Monday, December 31, 2007

It seems 2007 will end on a sad note...

Our condolences to Mike Hein on the passing of his brother Warner Hein, a Sergent in the New York State Police. Sgt. Hein was just 44 years old. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Also Jim Thompsom, long time chair of the Kingston Republican party died at 64. Thompson ran one of the closest mayoral campaigns in Kingston's history. In 1979 he narrowly lost to Mayor Quick by about 170 votes.

Blaber's 2008 Predictions

I spent a long time on a year in review but it sounded a little bitter and I thought a look forward in to 2008 was more appropriate.

Kevin Cahill will RUN for Ulster County Executive and will be sworn in as Ulster's first Exec on January 1st 2009.

The race for Cahill's Assembly seat in the 101st will be a blood bath with a five way primary consisting of county legislators, a town Supervisor, and a Kingston Alderman.

The Ulster County Democratic Committee will elect a new chair after John Parete chooses not to seek another term. His successor? A candidate that was on the ballot in 2007. The new chair will unite the party and the Dems will sweep every 2008 race in Ulster County.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey will run for another term for congress.
The Democrats will take back the NYS Senate and our local Senator John Bonacic will become Minority Leader.

Hillary Clinton will win Iowa and New Hampshire and go on to win the nomination and the presidency.

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President.

Elliot Spitzer will appoint A.G. Andrew Cuomo to Hillary's Senate seat.

The Dallas Cowboys will be the Super Bowl Champs.
Hugh Reynolds will write columns that are completely fair and balanced. Reynolds will aso enter anger management and will no longer take out his frustrations out on the people that he writes about.....just kidding, Hugh Reynolds will continue to be Hugh Reynolds.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Woerner Sworn in for a Second Term as Ulster's Supervisor

Supervisor Nick Woerner had his swearing in ceremony at the Sky Top Steak House at 1pm this afternoon to a packed crowd of about 200 friends and supporters. Including Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum, Congressman Hinchey and former Mayor John Heitzman. Judge Tony McGinty swore in Woerner to his second term as town of Ulster Supervisor.

Alderwoman Shirley Whitlock got up and made a speech about how much Woerner had helped her during her campaign. " I would like to thank Nick for showing me the way, Nick reached out to me and it was the most important call that I got said Whitlock, I would not be here today without him."

Woerner talked about his accomplishments, how he has been able to work with the other side to accomplish things in the best interest of the town. Councilman Craig and I thought it would be a long two years at the start of my first term, it ended up being a long two weeks, we than were able to sit down and get on the same page, said Woerner.

Woerner broke down in tears when discussing his friend Republican Councilman Joel Brink, "there were times when we didn't know if Brink would make it and I'm glad that he did." Joel Brink was reelected in November but suffered a long and serious illness during the campaign.

Judge Gilpatric Sworn in as Kingston's Full Time Judge

Judge James P. Gilpatric was sworn in today as Kingston's full time City Judge. Congressman Hinchey, Assemblyman Cahill, Mayor James Sottile and several Kingston Aldermen were among the more than 400 in attendance.

Judge Gilpatric was sworn in by NYS Justice Chris Cahill, afterward Gilpatric thanked his supporters and his wife Betty and gave a very emotional speech that was very moving to everyone that was in attendance.

Larry Ball was also sworn in to a six year term as the part time City Judge. Surrounded by friends and family.

I congratulate Judge Gilpatric and Judge Larry Ball, Kingston will be well served for many years to come under their leadership.

Vin Martello Sworn into a Third Term as Supervisor of Marbletown

Below is Marbletown Supervisor Vin Martello being sworn into his third term as Marbletown Supervisor. Supervisor Martello and the rest of the town board were sworn in yesterday at town hall.

Poll Results: Kevin Cahill Tops Primary and General

The latest Blaber News poll finds that Kevin Cahill would easily defeat Mike Hein in a Democratic primary beating out Hein with more than 73% of the vote. Cahill also beats benjamin by more then a 2:1 margin.

Jerry Benjamin beats Hein by a 2:1 margin in the general election but loses badly to Kevin Cahill.

The results are not scientific but they are interesting. I must point out that Cahill has never lost a Blaber News poll..which shows how popular he is in this community.

Exec Primary Kevin Cahill over Hein 73-27%

Exec General Kevin Cahill over Jerry Benjamin 66-33%

Exec General Jerry Benjamin over Hein 66-33%

Swearing in Events Around Town

James P. Gilpatric will be sworn in as full time City Court Judge today at 12 noon. Larry Ball will also be sworn in as Special City Court Judge.

January 1st - - Holley Carnright will be sworn in at 11:00 am as Ulster County District Attorney at the Ulster County Court House.

Mayor James M. Sottile, Council President James Noble and the entire common council will be sworn in at noon at Kingston City Hall.

I plan to cover all these events with the exception of Holley Carnright's ceremony, I have been invited to an open house with Governor Spitzer at I will be rushing back to Kingston to go to the ceremony at City Hall. I wish Holley and everyone else a congratulations.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Governor Spitzer Visits Kingston Family

Governor Eliot Spitzer paid a visit to Kingston, Thursday afternoon to spend time at the home of Cecelia Madden, a town of Ulster resident.

During the one hour visit issues were discussed ranging from heath care to property taxes as well as other issues that were important to Ms. Madden's family.

This is one of many trips that will be made in New York leading up to Governor Spitzer's state of the state address on January 9th.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blaber's News and Commentary Now Listed with Poughkeepsie Journal

Today is the first day that Blaber's News and Commentary is being listed with the Poughkeepsie Journal. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome new readers that may be reading my blog for the first time.

This blog offers a variety of information on local issues in Ulster County and beyond. Some of the stories that you will find are news based and others are simply my commentary on the issues that I feel are important to the readers of this blog. During the next few weeks there will be several updates to the blog, including interviews with local politicians and more frequent use of the new audio blogs, that I launched a few weeks back.

I look forward to this new exciting venture and I hope that you will too. Please participate in the discussions and offer your own opinions by using our comment area. To the regular readers of my blog, I encourage you to check out the other blogs on the Poughkeepsie Journal as well. The Blaber's News and Commentary year in review will be updated shortly with a glimpse into what 2008 will bring...a must read.

Please Join Justice Ceresia

Justice Ceresia is being sworn in for another term as a Supreme Court Justice, he's a good guy and I'm glad to have met him during the 2007 election. Details for his swearing in ceremony are below.

Please Join:

Hon. George B. Ceresia Jr.
for the ceremony of the administration of oath as Justice of the State Supreme Court of the State of New York.

When : Friday, December 28th at 12 noon

Where : Rensselaer County Court House

Congress and Second Streets

Troy, NY

A reception will immediately follow.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.

- Jeremy

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Parete and Cahill Top Polls

Rich Parete pulled out a close win in a recent poll for Comptroller and readers felt that Brian Cahill should be his brother's replacement in the NYS Assembly's 101st district. Now, again, the polls are just for fun and they're hardly scientific. One thing for sure is, that the race for the Assembly in the event that Cahill is our County Executive, will be a heated one.

The last few polls have dealt with four or five candidates for one position...let's narrow the feild and see who comes out on top in head to head primary match-ups. As well as a fantasy general election...see our new polls for details.

Congrats to Jack McCoy, Law and Order's New D.A.

At least in the world of t.v. we can now count on a District Attorney that will make sure that justice is served. Jack McCoy, the fictional Executive District Attorney on Law and Order has been elected District Attorney. McCoy succeeds D.A. Arthur Branch, played by Fred Thompson who left the show to run for President.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Huck, It's Not Just a Bookshelf

Mike Huckabee claims it's just a bookshelf in defense to criticism that he used a cross in his Christmas ad that has been running the last few weeks in Iowa and New Hampshire...not buying it Huckabee.

Mr. Huckabee is a right wing religious nut who insists on shoving HIS religion down our throats any chance he can get. This time through a political ad with a bookshelf that has a hidden subliminal message.... a Cross and a symbolic way of how he will run this country if elected. Didn't we already have eight years of a president that has worked hard to appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will try and overturn a woman's right to choose, and a president that consults with God on policy decisions.... It's a very scary way to govern.

I have no trouble with a person that has strong religious beliefs, I think that's important. I myself was raised with strong religious beliefs but there needs to be a separation of church and state in this country. A public servant that is given the privilege of being elected should not impose their views on anyone else, especial the diverse group of constituents they were elected to represent.

Please watch the Huckabee ad below and judge for yourself.

Huckabee TV AD

Catch Blaber on Radio Free Kingston this Sunday

Jeremy Blaber will be a guest on 'Radio Free Kingston' tomorrow at 1pm. Make sure that you call in at 331-1490. Radio Free Kingston is aired every Sunday from 12:30-1:30 pm with hosts Gary Bischoff, Art Richter and Billiam VanRoestenerg.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cahill to Senor : It's War!

While I didn't personally see the show, I hear that Rich Cahill, the outgoing 6th Ward Alderman told Robert Senor, Kingston's newest Democrat, that he better enjoy his next two years on the council because they'll be his last two years. " I'll do everything in my power to beat you next time around" declared Cahill on his public access tv show Monday night.

Senor and Cahill once political allies have become bitter foes in the last year after Senor changed his enrolment from Republican to Democrat.

For Senor the move meant that he did not have to face the Democratic machine that had ousted him from office two short years ago, and for Cahill it meant that his already slim minority on the council dwindled further.

It'll be interesting to see what Cahill has in store for Senor.... as far as us seeing Cahill successfully throw Senor out of office...well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Polls By the Numbers

The polls that I run on my blog are just for fun and it's interesting to look at the results and see what people who read this blog are thinking. The last few polls have dealt with political match-ups of the 2008 election and I must say they're rather interesting.

The poll for County Executive showed that Kevin Cahill would have no trouble in winning the Democratic nomination for County Executive, winning with more than 55% in a math up with two likely contenders for the post Sue Zimet and Mike Hein, the only announced candidate for the post.

The Poll for Comptroller seems to favor Bill Berardi, a Kingston CPA, with strong ties to the community and a would be political new comer. Rich Parete also looks strong, polling a very close second. The other would be contenders Jim Sottile and Hector Rodriguez are barley in the double digits.

The race for Assembly assuming that Kevin Cahill were to run for County Executive, are probably the most interesting. With Kingston's well seasoned Alderman from the Seventh Ward, Bill Reynolds, and Brian Cahill, a county legislator and brother of Kevin Cahill, in a dead heat. That really could be an interesting race.... Reynolds has the experience and Cahill has the name, it would not be the first time voters elected an outgoing Assemblyman's relative to take his/her spot. One thing that is worth pointing out is that the front runners of the Assembly poll, Reynolds and Cahill, will both be the 08 majority leaders of the respective bodies that they represent.

Again, the polls are just for fun and there may be candidates that are not mentioned in the current polls, that would blow the current front runners of these fantasy match-ups to shreds. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freeman Editorial on Target

The Kingston Daily Freeman had an editorial in their Tuesday publication about Donald A. Willaims, the current D.A., taking a job with URGENT for three months so that he could retire with his full pension.

The editorial pretty much said that it's not the place of the government to be creating jobs to help out a public employee collect their pension at taxpayers expense. Mr. Williams' job with URGENT would be to serve as counsel...well, if the counsel is needed for three months than it's probably needed all year round.

I must say that I agree 100% with the editorial and it's very similar to a comment that was posted on my blog a few weeks ago,that is displayed below. I like Don Williams but if he wanted his full pension he should have run for another term. This is not about Don Williams or anyone else is about public integrity.


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed to see that the justice system can be purchased in Ulster County. At least, that is what the Hugh Reynold's story alludes to.

There are no golden parachutes for public servants. Why would any taxpayer approve a $22k payday for a part time position that should be used year round and NOT on a 3-month basis?

Also, putting Williams in an advisory position with URGENT...cops do not like the fact that as DA he required three drug buys before seeking prosecution. This put police and members of the public in danger between sale one and three.

Even more important, how in the world can the sheriff or DA approve of an anonymous donor to cover $7K? Perhaps this is someone with ties to the drug trade.All of this is exactly the reason we need a public integrity unit. Perhaps Don Williams is in line for that job as well. A full time position that he can do three months of the year?

Please keep in mind that Williams was the guy who said he would not persue a criminal investigation in the jail debacle because no one called to tell him that a crime had been committed. Taxpayers should not stand for any nepotism or turning the county into an employment agency for friends and family of elected officials.

We need to end business as usual and political paybacks. Hopefully, the Attorney General's office of investigation will catch wind of Hugh Reynold's story and keep an eye on it. The sheriff has compromised the integrity of his office.
11:02 AM

Could this be Hinchey's last term?

A second GOP challenger stepped forward for Maurice Hinchey's seat today. Congressman Hinchey who is a veteran Congressman of the 22nd congressional district will fend of these challenges in a walk but some say he may not run and I think they could be right. Maurice has served in that position for many years and may be ready to call it quits. Some say he is retiring because he is promised a job in Hillary's cabinet which is nonsense. Hinchey may get a job under the Clinton administration but a Congressman does not give up his seat unless it's a sure thing....Clinton has not even secured the nomination yet. If Hinchey is looking for a job with Hillary he would run for another term and than resign after he was appointed to the which case a special election would take place.

Let's just say for a moment that Maurice does retire and there is an open seat in the November election...can you imagine the fire storm for the Democratic nomination for that race? With the 22nd solidly blue, if you win the primary you are almost assured to be the next congressman. The names that immediately come to mind are Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Dan Ahouse, Susan Zimet, James Sottile and every other Democratic legislator and town supervisor in Ulster County.

However the 22nd district is very big and we could have a candidate surface from all the way out in's unlikely but certainly possible. The 2008 election could really be interesting if Congressman Hinchey decided to call it quits.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blaber News' Person of the Week, Jeanette Provenzano

I got a call yesterday evening from Jeanette Provenzano and she was upset about a post that I wrote yesterday that said Mrs. Provenzano was making calls for Anne Marie DiBella for majority leader over Bill Reynolds, apparently that's not the case. On election night Mrs. Provenzano, Anne Marie DiBella and a female alderwoman-elect, that will remain nameless, where at a victory party at a local restaurant, the conversation of Jeanette running for chair came up and Alderwoman DiBella said she was thinking of running for Kingston's Majority post. Mrs. Provenzano said in a joking manner to the Alderwoman-elect, " us women need to stick together. It was a celebratory night and we were joking said Provenzano, I never made calls or got involved in that race."

One thing about Jeanette, whether you agree with her or not she is always straight forward with you and I believe without a doubt that is the way it went. This blog has been hard on Jeanette in recent months over her support of Vince Bradley and her challenge of Donaldson but lets not lose sight of the contributions that Jeannette has made to the legislature and the community, for these reasons and the fact the Jeanette is a reader of my blog and my legislator, we honor her as this weeks Person of the Week.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here and There

Hillary Still On Top -
The GOP is doing everything in their power to try and pump up Barack Obama and make it look as if some how she is slipping and at risk of losing the Democratic nomination. Like they say, a dog does not bark at a parked car and the fact that the GOP continues to attack Senator Clinton is proof that they're scared. They know Clinton holds a 20% national lead and is beating every GOP candidate in the poll and most likely will be the next president of the United States. So while the GOP is running scared, Clinton keeps grabbing up endorsements, the latest comes from Maine Governor John E. Baldacci and the Des Moines Register, Iowa's largest newspaper. Even former Speaker Newt Gingrich praised Senator Clinton's health plan for America last week.

Speaking of cross endorsements it seems that the disgraceful Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman is going to endorse Senator John McCain for President tomorrow. Will this guy switch parties already? What an embarrassment to himself and his party.

On the Republican side it seems that Mike Hucabee is picking up steam, as a Democrat I hope he wins the GOP nod. His radical religious views and his feelings toward woman make him completely unelectable.

On a more local note, I can't say that I agree with Mayor Jim Sottile's decision to cancel the New Year's Eve celebration for the Senior Citizens. It's an event that means a lot to the community. I was running fro School Board last year at this time and in and in a very transparent attempt to gain votes, I volunteered at the 2006 event and I had a good time. I understand the reason why Sottile canceled and I hope that maybe some of the local businesses can chip in and keep this worth while event going.

I must again correct my good friend Hugh Renolds, in a recent column he made a mention that pretty much said that Frank Dart stabbed Jeanette Provanzano in the back with an 11th hour endorsement of Donaldson. That's simply untrue, Dart was supporting Jeanette but had committed to Donaldson about five days before the scheduled caucus vote. Why? No one knows for sure. Some speculate that it Had to do with Provanzano making calls to Kingston Democratic Aldermen asking that they support Anne Marie DiBella for Majority Leader over Bill Reynolds, which may have given Dart flashbacks to when Jeannette successfully unseated Dart for the Minority post of the legislature many years ago. Others say Dart felt that Donaldson was the lesser of the evils...I guess we will never know for sure.

Also, I forgot to wish Robert Parete a congratulations on his reelection as Majority Whip.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Exec Poll Puts Cahill on Top

A recent poll that was done on the blog puts Cahill as the clear winner in a Democratic primary for County Executive. The poll which went on for a week asked people who they would vote for if the primary for County Executive where held today, with the candidates being Kevin Cahill, Mike Hein and Sue Zimet.

Kevin Cahill stomped the competition receiving more then 54% of the vote with Sue Zimet coming in a distant second at 25% and Mike Hein trailing at just 21%. Now this poll is hardly scientific but it does go to show how popular Kevin Cahill is, and proves that he could be a very strong challenger to lead the Democratic ticket next November.

On another note, a race that seems to be ignored is County Comptroller. It seemed up until a few months ago that Lisa Cutten would be a shoe in, until she shot herself in the foot running against Sottile in an 11th hour write-in effort for mayor. Oddly enough Jim Sottile himself has been talked about for the position and with his auditing background may not be a bad choice. Please see our current poll for more details.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Donaldson Reelected as Chairman of Legislature

David Donaldson was reelected as Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature tonight beating out challenger Jeanette Provanzano for the County's top spot. Dave Doanldson was nominated by Gary Bischoff and both Peter Loughran and Frank Dart spoke to second the nomination of Donaldson.

The vote was conducted by paper ballot and while the results were not in, the election was a close one, probably decided by one or two votes.

Jeanette Provanzano was true to her word and backed off after she lost her caucus to Donaldson. The two embraced and had kind words to say about one another after the vote.

I supported Dave Donaldson from the beginning and I'm very happy that he won and wish him a sincere congratulations.

Brian Cahill Wins Majority Post. Listen to Majority Leader-elect- Cahill's Audio Message Below

Congratulations to Brian Cahill the Majority Leader elect of the Ulster County Legislature. Brian Cahill will do a great job in this position and I wish him well. Please listen to his audio message below.

Mobile post sent by blabernews using Utterz Replies.  mp3

Mobile post sent by blabernews using Utterz Replies.  mp3

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spitzer Roast

Fuuny video I found staring Gov. Spitzer

Phillips to Challenge Hinchey for Congress

George K. Phillips, Endwell Native, Announces Run for US Congress in New York’s 22nd District.

Phillips currently teaches at Seton Catholic Central High School and is an adjunct professor at Broome Community College. He and his wife Diana own a home in Endwell where they reside with their baby, George Joseph.

From 2001 through 2005, Phillips was a high level aide for Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), then the Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and Vice Chairman of the House International Relations Committee.

Phillips worked on numerous bills that were signed into law including the “Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2003” designed to combat the buying and selling of women in commercial sex industry. Phillips, a Republican, will be attempting to unseat Maurice Hinchey, a Democrat from Hurley, NY, and fifteen year incumbent Congressman.

Phillips earned degrees from Villanova University and the Universityof Notre Dame and spent his summers in college working at the IBM plant in Endicott.Before working in Congress, Phillips taught high school as a volunteer in Louisiana and then again in inner city Washington DC Public Schools.

Ulster County Democratic Forum, December 7th

The Ulster County Democratic Forum that was held on Friday at the Rosendale Rec Center, was for the most part a very well attended and productive meeting. I'm glad that I was able to attend. Below are notes of the entire Thursday meeting. Please look through them and leave your own comments.

Open Forum -- December 7, 2007 -- Meeting Notes

Patrick McDonough, Rosendale Supervisor-elect and Rosendale Democratic Committee – Welcome. Solutions begin with talks about concerns. It’s a process.

Phil Schacter, Marlborough Town Chair – We will moderate and recognize individuals to talk.

Karen Markisenis, Vice Chair UCDCEC and Ulster Committee Member – A small group of people met two times to discuss reform, initiate Bylaws revision, and plan this meeting. We are bringing up issues that need to be discussed. In union there is strength. Division is our undoing.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – Moment of silence to remember 12/7/41. Brian Shapiro wanted to be here tonight but couldn't make it.

1. Finance issue – there’s no accusation of malfeasance, but transparency is needed, and the ability of the UCDCEC to have control of monies raised by UCDC. For over a year, we’ve made repeated requests for a Treasurer’s Report with only one cursory bit of information provided. We must be kept up to date about revenue and expenditures. The UCDCEC has no involvement on decision making. John Parete said money raised from the May brunch would pay for HQ operations. There was confusion created when UCDCC was formed outside the auspices of UCDCEC and told that $7500 was allocated to Focus Media (a consultant to Bradley) and we want to know what we got for our money; $4500 for the Clarion (a waste of money because it was known a free insert would appear later.) There were legislators in control of money to be allocated to legislators.

2. The Operation budget is totally depleted and we need to keep HQ open. If we had taken the $7500 for Focus and the $4500 for the Clarion we would have enough to keep the doors open for another year. It’s a matter of priorities.

3. John Parete was quoted in the paper as saying we’re broke. It’s embarrassing. We’ll start to see transparency when control of the funds is under duly elected people.

Ralph Childers, State Democratic Committee – I served as a 127th delegate for almost a year before I knew I was a member of UCDCEC and was invited to meetings. I was shocked at the first one I attended because of John Parete’s poor leadership and pounding-the-table mannerisms. I was told by Patti Candelari that Stuart Fraser advised her not to send meeting notices to all UCDCEC members. [Chart] Major problems with the Chair’s leadership include:

1. His unprofessional manner and quotes in the paper disparaging the condition of the Party and its candidates
2. Erroneous comments about the Party’s DA candidate
3. The stacking of UCDCEC for the Wilson-Pikula vote
4. The formation of the second UCDW
5. Contents of the Clarion
6. Personally attacking me along with Stuart Fraser at a State Committee Meeting (Nancy Schaef was a witness) in an attempt to intimidate me. It’s not going to work.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – A Bylaws Committee has been formed that includes Marti Green of Marbletown and other UC Committee Members. We intend to distribute copies of the proposed revisions, ask for comments, and call a County Committee Meeting for discussion and approval. I will distribute copies tonight. The thrust of the changes include the responsibilities of the Chair; to give the Executive Committee more oversight; to have budget approval by the Executive Committee; give the Vice Chair authority to act in the absence of the Chair; create transparency of the Treasury; limit standing and special committees and their chairs’ voting rights; give Executive Committee control over designation of committee chairs; and require an audit. We will ask John Parete to call a special meeting of the County Committee to pass these revisions.

Phil Schacter, Marlborough Town Chair – Further changes to the Bylaws include calling for a County Convention more than once every two years and looking at the unofficial status of the Count Convention.

Karen Markisenis, Vice Chair UCDCEC – Read a letter from John Parete, sent because he could not attend this meeting.

Beth Murphy, Saugerties Committee Member – What does it mean to be a Committee Member? What are the roles and responsibilities?

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – The primary purpose is to find candidates and money to get them elected.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – In Saugerties we find fault with Bradley for not being clear about his Party status.

Rokki Carr, Marbletown – What would it take to make an official Convention?

Patti Candelari, UCDC Secretary and Denning Town Chair – Committee Members are Party leaders. We are suppose to be knowledgeable of County-wide candidates. They interview with Town Committees, we ask pertinent questions, vote at a County Convention, and that name goes on the Democratic Party line of the ballot. Registered Democratic voters can either take that recommendation or not, but we serve a very important role.

Ben Shor, Marbletown Town Chair – I had respect and support for John Parete until he packed the UCDCEC for the outcome he wanted on the Wilson-Pakula vote. I asked his son Rich to ask John Parete not to do what he did and Rich said, ‘That’s the way we’re going to go. My father knows what’s best for the Party. Bradley has the best chance to beat the Republicans.” But even if he was proven right – what’s right is that the Town Committees decide what’s best. The Town Committees do the work of getting County-wide candidates and Legislators elected. The Chair is important in a leadership position but he wanted to ignore what the Town Committees do and he was wrong and he was wrong about Bradley. Our Town Committee voted to ask John Parete to resign. We’ve got an important election coming up and the majority of people have lost respect for him after everything that’s happened because of what he’s done. Unless he steps down, we’re going to have a mess in September.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – My credentials include Chair of the Coordinated Campaign Committee, Marbletown Democratic Committee Member, State Delegate, and Campaign Manager for Johnathan Sennett. I believe :

1. UCDCEC should operate under Roberts Rules of Order
2. Have no more secrecy
3. Financial Reporting
4. All decisions should be by EC
5. Bylaw revisions
6. Ongoing fundraising Committee for a war chest and rent
7. Incorporate the Coordinated Campaign into a Standing Committee
8. Junk the Clarion
9. Have only one UCDW

Charles Landi, City of Kingston Committee Member and 3rd Ward Alderman-elect – I’ve been an enrolled Democrat since 1974 and a resident since 1948. John Parete was the first Chair to get results with a majority in the Legislature, court candidates and the sheriff’s race. We had two forces that clashed. We all miss-stepped. The City of Kingston Democratic Committee supported Bradley out of respect for his dad. The hinterlands were for Jonathan Sennett. Bradley won the first vote. Maybe the Committee was incapable of solving this and it should have gone to a primary.

Billiam VanRoestenerg, Plattekill – Don’t completely agree with Charlie, the County demographics changed and the national politics had a lot to do with the Legislative candidates’ success. Lots of people have lost respect for the Chair. We should have a headquarters in every Township – it’s not all about Kingston anymore. We can’t let the ‘good old boys’ run the County anymore.

Charles Landi, City of Kingston Committee Member and 3rd Ward Alderman-elect – Billiam may be right, but let’s do it right, not scream for a resignation, wait for a County Convention. But I don’t feel you’ve got the numbers to change the Chair.

Tim Hunter, Gardiner – Let’s thank Sue Zimet, Hector Rodriguez, Don Gregorius, and Peter Liepman for calling for the impeachment of the President and Vice President. I ran for the Legislature and came within 100 votes of getting elected. I was promised a $2,000-match for printing and postage but never got that money. 100 votes more and we would have had another Democrat in the Legislature. The turnout this year was very low in District 8, down from the overall County. Two years ago there was a 70% turnout. The whole Bradley-Sennett debacle may have suppressed votes. There are hotheads on each side of the issue but there’s ineffective leadership. Clearly when we loose two seats it’s disappointing. UCDCEC meetings cannot be abruptly adjourned when there are issues to be solved:

1. We need transparency
2. We need to work to get Democrats elected
3. No name-calling
4. Be polite

Ken Walsh, Rosendale Committee Member – After Sennett won at the Convention it was no longer valid to support Bradley. Party loyalty rules. And having no transparency is a problem, just like the DA’s race.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – If we give John Parete credit for what has been accomplished, then we must also take him to task for what failed to happen. We need honesty and Executive Committee input with decentralization of power.

Don Gregorius, Legislator – Amazing things happen in growth process. Change is good. Just looking at Ralph’s chart – certain people disregarded our Democratic candidate. They made a choice, a decision to do that. John Parete cannot take credit for winning every Legislator’s race. When I ran John Parete didn’t help me and I was going up against the Republican’s Majority Leader. I won and it wasn’t because of anything John Parete did to help. It’s my opinion that John Parete tries to run the Legislature through his sons. There is an environment of change and you can either live the current situation or have a more open situation – it’s up to the UCDC.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – John Parete’s stacking the Executive Committee to get his way for the DA race pushed me over the line. It was under-handed conduct. He has lost the respect of a lot of people in UCDC. The situation is not good and it would be better if he would resign. Calling a Convention for Bylaws change would be a good thing. Picking a Legislative Chair has profound implications and is part of why we’re here. Provenzano was a supporter of Bradley and we don’t want her after her outright support of a candidate not selected by the majority of Democrats. Those who didn’t support the majority’s decision didn’t get their way and consequently destroyed Sennett’s chances of winning the DA race. Provenzano is unfaithful to her Party and she cannot expect us to cheer for her ascension. If she continues to push herself into that position it will piss off a lot of people and she will have missed an opportunity to mend the riff we’re now experiencing.

Sue Zimet, Legislator – The Democratic Committee made a decision, made a choice at the Convention. The Democratic DA candidate was not given a fair shake by Party leadership. Charlie Landi said Bradley won by 10,000 at the Convention – but he lost by 14,000. If there wasn't a challenge between Sennett and Schreibman, it is my belief Sennett or Schreibman would have won it on the first ballot. The Party process is that we work for the candidate created by the Democratic majority. Not doing this undermines the Democratic process.

Jeremy Blaber, City of Kingston Committee Member – We cannot expect that other candidates will want to come forward for races when there are Committee Members who might work for the opposition and will try to undermine their chances of winning. We need to figure out who we are as a Party and create laws to live by. Committee Members have an obligation to support the Democratic candidate – not to work for a candidate on another Party line. We need a new Chair and a set of rules. If you can’t work for the candidate on the Party line, there should be a commitment to not work for anyone else running in that race. Your vote is a personal matter but publicly working for the opposition candidate is not being a responsible Democratic Committee Member.

Judith Simon, Saugerties Committee Member – John Parete is a divider, not a leader. Within three months of the Democratic majority in the Legislature, his sons were challenging Dave Donaldson and other Democratic Legislators causing a big division. It is inexcusable that Committee Members were openly working for and supporting Bradley. At any point in the whole mess John Parete could have been a uniting force but he’s a detriment to the Democratic Party, it’s being going downhill since we got the majority. Now we have a Republican DA who is an advocate for the death penalty with cases going to him involving children. It’s disgraceful.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – In terms of his BOE work, Stuart Fraser has been terrific. We need to separate the BOE from politics. John has indeed split the Party but there are things he can do tomorrow that would help. John Parete’s letter is only words unless he puts these things into action:

1. He can work to mend the split in the Legislature and maintain the current Chair in the Legislature. John Parete can put out effort for the good of the Party to mend that split.
2. We have a split in the UCDCEC. John Parete can back the voting members of the UCDCEC as being duly elected Town Chairs and State Committee delegates only.
3. He could ask the usurping UCDW group to join the already constituted group.
4. The Young Democrats: he could step in to make sure the problems they are going through there are rectified.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – Five UCDCEC members should have a sit-down with John Parete and talk with him directly. Impeachment is a separate meeting.
Dan Gartenstein, City of Kingston Committee – There’s a perception that the Kingston Committee was against the rest of the Committee, but we were not unified behind Bradley.
Ed Gubofo (sp?), Rosendale Committee Treasurer – If you don’t support the person on the Party line, sit on your hands. We disenfranchised our own voters without buy-in from all the Committee Members for the candidate on the Party line. All the finances should be transparent. There are rules for reporting finances and the State will fine you personally $500. These reports should be made available.

Peter Liepman, Legislator – Republicans have an 11th Commandment – never speak ill of another Republican. John Parete has a chance to show that he can be a leader by trying to unify the Legislators and stop this contested Legislator Chair race. The Legislators are split along the lines of those supporting Bradley and those who supported the Democratic Party line. We have to get past this if we are going to get anything passed.

Mike Madsen, City of Kingston – This working against Democratic candidates has got to stop. Mayor Sottile walked door-to-door working against Charlie Landi. If we’d had a Primary, it’s likely that Bradley would have run on the Conservative Party line anyway.

Jonathan Sennett, New Paltz – I’m hesitant to speak because I don’t want it to look like sour grapes, but I’m in favor of reform and it’s important to talk about what’s wrong and to move forward with solutions so what happened to me doesn’t happen again.

1. The finance issue is a problem and there needs to be transparency.
2. Define Committee Member
3. These issues need to be brought out and new people need to work for change

Rokki Carr, Marbletown – Speak to your Legislator to please support Dave Donaldson and ask him to support the Ethics rules.

Susan Weeks, Saugerties – Democracy means openness, honesty – opposite of what the Republicans do. Our current Chair is not the leader we need. If our County Party cannot make the needed changes, you will lose me and lots of other people in the Democratic Party.
Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – It’s obvious we need new leadership and somebody needs to step forward and make that happen.

Sue Zimet, Legislator – The operations of the Committee is an issue that should be addressed. We must force these meetings to be effective.

Jonathan Sennett, New Paltz – Keep calling meetings until all the issues are address. Put John Parete’s feet to the fire.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – Send the Minutes of this meeting to John Parete with points made about effective meetings and the issues.

Phil Schacter, Chair Marlborough – The Bylaws changes need to include transparency and what we want the Chair to do. There is disagreement over the role of the County Convention and the loyalty issue. We got to define that and put it in the Bylaws.

Ian Brody, Saugerties – The election law is very clear – vote to take the Chair out of office for disloyalty.

Shannon Schreibman, Marlborough – It’s really important that we all pull together. The most productive comment was the call to action for change put to John Parete. But it’s not always just the letter of the law, hold his feet to the fire.

Billiam VanRoestenerg, Plattekill – We are hypocrites if we don’t get a change in the Chair because the Republicans had the same people in power. We lost an election in 2000 because of lack of help from John Parete.

Leadership Votes will take place on Wednesday

The Democratic Leadership votes for Chairman and Majority Leader will take place this Wednesday at 5pm at the Ulster County office building. I will have live coverage via the new audio blog that I have recently installed.

The candidates for Chairman are David Donaldson, current Chair and Jeanette Provanzano, the current Majority Leader.

The candidates for Majority Leader are Hector Rodriguez and Brian Cahill.

Monday, December 10, 2007

90,000 +++

90,000 Hits

Blaber's News and Commentary hits Ninety thousand hits! Blaber News is the number one blog in Ulster County because of loyal readers, like you, that visit us on a daily basis and contribute with their own comments.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ulster GOP Gets New Financial Backer

Over the last two years, the Ulster County GOP has found a new financial backer by the name of James Quigley. Mr. Quigley according to the Ulster County Board of Elections has given over $56,000 to Republican candidates and GOP causes in the last two years. Some of Quigley's bigger contributions was a $5,400 check(max allowed by law) to Holley Carnright, $10,000 to the Ulster Republican Committee (which also went to Carnright) $1000 to J. Micheal Bruhn Jr., a candidate who ran unsuccessfully for City Court Judge, 1000 to Don Wise who also ran unsuccessfully for town of Ulster Supervisor and various other local candidates got about $500 respectively.

Mr. Quigley first caught attention when he single handily ran an effort to defeat the Ulster County Charter and was damn near successful. Some may remember the Vote No on Prop 1, no new taxes, signs that popped up like bad weeds all over Ulster County.

With money comes power, Quigley who is a very successful and extremely bright businessman was recently elected as Ulster County GOP Treasure and his name keeps popping up for a possible run for County Comptroller next year.

To Mr. Quigley's credit, he truly believes in the philosophies of the Republican party and his veins run a solid GOP red. And, you gotta respect that, I personally like the guy he's a genuinely nice person.

Democrat's should take notice that Mr. Quigley is not to be taken lightly and should consider him as their public enemy number one.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Blaber News' Person of the Year : Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

Blaber News is proud to announce our person of the year :

Assemblyman Kevin A. Cahill

After two weeks of voting the reader's of this website were very clear in who should be Blaber News' Person of the Year. You wanted someone that cared about Ulster County and the people that lived here; someone who has the courage to fights for our rights and our progressive values on a day to day basis, even if the positions that we believe in are not always the most popular ones. You wanted a person that always has our best interests at heart and you overwhelmingly picked a champion that represents all of the above; Assemblyman Kevin Cahill.

Kevin Cahill who was born and raised in Kingston, graduated from Suny New Paltz and Albany Law School was admitted in to practice as an attorney in New York State. Shortly after, Cahill began his career in public service as an Ulster County legislator, representing the city of Kingston in the Ulster County legislature for the better part of a decade. In addition to representing Kingston in the Ulster County legislature, he also served as Minority Leader, sticking up for the rights of all Democratic interests for the county. Mr. Cahill was first elected to the NYS Assembly in 1992 and served for one term. After taking a break from the public office, Cahill continued in his pursuit of standing up for Ulster County residents, leading one of the more successful divisions of Wellcare and standing up for the rights of senior citizens, making sure their rights were protected.

In 1998, Kevin Cahill ran a successful bid for the NYS Assembly's 101st district and was reelected in 2000,2002, and 2004 by substantial margins. During Cahill's tenure in the Assembly he has fought hard on many key issues that effect Ulster County and New York State. Assemblyman Cahill has a strong record on the environment, civil rights, labor, health care and women’s rights. Assemblyman Cahill has also been a pioneer for real property tax reform, changing the unfair way that the state uses to fund public education though property taxes.

Assemblyman Cahill has served on several committees in the Assembly including the Steering, Consumer Affairs, Codes, Real Property Tax, Local Government and Children and Families. He was the Assembly spokesperson for Community Corrections, a member of the task force on Local Government Finance Reform and the longest tenured Chair of the Legislative Task Force on People with Disabilities. Assemblyman Cahill currently serves as the Chair of the Assembly Standing Committee on Ethics and Guidance and serves on the Health, Higher Education, Ways and Means and Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry Committees.

Ulster County is truly lucky to have a public servant like Kevin Cahill. Assemblyman Cahill is a caring and personable Assemblyman that would do anything for any of his constituents. I don't know how many public servants these days that you can call and e-mail personally and get a timely and detailed response like that Assemblyman Cahill. When I ran for School Board, Cahill was an early supporter and helped me in many ways, including writing a personal letter of endorsement. When I had an issue with the way the local Democratic party was treating a specific candidate that was running for public office Cahill's phone line was open.... I can go on and on with numerous examples but I know many of you already know, having similar dealings with Assemblyman Cahill.. I'm proud and honored to have Assemblyman Kevin Cahill as the 2007 Blaber News Person of the Year.

High Profile Lawyer Dominic Barbara Amoung Bradley's Contributors

Vince Bradley Jr., who raised almost 200k in his bid for District Attorney received a $ 100 contribution from Long Island high profile attorney Dominic Barbara, according to a recent filling with the NYS Board of Elections. Mr. Barbara is best known for his high profile clients which have included, Michael Lohan, Joey Buttafuoco and Jessica Hahn. Mr. Barbara is also a regular contributor to the Howard Stern Show.
Mr.Barbara came under fire recently after taking 100k from a convicted drug trafficker, that Barbara conceded were proceeds from criminal activity and for which "no legal work was performed." Mr. Barbara later agreed to forfeit the money to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Don Williams says his Farwell as Ulster's D.A.

Ulster County District Attorney Donald Williams had his retirement party today at the Wiltwyck Golf Club. I did not make it down there but I'm sure it was very well attended. While I do not necessarily agree with the philosophies of Mr. Williams' office, he has been a great District Attorney, who has dedicated his entire professional career to that office. Starting out as an a.d.a and working his way up the ladder to become a two term District Attorney of Ulster County. I wish Williams the best in his retirement but I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Donald Williams.

Hein's Kick-Off Fundraiser a Success

Mike Hein had his very well attended kick-off fundraiser at the Hillside manor on Thursday evening with about 250 people in attendance. Ulster County Treasurer Lew Kirschner, and County Legislator Allen Lomita were a few of the speakers that pledged their support to Hein. Several other Democratic heavyweights were in attendance, including Kingston Mayor James Sottile. It also looks like Hein may get additional broad range support, among those in attendance tonight was Uster County Conservative Chairwoman Bonnie Hewitt.

Hein touted his experience and accomplishments as County Administrator and pledged to continue to break down the good ol' boy system and return government back to the people.

" If you want a typical politician than I'm not your guy, however if you want a person with the experience and capability to do the job than I'm exactly who you want," said Hein to a roaring applause.

Hein is seeking the Democratic nomination for County Executive and thus far is the only announced candidate.

Legislature Comes Through for HVCFI

The Ulster County Legislature will provide 100k in funding for the HVCFI and I thank them for having the foresight to recognize how important this is for Ulster County. 100k is a lot less than the 250k that was originally requested but considering that the this was a dead issue a week ago.. I think everyone was satisfied and the HVCFI will stay in Ulster County. I think a special thanks is in order for Legislator's Robert Parete, Richard Parete, Peter Kraft, Don Gregoroius, Sue Zimet, Brian Cahill and Jeanette Provanzano who really worked hard to make sure that this funding was in place.

Legislature Backs Impeachment

The Ulster County Legislature passed a memorializing resolution for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheeney. The memorializing resolution has no weight but it's symbolic and important to the people of Ulster County. I will say that the fact that this resolution passed in Ulster County by a 20-9 vote, almost brought a tear of joy to my eye. Not because of the resolution but because of the way this county has changed. This resolution would never of seen the light of day three years ago. We're a truly progressive county and that's a good thing.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Dear County Lawmaker :

Today, I write to ask for your support for funding for the HVCFI, a non-profit organization that fosters the growth of high value business and technology development firms in Ulster County and throughout the Hudson Valley.

The HVCFI has been an asset to Ulster County and to the creation of high tech jobs and business creation. There are now six businesses in the HVCFI and several jobs that have been created, and many more to come.

One thing that should be pointed out is, this funding is NOT a permanent thing. The HVCFI is striving to become self-sustaining through licensing revenues, corporate sponsorships, continued local, state and federal grants. Let's hope that when we look back that we can say that Ulster County had the foresight to recognize the importance to keep the HVCFI in Ulster County. And, with the New York State Business Council giving this county an "F" rating in regards to economic development, we must ask ourselves, can we afford not to fund this incubator?

Governor Eliot Spitzer said in his inaugural address : Like Rip Van Winkle, the legendary character created by the New York author Washington Irving, New York has slept through much of the past decade while the rest of the world has passed us by.

For a long time that has been the case in Ulster County in regards to good paying jobs and specifically jobs that have to do with technology. If the funding for the HVCFI is not passed the unfortunate reality is that HVCFI will have to shut down it's facility and move out of Ulster County. Let's not be the county that slept through and let this very unique and exciting opportunity pass us by.


Jeremy Blaber

Dem Party Holds Forum


Address the issues that are holding back our party's progress and speak out about your concerns.

Share your ideas!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Rosendale Community Center

for more info contact 845-246-7493
This is really an important brain storming session that I encourage all Democrats to attend. We need to get our act together so that together we can take the office of County Executive and help to elect Democrats county wide and beyond. More importantly to heal our party.
See you there!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Jeanette? Dave?----- Brian? Hector?

Could we really see Jeanette Provanzano become the first chairman of the County Legislature? Well if you ask Jeanette, she'll tell you that she has the support from the Democratic caucus but Dave Donaldson is said to be closing the gap. The interesting thing is that this may not be a decision that is decided in caucus, as is tradition. Donaldson has the option to take the vote to the entire legislature and court the GOP as well. The question than becomes, is it wise for Donaldson, who would win handily over Jeanette in a full vote of the legislature, to break from tradition? Now normally the answer is absolutely not. If you don't have the support of your caucus than you concede. However, Donaldson should ask himself if Jeanette had the votes to take him out by courting the gop would she do it....only if the answer is yes, should Donaldson cross that bridge. For the record and to be fair, I support Dave Donaldson for reelection as chairman.

Another Leadership position up for grabs is for majority leader, which Provanzano has vacated to run for the chairmanship. Hector Rodriguez and Brian Cahill are both going for the position. I'm friends with Brian and Hector both, so, I refuse to make any comments or predictions on that race. They're both good people and the county would be well served with either one of them as the majority leader.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Here and There

Farewell to Joan Every, no, not the late Joan Every as Legislator Glenn Noonan referred to her in his Minority address a year ago. The very much alive Joan Every is retiring from the legislature with 20+ years of being elected..not 20+ years of service... It will be a benefit to all for this legislator to be shown the door, Mrs. Every is a prime example that being elected to the legislature is a popularity contest. No legislator has such a pitiful record of attendance than that of Legislator Every, or as she has come to be known by her peers as" Joanie Ducks." Mrs. Every earned that nickname due to the fact that she ducks from every meeting that has a controversial vote on the agenda. I guess as long as you show up to the pancake breakfasts and schmooze the seniors, it's enough to get elected. Mrs. Every even plans to skip the December legislative session the last meeting in which she will be a legislator... unreal.... I bet she'll show up afterward to pick up her last check.

I'm glad that the Republican that got elected in Every's legislative district was Laura Petit, I met Ms. Petit several times during the campaign trail and she will be a breath of fresh air for the legislature...someone that will be involved and dedicated to the county.

The city of Kingston's two Republican Alderman are fighting over which one will serve as the council's Minority Leader for 2008. Both Ron Polocco and Al Teetsil want the Minority post and GOP Chair Jean Jacobs refuses to step in and break the tie. In the end, smart money says Ron Polocco will take the post and that's not a bad thing. Teetsil has been another absent public official and in my opinion did not warrant reelection much less a leadership position.

And, finally it's good to see that both Shannon Schreibman ( Julian is prohibited because of his job) and Jon Sennett are staying involved in the local Democratic committee. Jon Sennett and Shannon Schreibman both attended the Dem Executive committee this past week. Sennett is staying active in his local committee and the Schreibman's have spearheaded an effort with Jay Mahler to start up the Ulster County Young Democrats. On the other hand Ulster County's hometown son, Vince Bradley Jr., is looking for a job all the way in Columbia county and has no interest in his community or anything else that does not directly focus on himself.

Dem Leadership Vote Moved to December 9th

Below is an e-mail that was forwarded to me be a person that will remain anonymous, it's an e-mail from Majority Whip Robert Parete informing people that the leadership vote has been moved to another date. Which is fine, Mr. Parete's position as Whip requires him to notify the Democratic caucus. However, in the e-mail it talks about proxy voting which I just found interesting and disturbing. In my opinion there should NOT be any proxy voting.

Don't shoot the messenger, this is not an attack on Robby Parete at all...simply an fyi on the issue of proxy voting.


Due to the impending weather forecast, the Leadership vote will not take place on Sunday, December 2, 2007. Instead, the Democratic Caucus will meet on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 to discuss leadership voting, and in particular, voting by proxy. Caucus will begin at 5:30PM sharp. This caucus will take place just prior to the annual budget vote. Only those members who are part of the 2008 Democratic Caucus will be allowed to cast a vote whether to allow voting by proxy the 2008 Leadership. This will be decided on Wednesday, but the Leadership vote will be scheduled for next Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 9:30AM at Democratic HQ on Fair Street in Kingston. As indicated in my previous email, the same agenda will apply. Please note the 2005 Leadership Vote occurred on November 21st, 2005. As always, feel free to contact me should you have any suggestions. Please respond to this email so I know you received it. I have asked Kathy Mihm to contact Legislator-Elect Decker.


Noonan Reelected Minority Leader

Glenn Noonan has been reelected as Minority Leader of the Ulster County legislature and while I didn't get involved before the vote because it's of no concern to me, I'm glad Noonan was reelected to the post. Glenn Noonan, a legislator from Gardiner, is as partisan and anti-Democrat as they come but he's a good guy with genuine intentions for the county. As long as he's only leading the minority, I can live with it. Congratulations to Minority Leader Noonan.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

HVCFI in Funding Crisis, Call your Legislator

In Governor Spitzer's inaugural address, on day one, he made an interesting remark : Like Rip Van Winkle, the legendary character created by the New York author Washington Irving, New York has slept through much of the past decade while the rest of the world has passed us by.

That seems to be true specifically in Ulster County, the Ways and Means committee of the Ulster County legislature just denied 250k in funding to the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, which may force this center that is such an asset to Ulster County, to shut its doors or move out of Ulster County. HVCFI has proven results with bringing in tech business and creating jobs for Ulster County residents. The HVCFI is striving to become self-sustaining through licensing revenues, corporate sponsorships, continued local, state and federal grants as quickly as possible, this funding is not a permanent thing.

When the HVCFI does get off the ground and become self sustaining, lets hope we would of had the foresight to keep them here in Ulster County. Let's ask ourselves can we really afford not to fund this program? New York State Business Council gave Ulster County an "F" failing grade for economic development earlier this year. So why in the world would the legislature even think of jeopardizing the loss of 15 jobs and four Ulster County businesses?

I was in Albany with two Ulster County legislators ( Sue Zimet and Robert Parete), when Governor Spitzer made his remarks about Rip Van Winkle and how the world has passes us by during the Pataki administration. Lets not be the county that fell asleep and let the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation pass by Ulster County.

Call your legislator and ask them to support the funding for the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation. Link to your legislator's contact info -----> County Legislature

Billiam VanRoestenberg joins Radio Free Kingston

Gary Bischoff and Art Richter, co-hosts of Radio Free Kingston announce that Billiam VanRoestenberg will be a regular host of the program. Radio Free Kingston is a weekly radio show that airs on WKNY, 1490 on the AM dial every Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The show started in July 2005 on Friday evenings and moved to Sunday afternoons shortly after.

Radio Free Kingston is a progressive talk show that counters a lot of the right wing propaganda that dominates talk radio today. Listeners are free to call the show and add to the discussion. The show discusses topics of interest locally and nationally.

The aim of the show is to entertain and educate listeners on a variety of topics. Most shows have local guests in the studio.

Billiam VanRoestenberg is a farmer living in Highland, NY. VanRoestenberg is active on the local political scene, and was a candidate for Ulster County Legislature in 2005.

"The addition of VanRoestenberg brings a fresh new voice to our radio program. During the weeks leading up to the election, I was not able to be on the show because of FCC regulations. We asked Billiam to 'pinch hit' for me, and he did such a great job that we invited him to be a regular host of the program. We plan to alternate and have two hosts in the studio each week. I am pleased to be working with Billiam who has proven to be a very polished, professional co-host."

- Gary Bischoff

Check out Jonathan Sennett's audio message below

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GOP Values: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Enodrsed by Bunny Ranch

In what seemed like a Saturday Night Live political parody, a real-world press conference was launched as MSNBC's Tucker Carlson and two prostitutes stepped from a limousine, the ladies were with their employer and the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch who arrived at an endorsement press conference for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). Carlson is traveling with the Paul campaign while doing a story for the New Republic.

Dennis Hof, the Bunny Ranch's owner is so excited that he wants to raise money for Paul. The Reno Gazette Journal reports: Following the news conference, Hof said he was so impressed that he wanted to start raising money for Paul.

"I'll do it today," he said. "I'll get all the Bunnies together, and we can raise him some money. I'll put up a collection box outside the door. They can drop in $1 dollar, $5 dollar contributions."
Two of Hof's prostitutes, Air Force Amy and Brooke Taylor, said they liked Paul's message, but wanted to learn more about the other candidates before making a decision.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gordon Webb Passes on.

Gordon Webb passed away this morning after a long illness. I went and saw Gordon yesterday and he was in rough shape but amazingly in good spirits. I never agreed with Mr. Webb on this issues but he served a very vital role in the establishment of public access, and to the community. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blaber News' Second Annual Person of the Year VOTE NOW

I again, am in search for our second annual Blaber News Person of the year and am asking for your help. Blaber News person of the year must be an active member of the community and posses significant contributions to Ulster County. The criteria contained has been established to provide visibility in points and ensure objective selection. The person of the year picked by Jeremy Blaber with the help of the public will receive a plaque, full page write up on and will be the first guest of 2008 on Blaber's widely popular show Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber(yes, I'll be back on by then)

2006's winner was town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner

Nominees for 2007: VOTE NOW!!

Jonathan Sennett- Mr. Sennett is an advocate in the legal community of Ulster County. Mr. Sennett stands up for the rights of citizens regardless of your economic means, race or gender. Jon believes in realistic approaches to fighting crime in Ulster County and making sure every citizen is safe and that above all justice is served. Sennett was the 2007 Democratic candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.

Nick Woerner - Mr. Woerner is currently the Supervisor of the town of Ulster, Woerner was elected in 2005 and was the youngest Supervisor ever to be elected in NYS. Since taking office Woerner has achieved many accomplishments including the establishment of a legal police commission, keeping taxes in check and promoting economic development for the town of Ulster. Woerner was voted Blaber News' person of the year in 2006.

Kevin Cahill- Mr. Cahill serves in the 101st district of the NYS Assembly which includes most of Ulster County and parts of Dutchess county, since taking office Cahill has faught tirelessly for his constituents on a number of local issues. Cahill has been a pioneer for property tax reform in our state. Assemblyman Cahill is the chair of the State Committee on Ethics.

Mike Hein - Mr. Hein became County Administrator in 2005 when the Democrats took control of the Ulster County legislature. Hein inherited a messy budget left over from the previous administrations. With the guidance of the legislature, Hein has transformed the county budget into a budget that is open and accountable to the tax-payers of Ulster County. Mr. Hein is currently a candidate for County Executive.

Diane Reeder - Mrs. Reeder is the executive director of the Queen's Galley in Kingston, which is a soup kitchen that feeds and educates the public. Mrs. Reeder teaches people the value of nutrition and how to shop healthy on a fixed budget and most importantly no one is ever turned away. Mrs. Reeder serves thousands of meals each month to the residents of Kingston.