Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ulster GOP Website tries to get between Blaber and Mayor

The Ulster County Republican website as many of you know (well maybe you don't , no one looks at there phony partisan stories) has decided to post a rumor that had circulated that Jeremy Blaber had contacted the BOE to see the process needed to run for mayor in an attempt to try and stat trouble between Mayor Sottile (who has not decided if he is running yet) and myself. As well as to cause trouble with the democratic party in general. As we all know the republican party in Kingston can't agree on anything and their is constant in house fighting and they are jealous the dems can work together and stand united. This hurts them and they will stop at nothing to try and pull us all apart.

Here is the actual insert from The Ulster Republican Blog :

Rumor #2: We've learned that a popular Democratic Committeeman, blogger and Kingston Public Access TV Host has contacted the Ulster County Board of Elections to find out the steps that need to be taken to run for Mayor of Kingston. This is an important rumor because it tells us that the same person may be interested in running for mayor himself, plus it tells us that Mayor Sottile won't be running.

Now the blog master who I know and he is not a bad guy could have called and asked me if this rumor was true or not but of course that would defeat there purpose of trying to discredit and pull Democrats apart. The site is regularly filled with partisan hate and lies about the democratic party. Yes, the kool aide flows freely over there. Now to address there comments, I am NOT running for mayor in 2007 or 2011 for that matter. At this time I have no desire to be the city's chief executive I think the current one is doing just fine. I also never went to the BOE to find out how to run for the position for the record I know the process all too well. As far as running for a spot on the Kingston Common Council? Maybe...who knows.

Some advice to my friends at stop being so partisan and stop politicizing everything. Also Public servants who work together with one another are not sellouts there democrats....No seriously there public servants and if we had more of them and less politicians with there fighting and backstabbing to promote there own agendas. Then the PEOPLE would be better off. Yes the keyword being the people as many republicans forget public service is not about Mayor Sottile or Alderman Cahill or Alderman Reynolds it is about the people the sooner our elected officials realize this and gets back to that mindset the better.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber heads to Albany for Governor-elect Spitzer Inauguration

Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber heads to Albany to attend the inauguration of Governor-Elect Elliot Spitzer who will be sworn in January 1st at 12pm. He will become NY's 58th Governor. Governor-Elect Spitzer has promised to bring the passion back to Albany. Day 1 everything changes, I fell privileged to be able to witness this historic event. Please watch Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber Monday night at 1opm to watch our taped coverage from the event.

Inauguration Ceremony

West Capitol Park will be the inauguration site for Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer, Lt. Governor-Elect David Paterson, and Attorney General-Elect Andrew Cuomo. The oaths of office will take place promptly at noon, and Eliot will address New Yorkers for the first time as their governor. Entertainment includes Capital District Youth Chorale, Albany Pro Musica, Brass and Percussion from Empire State Youth Orchestra, soprano Camellia Johnson, and Judy Collins.

Alderman Clint Brown a community leader

Alderman Clint Brown who represents Ward 4 on the Kingston Common Council has a record of community service in Kingston. From his work in neighborhood watch groups to his one on one constituant service approach. Alderman Brown represents a diverse ward that has it's share of problems, as many people know midtown has it's share of drugs and crime. Which is why Alderman Brown has fought diligently toward the hiring of new police and was successful in bringing in a mobile police station in Mid-Town Kingston that will operate on a grant through operation impact.

Also the kids are a top priority for Brown recognizing that our youth are the future leaders of this city and have to be a top priority. Alderman Brown volunteers his time at the Hodge center helping kids gain the skills necessary to become successful adolescents.

Alderman Brown recently joined forces with the neighboring Ward 2 Alderman Jennifer Ringwood to address the concerns of the stretch of disused railroad running under the bridge on Elmendorf Street and leased to the Catskill Mountain Railroad by Ulster County which has been a notorious thorn in the side of Midtown residents for its use as a drug and prostitution destination. As well as a place people throw their garbage. Alderman Brown and Ringwood and a group of volunteers cleaned up the are are moving refuse and cutting down out-of-control brush. This has been a significant improvement in the quality of life for residents in that area... it's the broken window theory.

I applaud Alderman Brown's efforts we need a few good alderman like Clint Brown.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blaber News endorses Tom DiNapoli for NYS Comptroler

Blaber News endorses Tom DiNapoli for NYS Comptroller. Assemblyman DiNapoli is a respected man in Albany by both sides of the political aisle, and has a superb record for transforming a dysfunctional office in to that of a functional one.
There is no question with Hevesi's removal there is dysfunction in the NYS Comptroller's office. The office of Comptroller will need a smooth transition and Mr. DiNapoli is the man to do lead that effort. Mr. DiNapoli is know in Albany as MR.CLEAN for his integrity and honesty. Serving in public service since 18, he became the youngest person ever to hold office in New York's history when elected to his local school Board at age 18. A man of Mr. Di Napoli's character would fit right in with Governor-elect Spitzer's commitment of a new Albany, free of corruption. Please stand with me in asking the Sheriff of Albany to urge the state legislature to appoint Mr. DiNapoli our new State Comptroller.

A lifelong resident of the Town of North Hempstead, Assemblyman DiNapoli grew up in

Albertson and graduated from Mineola High School. He holds a Master's degree in Human Resources Management from The New School University and a Bachelor's degree (magna cum laude) in History from Hofstra University.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A holiday message from Senator Hillary Clinton

Mayor Sottile's 2006 Success!

"I am proud of what I have accomplished and proud to say ... that people have put their trust in me, this job is a dream come true. It is a great job. It's difficult. It's diverse. It's fun, but it is tiring."

2006 Accomplishments :

A new tenant in the business park is expected early next year but all the work has been done this year; the company Armor Dynamics will create 560 factory jobs when at full capacity.

An increased bond rating shows the city is on the right track financially and allows the city to lower money at a lower interest rate, which in the long run lowers taxes.

Getting the Kirkland Hotel renovation project off the ground at Clinton Avenue and Main Street was a notable accomplishment, he said, as was starting a citywide property revaluation.

Also this year, he notes, the city moved to clean up junk yards along the Rondout Creek waterfront, got a 2007 budget approved with the lowest tax hike of his time in office and made progress on sewer-replacement projects.

The mayor also points out that working with agencies like the Rural Ulster Preservation Co. has paid off. Two new homes were built in Midtown, and a third on Clinton Avenue is being renovated and divided into condominiums for first-time homebuyers

The city is reaching beyond its borders, Sottile notes - selling water to the neighboring town of Ulster for the creation of the East Kingston Water district, and extending city sewer service to the area near Thruway Exit 19 (also in Ulster) to spur commercial development.

Mayor Sottile has done wonders for this city these last 6 years and we would be so lucky to have him another 6.

Mayoral Rating A+

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kingston Common Council yearly Review, 2006

With 2006 now coming to an end let's review our elected officials progress or lack of progress. Their have been a lot of positive happenings for the council, a budget was recently passed with a moderate increase within the cost of living and done so in a bipartisan manner. Speaking of Bipartisanship that has been key this year the republicans and democrats for the most part are working together for the betterment of Kingston. However there are certain alderman that are determined to push their own agenda and put that above the will of the people; this type of behavior is a not uncommon in a legislative body. However just because this behavior has seemed to become the norm does not mean it is acceptable. It takes away from the common goal of improving the quality of life for Kingstonians. Therefore it can not be tolerated we have a civic duty this November to throw the politicians out and replace them with public servants. Let's see how each legislator did individually.

Note: Ratings are based on a letter system A being the absolute highest and D being the absolute lowest.

Ward 1 Alderman Al Teetsil-
Alderman Teetsil has been an ok alderman. I am not too familiar with his constituent services but from what I hear they are top notch. He was also instrumental in the budget process and able to work directly with the Mayor using his banking skills to develop a good initial budget. As well as work with the council to get the budget lower. However he is quite and has not really offered any new ideas or resolutions to the council. He has potential and I hope he works harder next year. Overall Rating C

Ward 2 Jennifer Ringwood- Alderman Ringwood has been an good alderman producing a succesful legislation that tackles the awful graffiti problem in this city. Alderman Ringwood has worked hard to clean up her ward working with the county legislator and Assemblyman Cahill to clean up the railroad tracks that have become a haven for drug users and other degenerates. She has also listened too her constituents and developed two successful neighborhood watch programs that meet regularly. Alderman Ringwood is also in the process of working with business owners to limit alcohol and tobacco signs in storefronts that target our youth. Alderman Ringwood is a great asset to Kingston. Overall Rating A

Ward 3 Lenny Walker- Alderman Walker, what can I say about Lenny I did not cover in the first paragraph of this review. Alderman Walker is a bright legislator with a promising carrer unfortunitly he chooses not to use his head. He makes stupid comments and stupids decisions. He has been such a distraction for the council. Alderman Walker needs to turn things around in 2007 and get back on track. I personally would be embarrassed if he was my legislator. Not to say he an't turn things around, he is not hopeless but it will take a lot of work and a lot of help from people he has alienated on both sides of the aisle. Overall Rating D

Ward 4 Clinton Brown-
Alderman Brown is a good alderman in a ward that has a lot of problems. He works hard to improve the quality of life for residents that he represents. He holds neighborhood meetings and makes himself available to his constituents anyway he can. He is currently working on legislation to lower the curfew for children under the age of 16 to keep them of the streets after a certain hour to prevent them from getting into trouble and secure there safety. Overall Rating B

Ward 5 Anne Marie DiBella--
aka the democrat's rising star. Alderman DiBella is just a breath of fresh air on the council. This past year she was elected whip and has worked hard to develop a bipartisan relationship with her colleges. Working with Alderman Teetsil to develop this years budget and working with Alderman Senor to rid the city of those rural mailboxes that kept popping up like weeds. Alderman DiBella is a community leader and the council is lucky to have someone of her leadership. Alderman DiBella will aspire to bigger things...Mayor DiBella? Overall Rating A

Ward 6 Richard Cahill-
Alderman Cahill is the most political alderman on the council. He works with NO one, not even his own caucus. Alderman Cahill pushes his own personal agenda instead of pushing the agenda of the people he represents. Mr.Cahill will stop at nothing to make Democrats look bad and make himself look good. Alderman Cahill loves the Washington style attack dog politics but he puts on a good act outside of the council which makes him all the more dangerous. Overall Rating D

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds-
Alderman Reynolds is without a doubt the best Alderman in Kingston's 300 year history. (except for former Ward 7 Alderman Tony Crespino) Alderman Reynolds serves as the council's Majority leader, this year he has been instrumental in developing a local development cooperation to oversee parking meters. Reynolds also has been working to bring in free internet access to Kingston, to bring Kingston into the 21st century. Overall Rating A

Ward 8 Bob Senor-
Alderman Senor has worked on a variety of issue to make his Ward a better place and improving the quality of life for the residents that live there. Senor has worked in a bipartisan manner to get many projects in the city completed and has so in a manner that works for everyone. Alderman Senor also has impeccable constituant service, the best on the council. I truly am impresed with his service to the council this year. Overall Rating A

Ward 9 Mike Madsen-
Alderman Madsen is by far the hardest working Alderman on the council. It is not unusual to see him out on Broadway changing municipal garbage cans or out cleaning up trash. Alderman Madsen also was given parking meters this year. For 3 long years he fought for them and took a lot of slack for doing so. This year he was vindicated by having the meters installed and his colleges admit that the system they passed up for meters had failed. Overall Rating B++

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Republican Vice Chairman: Bah Humbug!

Republican Vice Chairman Richard Cahill Sr. cried Bah Humbug on his public access show this past Monday. During the broadcast Mr. Cahill (father of Alderman Richard Cahill Jr.) went ward by ward telling the alderman what he wanted for Christmas. He then called for the replacements in Wards 4, 5, and 7. "I would like new leadership in wards 5 and 7, what we have now are democratic puppets." To use your public access program to promote yourself or to take shots at the opposing side is one thing. After all it's public access and it is Mr. Cahill's right to his free speech but there should be limits to what you say out of respect. To say for Christmas you would like to get rid of 3 Alderman that were elected by the people is disgusting and the very opposite of what Christmas is all about.

For the record I think the Alderman in Wards 4, 5, 7, are doing a fantastic job. Alderman Reynolds who is my Alderman shows great leadership and is an asset to this community. Same is true of Alderman DiBella and Alderman Brown. I wish them all and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. I wish the same to Mr.Cahill and hope he apologizes to the alderman that he disrespected.

Blaber News person of the year Supervisor Nick Woerner

A few months back Blaber News started it's search for person of the year. We asked you the viewers to vote out of a list of qualified candidates that including a mayor, an assemblyman, members of the City Council and a write in feature were you could nominate your own candidate. After weeks of voting we had a clear winner. By 50 percent of the vote. Supervisor Nick Woerner our person of the year has made The town of Ulster proud and is the future of public service in New York State. Supervisor Woerner is our first person of the year and their will be a formal dedication on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber in early January.

Blaber News Person of the Year :

Supervisor Nicky B. Woerner

Nick Woerner was born and raised in Kingston. Getting involved in public service at a very young age with his grand father Larry Woerner who was the City of Kingston Democratic Chair for 20 years. A former Kingston Alderman and a member of the steel workers union for over 40 years. I guess you can say Public service is a Woerner family tradition.

Nick attended Kingston City Schools, including M. Clifford Miller school right here in the Town of Ulster, he also attended Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, NY and received a New York State Diploma through an early admissions program at Suny Ulster. Nick is a current student at Hudson Valley Community College and Suny Ulster pursuing degrees in Mortuary Science and Business Administration. Nick has been referred to by many as " The new face of the Democratic Party in Ulster County. "

In 1999 Nick was made Interim Chairman of the City of Kingston Democratic Party and in 2003 was the Democratic Candidate for Town Supervisor in Ulster. In 2005 running on bringing better leadership to Ulster, Nick was elected Town of Ulster Supervisor making him the youngest Supervisor ever elected in New York State and bringing with him the first democratic majority in the history of the town.

Some of Nick's Accomplishments:

- Legal Citizens Police Commission

-Recreation Commission

- Lowered Property taxes

- Economic Development Committee

- Increase in Essential Town services

-Settled and negotiated a contract with Local 17 that was equatable to both town employees and tax payers.

Nick Woerner takes seriously his role as a public servant, and has attempted to make a difference throughout Ulster County, were he serves in many official and professional capacities where he has had the opportunity to interact with all levels of government, influence local, county and state policy, and improve the quality of life for residents throughout our region. Some of his roles included and included.

- Town of Ulster Police Commissioner

- Ulster County Housing Consurshum

- Ulster County Transport Council

- Ulster County Division of Ancient Hibernians

- Ulster County Lions Club

- Associate Member of the United Steel Worker's of America

-Associate Member of NYS Funeral Director's Association

-Town of Ulster Democratic Committee

We are proud you choose Supervisor Woerner to be our first annual Blaber News Person of the year. Supervisor Woerner is a leader and role model in this community and Ulster County is lucky to have him.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An open letter to Mayor James M. Sottile

Dear Mayor Sottile,

A historic event took place January 23rd 2001. After the devastating loss of Mayor T.R. Gallo you took over and took a grieving, heart broken city and made it whole again. It has not always been easy their have been people committed to your failure, people that will say(true or untrue) and do anything to discredit you. Through it all you have remained a true professional and gone to work with one thing on your mind making the city a better place, and improving the quality of life for all Kingstonians.

In your six year tenure you have increased our bond rating. Paving the way for the city to borrow money at a lower interest rate that will in the end lower our taxes. You have addressed environmental concerns that past administrations have failed to address. Economic development has been a key goal in your administration with the re-birth of the Kirkland Hotel, a beautiful building that for so long has sat dormant will reopen soon, brining fourth new businesses thanks to your efforts. Speaking of business, Armor Dynamics, will open this spring in the Kingston Business Park and bring 560 high paying jobs to this area thanks to your administration's vision for economic development in this area.

In addition to your efforts to bring in business you have also worked hard to keep taxes in check. While it has not always been easy. You have kept taxes at an affordable rate while keeping the fund balance intact.

Kingston needs responsible leadership and while it is early and I know you are focused on your job, and the many projects that you are working on to improve Kingston. I formally ask that you run for re-election as Mayor of the City of Kingston for another term. You have been arguably one of the greatest mayors in our city's rich history. I am not asking you to make a decision now do that when you are ready. Kingston is lucky to have you and your service to this community is appreciated. Their is no one I can think of that should run this city for the next 4 years then yourself. Have a happy Holidays.

-Jeremy Blaber

Monday, December 18, 2006

Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber welcomes Legislator Gary Bischoff

Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber welcomes Ulster County Legislator Gary Bischoff this Monday at 10pm to discuss Ulster County legislative issues. Among some of the topics of discussion will be the recently passed Charter that Legislator Biscoff chaired and the new appointment of Social Services Director. As well as what the future is for the County Legislator as they enter into a new session in a few weeks.

Legislator Bischoff serves on the Administrative Services Committee, Arts, Education, Tourism and Community Relations Committee, Public Works Committee, and the Efficiency, Reform and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee; in which he is chair.

Ulster County Legislator Kraft makes Mistake, but don't we all?

As we have all heard Ulster County Legislator Peter Kraft was stopped for a dwi on Sunday Morning. Legislator Kraft was coming home from a Christmas party at the time and was stopped by the Ulster County sheriffs office. Legislator Kraft has taken responsibility for his actions and admitted that he used poor judgment and that he feels bad for what has happened. That is acceptable to me. Legislator Kraft is an exceptional legislator and an asset to Ulster County. We all make mistakes and Legislator Kraft is human like everyone else. For the betterment of Ulster County I think it is best we move on and focus on the pertinent issues facing this county.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum


cordially invites you to attend

his swearing in as the new Sheriff of Ulster County

on January 1, 2007, at 2:30 PM at

Hillside Manor, Rte 32, Kingston, NY

All are welcome to come and share this important occasion with our new Sheriff and to celebrate the first day of a new era in the Ulster County Sheriffs Department

Blaber News Person of the Week Alderman Bob Senor

This weeks Blaber News Person of the week is Alderman Bob Senor. Alderman Senor represents the eighth ward on the Kingston Common Council. Alderman Senor has set a fine example of how the council can work together in a bipartisan manner and is a true republican leader on the council. His LEADERSHIP on the council furthermore proves that public service does not have to be a blood sport. Working with the Majority Alderman Senor has accomplished several things that have benefited the city and Ward 8.

Why? Why has Alderman Senor been able to get along so well with the other side? As Minority Leader Cahill makes it seem the democrats are big, mean, and scary and can't be trusted. How could Alderman Senor possibly get anything done. Obviously Mr.Cahill's hypothesis is ridiculous, and that very thought process and his politicking is the reason to why Mr.Cahill is in the minority within the Minority caucus. (Mr. Cahill's words not mine.) Alderman Senor on the other hand has taken a diplomatic approach. He has done something that Alderman Cahill can't seem to do, he has kept politics out of city business and focused more on public service. Doing what is best for the people that elected him, and yes that includes working with ''those big mean democrats." I applaud Alderman Senor for his service to this city. Certain Republicans could learn from this community leader.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Our Prayers and thoughts are with you Senator

As many of you have heard Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota suffered a brain hemorrhage earlier this week and under went emergency brain surgery. The surgery was successful and Senator Johnson is doing well. However he is not out of the woods yet, his condition is stable but critical and will have a long recovery process. My thoughts are with his family at this time and I wish him a speedy recovery.

A Message from Majority Leader Harry Reid :

Dear Jeremy,

As you probably have heard by now, Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota became ill on Wednesday and was taken to the hospital.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone here in the Senate are with Tim and his family.

Tim is getting the finest care in the world at George Washington University Hospital. I, along with Senator Daschle, were with his family on Wednesday and Thursday.

Admiral John Eisold, Attending Physician of the United States Capitol has released a statement saying, "Senator Tim Johnson has continued to have an uncomplicated post-operative course. Specifically, he has been appropriately responsive to both word and touch. No further surgical intervention has been required."

As Senator Johnson continues his recovery, the Senate continues to prepare for the 110th Congress. There's a lot to do on behalf of the American people, and we are looking forward to getting to work next year.

Please keep Senator Johnson in your prayers.

Thank you,

Harry Reid

Mayor Molinaro gives farewell as he heads to Albany

Marcus Molinaro became Mayor of Tivoli twelve years ago just out of high school at 19 and quickly was thrown into the limelight being the youngest Mayor in the USA ever to be elected. During his tenure as Mayor and Dutchess County Legislator he developed a record of cutting property taxes, f ighting for residents rights, and improving the quality of life for the people he represents. On Thursday however Marc Molinaro resigned as Mayor and as a County legislator to head to Albany were he will take his seat as an Assemblyman of the 103rd district a position he was elected to in November. There is no doubt in my mind that Assemblyman elect will do a great job on a state level just as he has done on both a county and a village level. I wish him the best of luck. I know the people of the 103rd are in good hands.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gallo/Sottile Vision for thriving Industrial Park closer to reality

About 10 years ago our late Mayor T.R. Gallo and our current Mayor who was then Alderman- at-Large James Sottile had a vision for Kingston, and that vision was to bring in Economic Development into the City of Kingston by creating the Kingston Industrial Park. A municipality owned business park that would make business in Kingston and in Ulster County more desirable to potential developers. There vision was a great one currently the business park houses Huck Int. a fortune 500 company that employees approx. 200 full time employees.

Up until recently though that was the only company housed in the park. Many potential tenants had looked but none had gone through for whatever reason. It is a process it is not something that happens over night. It also does not help when the Republican party and members of the Republican leadership on the Kingston Common Council want the business park to fail. You see it is their goal to make sure that the business park stays empty and that business fails. They would rather keep business out then give credit to Mayor Sottile and Late Mayor Gallo.

About a year or so ago after Ameribag ( a potential tenant) failed to come into the business park the Minority Leader of the council was smiling ear to ear as if he were happy that Kingston had lost another business to the neighboring Town of Ulster. However the Minority leader underestimated Mayor Sottile and his determination to bring jobs to Kingston because just a few short months later there was a big announcement, Armor Dynamics a new company that would change the way in developing body armor for our troops had chosen Kingston's business park to develop there product and not only did they pick Kingston they vowed to bring in 570 new jobs at a living wage rate. If it had not been for Mayor Sottile's vision in creating the business park it is safe to say that Armor Dynamics would not be in Kingston and those 500 + jobs would be in another city other then our own.

It was announced on Tuesday that construction of Armor Dynamics will begin this spring. This is a big win for all Kingstonians and will help Kingston bring in much needed jobs to the area. As well as improve the quality of life. I applaud our Mayor Jim Sottile, our Alderman at Large Jim Noble. The Majority leader of the Kingston Common Council Bill Reynolds, (who also is the alderman that represents the business park) and all others that have made T.R.'s vision a reality.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Website Trouble

Website experiencing technical issues will be fixed as soon as possibale. Thank you for your patience.

The Election Attacks Begin: New Smear site TARGETS Mayor!

Not even 07 yet and the attack have begun on Mayor James Sottile with a new smear website ( ). The site is nothing more then an awful website full of partisan hate by an anonymous author. The website that includes posts such as "Sottile's failures" which is composed of a list that has a mere three items. Then the author begs people to come up with more "failures" and send it to them to post. The fact of the matter these sites and others that have recently surfaced are nothing more then a flash in the pan, that will evaporate as fast as it started. I know this because people do not like reading partisan opinions from anonymous people who have no clue in what they talk about.

To the owner of the blog site: by all means please keep up the good work and continue putting out this garbage for the residents of Kingston and Ulster County. The thing that the republicans do not seem to get and to be fair some democrats as well, is that their are smart people living in Kingston and in Ulster County. So when they start with there lies and partisan attacks the people see right through it. The people know of the good works of the Sottile/Noble administration and how Sottile's vision to see outside the box and to look at the whole picture has made Kingston a great city. Is there problems in Kingston? Sure. But there are problems in every city. Mayor Sottile has worked to lower taxes, bring in economic development, and create a better quality of life for all Kingstonians. From were I am sitting he is a success and Kingston is lucky to have him.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Minority Leader Glenn Noonan joins Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday

Minority Leader of the Ulster County Legislator Glenn Noonan will join Jeremy Blaber this Monday night on his top rated show " Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber.'' Among the topics of conversation will be the Ulster County charter, the appointment of a new Ulster County Social Services Director, and the 2006 Ulster County budget.

Jeremy will also be on '' Keizer, Henry, and you'' to discuss new changes in the city of Kingston. As well as talk about early election 2007 races.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Assemblyman Cahill holds meeting over proposed hospital merger

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D – Ulster/Dutchess) announced today that the Assembly Health Committee will be conducting a series of public hearings on the recent recommendations of The Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21'st Century to restructure the hospital and nursing home systems in New York State. A hearing has been scheduled in Kingston for Monday, December 11 at 11:00 am in the Ulster County Office Building.

Mr. Cahill will chair the hearing, which will focus on the areas of the report pertaining to the Hudson Valley. Any persons wishing to participate may contact Mr. Cahill’s office at 845-338-9610.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Alderman Lenny Walker

Lenny Walker has been an exceptional role model to this community and has many accomplishments these last weeks. The successful completion of a group of Guardian Angels in which he is the chapter leader. As well as bipartisan work with the council to do what is best for the City of Kingston.

Alderman Walker and I do not always agree on the issues and that is healthy. You should not agree with everyone 100 percent of the time. However Lenny and I have a mutual respect and I know that he has the City's best interest at heart. Their is no other democrat I would rather have on that council representing the third ward then Alderman Walker.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Minority Leader Richard Cahill joins Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this week

Alderman and Minority Leader Rich Cahill will join Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday at 10pm. Mr. Cahill and myself will respectfully debate the issues going on in Kingston. The budget and meter plans are likely to be discussed. I look forward to having him on the show and I welcome your phone calls.

Another New edition to Late Night w/Jeremy Blaber starting next Monday will be live instant message. Were you will be able to ask live questions to our guests and myself via the internet. A special thanks to Robb Kinnin at for making the KPA studio wireless which makes this new feature possible.