Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gov. Christie to Keynote GOP Convention


Gov. Chris Christie will keynote this year's GOP convention. While I am supporting Barack Obama and hope very much so he is reelected in November, I encourage everyone to really listen to this guy talk. Gov. Christie is the real deal, the best I have ever seen. No question 2016 he will be standing on that same stage as the GOP nominee and probably our next President.

“I’ll try to tell some very direct and hard truths to people in the country about the trouble that we’re in and the fact that fixing those problems is not going to be easy for any of them,” Christie told USA Today in an interview announcing his assignment. He said he will describe his experiences in New Jersey as evidence that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hoffay and his Court Jesters Trying to Stop Police Station in Midtown

Everyone agrees that crime is an issue in midtown, both Mayor Gallo and Hayes Clement ran on cleaning up midtown as part of their campaigns. Mayor Gallo in his first six months has delivered! The King's Inn site has been knocked down and it looks great over there, a decade old eye sore is now gone.

Bank of America is willing to donate their building on Broadway and Mayor Gallo and many business leaders and the community support relocating the Kingston police department there. Makes sense, why not have a police presence in an area that really needs it. Seems like a no brainier. Going after quality of life and stepping up a police presence has worked in major cities like Rochester and did wonders in NYC under Mayor Guilani but Hoffay and his jesters once again are against it.

If Hayes Clement had come up with this idea, Hoffay would have already ordered the ribbon and would have been praising his efforts.

We understand your bitter and we understand it's tough to lose an election. We also understand that there is give and take in politics but there is also certain things that you don't play politics with and that is public safety.

I have to ask how far is Hoffay and his jesters willing to go with this and at what cost?

Hoffay Blocks Economic Development in City

Hoffay who is willing to do anything to see the Gallo administration fail is now trying to block taking 1,500 from contingency for equipment that would make the city more competitive in terms of economic development. Put simply this 1,500 purchase would pay for itself and then some but Hoffay is blocking it with his court jesters because he does not want economic development in Kingston.  Hoffay does not want anything that will make Mayor Gallo look good. Sad state of affairs.

Majority Leader Hoffay and Court Jester Dunn Block Gallo Admin at every step

Alderman Matt Dunn, taking orders from Majority Leader Hoffay

Lets talk ethics, the ethically challenged  Majority Leader, Tom Hoffay has proposed with his court jester Matt Dunn an ethics proposal that is not only unconstitutional but unethical.

First things first this ethics bill is designed to prevent what happened last year ( Gallo winning the Mayor's race) from ever happening again.

Hoffay wants to bar the Mayor from being able to serve on the City of Kingston Democratic committee, even though he is the top Democrat in the city.

The legislation would bar certain officials from running for office or being involved in committee politics if they hold certain positions in city government.  To put it another way, if this ethics bill had been in pace last year, Shayne Gallo would not have even been allowed to run for the office the people elected him to. It would make the office of Mayor only able to be held by the super elite.

Furthermore, what Hoffay and Jester Dunn are trying to accomplish is to go back to the days when a few party insiders behind closed doors picked who would run for office. This city ethics legislation (which would effect how the Mayor can raise funds as well) is designed to make the office of Mayor beholden to their party not the people. It's designed to give the local political committees  more power by tying the hands of public servants and it infringes upon their constitutional rights.

However, there are a group of electeds that are exempt from all of this under the Hoffay/Dunn ethics bill....who you may ask? City Aldermen.

So let me get this straight Dunn and Hoffay want to pass an ethics bill for the city but they want to be exempt themselves?? Hmmmm, sounds very ethical!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here and There

 Mayor Gallo turned 52 this week, look at that great head of hair, does not look a day over 30!!! :~)

Hey all,  it's been a while but now that elections are heating up, this blog will be updated more frequently.

Robin Yess attacks me on her blog with these crazy pictures that are either Photoshopped or used from when I was much heavier, than she attacks me for hinting that dems shouldn't trust her on my blog. Robin than calls me phoney becasue personally we have a good relationship but in reality, it's her that is phoney and disingenuous. Robin will claim that her blog partner is responsible for the pictures that appear on her blog and not her. However, if you do the blog with him, you have to be responsible for it's content, you can't have it both ways.

For the record I did not attack Robin first, she did with her blog pictures and by overstating my relationship with the Bernardo's.  Keep in mind, I have been supportive of Robin, I am always friendly to her and when she ran for GOP county chair, I wrote a long post on this blog supporting her, I thought it would be good for a strong woman to lead the GOP, I like Robin.  Democrats have never had a woman leader and that's disappointing. Now, I can go into an entire blog post attacking Robin Yess and that nut in Rochester but I am not going to. First, they are irrelevant figures in county politics, and that is a fact, it's not meant to be a shot but their opinion just does not carry any weight. Secondly, I want people to like me, I no longer feel the need to attack people even if it's just dealing with politics, I have changed my life and am a happy person. Robin and her crew can have a field day fighting with themselves.

Julian Schreibman is looking at a 60% margin of victory next Tuesday, I have to be honest, I was more than a little bit skeptical about his candidacy but his team are really great people with a lot of energy and he is running a great campaign. I think he has a decent shot against Gibson in November!!!

I ran into former Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile and he is just so much happier and relaxed and enjoying his retirement, what a great guy!!!

Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo turns 52 today, picture above of him cutting his birthday cake, I wish the Mayor another 52!!

Speaking of changing my life, I have to thank NJ Governor Chris Christie, I know it sounds crazy but I watch his youtube videos daily and he has completely changed my life. I am more focused, confident and an all around changed person because of him. Christie inspires me in such a profound way, I don't even know know how to explain it. The guy is real, he speaks fro his heart and has made me a better person. I am happier, I feel better, I handle things directly, the guy changed my life. Ironically because I am so much more disciplined because of him, I have lost a ton of weight as well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Coming soon

We will have a new post tonight and an update on a few  local stories

Parete decides not to run for new senate seat,  still a three way Democratic primary for new 46th and Assemblyman Amadore keeps racking up support and money; looking like he will be the next Senator of the district by a big margin. We hear a former Kingston Mayor's son is leading up the Amadore campaign. Republican will a big check book, cross over support and a Democratic party that can't rally behind one candidate all but assures an Amadore victory.

Does the low turn out at the Ulster Dem convention indicate a dissatisfaction amongst Ulster Democrats with the leadership of the County committee? Or are  Dems not that enthused about the races in general? How will that effect local candidates?

Robin Yess still hates Terry Bernardo and the Republican committee that she lead not even a year ago... yawn..more details on that later and her cozy new relationship with Democrats..Dems beware!!!

Blaber and Rich Cahill top bloggers in County? According to Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley, yes. Link to Kingston Times story soon.

Speaking of Rich Cahill, Ulster Republicans nominated him as a place holder to run against our local powerhouse Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. If he remains on the ballot we could see Cahill vs. Cahill which would be fun but mostly very confusing. Come on, no Peter Rooney this year?! I hear  Rooney  is going to make an explosive announcement regarding his potential candidacy around the fourth of July.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Parete for Senate?

If you pick up Hugh Reynolds' column this week there is a piece in there about the lack of a real Democratic candidate running in the newly created 46th Senate district, or at least a candidate from Ulster County which covers 25% of the district. In essence Reynolds said he was surprised and hinted at the possibility of a big name candidate announcing at the Democratic convention in a few weeks.

Some Dem leaders have written off the race already because the likely Republican nominee, George Amadore, who is a good guy, will spend a ton of money to win the seat. No question that is true, I worked on Susan Savage's senate race two years ago in Schenectady county, Amadore was running for reelection to the Assembly in a race that he was definitely going to win and still Amadore dumped about 500,000 in his race. The guy has money.

However, the district leans Democratic and this is a presidential election year, and whether people love Obama or not, I have a feeling he is going to do pretty well in NY. I also think Democratic candidates will benefit from him being on the ballot. Again, 25% of the district, which is a considerable amount is in Ulster County.

Getting back to Reynolds' theory that a big name candidate may announce brings me to the name I keep hearing: Ulster Legislator Robert Parete.  Parete would be a great candidate, actually the ideal candidate for the race and to run against the likely Republican nominee. Parete is a six term county lawmaker, in that time he has lead committees such as the health and human services committee and gotten a lot done. He's a very likeable, smart individual that is passionate about public service, it sorta in his blood.  Legislator Parete is currently the Minority whip of the county legislature.

Rob also has a background not just as a county lawmaker but he also worked in the state legislature under Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. As for the money, I think that Rob will be able to raise a significant amount, he's a good campaigner, his father has gotten a lot of Democrats elected in this county and you get to know a lot of people. I really believe Rob Parete would be our new Senator in the 46th if he decided to run. It really is important to sit and ask yourself, do we want a Senator from Ulster County that knows the issues of our county and how to address them, or do we want a Senator from somewhere like Schenectady County that isn't necessarily familiar with our county? Under Parete we would have a Senator that represents our interests.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Blog: Ulster Crusader

I got a link to this new blog out there :  www.ulstercountycrusader.blogspot.com

The blog looks like it was made to counter some of the nonsense going on with the Liberty whatever blog and the Cloak room. There are only two or three posts but it looks like it will be pretty entertaining. Before you ask, no it's not me and I do not know who it is. I barley have time to keep this blog updated much less do other blogs. However with campaign season around the corner and politicos not being so fair and balanced, I will do my best to keep this blog updated from now on.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bernardo Attacks Out of Line

The recent attacks on Chairwoman Bernardo are so ridiculous that you have to wonder what peoples real motives are. First things first, I had to laugh when I read comments from Legislator Bob Aileo, this guy may be a senior legislator but he does not put in nearly the hours that Terry Bernardo puts in or his opponent Walter Frey used to put in when he was a legislator, Aileo proves elections sometimes can be popularity contests. And  no offense, Bob Ailio does not have the credibility to attack anyone let alone Chairwoman Bernardo; there are members of the public that have been to more legislative meetings than sitting Legislator Bob Ailio.

Putting all that aside, the firing of a legislative clerk and the hiring of a payroll director, all can be justified and fingers can be pointed about how previous administrations have done the same thing but it's bigger than that. Terry Bernardo is a real business person and unlike many politicos, she has a real set of core values and principals that she believes in. I say that with all sincerity, I know her well and I'm speaking from my heart, she is one the nicest, most competent and dedicated person I have ever met in local politics.

 Dave Donaldson is also a friend and fellow Democrat but he is another one whose comments I took acceptation with, here is an excerpt from the Freeman:

During his tenures Chairman Donaldson said, he fired only one county employee, Fawn Tantillo, a former county lawmaker who had resigned from the Legislature and was almost immediately appointed by then-Chairman Richard Gerentine, a Republican, to a position in county government. Tantillo is now Bernardo’s confidential secretary.

Donaldson said hiring and firing in the legislative offices was then a function of either the full Legislature or the Legislature’s clerk. 

That may be technically true but lets not kid ourselves that's not what happened, Dave Donaldson was calling the shots when he was the Chairman and so were all the previous Chairs before him (Don't forget when Donaldson was Chair, he was the CE0 of Ulster County, this was before the Executive form of government took place. ) Donaldson's comments are unfair and not an example of leadership.

When in your in a leadership position, especially the Chair of the legislature, you can never please everyone, there are 22 other members from all over the county, each that have different issues and constituent needs that need to be addressed. Disagreements come with the territory; You earn political capital, in order to spend it, to achieve big things. 

 Terry has every right to run her office in the best way she sees possible for the people of Ulster County, because at the end of the day, she is the one that is accountable if she does not achieve the ambitious legislative agenda that she has set forth. Terry accepts that responsibility, she deserves a chance to do her job. Not to be taken out for a walk every single week by her colleagues in the newspaper to score cheap political points.

My advise to Chairwoman Bernardo:  fight back.  You're Chair of the freaking legislature, take advantage of it, use your position as a bully pulpit, embarrass these legislators into doing the right thing, point out their hypocrisy..do not let them take advantage of you.   Also work with the County Executive Mike Hein, he too is top notch and believes in doing the best thing for the people of this county.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Respectfully Disagree

The Freeman put out an editorial today that I respectfully have a difference of opinion on. The editorial pretty much says that Mayor Gallo was unfairly picking on Hoffay's  speech for illegitimate reasons. Their point is this, why would the Mayor attack a speech that as Alderman Senor put it "something safe, that you can't get in trouble for".  After all Hoffay is talking about ethics, and open communication, but what he is not talking about is anything of substance which is what I think aggravated Hiz Honor.

We have seen the first four months of Gallo's administration, what we have is a Mayor that is passionate about making change in government and not afraid to ruffle some feathers to get things done. The public is behind Gallo, there is no question about that, just go on the streets and ask. They welcome change, they welcome results. What they don't welcome is more of the same. They don't want more committees and studies and great speeches that are all fluff, they want what Mayor Gallo is giving them: RESULTS.

Mayor Gallo is also correct to question the voodoo economics of using 1 million dollars of the fund balance money to balance the budget last year while the current council was up for reelection. That is something you can't do every year,  and it leaves Mayor Gallo with a one million dollar hole this budget cycle. Mayor Gallo will have to be the adult and make tough decisions. In short, the previous council had a party and Mayor Gallo is stuck with the hangover. Look in New Jersey, where Gov. Corzine used 1 billion dollars in stimulus money to put off raising Jersey transit, well, he was in an election used the entire stimulus in one year, even after being advised by President Obama not to, and now the new Governor has a huge mess to deal with...

Mayor Gallo has a right to be passionate and a right to be inpatient,  his mood represents the mood of most Kingstonians that have been patient for far too long and have sat year after year listening to city leaders give them speeches and make promises that they can't or wont deliver on. It's Enough! 


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My Two Cents: Christie for GOP Veep

Now that Mitt Romney has wrapped up the Republican nomination for President the question is who will he choose for Vice President? Rick Santurum and Gingrich have no shot, actually Ron Paul has the best chance of being picked of the candidates remaining, which is great for Democrats.

If Mitt Romney wants to win, he needs to use his persuade Gov. Christie to join the ticket. The NJ Gov. is highly electable and has a high level of credibility and likeability that Romney lacks...

I'm voting for Obama no matter what but Gov. Christie on ticket would present a competitive race.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Over 100 Arrested in Kingston Drug Sweep

Mayor Shayne Gallo holds a broom at a press conference w Cheif Tinti; members of State police; Sheriff Van Blarcum, Under Sheriff Frank Falutico, and DA Carnright

Friday, March 30, 2012

Schriebman Gets Endorsements in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia and Green Dems


With two weeks left before petitions are due for Congress, Julian appears he will be the Democratic nominee for Congress against Republican Chris Gibson. First he will have to push back a challenge from Dutchess County Legisltor Joel Tyner which should be a walk in the park.

Chris Gibson's district which has been Democratic before (Gillibrand over Sweeney, Murphy over Tedisco) has a big farming community and is extremely diverse...it's my free political advice to Congressional candidate Schriebman to grow back his beard...It will do him well in the district for both primary and general.