Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach

Mike Hein's Website----->

Elliott Auerbach's Website --->
Check out Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach's campaign Websites, for the latest information about the campaign.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks, John

The Parete administration has come to an end. John Parete retired officially tonight, his legacy is a great one and certainly one that he should be proud of. A strong majority in the county legislature, a Democratic Sheriff, the passing of the County Charter, and the ground work that was laid out for Mike and Elliott this year.

We as Democrats should all thank John Parete for his many years of service as Chair of our party and as our election's commissioner.

The new chairman made a lot of promises, time will tell if he can deliver on them.

Congrats to Kathy Mihm Our New Election's Commissioner

Congratulations to Kathy Mihm who was elected unanimously to become the new Democratic Election's Commissioner of Ulster County. Mihm replaces retiring Commissioner John Parete.

Palin Interview

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Len Bernardo the Republican candidate for Ulster County Executive was a no show for a scheduled debate before the U.C. Bar Association last Thursday, just two days after Mike Hein easily won the first debate before a sold out crowd at the UC Chamber of Commerce

Both candidates had confirmed several times to appear and all of a sudden Len Bernardo just does not show up, to discuss the issues. Many people have raised the question that after Bernardo's lackluster performance just two days earlier, that Len is now afraid to compete against Mike Hein.

I don't fault Len at all, Mike Hein, is a tough competitor that proved that he is ready for prime time. The question now is if Len is not ready to debate the issues how can he possibly be ready to lead???

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bernardo's Latest Claim : Too Funny

I guess when you are Len Bernardo, and are up against a guy that delivered more reform in 2 years than the previous 26 combined (HV Business Magazine), you have to make up things to try and get traction...and not surprisingly the Daily Disappointment fell for it hook line and sinker.

The latest line, happened at the chamber of commerce debate, get ready for this one and try not to laugh, Mike Hein was responsible for the jail fiasco.....

Any reasonable person that has been following what has been going on in Ulster County even a little bit closely, knows that Mr. Hein blew the whistle on the jail fiasco when he was deputy treasure of Ulster County, only to be told by Pete Savago and the GOP leadership to sit down and shut up.

Well Mike Did not.

And, the next year when the Dems swept the legislature, Mike Hein was promoted to County Administrator and presented the first county budget that CUT SPENDING. If it were not for the 6 million that has to be paid in debt services each year because of the jail fiasco, residents would have witnessed a tax decrease as well.

Was Mike Hein responsible for the jail fiasco, I think not.

Watch The Chamber Debate

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Parete Out, Hochberg In

John Parete announced that he will not be seeking reelection as chair of the Ulster County Democratic Committee. Roy Hochberg of Hurley, has stepped up to the plate and announced that he will be a candidate for the Chairmanship.

I will have much more on this later but keep in mind a few things:

Hochberg is the ONLY candidate that has experience in the County Committee, helping with Sheriff Van Blarcum's campaign, chair of Hurley, and a member of the County Executive Committee

Hochberg is the only candidate that has lived and has strong roots in Ulster County

Hochberg is the only candidate that can bring unity to the Democratic party, that is what we need, not just a shift in the divide that currently exists.

Hochbergs opponent has NEVER lead anything except the jail investigation and we all know how that turned out.

Hochberg's opponent just recently moved back to Ulster County and has been involved in Ulster Politics for three months and now wants to lead the party.

Hochberg's opponent failed to even take the time to vote in several elections...this is the guy that wants to run the majority party???

It is time for Mr. Schreibman to LEARN, not to LEAD.

HOCHBERG is the obvious choice and I encourage my fellow Democrats to support him this Sunday.

Quote of the Week

“I’m a guy who grew up on Main Street; he’s a guy who grew up on Wall Street,” said Auerbach regarding his opponent. “Let’s take a look at that situation and let’s see where you would rather be. It’s crumbling and vaporizing right before our very eyes, and he’s part of that culture.”

- Elliott Auerbach, Chamber Debate for candidates for Exec and Comptroller

Monday, September 22, 2008

AUERBACH: Quigley's History Conflicts with Campaign Rhetoric

In 2006 and on the heels of the over budget construction of the Ulster County Law Enforcement Center, Ulster County voters fought back against government waste and mismanagement by approving the Ulster County Charter, a new form of government that included the creation of a county comptroller, a fiscal watchdog for taxpayers.

Where was James Quigley III when this was going on? He was vehemently opposing the charter and the creation of a county comptroller’s office as the single largest donor to the Coalition Against the Charter.

Now, a candidate for county comptroller, a position created by the charter he opposed, Quigley recently warned in a media statement that Ulster County taxpayers could be hurt again by fiascos like the Ulster County Jail construction without a comptroller.


Quigley’s Democratic and Working Families opponent Elliott Auerbach said, “After watching the fiscal mismanagement of the jail construction, I along with the majority of voters in Ulster County, knew we needed a publicly elected watchdog of county taxpayer’s money. While witnessing the lack of oversight and fiscal mismanagement of the construction of the jail, Mr. Quigley put big bucks into a campaign to try to stop the creation of the very office he seeks, an office we need to ensure fiscal responsibility.”

Auerbach added, “His reference to the jail debacle last week is simply campaign rhetoric.”

Although lacking experience from holding any public office, Quigley is no stranger to politics. Last month, the Times Herald-Record reported that Quigley made political contributions of more than $74,000 since 1999, including $30,000 in donations last year.

Auerbach, an Ulster County native and life-long Democrat, is currently the Ellenville Village Manager. He will bring the strength of his private and public sector background to the office of the county’s newly established position of chief accounting and reporting officer. Auerbach’s public sector background includes three terms as Mayor of Ellenville and also a two year stint as Director of the Rural Economic Area Partnership. In the private sector, Auerbach managed a family-owned business for 20 years and has enjoyed a series of successes in corporate America and private industry.

For a current list of endorsements and other information about the campaign, please visit the Elliott Auerbach for Ulster County Comptroller website at

Mike Hein For County Exec

It's Official Kathy Mihm Is In

Kathleen Carey Mihm, Former 21 year Deputy Commissioner of the Ulster County Board of Elections is seeking the position of Commissioner of Elections at the, Sunday, September 28th, meeting of the Ulster County Democratic Committee. The meeting convenes at 3:00PM at the Hillside, Manor in Kingston.

"Voting is one of the most important rights we have as American citizens.
Accessibility to polling places, adherence to election law and accurate
ballot tabulation are of the highest concern to me," said Mihm.

The lifelong Democrat has served as Deputy Elections Commissioner for over 21 years under former Ulster County Democratic Election's Commissioner Harry Castiglione. She is presently the Clerk of the Ulster County Legislature.

During Mihm's tenure as deputy commissioner, she worked to establish an open
door policy and worked closely with the voting public, election inspectors, town clerks and town party chairs to ensure smooth operations during elections. "Kathy Mihm will bring tremendous integrity and attention to detail to this position," said Castiglione.

Present Election Commissioner, John R. Parete, who is retiring upon the completion of his term, stated “Kathy knows the day to day operation of the Board of Elections. The Democratic Party and the voting public would be well served with Mihm as Commissioner of Elections. She has my full support.”

Mrs. Mihm, an
Ulster County native, the Mother of two grown children Marty and Katie would be the first female election's commissioner in Ulster County. "I am committed to staying up-to-date on changing voting technology and ways of distributing election results," said Mihm.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

County Dinner Huge Success

What a great county dinner and a great time to be a Democrat in Ulster County! Over 275 party faithful attended the annual Democratic dinner Saturday night with guest speaker NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is doing is doing a heck of a job as our Attorney General.

All our candidates did well, Mike Hein and Elliott Auerbach both got standing ovations, we have a talented ticket that is going to transform county government. At the end of the night John Parete came up to me and said, Jeremy we're going to win, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is right. From Obama, Hinchey Cahill, Hein and Auerbach, under the leadership of John Parete, we are going to win and win big!

County Dinner Pics

Chairman John Parete with Obama
Marbletown Supervisor Vin Martello, Obama and Blaber
Our next County Exec Mike Hein and Bob Gillon
Council President Jimmy Noble and Obama

Congratulations to Judge McGrath

Congratulations to Judge McGrath, who won the Democratic Judicial convention and will be our next State Supreme Court Justice

Visit his website :


September 21, 2008 at 8:16 pm by Casey Seiler from Capitol Confidential

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo received a surprise compliment on a special
episode of “60 Minutes” that featured side-by-side profiles of the presidential candidates.

The surprise was due to the fact that the kind words came from the candidate who isn’t in
Cuomo’s party.

CBS correspondent Scott Pelley asked Republican John McCain about his recent criticism of
Christopher Cox, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

McCain corrected his contention made in speeches earlier in the week that Cox should be
“fired” — since the SEC is an independent watchdog, the president lacks that power. “But
I’ll tell you: When I’m President, if I want somebody to resign, they resign,” McCain said.

Pelley asked whom McCain would name in Cox’s place as the top cop of the nation’s financial

“This may sound a little unusual, but I’ve admired Andrew Cuomo,” McCain said. “I think he
is somebody who could restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship to this effort.”

Pelley pointed out that Cuomo was both a Democrat and a veteran of the Clinton cabinet, where
he served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

“Yes, and he did a good job,” McCain said. “And he has respect, and he has prestige.”

The Attorney General’s office declined comment, citing its current working relationship with
the SEC into the “short-selling” market, which has come into focus during the Wall Street
turmoil of the past few weeks.

Less than two years after his election, Cuomo has taken on many large financial institutions,
from the mortgage industry to student loan firms. Last fall, his probe into the mammoth
mortgage houses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — two of this month’s biggest bailouts — earned
criticism from many on Wall Street, and led excitable CNBC host Jim Cramer to brand Cuomo “a

Cuomo, the oldest son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, was an early supporter of Sen.
Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

McCain made bipartisanship a major theme of his acceptance speech at the Republican National

Football Picks w/ Parete, Auerbach, Blaber and Jeanette

I'll clean this up and make it neater later..just in a rush to get these up before 1pm

Parete's Picks

Jeanette's Picks

Kansan City



NY Giants



Tampa Bay




New Orleans





Monday night - NY Jets

Auerbach's Picks






New England



San Fran






Blaber's Picks







Tampa Bay










Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Schreibman's Continue Their Dirty Politcal Tricks

The following are e-mails from two members of the Marbletown Committee, explaining some of the latest shenanigans that are going on by Julian and Shannon Schreibman. The actions of the Schreibman's is very disturbing and it's more of a reason why they can not lead the party.

Keep in mind Julian and Shannon have been involved in our party for about 10 minutes and with no accomplishments, now want to lead it. We are seeing a glimpse of what will happen if they succeed in taking over the party. The consequences are also costly under a Schreibman chairmanship, If Julian is elected chair you can say goodbye to the Democratic majority in the legislature next year. I can almost hear Mario Catalano licking his chops.

Tonight a sad and terrible thing happened at the Marbletown Democratic Comm. Democracy was tabled. At the primary last week, Linda Delgado and I each received 33 votes in Ed 4 IN MARBLETOWN. Having been on the Committee for 12 years, I demurred(sp?) to Linda and gave up any claims to my seat. However, according to county comm. bylaws, a tie in any election denotes a vacancy. This vacancy is usually filled by the town comm. and confirmed by the county comm. at the convention. Here's where the democratic process went south. At the meeting tonight, after heated and passionate discussion, the comm. voted 9 to 3 to seat Ben Shor rather than Linda. The reasons cited were his prior service. It did not seem to matter to the comm. that he lost in his own district with 20some votes. It did not seem to matter to the comm. that Linda received 33 votes in the district where she has lived and operated a business for 30+ years and had been involved on the comm. in the past and has been a recent fund raiser for Mary Work and M. Hinchey. Tho this action adhered to County by-laws it seems rather unethical and very undemocratic. I sincerely hope that the county convention does not vote to seat Ben Shor in ed 4. He was not elected by the electorate. I am sure that when the writers of the by-laws wrote this section, they meant that the comm. would settle the tie by voting on the persons who tied, not place a person who lost their seat in another district. Please forward to all your lists. This injustice should not prevail. Personally, I sever all ties with this self serving committee. until this travesty is rectified .

Judith Hakam,255-4166

Hi folks
Just an FYI - A few committee people called me this week to let me what was afoot. Shannon Scheibman pooled the committee during the week because she intended to appoint some one else to the committee. Marty Green is an associate member so she voted and the rest of the clique voted. It was 9 to 3 for Ben Shore and I know who the 3 are who would not go along with Scheibman/Green's back room politics.
So the guy with the least votes got appointed to the slot. It was an education in local sleaze politics. Several new and very interested town's people walked out.
24 Old Kings Hwy.
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
Prof. Randy Pausch

Campaign Trail 08

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fair and Balanced?

No story here just a classic context of this picture. At that moment we were having a conversation over whether or not I was fair and Balanced. (My Hein shirt clearly displayed) I was explaining to Reynolds the news is fair and the commentary balanced.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kingston Committee Drafts Mihm for Election's Post

The Kingston City Democratic Committee unanimously voted tonight to draft Kathy Mihm to be the next Democratic Election's Commissioner. The vote took place after Peter Loughran said that he would support Kathy for the top spot. " Kathy has 20 years as Deputy and has the hands down experience for the job, if she is running than she has my full support, said Loughran." Chairman David Donaldson also expressed his support, "whatever you need Kathy, I am here for you." Kathy had previously received the support of outgoing Commish John Parete.

Kathy Mihm was humbled and gratified by her support and seemed excited. Her home committee was equally excited and united behind her candidacy. Kathy, who served for many years in the BOE earned a reputation as being someone that candidates could go to and someone that they could trust. Kathy, who is respected by the other side of the aisle, is also feared, they know they are not going to get anything by her, she knows all the tricks in the book. It was also clear tonight that her heart is still at the BOE, I wish her the best of luck.

Parete To Retire From Election's Post

John Parete told the Freeman this afternoon that he will not seek reelection for Board of Elections post. This is a disappointment but not a surprise, why does John want the aggravation? I knew this was coming and was waiting for John Parete to make the announcement.

First and foremost, I thank John Parete for his service to this county as our elections commissioner by any standard, he has done a great and honorable job and I look forward to him continuing to serve as our Chairman. It will take huge shoes to fill Parete's position. Despite what people think this is not some political patronage job, it's tough work. John Parete works 12 hour days in that office, it's no joke. You need someone in that office like Parete, that knows what they are doing and someone that is able to challenge the opposition and protect their candidates.

UPDATED: Today Peter Loughran dropped his bid for the BOE and endorsed Kathy Mihm.

Kathy Mihm---- In my humble opinion, if Kathy tosses her hat in it's over, others need not apply. Kathy certainly would be the favorite and would have the inside track for the job.

Peter Loughran--- Dropped out endorsed Kathy Mihm

Sole Indictment In Ulster Jail Probe Dropped

Justice was not served.

I could write a long post about how Sleight's indictment was a joke. How this investigation was mishandled by the DA's office from day one but we all know that and have heard that for over a year now. I think the above statement says it all and should not be forgotten.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 Football Picks

Blaber 10-15 season 23-31
Auerbach 9-15 season 22-31
Parete 7-15 season 16-31

Starting Next Week Jeanette Provanzano will join us in our picks

Oakland at Kansas City - Auerbach : KANSAS Blaber: Kansas City Parete : KC

NY Giants at St. LouisAuerbach GIANTS Blaber GIANTS Parete GIANTS

Indianapolis at Minnesota- Auerbach COLTS Blaber Colts Parete Minn

Tennessee at Cincinnati Auerbach TITANS Blaber Cincy Parete Cincy

Green Bay at Detroit - Auerbach PACKERS Blaber Packers Parete Packers

New Orleans at Washington -Auerbach NO Blaber Washington Parete Washington

Chicago at Carolina - Auerbach CAROLINA Blaber Chicago Parete Chicago

Buffalo at Jacksonville -Auerbach JAX Blaber Buffalo Parete Jax

San Francisco at Seattle- Auerbach SEATTLE Blaber Seattle Parete Seattle

Miami at Arizona-Auerbach CARDS Blaber Arizona Parete Arizona

San Diego at DenverAuerbach SAN DIEGO Blaber Denver Parete San Diego

Atlanta at Tampa Bay-Auerbach BUCS Blaber Tampa Bay Parete Tampa Bay

New England at NY JetsAuerbach J-E-T-S Blaber NE Parete NE

Pittsburgh at Cleveland- Auerbach STEELERS Blaber Steelers Parete Steelers

Philadelphia at DallasAuerbach COWBOYS Blaber Dallas Parete Dallas

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Assemblyman Cahill's Picnic in the Park

Sunday, September 14, 2008
12:30 – 4:00 PM
Please join the Friends of Kevin Cahill as we host
2008 "FunRaiser in the Park"
Beautiful Hasbrouck Park Overlooking the Majestic Hudson River
$15 -- SAME PRICE AS 1985 !!
As always KIDS ARE FREE !
For info contact
RSVP Maryalice Cahill, 845-338-9252

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Blog from UCDW Picnic

The future first and second family of Ulster County. From Left Christine and Mike Hein, Judi and Elliott Auerbach

Mike and Lew

Obama Stumps with Auerbach
One Smart Pup
Canines for Auerbach (Brian Shapiro would be proud)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (L) and Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama place flowers at the bottom of the pit at the site of the former twin towers in New York September 11, 2008, on the seventh anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain (2nd-L), Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (L) New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2nd-R) and Cindy McCain walk down the ramp into the pit on the site of the 911 terrorist attacks September 11, 2008 in New York Cit

Congressman Hinchey On 7th Anniversary of 9-11

"It's hard to believe that it has been seven years since the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th. Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who lost loved ones on that day as well as with those whose loved one died or continue to suffer health problems as a result of the toxic air they breathed while heroically trying to save the lives of their fellow Americans.

"The memory and impact of that tragedy remain with us forever. We will never forget those who lost their lives or those who have suffered tremendous losses as a result of those callous terrorist attacks. To honor their memory we must always remember the heroism and patriotism that we witnessed on that day. Faced with the most horrific event in modern day U.S. history, people risked their own lives to save the life of a stranger simply because it was the right thing to do. It was the American thing to do. On that day it didn't matter what race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation you were. We were all in this together. And together we rose as one nation to show the world that even in the face of the greatest of tragedies America remained unshaken from its core principles of democracy and freedom.

"As our nation continues to confront great challenges at home and abroad, we draw strength from one another and know that as a collective, unified people, Americans will always remain committed to the principles of freedom and democracy that make our country the greatest country in the world."


Michael Hein takes a glance at the Sojourner Truth project book with children from the Read and Write Program.

Great Editorial in NP Times

Brittany Turner has a great editorial in the New Paltz Times regarding the bar closure plan being debated in New Paltz. You can read it HERE

Now if she can just see the light on a local county wide race going on in Ulster...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unethical Law Dead

The ethics law that was being touted for all the wrong reasons has been sent back to committee and most likely is a dead issue. It's the right thing to do, I firmly believe that for people like Brittany Turner, it is about ethics but for the people that are passing it, it is about trying to get rid of their political enemies. Which is unethical.

I give Legislator Peter Loughran credit, as a candidate for BOE Comish, he abstained, even though he has been a huge proponent of the ethics honorable move.

On a semi related note: After the vote failed Zimet announced her candidacy for Vice-Chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Committee. The petty politcs never stop. A Schreibman/Zimet ticket is a match made in_______ you fill in the blank.


While we were unsuccessful in many of the Marbletown Democratic primaries tonight it was a big victory for principle and integrity. Rich Parete stepped up to the plate put himself out there and carried the torch for a lot of people that were upset with the way the Marbletown committee was being run. What Rich did was honorable and something to be proud of and more important than having the w on election day.

I'm proud to support Rich Parete, he is a guy that stands up for what he believes in and does the right thing for the people of this county. A great Democrat and certainly a friend and a winner in every sense of the word.

I also extend my sincere congratulations to everyone that was successful in gaining seats on the Democratic committee.


Assemblyman Greg Ball's message of reform was heard load and clear tonight as he won his primary against Degnan by a 3:1 margin. With all districts reporting Greg Ball won 4788-1762. Mr. Degnan will still have a spot on the ballot in November but the race is pretty much over... Assemblyman Ball will cruise to victory. Congrats, my friend.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shocker: Senator Connor Loses Primary

Veteran Senator Marty Connor, the former Senate Minority Leader lost the Democratic line in a primary tonight. It's sad and disappointing but I offer my congratulations and full support to Dan Squardon, who I'm confident will be the next State Senator of the 25th district.

We should all be grateful to Senator Connor's many years of great service to the state of New York.


Assemblyman Ball over Deegnan 3:1

Assemblyman Cahill Trounces Yess in WF Primary

Jonathan Smith wins Dem primary and will face Assemblyman Joel Miller

Frank Skartados wins both primaries

Len Bernardo TV Ad Directly Goes After Hein---Unfairly and Ineffectively

The ad is ok but I think it will have little effect. It talks about the problems with Ulster County but does not show how Len Bernardo will create solutions. I also do not feel that people buy that all the counties around us are doing great except for Ulster. Ulster certainly has it's issues but they are the same issues that are going on in Dutchess, Greene, Columbia ect.. these issues have to do with a tough state economy.

As for trying to tie Mike Hein as some good ol' Boy it's crazy, Hein is a reformer and as apolitical as a candidate for public office can be. Anyone that knows Hein knows that he is not a politician but an effective administrator. It's unfair on Bernardo's part to try and portray Hein otherwise.

I also do not know why Bernardo is mentioning and using Mike Hein in his's like politics 101...never mention your opponent and if you do, you certainly do not use such a great photo of him...thanks for the free plug Len!

Please Join


Committee to Elect Mike Hein


Pasta and Possibilities


Mike Hein Ulster County Executive


Gisiano’s Restaurant, Glasco

Thursday, September 25, 2008

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Pasta bar, soda, coffee, tea & dessert

$20.00 per person, call 331-3638 for tickets

No Excuses

The Schreibman's went to court and sued the BOE, wasting tax payer dollars because they did not like where they were placed on the ballot. Some how they won and are now at the top of the ballot so there is no excuse tonight when Rich and Jenna win. Let me ask, is it not sad that you have to rely on where your name is on the ballot to try and win an election? Your friends and supporters can not look for you name on the ballot and vote for you? Give me a break!

I think the most despicable aspect of the lawsuit, the part they lost, was when Julian and Shannon tried to force a candidate back on the ballot, the poor kid decided that he did not want to run and declined his spot. Julian and Shannon sued to have his name put back on the ballot because his absence hurt their ticket. These people have no shame.

Gardiner Committee Vice-Chair Tim Hunter also whined and tried to attack BOE Commish John Parete by saying Ben Shore's placement on the ballot was some how politically motivated.. that was shot down when GOP Comish Tom Turco responded : "There are no political favors coming out of this office."


* Marbletown, District 2: Marlene D. Carney

***** Marbletown, District 3: Richard Parete, Jenna Knudsen****

* Marbletown, District 4: Linda Delgado, Judy Hakam.

* Marbletown, District 5: Patricia Garland, Michael Bockelman

* Marbletown, District 7: Patricia Vaughn

Dem Commitee

* Woodstock, District 5: Christopher Collins, Sheila Isenberg,

* Woodstock, District 6: Don Gregorius, Linda Miller-DeGregorius.

*****NYS Assembly 99th GOP, IND, CON, --- ASSEMBLYMAN GREG BALL*****

NYS ASSEMBLY 102nd Dem Primary ---- Jonathan Smith

NYS ASSEMBLY Working Families 101ST OTB --- Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

NYS Assembly 100th District--- Frank Skartados

An Urgent Message From Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

Dear Friends,

Today is Primary Day across New York State. Here in the 101st, there is an unusual vote being held. It's called an "Opportunity to Ballot" primary for the Working Families Party line. Below is a list of folks registered in the WFP in the 101st. Please take a moment to scan the list and see if you know anyone on there. If you do, please give them a quick call and ask that they go to the polls and pull my lever. While we have already been able to reach several WFP voters, your call is different; it's a reminder from friend to friend.

Okay, now here are the details:

I have always been a fighter for Labor. It's a natural thing. No one has to tell me what the "right Labor position" is. I have been gratified by support from organized labor (many unions have already endorsed my candidacy this year) and from the Working Families Party since its inception. This year, once again, the WFP embraced and endorsed my candidacy. Local people, including enrolled members of the WFP carried my petitions and I was designated as the official candidate on the line.

Here is where it gets interesting. Unbeknownst to officials at the WFP, to me and to other careful observers, EMPLOYEES of the Assembly Minority Leader came to town (none of whom live in the 101st), circulated and filed "Opportunity to Ballot" petitions. Just to give you an idea of how stealth this operation was, we talked to several of the people who signed the petitions and they indicated that it was not explained to them that by their signatures, the will of the WFP could be thwarted and that it would put my nomination on that line at risk.

That is why I am asking you today to glance through the list. If you see a friend, a relative, a colleague or a neighbor, please give them a call and tell them how important their vote is today. When they get to the polls, they will see that only my name appears on the line. They will have to pull my lever to make their vote effective. That is the only way their vote will count.

We expect a mere handful of voters to come out today. Every single vote will absolutely count.

Thanks for your time and effort in helping me secure this important ballot line. I am looking forward to great results this November.

Kevin Cahill

PS. My opposition in Albany is serious. Earlier this year, they were successful in manipulating the will of the local Independence Party by depriving me of that designation, even though sufficient petition signatures were filed and carried by local people (their petitions were carried exclusively by paid staffers of Senator John Bonacic….no kidding!)

PPS: Care to help out in the campaign? Please visit my website: . You can volunteer, contribute or just catch up on the campaign.

Former POW says McCain is Not Cut Out For President

Week 1 Football Picks

Auerbach 12-16
Parete 8-16

Monday, September 08, 2008

Tuesday's Primaries --Please Vote

The following are the candidates that I am supporting :

Democratic Committee

* Marbletown, District 2: Marlene D. Carney

***** Marbletown, District 3: Richard Parete, Jenna Knudsen*****

This is a very important primary, both Mr. Parete and Ms. Knudsen are great people with strong ties to Marbletown. Their opponents are political opportunists who instead of going out and campaigning in the area they hope to represent, sued the BOE over their placement on the ballot amongst other things. Please go and support Rich Parete and Jenna Knudsen.

* Marbletown, District 4: Linda Delgado, Judy Hakam.

* Marbletown, District 5: Patricia Garland, Michael Bockelman

* Marbletown, District 7: Patricia Vaughn

Dem Commitee

* Woodstock, District 5: Christopher Collins, Sheila Isenberg,

* Woodstock, District 6: Don Gregorius, Linda Miller-DeGregorius.

*****NYS Assembly 99th GOP, IND, CON, --- ASSEMBLYMAN GREG BALL*****

Assemblyman Ball is in the political fight of his life tomorrow, the guy went in and shook things up and because of that made some enemies on both sides of the aisle. His opponent represents the status quo, as Mayor of Brewster, he let it turn into a dump, and his negative attacks on Ball's service to this Country are over the top. Greg Ball deserves another term in Albany, fighting for us. I am a Democrat supporting Greg Ball because he is a friend and the right person for the job.

NYS ASSEMBLY 102nd Dem Primary ---- Jonathan Smith

NYS ASSEMBLY Working Families 101ST OTB --- Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

NYS Assembly 100th District--- Frank Skartados

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Re-Elect Kevin Cahill campagn fundraiser


Sunday, September 14, 2008
12:30 – 4:00
Please join the Friends of Kevin Cahill
as we host
The 2008 "FunRaiser in the Park"
Beautiful Hasbrouck Park
Overlooking the Majestic Hudson River
$15 -- SAME PRICE AS 1985 !!
As always KIDS ARE FREE !

For info contact
RSVP Maryalice Cahill, 845-338-9252


We may not agree on all the issues but Assemblyman Ball is the best choice for the State's 99th district. Get out and vote.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Auerbach on WGHQ Friday

Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 8:30 am to hear Ulster County Comptroller candidate Elliott Auerbach.

Auerbach, an Ulster County native and life-long Democrat, is currently the Ellenville village manager. He will bring the strength of his private and public sector background to the office of the County’s newly established position of chief accounting and reporting officer. Auerbach’s public sector background includes three terms as Mayor of Ellenville and also a two year reign as Director of the Rural Economic Area Partnership. In the private sector, Auerbach managed a family owned business for 20 years and has enjoyed a series of successes in corporate America and private industry.

Football Picks w/ Parete, Auerbach and Blaber

The return of our weekly feature on the blog that we started last year with Rich Parete and now Elliott Auerbach. Again, like last year, feel free to use the comment section to pick your own. I promise the graphics and layout will be better in the coming weeks. The first game is today, so I was sort of rushed to put it up.


Blaber's Picks

Giants over Washington W
Jets over Miami W
Baltimore over Cincinnati W
Patriots over K.C. W
Pittsburgh over HoustonW
Tennessee over Jags W
Falcons over Detroit W
Seattle over Buffalo L
N.O. over Tampa Bay W
Eagles over Rams W
Dallas over Cleavland W
Chargers over Panthers L
49ers over Arizona L
Colts over Bears L
Packers over Vikings W
Broncos over RaidersW

Parete's Picks

Washington over Giants L
Arizona over 49ers W
Buffalo over Seattle W
Baltimore over Cincinnati W
Dallas over Cleavland W
Detroit over L
Indy over ChicagoL
Jacksonville over Tennessee L
New England over K.C. W
Saints over Tampa Bay W
Miami over Jets L
Philly over Rams W
Pitts over Houston W
San Diego over Panthers L
Oakland over BroncosL
Minn. over PackersL

Auerbach's Picks

Giants over Washington

ATLANTA over Detroit W

Buffalo over Seattle W

Jacksonville over Tennessee L

Jets over Miami W

Patriots over K.C. W

New Orleans over Tampa Bay W

EAGLES over Rams W

STEELERS over Houston W

BENGALS over Baltimore L

CHARGERS over Panthers L

Arizona over 49ers W

Dallas over Cleavland W

Indy over ChicagoL

GREEN BAY over VikingsW

Denver over RaidersW