Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Gilda Riccardi will be a candidate for Ulster County Clerk!

I have it on good sources that Ms. Riccardi will be a candidate for UC Clerk.

Gilda is extremely qualified and will bring home a victory for the Democrats...her coat tails also will be long and will strengthen our majority in the legislature.

More later but I can't wait for this race and for people to meet Gilda, a candidate that can best be discribed as the REAL DEAL!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here and There

The race for Kingston City Council races are heatin' up!

In Ward 1, Andi Turco Levin will be a candidate for the Republican nomination and I hear she has strong support from Independence Chair Len Bernardo. Al Teetsil may not even have enough votes to win his party's nomination.

There is a likely primary between Cahill Sr., and Jean Jacobs the winner going against Alderwoman DiBella in the general. There are rumors of Anne Marie not running, as a Democrat that wants the ward to remain Democratic I hope Anne Marie does seek reelection.

Jeanne Edwards has declared she will be a candidate in the 4th Ward against Incumbent Democrat Shirley Whitlock. While I like Mrs. Edwards her motivation for running is wrong, Shirley fought hard to keep Jeanne her job several months ago and is a damn good Alderman. I strongly support Alderwoman Whitlock's reelection bid!

Mike Madsen also will be involved with a four way primary as previously reported, all are politcal nobody's and will be handily defeated by Mike.

GILDA GILDA GILDA GIlDA! Get used to hearing the name of Gilda Riccardi who I hear is a heartbeat away from a run for county clerk. If Gilda runs, make no mistake about it she will be the next county clerk. Albert's money, influence and threats will not be enough to overcome Ms.Riccardi's charm, dedicated campaigning and QUALIFICATIONS!

Jon Katz is getting a lot of support in his bid for county court and could be days away from an appointment by Governor Patterson, despite the pushing by Stuart Fraiser to put in his hand picked candidate Debra Schneer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

vote today

Please vote in the Kingston School Board election today. There are two great candidates running, Jim Shaughnessy and Chris Farrell, both deserve your vote.

In the New Paltz school board race Dan Torres and K.T. Flusser are both superior candidates and they also will do a great job on the board.

I know times are tough but the budgets that have been put together in both the Kingston and New Paltz districts are ones that are sound and responsible, I urge people to VOTE YES on the budget.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sexual Harassment at UC Jail

So we all saw NBC news last night and read the Freeman headlines about the Federal lawsuit that has been filed in Ulster County, involving female correction officers at the jail.

I think obviously the allegations are serious and need to be handled as such. While other blogs have attacked County Exec Mike Hein for failing to talk to the press yesterday, hour did the right thing, as county executive, Mike should not be talking to the press about an ongoing legal matter.

However, Mike Hein and Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum need to handle this swiftly and send a message that Ulster County takes these matters seriously and its not something that will be tolerated.

Sheriff Van Blarcum specificly needs to do this and show to everyone that he is in charge of his department and quickly restore public confidence.

From my personal experience with the Sheriff, I know him to be a straight shooter and a public servant dedicated to his job, I am more than confident in his ability moving forward.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

comments now 3rd Party

I NO LONGER CONTROL COMMENT MODERATION! It is now done 3rd party and automatically is posted in real time. I am not reading the comments and want nothing to do with them. I have gotten phone calls already and I ask people again to be respectful and not to ruin comments for other people. I think you can get your message out there without using profanity.

I also accept no responsibility for the comments written and I warn those that are easily offended to follow my lead and not read them.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


It looks like Jonathan Katz is emerging as the clear front rubber for county court, a real legal mind that can change the justice system in Ulster County for the better...we are also happy to see Jim Gilpatric looking good in his bid for State Supreme court.

On the County Clerk front it looks like Gilda Riccardi may take the plunge and we couldn't be more happy for her. There is one phrase to describe Gilda: THE REAL DEAL!
A former NYC prosecutor and curent law clerk, Gilda brings with her the credentials and personality to win the office of County Clerk for the Democrats for the first time ever in Ulster County.

The race for Ulster Supervisor is about to heat up with Likely challenger Jim Quigley taking on Ulster Supervisor Nick Worener, Nick is seeking a third term. Quigley carried Ulster in his bid for Comptroller by a higher margin than any other candidate including Barak Obama but Worener has won the heavily Republican town twice, so expect this race to be the most watched local race in Ulster County...as I said before I am glad to be far away from this blood bath.

The Kingston Common Council races are also shapping up with Al Teetsil in a GOP primary against new comer Andy Levin, who I hear great things about. Ward 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9 will return incumbents. Watch the 8th ward and the 1st.

Did I mention how excited I am about Gilda? With the proper support, I see Ms.Riccardi walking away with a huge victory in November!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A few Pix From the Brunch

me and Uncle Elliott
Alderman Reynolds, Alderman at Large Noble and the UC Majority Leader Brian Cahill
Alderman Madsen and Deputy Supervisor Artist
my cuz, Ulster Councilman Rocky Secreto and I
Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and former Treasure Lew Kirschner

Monday, May 04, 2009

Dem County Brunch A Success!!

The Ulster County Democratic Brunch was a huge success with well over 300 people in attendance...Senator Gillibrand was great and Lew Kirschner received a well deserved tribute from the Ulster County Democratic Committee. I have a lot of great pictures I will put up soon!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

WFP Dinner In Poughkeepsie

I will do a post on the event but I wanted to put some pictures up first. The event went very well and it was really well attended. All that were involved did a great job and the WFP really is going to be making big moves in Ulster County this November.

My three favorite people, Elliott Auerbach, Brittany Turner and Jim Quigley
Guy Kempe and County Legislator Brian Shapiro

Quigley, me and Jonathan Sennett
Fred Knapp and Judge James Gilpatric
Jen Fuantas and my boss Dan Cantor
Brittany Turner and Jim Quigley
Ulster County Executive Mike P. Hein