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We respond to Ulster MoJoe Roberti's latest attack and offer comments on the stinging editorial written about him in Reynolds' City Beat.

Nuisance Suit Settled

DFS settled this case for one reason and one reason only: the enormous cost of battling a gigantic corporate law firm in a "nuisance" suit," Cantor continued.
"As this incredible shrinking case comes to a close - no million-dollar conspiracies, no massive fraud - there is only a penny-ante dispute over bridge tolls and some part-time campaign workers." "For now, we are pleased that we can return to the serious work of advancing 'common-sense progressivism.' Stronger rent regulation. Living wage jobs. Energy efficiency and mass transit. Paid sick days. Lower property taxes on the middle class and higher income taxes on the wealthy. Nothing more, but nothing less.

- Dan Cantor, WFP Executive Director and the only honest party boss I know!

As first reported by the Voice's Tom Robbins yesterday, the deal requires Rose to pay $8,525 to make good on "alleged undercharging" by DFS - the bulk of which, $5,600, is for the services of three employees: Vonda McKeithan, Bryan Collinsworth and Rachel Goodman.
Rose also has to pay a $5,000 outstanding bill for work DFS did on the February 2009 special election she lost to Ken Mitchell, whom she later ousted in the September primary.
In addition, DFS has agreed to a host of "corporate structure and corporate governance" reforms, including changes to its contracts with candidates, the appointment of independent directors; the establishment of employment, management and administrative structures wholly separate from that of the WFP and annual audits by an outside CPA.
The settlement appears in full after the jump. There's also a confidentiality agreement that you can read here.
As Robbins noted, this is hardly the big bombshell that Mastro made it out to be when he first filed his lawsuit back in October. But there's room for both sides to declare a measure of victory here.
Mastro will no doubt trumpet the fact that he managed to force the WFP to make significant structural changes that will uncouple it from DFS.
WFP officials have privately said they would likely have done so anyway, once former Chief Judge Judith Kaye is done with the review she has undertaken at the party's request (and expense).
This does clear away one headache for the WFP, leaving only the US attorney's probe into DFS for the party to worry about - a not insignificant concern. But if that investigation comes to as clean and timely a conclusion as this lawsuit has, the WFP will be able to flex its muscle - a lot more carefully - in the upcoming fall elections. WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor, who has been keeping a low profile of late, released a rather defiant statement calling Mastro's action a "nuisance suit," and insisting that DFS "did not undercharge the Rose campaign - or any other - by a single dime.

New Paltz Equality Rally

NEW PALTZ – Saturday, February 27 will mark the sixth anniversary of the New Paltz same-sex weddings and hundreds of human rights activists are expected to mark the occasion with a rally in that community.The New Paltz weddings, on February 27, 2004, were conducted in solidarity with the San Francisco same-sex weddings that month.The 25 weddings solemnized that day were annulled two years later by a New York State court.The state Assembly recently approved same-sex marriage, but the Senate rejected it this past December.Former Mayor Jason West, who performed the weddings, will be at the rally to lend his support for state legislative approval.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gov. Paterson Makes it Official at Hofstra

"After all you have heard, there's one rumor I will confirm, I am running for governor this year," Paterson said to a crowd of about 400 at Hofstra University. "They haven't knocked us down yet and they never will."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gilpatric Did What?!? You're Kidding?

The Daily Freeman has some sort of weird man crush on Supreme Court Justice James P. Gilpatric, it just kills them that the people of Kingston and most recently six counties elected him by huge margins, despite his past mistakes. I mean how many times is the Daily Disappointment going to mention the fact that Jim Gilpatric has suffered from addiction? We get the pont, it's in your newspaper anytime you do a judicial story, give it a rest! We all know and we all accept it. Move on.

Mike Hein Delivers Second Annual State of the County

"I caution any individual whose real intention is to erode the charter or drag the government back into it's dysfunctional past: You will find no greater opponent, I will always side with the people of Ulster County."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check Out Auerbach's Website

Van Blarcum for Sheriff Campaign Kick Off

Please Join Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum for his Campaign Kick Off at Hillside Manor:

Friday Feb 26th from 530-730

donation of $40

rsvp at: or call :845-417-4123
Check out the Sheriff's website at:

County Executive Mike Hein to Deliver State of the County


County Executive Mike P. Hein

Ulster County Executive will deliever his state of the county, Tuesday, February 16th at 6pm on the 6th floor. Public is encouraged to attend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer Coming to New Paltz

Who likes Gov. Eliot Spitzer more then me?!?! I'm excited to report that the former Governor will be at Suny New Paltz Thursday, March 11th and the public is welcome to attend at no cost. I will be there and hope you will too! It's from 5-7 at the Lecture Center.
Use your Facebook account to R.S.V.P.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 months ago at Skate Time 209...just found this on my facebook and thought it was kinda funny!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blaber New's Poll: Keep the Ball in our Court

A match up between Judge Larry Ball and Tom Petro would be a blowout according to a recent Blaber News poll, with more than 70% of people saying they would back Ball over Kingston attorney Tom Petro.

Larry Ball became full time city court Judge in January, with the election of Judge James P. Gilpatric to the NYS Supreme Court. Ball will run for a full term in a special election this November.

Happy Birthday to Comptroller Auerbach

Blaber News wishes a very Happy Birthday to our favorite public servant, Ulster Comptroller Elliott Auerbach. If you see him today wish him a happy birthday and maybe write him a check for his reelection campaign ;)

48 Hrs

The amount of time it took Rich Cahill to turn the tragic death of a Kingstonian into a poltical attack against Mayor Sottile and his administration. Way to go Rich, you never let us down!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kudos to UC Legislator Mike Sweeney

On Ulster County Legislator Mike Sweeney's blog, he recently posted that he declined to take the county health insuance plan, as well as declining the buyout. Mike said while it's not much in a 300 million plus budget every penney counts...if that quote was on his facebook status, I would hit the like button! Could not of said it better myself, kudos to Legislator Sweeney!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

mo-JOE Roberti Feelin' the Heat

As you can tell by his recent cheap shot at me on his blog, Ulster mo-JOE ROBERTI is feeling the heat for his viscous yet sometimes humorous over the top posts on his blog: Ulster MoJo.

At a recent event in Saugerties, the former county legislator was in the rest room when the Dean of the lower Hudson Valley Hugh Reynolds walked in and said to him " How are ya, Ulster mo Joe", we hear Roberti didn't say a word, just walked out...without washing his hands btw---eww yuck!

BTW- Joe for the record, I was a cute baby!

Senator Kevin Parker Continues to Disgrace Brooklyn

Just when you thought things could not get any stranger in the state Capitol, state Sen. Kevin Parker is once again in the news– this time for reportedly unloading on a Senate colleague over the ouster of Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

State Sen. Kevin Parker, a Brooklyn Democrat with a history of anger management issues, “charged” at Sen. Diane Savino of Staten Island during a heated closed-door meeting on Tuesday, Senate sources told the New York Daily News.

Parker not only reportedly dropped numerous ”F-bombs” — but also tossed a “B” word in while hollering at Savino, a Democrat and former labor leader in New York City. The report quoted one senator who said an enraged Parker ”went a little ballistic, swearing and screaming that the Republicans have no right to dictate what goes on in our house.”

It’s not every day that a politician with a history of rage reportedy lunges at a female senator — all while defending another senator convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.

And Parker’s past already included a 2005 misdemeanor assault arrest for allegedly punching a traffic agent over a parking ticket in Brooklyn. The charges were dropped when he enrolled in an anger management counseling.

Parker was later charged in 2009 with assaulting a newspaper photographer in Brooklyn
There have been other dust-ups, including one in February 2005 when Parker cornered a reporter from a New York City tabloid livid over a story that ran that day. Parker walked away from the confrontation in the state Capitol with the help of another lawmaker - former state Sen. Ada Smith, whose well-documented history included a conviction herself of throwing hot coffee at an aide.

Murphy Bites A Huge Bullet: Molinaro Will Not Run for Congress

STATE Assemblyman Marc Molinaro isn’t going to Washington.After several weeks of deliberation, Molinaro, R-Red Hook, said he’s decided against making a bid for New York’s 20th Congressional District seat.

“The whole idea that I could be a candidate for Congress was and is flattering, and I respect the folks who have presented that to me, but the reality is that I don’t know that there is or could be a more critical time to be involved in state government,” Molinaro said.

“I believe that hard-working, reform-minded elected officials really need to engage in problem solving in state government, and that’s an overwhelming responsibility that I take very seriously.”

In January, Molinaro said he had been called on by a number of GOP officials and civic and elected leaders to consider running this fall for the House seat currently held by Democrat Scott Murphy of Glens Falls. Molinaro declined to say who has asked him to run.While he wouldn’t rule out a possible future run for Congress, Molinaro said now is not the time, personally or professionally, to make such a change.

“You seek elected office to do a job, and if you wish to seek higher office, you do it at the right time for you and the people you represent,” he said. “There really is work that needs to get done in Albany, and I’m not ready to abandon that.”

As the father of an 8-month-old son and 5-year-old daughter, Molinaro said he prefers, for now, to be in a position that allows him to be with his family as much as possible.Molinaro, 34, first was elected to public office at age 18, when he became a member of the Tivoli Village Board. He was elected mayor of the Northern Dutchess village a year later.

He then became a Dutchess County legislator before being elected to the state Assembly in 2006 and 2008.New York’s 20th Congressional District stretches from Northern Dutchess to the Adirondacks. Murphy was elected in the district last year over Republican James Tedisco in a race to succeed Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand, D-Greenport, had been appointed by Gov. David Paterson to the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


UPDATE 10pm: Huge turnout, problems with machines, paper ballots being handed out, may not have a result on vote until am! UPDATE: BOND VOTED DEFEATED :(

Monday, February 08, 2010

WTF? Gov Paterson to Resign Over Sex Scandal?!

Check Spelling
Rumors are swirling around Albany that a major sex scandal involving Governor David Patterson is about to break, which could force the Governor to resign.

More as it develops... It's so sad, and you wonder why young adults do not get involved or stay involved in local government. Or why there is such a low opinion of public officials nationwide. Let's be honest, I am not some young kid that thinks one guy can change the state or country.
For the most part, I am a hired political gun, some would say how I make a living is part of the problem with politics and government but there are few public officials, more on a local level than state, that I truly beleive in and respect. One of them was and still is Eliot Spitzer. I was absolutly heart broken and shocked when Eliot Spitzer resigned from the office of Governor. Many people like myself put in time and beleived that this guy could make a difference and he did and would of continued to, if not for the problems in his personal life hat forced him to resign, letting down a lot of New Yorkers that put their trust in him.

As for David Paterson, it's almost a joke, the guy is whining that he has no support and that he is the poor blind governor that is being pushed out of office and than he goes and is involved in a scandal that is rumored to make Eliot look like Mother Theresa. I honestly can say it didn't surprise or even phase me at all. And, I like Paterson but it just shows the lack of confidence the Governor has with the NYers becasue I think many people will share my sentiments and just brush this scandal off as, to paraphrase one of my favorite movies, just another Albany Tale of a crooked pol. Is that what we have come to, where it does not surprise or phase people that two governors in a four year period had to resign in disgrace and that the Attorney General is the only state-wide official that has been duly elected by voters.

As Sonny would say in the A Bronx Tale, (the movie I quoted above)Eliot Spitzer, Alan Hevisi, David Paterson: WASTED TALENT

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sheriff Van Blarcum Will Seek Another Term

Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum announced today that he will seek another term as Sheriff of Ulster County. Sheriff Van Blarcum won his seat in 2006 destroying challenger Kevin Costello by a more than 2:1 margin.

Sheriff Van Blarcum is widely popular and has a list of accomplishments that will make him tough to beat. His Under Sheriff Frank Falutico is also a stand up guy and they do great things for Ulster County.

We like him for another term.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

NEW PALTZ: Remember to Vote Yes this Tuesday

Below is a great letter that appeared in the local publications:

Allegations from opponents to the New Paltz Middle School Project, followed by the truth:

1. According to district reports, existing facilities are adequate, safe and doing a great job.

TRUTH: A 2005 building survey concluded: "it is questionable that the building can continue to serve the community for an extended period of time without major renovations."

2. $77M is not the way to handle typical repairs and upgrades.

TRUTH: The school is in dire need of much more than "typical needs and upgrades." The $77M cited above does not factor in state aid, estimated at $20M. State building aid has never been cut. The aid is also applied to the interest, approximately another $5M. The local share is $29.8M, with interest it is a total of about $40M over the 20-year bond.

3. The school board plans a 4% tax increase in 2010/11: the district will still be short $1.2M.

TRUTH: This year's budget is running at a surplus. The board has committed to limiting annual tax increases to 4% or less; last year it was 3%. Looking forward, this project would be contained within the historical 4% rate, not in addition to the 4%.

4. State aid cuts coming, stimulus funding ending and school taxes will rise even more with bond.

TRUTH: Educational analysts predict federal funding in K-12 education to increase, not decrease.

5. Teachers, programs, sports, after-school activities are on the chopping block.

TRUTH: This is a capital project, a completely separate budget line from operating. Governor Paterson has proposed an additional $222M in school building aid for the coming year. Paterson's proposed cuts to day-to-day operations that may affect sports and after-school programs is unrelated to building projects.

6. No contingency plan in place, yet other school districts responsibly published plans for budgetary crisis detailing cuts.

TRUTH: The school district is in the second year of a multi-year budgeting process while planning three years into the future.

7. $80M? $100M?

TRUTH: See #2, these are scare tactic inflated figures.

8. Most of the district's reserve funds will be used for the middle school project, jeopardizing needed repairs for our other three schools.

TRUTH: The reserves being used are capital reserves, monies purposely saved for building projects. There are no major projects expected at the other school buildings. In 2005 over 600 items were noted in need of attention, district wide. Since then, all big ticket and urgent items on that list have been completed for every school except the middle school.

9. Green is good, but this plan has no comparative energy audit data to demonstrate the energy and cost efficiency of this project.

TRUTH: The middle school is a fossil-fuel nightmare negatively impacting the health of students and pocketbooks through outrageous heating costs.

10. The school board put forward a multi-million project which violates their own mandate to provide district with comprehensive master plan.

TRUTH: See #8, all other buildings have been attended to. Opponents requesting more planning are pure obstructionists. We need to do this project now.

MariAnn Connolly Sennett
New Paltz

Sue Zimet: Anti Kids, Anti Education!!!

Sue Zimet is such a hypocrite and this letter is full of lies and deception. I hope New Paltz parents and families remember her position when election time comes around. Also, I hope Mrs. Progressive realizes people will not forget she is opposing the creation of hundreds of prevailing wage jobs that will take place as a result of this building being replaced...I certainly will not.

Did Sue really say Vote for the kids and give them a less than adequate place to learn?!

The real reason Sue opposes this project is because she lives in a house she can't afford and has no kids in the district. It's fine for Legislator Zimet to oppose the project but at least be honest as to why.

When we speak about the New Paltz Middle School renovation/rebuild, the most important component is the students. Many of us who are voting "no" are seriously concerned about the impact of this project on the overall health and vitality of our children.

In the report documenting needed repairs for all the schools you can find examples of negligence. For example..."Install emergency eyewash/shower in science room" in the Lenape School. Cost: $6750. This report is five years old, but this has not been attended to.

Yet the district has $72,000 available to use for glossy fliers, mailings and presentations designed to convince us that a $76 million bond for one building is how we should be spending our money, binding our community to the tune of over $100 million of debt.

It has been documented by the school board that we are going to be short millions of dollars for operations of our schools even with tax increases. In a few years we will be done paying our existing debt of $24 million. Instead of incurring new debt we could use that tax money to pay for programs, teachers and after-school activities.

It was reported recently in the New York Times that the State of Oregon is looking to implement a four-day school-week due to budgetary cutbacks.

My years of public service have been spent advocating for children, education, environment and property tax reform. I understand all the issues and I get the math.

My professional belief is that this project will deprive the community of any ability to fix the other schools, fund any other municipal projects and most importantly, to enable the community to be able to fund the shortfalls in the operating budget that are guaranteed to impact the quality of our kids education.

To be voting on this bond BEFORE we understand the impacts on next year's school budget is irresponsible.

For the sake of our kids, it is important to vote no. Then we need to get to work on stepping back and looking at all of our building and educational needs balanced by the community's ability to afford them.

I wish I could support this project, but I can't. Again, my experience with municipal budgets helps me to see the dire fiscal situation our school and community is going to face. It is going to be a very difficult period and adding to the burden now is going to break the back of our community.

Susan Zimet

New Paltz

Thursday, February 04, 2010


While it's really no secret, Ulster Mojo is authered by former Republican County Legislator Joe Roberti.

I was supposed to do this like a month ago after the attacks on Democrats just got over the top but I let it go. Mr. Roberti's recent posting on Auerbach's campaign finance disclosure is just ridiculous. In Joe Roberti's blog, Ulster Mojo, it attacks Elliott for not raising enough money...really?

Maybe our Comptroller is fiscally responsible and practices what he preaches, treating every dollar whether it be campaign money, or county money like it's his own. Elliott ran his campaign in 08 spending just enough to get him elected and I think his election is an example that money does not buy elections. I guarantee Joe Roberti could of spent 10 times the amount of what Quigley spent and would have got trampled by Auerbach, cuz money also can't buy Joe Roberti a personality.

Assemblyman Lopez Likes Ford

As goes Brooklyn, goes the rest of the state..... very proud of Assemblyman Lopez for showing he's got guts. Democracy is a good thing and with 40% of the electorate unddecided on a US Senator that has been in office for about a year now, it's going to be a tight race and I think Congressman Ford has a great shot. It looks like Brooklyn's favorite pol, my friend, Marty Markowitz is a Ford guy as well.

Addressing the press after a long lunch that saw 41 of Brooklyn's political leaders turn out to meet potential Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr., Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez sounded like a man who had already made up his mind.

"If you want to know how I feel about him, I would find it personally, personally—not as a county leader—if he decided to run, very difficult not to endorse him. That’s a personal endorsement, I do represent a very, very sophisticated strong Democratic club in North Brooklyn," Mr. Lopez said, standing at the back of Cono & Sons, the Brooklyn boss's go-to political meeting place.

Mr. Ford seemed to share that affection. "It’s amazing that it’s been a week. I feel like it’s been about two years, three years since we’ve known each other," said the former Tennessee congressman, who first met Mr. Lopez the previous Friday.

State Senate Majority Leader John Sampson acknowledged that one of the questions posed to Mr. Ford was about same-sex marriage, which Mr. Ford now supports in spite of his previous votes in favor of a constitutional amendment that would ban such marriages. "I think I call it an evolution," Mr. Sampson said. "I evolved myself from an individual who did not support same-sex marriage to an individual who brought it to the floor and voted for same-sex marriage."

On a scale of 1 to 100, Mr. Lopez graded Mr. Ford a 98 on his responses, and cited the number of attendees who posed for photographs with Mr. Ford as an indication of his positive reception. The assemblyman also conceded that he had supported Caroline Kennedy during the appointment process and, in the past, had spoken to several potential challengers--including Carolyn Maloney.

"We’re at this point because we want to have a dialogue and we think we should have a dialogue and it’s not a back room deal," Mr. Lopez said.

"Democracy is good," said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. "Democracy is good. Mr. Ford was informative, articulate, very bright and certainly presented some arguments that give him the right—should he decide to run—to run."

Governor Spitzer on Colbert

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