best interest of the people... as much as this sounds crazy there are a few of those people left. I have chosen option 1, and, 2, I'm cutting all my ties with the people I described in paragraph one, and working on a commitment on the person that has the people's interests at heart.

In order to do this, I'm shutting this blog down. This is officially the last post and will go offline on Sunday. I would turn it off now, but I feel that I deserve the people that come on here an explaination. Thank you to all that come here and support me... I appriciate it.

Cahill cheats on poll, what's next?

Rich Cahill, a candidate for mayor, has cheated on an internet poll. Are you kidding me? How desprete can you possibly be? I run a small poll for fun every week. At the end of the week, regardless of the results I take the poll down. In doing so I take down the opportunity for people to vote. Last week we asked, who do you support in the upcoming Mayoral election, at the end of the week Sottile won the poll with 56% of the vote. Now somehow, Mr.Cahill, or one of his people, continued to vote off-site and it's obvious there was only one person voting. Which is just dishonest. While many point out, hey, it's just a stupid poll, that means nothing, (which they're right about) it's also something fun people take part in. Mr.Cahill has ruined that fun.

The funnier thing is Rich Cahill is taking credit for the win on his website! Wow, I guess the GOP will take a win anyway that they can. Even if it's by cheating.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Picture Blog

Blaber and Former Kingston Democratic Chairman Troy Ashdown
Blaber and Ulster Deputy Supervisor "Uncle" Charlie E. Thomas share a moment at the Democratic Convention.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Kiss of Death : Cosme endorses Matt Ryan

Matthew Ryan, candidate for fourth Ward Alderman, has received the ultimate Kiss of Death, he has been endorsed by wacky Phil Cosme. Cosme's endorsement is a guaranteed lose for Mr. Ryan. We have all heard the saying : Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you the kind of person you are. Well, folks, this is the company Mr. Ryan has supporting him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jonathan Sennett gains another endorsement

The Working Families Party has endorsed Jonathan R. Sennett, a Democrat candidate running for Ulster County District Attorney, according to campaign spokesman Roger Rosenbaum. The endorsement comes almost one week after Sennett received the Ulster County Democratic Party endorsement.

The Working Families Party's mission is to fight for New Yorkers of ordinary means. "In order to make Ulster County a better place to live, work and play we must focus our attention on the middle class, the working class and the poor. As Ulster County District Attorney, I want families, parents, children, seniors and students to understand that I will fight for justice for everyone in the county."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Williams, betrayed by GOP, drops out of Kingston Judge race

Donald Williams, the current retiring D.A., has backed out of his bid for Kingston City Judge. Williams lost his bid for the Republican nomination getting trounced by J. Micheal Bruhn Jr., at the Republican convention. But, why? Why, would the Republican party abandon the highest elected official that they have? It's not like Williams is unelectable, while he has never really faced off in a contested political race, he is still very popular and would have given Gilpatric a better run for his money then Mr. Bruhn. He would have lost, but would have done better then Bruhn will do. To be fair, I don't know Mr. Bruhn and he may be a very nice guy, but it amazes me that the GOP went with anyone else other then their own district attorney.

However, Donald Williams, did the right thing for the party, even though they didn't do the right thing for him. Williams lost the convention, and is doing what is in the best intrest of the party and backing out. Not forcing a primary and helping the other side. At least Williams still has his dignity and integrity intact...I wish I could say the same about some Democrats.

An 8 year disappointment

Is anyone else upset with the abrupt way the Sopranos ended? Really... if I was not at a guest in someones home at the time, I might have thrown something at the television set. For those of you who recorded it and have not saw it yet, I will not give away the ending. But, I think people will agree it was an awful way to end what is arguable the best drama series in the history of television.

For those of you thinking... Jeremy is talking about the Sopranos? What is the political connection? Is Tony Soprano running for District Attorney, or did Pauly Walnuts announce for County Exec? The simple answer is there is no connection. I started this "blog'' about a year and a half ago and sold it off as more of a political website. Someone said to me recently that this should be a forum to express my daily thoughts and give people an opportunity to learn about Jeremy Blaber. After I thought about it more I agreed....who wouldn't want to know about me? So I'm going to do stories about Blaber the person as well as Blaber the political junkie. I welcome any thoughts and ideas that people may have. Even from the people who tell me to shut the blog down because they hate it! Well, if they really hated it then they wouldn't come on here everyday. Deep down, people like Clark Richters and Rich Cahill, love my progressive thoughts. And I'm happy to accommodate them.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meet Shirley Whitlock,the best choice for Ward 4,at Saturday's Make a Difference Day

The second annual Make a Difference Day is today!

The Everette Hodge Mid-Town Community Center, the Kingston Library, the Franklin Street AME Zion Church, Rose Women's Care Services, the Ulster County Office for the Aging and Kingston Cares are joining with local businesses, community agencies and faith-based groups for the street festival between Broadway and Prospect Street.

The event is from 11am to 4pm

Come meet Rev. Shirley Whitlock, the next Alderman for the fourth ward. Mrs. Whitlock will be there meeting with residents. If you see her stop and say hello, She'll be happy to speak with you.

The event will also feature 30 exhibitors, live entertainment, food, prizes, giveaways, arts and crafts and more.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Matt Ryan given Republican endorsment, lies again

Matt Ryan, candidate for Fourth Ward Alderman, was given the Republican endorsement to run for the Fourth Ward. Ryan accepted the endorsment a day after losing handedly to Shirley Whitlock at the Democratic convention. No surprise here, the guy is a Republican in every sense of the word. What is disturbing to me is one of the questions asked to Mr. Ryan by Ed Palideno, the Chairman of the Democratic search committee, was : If you are not given the Democratic nod would you accept the Republican nod? Ryan, answered : No, I would not, but I would primary for the nomination. Well, he told us half of the truth, he is primary with Mrs. Whitlock. Again, should I expect that Matt would tell the truth? No, he has lied on many occasions. However, this is just another example of why Mr. Ryan is wrong for the residents of Ward 4, he says one thing and does the exact opposite. Reminds me a lot of Lenny Walker, another Democrat in name only.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jonathan Sennett wins Democratic Nod

'' The Democratic Party and committee members took a look at the issues and merit of my experience and candidacy and got behind me in the end."

- Jon Sennett, Democratic Nominee for U.C. District Attorney

Jonathan R. Sennett, is now the official candidate for the Ulster County Democratic Committee's nomination for District Attorney. Sennett easily beat out Vincent Bradley Jr. in the second round by a weighted vote of 13,164 t0 10,875.5. "This is a big win for the Democratic Party, Jon will do a great job as our next District Attorney" said Blaber.

Just a small note : Jon won the convention by 56 % of the vote. If you scroll down and look at the informal poll that we conducted days earlier, it has Jon winning at you guessed it 56%!

Note : The date of this post has been changed to keep this as the front story... other new posts can be found below.

GOP recognizes Majority Leader's Leadership and leaves seat open

The Kingston GOP almost put up a full slate of candidates at yesterdays Republican convention but left Ward 7 blank. Why? Because Alderman Reynolds is simply the best qualified to serve the residents of the Seventh Ward, and I feel that the Republican party after 14 years have finally realized that.

Alderman Reynolds was first elected to the Common Council in 93 after defeating Bob Porter. Porter was appointed to replace Alderman Anthony Crespino, my Uncle, who had been appointed to the Ulster County Legislator after serving 18 years on the Kingston Common Council. In addition to serving on the Common Council, Reynolds is in his 11th year as Kingston's Majority Leader.

Alderman Reynolds' full Biography

Library Budget passes, Phil Cosme defeated by more then 2:1 margin

The Kingston Library's 552 thousand dollar budget passed Tuesday night, a 9 percent increase from last year. I think the budget increase was absolutely necessary to take care of the needs of the library, and I'm happy that it passed.

Also, Kingston Voters elected Jane Riley with 337 votes, Emily Hauser with 327, and Marvin Eisenberg with 317. Phil Cosme continued his losing streak, (6-0-1) taking in just 150 votes, and losing by more then a 2:1 margin. Congratulations to the winners.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kingston Committee comes out strong for Sottile

"I don't know anyone who is as passionate about this city as my father" Jamie Sottile

Mayor James M. Sottile, recieved the unanimous support from the Kingston Democratic Council on Monday night and was given the nod to run again for a second term. The Mayor touted his success in putting the city in firm financial ground, as well as increasing the City's housing population.

The only race that was contested was in Kingston's fourth ward, where Shirley Whitlock easily deafened Matt Ryan 2,076.5 -615. Matt Ryan, yawn, vowed to primary. The people have spoken and it's time we all get behind Shirley Whitlock.

The committee nominated incumbent Jennifer Ringwood in Ward 2; former alderman Charles Landi to succeed the outgoing Leonard Walker in Ward 3; incumbent AnnMarie DiBella in Ward 5; Robert Gillon in Ward 6 and incumbents Bill Reynolds in Ward 7, Robert Senor in Ward 8 and Michael Madsen in Ward 9. Senor, a Republican, has changed his enrollment to Democratic.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Blaber News hits new Milestone

Blaber News has had over 20,000 visitors since it's start in March of 2006!

Thank you all for your help in making this the #1 blog in Ulster County.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Monday's Convention should prove interesting

Today is the big day! One of the three people above from left to right, Jonathan Sennett, Vincent Bradley Jr., and Julian Schriebman, will walk out of the Monday night convention with the Democratic Party's designation and the odds on favorite to be the next District Attorney of Ulster County. The event tonight should prove interesting with two of the three candidates already securing another minor party line, making the likelihood for a Democratic primary almost certian.

All three Candidates were out and about on Sunday making last minute campaign efforts :

Jonathan Sennett, making a stop at the New Paltz Pride Parade in his hometown. Vince Badley, made the rounds at the Town of Ulster Democratic picnic. And, Julian Schriebman, had a last minute fundraiser with a mere 10 people in attendance.

The City of Kingston will also select their candidates for various offices without any serious candidates contesting.

Kingston City Judge- James Gilpatric incumbent

Mayor - James M. Sottile incumbent

Alderman-at-Large - James Noble incumbent

Ward Races :

Ward 2- Jenifer Ringwood incumbent

Ward 3 - Charlie Landi

Ward 4 - Rev. Shirley Whitlock

Ward 5- Anne Marie DiBella incumbent

Ward 6- Robert Gillon

Ward 7- Bill Reynolds incumbent

Ward 8- Robert Senor incumbent

Ward 9- Mike Madsen incumbent

Kingston Library Board Vote Tuesday, June 5th

There's an important vote this week for the Kingston Library Board on Tuesday, June 5th from 10am to 8pm. Please go out and Vote!

Blaber New's and Commentary has Endorsed the following candidates :

Emilie Hauser

Marvin Eisenberg

Jane Riley

It is my opinion that these candidates have what it takes to move the Kingston Library in a positive direction. They're all good people that have the best interest of the Kingston Library at heart.

Opinion Poll : Who will you support in the Kingston Mayoral Election?

The Poll is now closed thanks to all who participated.

Winner : Mayor James M. Sottile 56%