Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will update the blog this week, it's been crazy with work, just have no time.

Few quick things:

A speedy recovery is wished to UC Legislator Terry Bernardo

Happy that after 100 years we finally have passed heath care in America :)

Will get to local stuff, more on heath care, and the Spitzer write up around Thursday if not sooner.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spitzer Talks To Sold Out New Paltz Campus!!!!!

Eliot Spitzer event was a blast! I had a great time, Spitzer is brilliant..we had tons of access to him and I have great pics! A report on how he did and pics coming later in the week..Mondayish..it's Saint Patrick's Day Weekend and I am a little busy! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NY needs this guy back!!

The former Governor and Sheriff of Wall Street will be in Ulster County tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

NOTE: Having trouble with comment moderation! For some reason blogger will not let me see or moderate comments until I get about 12 or so...so if you left a comment, I'm not ignoring it just be patient.

Running for my life ...

I will be running the Kingston Shamrock run this Sunday and am looking forward to it! Certainly something I could not of done just a year ago...if you see my out there running or laying out in the side of the road somewhere ;), stop and say hello!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

What is ‘policy’ and what is ‘administration’, ponders Ulster Legislature committee

From MidHudsonNews.com : Ulster County Legislator Brian Shapiro, a Democrat, and member of the Government Operations and Efficiency Committee, calls it ‘reinventing the wheel’.
Republican Terry Bernardo, who chairs the committee, doesn’t quite see their mission that way.
Broadly, this has to do with clarifying the mission of the Legislative and Executive branches of county government, under the year-old Charter, and County Executive Michael Hein.
Bernardo said that despite some misconceptions, the county executive is but one of six elected countywide administrators, along with the comptroller, sheriff, district attorney, county clerk and others.

“The legislature is the body that appropriates and makes policy for all of those divisions,” she said. “Michael may have put out put out a directive about nepotism, but that only affected his little tower, if you will. It didn’t affect the people in the DA’s office, the people in the Sheriff’s office, in corrections. It didn’t affect the people in the clerk’s office. So that is the job of the county legislature.”

Bernardo noted that during an orientation with County Attorney Bea Havraneck, they were presented with a long “do not touch” list from the county executive.
“And it was all about the things that the legislator couldn’t touch, that were the executive’s. We didn’t really get a big list of things that the executive couldn’t touch.”
Bernardo was disappointed that Hein, who was invited to Wednesday night’s committee meeting, did not attend, but sent a few key staffers, instead.

Two other invitees did attend – Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and Legislature Chairman Fred Wadnola, who charged the committee with the mission of reviewing current personnel policy.
Shapiro, however, said there is a mechanism already in place, that has worked before, at doing the same thing.

“So I think there’s a learning curve right now. I hate for us diving right into creating a new ethics law. Why don’t we give this to the Board of Ethics; that’s what we did last time. They came up with a good product. That’s what I’m going to recommend this time around, to look at the issue of nepotism.”

Shapiro sees this as the new Republican majority, which took office two months ago, wanting to jump in head first.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Circus at Kingston City Hall, Ring Leader Schreibman


What more can we take?
Under Julian : Two county wide election loses, the Katz convention fiasco, the bylaws fiasco last night, loss of the county legislature. We can not afford anymore of Chairman Schreibman..enough is enough!

I attended the bylaws vote at Kingston city hall last night before heading back to the city and what a circus it was.

Julian Schreibman called the meeting at 715ish and said a quorum was present, I thought that 40 % was the required number for a quorum to be present so I went up to Kathy Mihm who was taking attendance and asked her if we had the 40% needed for a quorum, she informed me that we did and only 30 % was needed.

I did a head count and there were 75 people in that room, 93 would have been required to have the 30% needed so there was no quorum at that meeting and business was conducted illegally!

Besides that, the meeting was chaos, Brian Shapiro asked very pointed and well thought out questions and Terry Rosenblum did not have answers to those questions it was just a joke.

Attorney Andy Zweeben (no friend of mine) also asked relevant questions which were not answered and people gave him different answers...we voted on a document last night that we were not clear on.

And while Andy Zweben is not my favorite person, I thought it was out of line for Mike Harkavey the chair of the Saugerties committee to heckle him as he spoke, that's completely unacceptable to do to anyone.

How ironic that the Ulster County Democratic committee or I should say the Saugerties Democratic committee and it's ring leader Julian Schreibman passed new bylaws heavily focusing on ethics, in the most unethical manner.

More importantly I am extremly upset that I was lied to directly by the secretary of the meeting when I asked about the quorum, this person also happens to be the Democratic elections commissioner..how can we have faith in the elections process.

I'm not 100% against the new bylaws, two of my friends worked very hard on them and I know at least their intentions during that process last year were genuine but the meeting last night and how it went down was illegal and wrong on many levels.