Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mayor Sottile Closing the Gap

Just call him the Teflon Mayor--- Jim Sottile, who has been able to shake off the constant criticism brought forth by his opponent Rich Cahill, has pretty much wrapped this election up. Sottile drilled the last few nails into Rich Cahill's coffin this past week with a series of endorsements from the Kingston police department and Kingston Fire department and now the ground breaking of Armor Dynamics, which will bring in 500 good paying jobs into Kingston. It's been a good week for our mayor and I think next week will be a long night for Richard Cahill.

While I'm on Kingston please VOTE Tuesday Nov. 6th, ROW A

Jonathan Sennett -- District Attorney

James Gilpatric --- City Court judge

James Sottile -- Mayor

James Noble --- Alderman- at- Large

Ward 1-- write in Dan Gartenstien (just kidding Dan, we could be so lucky)

Ward 2 Jennifer Ringwood

Ward 3 Charles Landi

Ward 4 Shirley Whitlock

Ward 5 Anne Marie DiBella

Ward 6 Robert Gillon

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds

Ward 8 Robert Senor

Ward 9 Mike Madsen

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


With just a week left before voters cast their votes in the town of Ulster it has taken a nasty turn, with the Citizens for Change in Ulster unleashing a series of lies and crazy accusations on incumbent Supervisor Nick Woerner that would even make Karl Rove embarrassed. In their full page ad that was taken out in the Kingston Times, let's just say it makes Woerner look less than honorable. In reality what can one say about a 23 year old Supervisor who has proven more competent than many of his former predecessors, lies and political spin is the only option and voters usually reject those tactics. Just ask Mr. Matthews how he's doing in the Assembly.

Who is behind this Citizen for change? Vince Guido, Joe Toscano, and Jim Quigley. Now apparently Jim Quigly has hired Joe Toscano as a political consultant, he would of been better off hiring my cat. Not for nothing, Mr. Quigley is a very successful businessman who led a one man effort to defeat the Ulster County charter and was nearly successfulin doing so. So why he hired a dud like Toscano is beyond me. The Citizens for change had their campaign kickoff at their headquarters on Albany avenue and all five of them showed up, probably working on Don Wise's concession speech.

Woerner, meanwhile has picked up some significant endorsements from Congressman Maurice Hinchey, U.C. Sheriff Paul Vn Blarcum and Robert Reynolds, President of the town of Ulster PBA. I hear there is another significant endorsement coming out this Friday.

While I'm talking about the town of Ulster, please make sure you vote on Nov.6th for Nick Woerner for Supervisor, Ed Alieo for Town Justice, as well as the rest of the Dem ticket. ROW A.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mayoral and DA Debate Monday WGHQ 920 AM

7:00- 8:00 am Kingston Mayoral Debate

Rich Cahill and Lisa Cutten will be debating. Myor Sottile has decliened the invite.

Sennett Talks To A Crowd in Mid Town, After His Over Night

Saturday, October 27, 2007


D.A. Debate reveals


Then had the nerve to portray himself in a matter where one would think he was the prosecutor on the cases he was discussing. Unreal. Whatta guy!

Football picks w/ Blaber and Parete

Parete's Picks
Blaber's Picks

D.A. Debate Today at 11:00 AM Kingston City Hall

There will be a debate for the candidates running for Ulster County District Attorney, Jonathan Sennett, Vince Bradley Jr., and Holley Carnright.

The debate is today, Saturday, Oct. 27th at 11:00 am at Kingston city hall. Please attend!

I encourage all to attend and to tell your friends to attend. It's very important that people come out and look at the candidates individually and listen to what they have to say. This is a county-wide race and a very important one, so whether you live in Kingston or Shawangunk please come out and listen to the candidates. The debate is being sponsored by the League of Woman Voters of Ulster County.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Legislator Tracey Bartels (I-Gardiner), chairwoman of the investigation into the nearly $40 million dollar cost overruns at the new county jail, wants Jonathan Sennett to be the next Ulster County District Attorney.

"The legislature's investigation went through tens of thousands of documents. In the event that the grand jury investigation impaneled by current Ulster County District Attorney Donald A. Williams is not finished before the end of the year, it is essential that this probe be carried forward by the most capable and unbiased candidate," said Tracey Bartels ,the non-enrolled county legislator who led the Special Committee to Investigate Matters Regarding the Pre-Planning, Planning, and Construction of the Ulster County Law Enforcement Center.

Bartels said of the three candidates for Ulster County District Attorney, Jonathan Sennett is best positioned to carry forward the research and evidence gathered by her investigation and the ongoing grand jury investigation. Taxpayers deserve a district attorney who will conduct the investigation in an unbiased manner that will not be influenced by long-established personal or professional relationships, said Bartels.

Bartels is a two-term county legislator from Gardiner who is not seeking a third term. This endorsement is not politically motivated. We need to get to the truth in the biggest financial blunder in the history of Ulster County. I believe Jonathan Sennett will pursue justice until it is served f or the people of this county," said Bartels. Sennett said that voters across the county have expressed outrage to him over the jail project. "Ms. Bartels' endorsement is a great honor. She spearheaded the legislature's investigation in a thorough, professional and non-partisan manner. Prosecution at all levels must be non-partisan," said Jonathan Sennett.

Sennett is also endorsed by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Eliot Spitzer. CSEA Local 856, Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation and SEIU Local 200United have endorsed Sennett.


Jonathan R. Sennett, has been invited to spend the night in the home of a family in Midtown and attend church services this weekend to get a first-hand look at issues and concerns facing residents of the troubled section of Kingston.

"I want to show residents of Midtown that as district attorney I will roll up my sleeves and work along side of them to help solve key issues facing the community".
" My style is to size up the problem and build teams to tackle the issues," said Sennett.Sennett blasted the conservative candidate for district attorney who has said he does not feel comfortable walking in Midtown. "The district attorney needs to confront problems head on. An arms length approach or barricading streets, as the conservative candidate suggested simply will not work. Hardworking residents feel trapped and need help," said Sennett.

On Sunday, Sennett will meet and greet residents from 1-3 p.m. in an open space located at the corner of Broadway and Franklin streets to discuss ideas he has for combating drugs, gangs and violence in Midtown. "I have some ideas to present to residents and business owners.

Their feedback is essential to developing a plan that the community can embrace," said Sennett." As district attorney, I will focus my attention on fighting crime more efficiently and effectively in Midtown and throughout Ulster County.Consider this my extended job interview," said Sennett.

The meet the candidate event, running between 1-3 p.m. this Sunday, will offer hot dogs and hamburgers for those who attend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Appology to Mrs. DeGroodt

Yesterday, I received a comment from Maryann DeGroodt about a comment that was published on my blog and she was rightfully upset over it's content. For the record I just want to make it clear, I do NOT write comments in the third party comment section nor do I take any responsibility for other peoples opinions. Luckily,I ran into Mrs. DeGroodt today and was able to straighten things out with her and the comment in question has been deleted. However, I'm sure there are many people that I may not have that same opportunity to meet and explain how this process works.

Mrs. DeGroodt, and other private citizens (J.B.) will not be attacked on this blog, she is not running for public office and not a public figure. She is however, a nice woman who happens to be supporting Holley Carnright for d.a., while I disagree with her on that, that is her right and privilege to support who she wishes. My sincere apology to her and other private citizens who have been attacked on this blog by anonymous bloggers. The simple fact is I get 30 to 40 comments on different stories a day and I simply can't go through each one individually. However, I do the best I can.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hein as Good as Locks Up Becoming County's First Executive

"This is what happens when people refuse to accept the status quo"

- Mike Hein, Ulster County Adimistartor

County Executive Michael Hein? That seems to be looking more and more of a reality these days, with Hein wrapping up his second fiscally sound budget as county administrator. Mr. Hein's tireless efforts in cooperation with Chairman David Donaldson and the Ulster county legislature have produced a budget for 2008 with the lowest tax increase in over a decade! With a mere 3.65% increase. Mr. Hein and the democratic majority should be commended for their work.

The budget in an effort to make government more open and available to the people is available online at :

Bottom line, if Michael Hein doesn't launch a write in campaign for mayor in the next two weeks, he's looking good to become a possible front-runner for the position of County Executive next year.

Note : This is not an endorsement for Michael Hein, that would be irresponsible. It's too early and no one even knows if he is running and who else may run. Personally I feel Michael Hein would be a great candidate but my personal preference at this point is Assemblyman Kevin Cahill.

Hollley Carnright Gets Desperate, Attacks Sennett

Holley Carnright, the Republican, and silent ghost like candidate for D.A., in an effort to wake his campaign from the dead, took a shot at his Democratic opponent Jonahthan Sennett saying that the Governor's endorsement means that Sennett backs Spitzer's license program. How someone comes up with that logic is beyond me. The fact of the matter is Gov. Spitzer for 8 years was the State's chief law enforcement official and his endorsement carries a lot of cloat.
Carnright who was thrown up to run by the GOP party is only now a serious candidate because Vince Bradley Jr., is running as a third party candidate and may take away votes from Sennett. Carnright is barley campaigning, and with his record I don't blame him. The guy has not prosecuted a case in over 30 years!! He is on record as saying such insightful quotes like the d.a.'s office should not try to prevent crime and that the d.a.'s office does not need to be upgraded to the 21st century. O.K., Holley, how about the 17th, this coming from a guy who can't even turn on a computer. If Carnright was elected da he would sit at Don Williams' desk and Ulster County residents would be forced to face the status quo. Holley Carnright represents everything that is wrong with public service. The guy simply has no vision for the office.
It just so happens that Sennett is in favor of Gov. Spitzer's plan to allow licenses for undocumented workers and I'll give you his direct quotes to why he does :

"Spitzer's policy is meant to document unlicensed drivers who are already illegally operating on the roads of New York state," Sennett said in a prepared statement on Tuesday. "This (current situation) poses risks on several fronts, including public safety, insurance fraud and allowing law enforcement to find all those living in New York state."

If you remove the emotion in this issue and stick to the facts, Spitzer's plan has nothing to do with current or future immigration status," Sennett wrote. "The governor or the district attorney are not in a position to set federal immigration policy. They are in a position of protecting public safety and reducing escalating insurance rates in New York state."

And, in an effort not to disappoint, The Freeman again showed it's clear bias against Sennett in today's paper with Sennett's controversial position getting a full article on page three. Yet, when the Governor, the top elected official of the state backed Sennett he was given a mere paragraph in the bottom left hand corner of the know the spot where a person places their coffee mug.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Message from Our Chair, Hon. John Parete

Dear Friends:

This year, we’re paying close attention to a number of town races that will be close; a number of seats in the County Legislature will also be hotly contested. In addition, we have the opportunity to elect Jonathan Sennett to be the first Democratic District Attorney in more than thirty years. In order for our Democratic Candidates to be successful on election day, we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work persuading our fellow Democrats, friends, and others to join us in our campaign by volunteering, spreading the good word, and helping to find a way to pay for what will most likely be a very expensive campaign season.In the end, our candidates are well-qualified and well-suited to serve in the offices that we will work hard to get them elected to.

The Democrats who were elected to form the first majority in the Ulster County Legislature in recent (and not so recent) memory have done a good job focusing on making sure that the money that is allocated is well spent, without waste. They have focused on addressing the hard realities of the excessive spending undertaken by their Republican predecessors and the fact that revenues aren’t fulfilling the rosy budget projections prepared by the Republicans. And the jail is finally open.We hope that you will join us in our efforts. Contact your local town committee or your favorite candidate to learn more about the issues that we face and to find out about tangible ways that you can make a positive difference in the outcome of this election.

John R. Parete, Chair

Ulster County Democratic Committee

Governor Eliot Spitzer Endorses Jonathan Sennett for D.A.

Governor Eliot Spitzer today back Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney. Gov. Spitzer who as the states Chief Law Enforcement Official was knonw as the Sheriff of Wall St. is pretty confident in who he wants to be at 1818 Wall St. as our next D.A. and that is Joanthan R. Sennett. This endorsement is the most significant, more so then Hillary and Schumer because Spitzer's forte is fighting corruption, fighting crime and reform...Sennett should be very humbled by the support of Governor Eliot Spitzer.

"The people of Ulster County will be well-served with Jonathan Sennett as district attorney, I respect his skills as a prosecutor and his dedication to finding cost-effective ways to reduce crime.Sennett has pledged to fight crime by implementing early case evaluation, rapidly responding to cases involving special victims and combating drug dealers and gang leaders by "dismantling their organizations from the top down."

- Governor Eliot Spitzer

Spitzer said Sennett's ideas will guide the DA's office into the 21st century.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sennett Opponents Running Scared

This sign was destroyed and signs are being ripped up for Sennett and other candidates all over the county. I'm not blaming anyone for it but I know Holley Carnright's supporters would not do this. If nothing else Carnright like Sennett, is running his campaign with class. I know Vince, it's hard to see so many signs popping up for Sennett in Kingston and throughout Ulster County, but for every sign knocked down three more are going up. This sign has been replaced and I would hope that we can all act like adults and not vandalize someone elses sign on their own private property.

Football Picks w/ Parete and Blaber

Parete's picks :

Redskins W
Saints W
Bills W
Dallas W
New England W
Giants W
Houston L
Jets L
Phily L
Seattle W
Denver W
Jacksonville L


Baltimore W
Atlanta L
Washington W
Giants W
Tenn W
Detroit W
Oakland L
Cin W
Seat W
Phil L
Dallas W
Pittsburgh L
Ind W
Blaber : 10 Parete : 9

Saturday, October 20, 2007

D.A. Debate

Here is a fair video with all three candidates for district attorney. Watch the video in it's entirety and decide for yourself who you feel is the better candidate and the best for Ulster County.

Here and There

It's that time of year and we're getting all the election junk mail full of promises that will never be fulfilled and yes it happens on both sides. The funniest piece of mail I have gotten was from Vincent Bradley Jr., who has labeled himself the Independent candidate that doesn't owes anyone anything. That's like saying Fox News is fair and balanced or I'm a slim conservative thinker. The fact of the matter is that Bradley is endorsed by the Independence party and with his list of sketchy contributors, he owes more favors then anyone this county has ever seen. Bottom line, take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Th second annual KPA telethon is going on this weekend with the station raising funds to keep it alive. It's bad enough at this point the station is barley hanging on for dear life. The station has made progress and now has a commission that is trying to do the best that it can. I encourage people to watch and call in this weekend and donate money for a good cause. The number is 845-338-4562 On a side note there is going to be karaoke on Monday night and 6th Ward Aldermadic candidate Robert Gillon tells me he will be singing 1968 Beatles hits at 9:15 pm, tune in.

The WKNY Mayoral debate took place today and thankfully I missed it. I'm honestly a little bored with that race, it's already been decided for months now. Of course, Rich Cahill's alter ego, the imaginary "Chris", claims Cahill was the winner. Somehow I doubt that.

Finally, The Kingst'Onion is closing shop and I'm sorry to see the blog go. It's humorous and cutting edge political satire have made it a must read. The blog is closing down because like many they're upset about the unusual nasty tone of this political season. Hopefully the blog's closing is only a temporary thing. Looks like in the mean time Mr. Fusfeld will have to find a new favorite blog.

SEIU Local 200 Endorses Sennett for D.A.

SEIU Local 200 United unanimously endorsed Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney. Local 200 United represents 13,000 public, private and federal employees many of whom live and work in Ulster County.

Assemblyman Cahill comes out for Sennett

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has officially backed Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney. Assemblyman Cahill has said he was supporting Sennett for some time now but now he has gone on record with the Kingston Daily Freeman. Which is even more significant because this is the first statement our Assemblyman has given the Freeman in sometime, after a dispute over an editorial. Assemblyman Cahill broke his silence today in support of Sennett for D.A. Assemblyman Cahill has always been a good Democrat and a top notch public servant and I applaud him for that.

The article in the Freeman today was fair and while I won't be apologizing yet to Fusfeld or Reynolds. I'm back to questioning that maybe I have a case of pre-election paranoid jitters.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton Endorses Jon Sennett for Ulster County D.A.

BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has endorsed Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney.
The Record -Trials and Tribulations---Hillary Endorses Sennett for D.A.

Jonathan Sennett's experience as a tough prosecutor in the Bronx and a seasoned defense attorney in the Hudson Valley make him the best choice for Ulster County District Attorney.
- Senator Hillary R. Clinton

Sennett Events this Weekend

1.) SATURDAY NIGHT - 7pm at the Rosendale Theatre. Come See "Desert Bayou" acclaimed documentary about plight of group of Katrina evacuees from New Orleans taken to Salt Lake City, Utah. First run of amazing film. Rosendale Theatre to generously donate 100% of proceeds to Sennett for DA campaign!! Please join us and show your support for Jon! Tickets are $10.

2.) SUNDAY AFTERNOON - 2 - 4 pm House Party at Marbletown Home of Marti and Lenny Green. Food by John Novi of DuPey Canal House! Please join Jon and a bevy of incredible local artists including Mary Louise Wilson, TONY AWARD WINNER!! (Last year, Grey Gardens!), Joe Tripolo, Susan Richards, Kim Wozencraft and many others!! Suggested donation is $40 or $75 for two!

The Daily Disappointment

I have been told about the Freeman Bias being waved toward Jonathan Sennett for several months now and for the most part I have shrugged it off as people being overly paranoid, but it comes a point when one must accept the facts. The fact of the matter is that Ira Fusfeld and Hugh Reynolds are clearly NOT supporting Jonathan Sennett and are clearly distorting his record and using their paper to hurt his candidacy.
The character assassination in today's paper made that very clear. I'd be willing to bet this blogs existence that the Freeman does not have the courage to endorse Sennett. That's what it's about, no one can sit in a room with Carnright, Bradley and Sennett and come out thinking that Sennett is not the better candidate. It's courage and fear of change that the Freeman won't accept.

Why are they doing this? I'm not sure. It could be that they're pandering to Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile and the large Kingston readership. However, Sennett has a large base of support in Kingston so that seems unlikely. Maybe, the Freeman fears change? They did endorse Elliot Spitzer for Governor last year so that also seems like an odd explanation. Maybe it's a small combination of both, who knows. The fact of the matter is that Jonathan Sennett will be the next district attorney of Ulster County and he will bring forth a positive change to the criminal justice system that we have not witnessed since Elliot Spitzer was elected as our Attorney General.

CHANGE, REFORM, JUSTICE FOR ALL, this is the type of salty language that makes political editor Hugh Reynolds and many others uncomfortable. It shouldn't have to, please join me in electing a bold, fearless, Spitzer type leader on November 6th.

Jonathan Sennett Talks About Drug Prosecution

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mayor Sottile Wins Chamber Debate

Mayor James Sottile was the clear winner at the Chamber debate that took place this morning. Answering questions from crime to economic development, it was clear that Sottile brought his A game. All candidates did well, I was particularly impressed with Lisa Cutten, which further boggles my mind to why she would risk a career in public service at a no shot election bid. Rich Cahill talked about his tax plan and the crime issue but there was no real substance to what he had to say and I think that was pretty evident. If the roaring standing ovation that Mayor Sottile received is any indication to what people are feeling, then hiz Honor will breeze through this election which is now just 20 short days away.
UPDATE : I just went to Cahill's blog and it claims that he shined at today's debate and was the clear winner. Obviously Cahill was not at the same debate as everyone else. Politics aside, there is absolutely no way anyone could think Sottile lost this debate. Sottile schooled Cahill and Cutten on every single issue! Don't believe me, ask anyone who attended.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

13th Annual Pasta Molinaro

It's that time again!

The 13th Annual Friends of Marc Molinaro Spaghetti Dinner is just around the corner. This event has gotten so big, they're having it twice! The first is on October 21 at the VFW in Ghent and our annual event in Tivoli will be held:

Friday, Nov. 2, 2007
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Tivoli Masonic Lodge, North Road

Sottile/Noble Lawn Signs Are Now Here

Sotttile /Noble lawn signs are now available!! I have a bunch, so please send me an e-mail if you need a lawn sign and I'll get one to you.
My e-mail is :

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sennett releases policy paper


Democrat and Working Families Ulster county district attorney candidate Jonathan Sennett Sunday released a policy paper on his strategy to fight crime if elected next month.

The 18-page plan addresses ways of combating gangs, drugs, violent crime and domestic violence as well as a means to upgrade the DA’s office with “cost-effective technology” to help streamline the way the office handles cases.

“The county has changed in the last decade and the office of the district attorney needs to be proactive and stay steps ahead of those who chose to break the law,” Sennett said.
The DA’s race with be three way with Sennett, Republican Holley Carnright and Conservative Vincent Bradley, Jr.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Radio Show Went Well

I was be a guest on WGHQ this morning, Monday, from 7-9am with hosts Rich Parete and Mike Sweeney. U.C. Minority Leader Glenn Noonan and Robb Kinnin were on in addition to myself. The show went very well. Everyone was very nice and the show was great, I would love to do it again, if invited.

How People Search for this Blog

Remember Blog-Gate where Mayoral candidate Richard Cahill busted city employees for logging on his website? It was petty and I disagree with what he did but that's besides the point. I downloaded the program that he used and one of the things it allows you to do is to see how people seach to get on this site.

Here is what people used today as of 10:30am :

Search Term

7 16.28%

blaber not blogspot

6 13.95%

blaber news

4 9.30%

blaber blog

4 9.30%

blaber, blog

4 9.30%


4 9.30%
jeremy blaber

4 9.30%

2 4.65%
shirley whitlock

2 4.65%

2 4.65%
blaber news blog

1 2.33%
nick woerner

1 2.33%
blaber-blog not

1 2.33%
shirley whitlock matthew ryan

1 2.33%
blaber not da

Interestingly enough 42 visits yesterday came from the District of Columbia

District Of Columbia
United States

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Judge Gilpatric Rated Qualified

A newly created panel charged with determining whether judicial candidates in the region are qualified has given its stamp of approval to the Democratic Candidate for Kingston city judge. The Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission reviewing candidates in the state's Third Judicial District said it rated Judge James Gilpatric as QUALIFIED. This is a big boost to Gilpatric, who has been a judge longer than his GOP opponnet has been an attorney.

Press Release click here ---> Judge Gilpatric rated Qualified

I was also browsing Judge Gilpatric's website and he has a very impressive resume :


Ulster County Magistrates Association (2002 President)

Ulster County Bar Association

New York State Bar Association

New York State Association of City Court Judges

Professional Affiliations & Civic Activities:

2003 to present - Member of Executive Committee of Ulster County Housing Consortium

2001 to present - Member of Ulster County Mental Health Community Services Board

1998 to present - Substance Abuse Sub-Committee of Ulster County Mental Health Community Services Board; Member of Committee; Chairperson since 1/2000

1995-1997 & 2002-2004, 2006 - Ulster County Student Mock Trial Competition - Trial Judge

1994 - Kingston-Ulster Economic Development Zone Application Committee Member1

993 to present - Rural Ulster Preservation Company; Member of Board of Directors - Past Secretary

1992-1993 - Ulster County Bar Association; Member of Board of Directors

1991-1992 - Ulster County Chapter of American Red Cross - Member of Board of Directors

1990-1993 - Ulster County Bar Association Pro Bono Program - Special Recognition Years

1984-1985 - Coach, M. Clifford Miller Mock Trial Team1

981-1985 - Rural Ulster Preservation Company; Member of Board of Directors (President - one year)

1979-1986 Kingston Kiwanis Club Member

Political Activities:

1993 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Mayor T.R. Gallo, City of Kingston

1992 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Karen K. Peters, Supreme Court

1992-1993 - Kingston Democratic Committee Member

1992 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. Leonard A. Weiss, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. James B. Canfield, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. Edward O. Spain, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Thomas Keegan, Supreme Court

1990 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Anthony V. Cardona, Supreme Court

1981 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Vincent G. Bradley, Supreme Court

1977 - Co-Coordinator of Mayoral Primary Poll for Kings County Democratic Committee (Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York)

1977-1978 - Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club Member, Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York

Training, Special Projects and Lectures:

6/2003 to 2/2006- Planning the establishment of a formal Domestic Violence Court for the City of Kingston in coordination with the Center for Court Innovation and various local partners such as the Ulster County District Attorney, Ulster County Crime Victims Agency, Family of Woodstock and NYS Office of Court Administration.

1995, 1998 & 2000 - Public Speaking engagements as City Court Judge for Kingston Concerned Citizens, Kingston Kiwanis Club and Knights of Columbus.

1994 - Instructor, Judicial Ethics Update for NYS Magistrates mandatory continuing legal education program.

1994 to present - Kingston City Court Projects: development of separate domestic violence calendar; establishment of regular parking ticket calendar part; assisted in facilitating joint City of Kingston/Ulster County participation in weekend alternative sentencing program.

1982 - Instructor, UC Legal Secretaries Association (real estate contracts).

1975-1976 - Legal intern for NYS Assembly Codes Committee, Staff & Chairman, Hon. Stanley Fink.

1974 - Intern in the Capital Office of Assemblyman John LaFalce.

Football Picks w/ Blaber and Parete

Parete's Picks

Atlanta over Giants
Jets over Eagles L
Bengals over Kansas City L
Jaguars over Texans W
Dolphins over Cleavland L
Bears over Minnesota L
Ravens over Rams W
Titans over Tampa Bay L
Redskins over Packers L
Panthers over Arizona W
Patriots over Dallas W
Chargers over Oakland W
Saints over Seattle

Blaber's Picks

Chicago over Minnesota L
over Packers L
over Kansas City L
over Miami W
over Jets W
over Tampa Bay L
over Texans W
over Ravens L
over Panthers L
San Diego
over Oakland W
over Patriots L
over Saints
Falcons over Giants

Parete 6 Blaber 4

Cross Support?

There is a lot of cross support in this election cycle. It's not unusual to see aRich Cahill sign next to a Sennett or Gilpatric sign. Or a Bradley sign next to a Bruhn sign. There are also a lot of mixed signs for aldermadic candidates as well. I saw a Teetsil and Sennett sign as well as a DiFalco Sennett sign. However this bumper sticker above made me laugh. For those of you who can't make it out, it's a bumper sticker of Democrat Jonathan Sennett and Republican Holley Carnright. Maybe one spouse supports one candidate and the other supports another.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mayoral Debate this Wednesday at the Holiday Inn

Chamber of Commerce Breakfast will host a Mayoral Debate between Mayor James Sottile, Alderman Richard Cahill and a write-in candidate.

When : Wednesday, October 17th, 730-9am

Where: Holday Inn

You must make reservations!

I called today and it's packed so call as soon as you can 338-5100 The cost of the breakfast is $25.00

Congratulations to Vice President Al Gore

Congratulations to former Vice President Al Gore, newly named co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Vice President Al Gore said he hopes the honor will "elevate global consciousness" about the challenges of global warming.

D.A. Videos

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blaber Guest Spots on WGHQ this Monday

Jeremy Blaber will be a guest on WGHQ on Monday from 7-9am with hosts Rich Parete and Mike Sweeney. I believe U.C. Minority Leader Glenn Noonan and Robb Kinnin will also be guests in addition to myself. Please tune in on 920 am Feel free to call in as well 331-9255

I reported earlier about Ira Fusfeld, the publisher of the Daily Freeman calling my blog the most prominent in the county. I never heard this, but it was told to me by a reliable source. According to Mr.Fusfeld he never referred to any blog by name and was actually referring to The Kingst'Onion. My apologies to Mr. Fusfeld for misquoting him. I too enjoy the cutting edge satire and political humor of the Kingst'Onion. I also enjoy reading Mr. Fusfeld's blog, and just the fact that Mr. Fusfeld reads my blog regularly is good enough for me.


Ulster County district attorney candidate Jonathan Sennett has been endorsed by CSEA Local 856. Sennett beat out Vincent Bradley Jr., to earn the endorsement. The union, which represents 2,200 workers in Ulster County, said Sennett is “a proven prosecutor with great integrity.” Sennett is running on the Democratic and Working Families lines.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Here and There

Bruce Tuchman who's a nice guy but very misguided in his support for Bradley, wrote a very interesting comment on the Freeman website in response to an article the Freeman did on the D.A. candidates the other day. In the article Tuchman tries to justify why Conservative candidate Vincent Bradley is still in the race for D.A., I think Mr. Tuchman should learn that some things are just not justifiable. In his letter he claims that Bradley was not treated like a Democrat. Are you kidding me? The guy was invited into the process and lost fair and square to Democrat Jonathan Sennett not once but twice! Mr. Tuchman also states that the Dem's should unite behind Vince Bradley or we'll have a GOP D.A. At this point we must wonder if Tuchman, who owns the very popular Uptown Cigar Shop , is putting some of that funny tobacco in his cigars. Is this not the same Tuchman who thought we should unite behind Andrew Cuomo for Governor? Andrew Cuomo was smart enough to drop out before the primary and went on to bigger and better things. Mr. Tuchman's friend should learn the same lesson.

Tonight, I was making some voter identification calls, and I got a very positive response on the Democratic candidates for November. A lot of people, however, are undecided or don't know who the candidates are.... one such call that was humorous and sad at the same time...It was a call for Kingston Mayor... when I asked her who she was voting for in the Mayoral election without skipping a beat she responded Mayor T.R. Gallo. Now, I didn't have the heart to tell this woman that our beloved mayor has been dead for over 5 years but I think she'll figure out somethings up come November 6th. While we all wish T.R. was still in charge and running Kingston, he's not, it's simply amazing how anyone can be so misinformed and disconnected about their local community.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Football Picks w/ Blaber and Parete

Parete's Picks

Jets over Giants L
over Panthers L
over Jags L
over Redskins L
over Titans L
over Miami W
over Seattle W
over Patriots L
St. Louis
over Arizona L
over Tampa bay W
over Denver W
over San Fran W
over Green Bay W
over Cowboys --Monday L

Blaber's Picks

Giants over Jets W
over N.O. W
over Jags L
over Detroit W
over Atlanta W
over Texans L
over Seattle W
over Cleavland W
over St. Louis W
over Tampa Bay W
over Denver W
over San Fran W
over Green Bay W
over Buffalo --Monday W
Blaber 12 Parete 6
All Time Blaber 20 Parete 9