Friday, June 30, 2006

Sottile Drops Insurance Costs

Mayor Jim Sottile, who is known to save the city money anyway he can, has recently agreed to an insurance package that will save the city $132,000. this is a big win for the tax-payers said Blaber.

Not everyone is happy with the savings, Alderman Rich Cahill (r-w6) said Typically, consumers seek better rates when their own policies come up for renewal.
I don't get it? Mr. Cahill should Mayor Sottile have waited until the policy ran up? Or try to start saving the Tax Payers money as soon as possible? It seems Alderman Cahill is more concerned about making our mayor look bad then he is about saving tax payers money.

"He should get on the positive train," Sottile said .

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sen Clinton: No Raises for Congress Until Minimum Wage Goes Up

Senator Hillary Clinton who has been very instrumental in working for the people of NY, particularly the middle class has introduced a bill that will prevent members of congress from getting a raise until minimum wage goes up. Minimum wage right now is too low said Blaber they need to start thinking about living wages, how can someone raise a family on $5.15 an hour? I applaud Sen.Clinton on her efforts.

Hillary introduced a bill that would prevent Congress from giving itself a raise until it raises the minimum wage. For the last nine years, the minimum wage has stayed at just $5.15 an hour, while Congress has raised its pay by $31,600. Democrats have vowed to block any raise for Congress pushed by the Republican leadership.

"I am very proud that Democrats are standing up for the idea of linking a Congressional pay raise to increasing the minimum wage, and I urge Republicans to join us, and I urge people around our country to make their voices heard on this," said Sen. Clinton.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kingston Public Access Telethon Raises $7591

Dear Friends,
Earlier this afternoon we concluded our Kingston Public Access Telethon, I am pleased to announce because of your support and the support of the community we were able to raise seven thousand five hundred and sixty one dollars. This is a big win for public access and for the viewers of public access. I would like to thank all the producers, volunteers, local officials, businesses and people who pledged because of there hard work and tireless efforts this telethon was a success.

There are still challenges that lye ahead, we will be moving into a new studio and a lot of work goes into such a venture; I look forward to your continued help and support. Last night was a great example of how important public access is to the community and it showed what an effective tool public access can truly be.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Alderman Bob Senor who was able to raise eight hundred dollars in one hour by putting himself out on the line, he has been a great sport and I am sure him and Eric will have fun on there date.

- Jeremy Blaber
K.P.A. Vice-Chairman

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kingston Public Access Begins 24 hr. telethon Monday with Main Event "Win A Date With Bob Senor"

"Win a Date With Bob Senor" will be the main event this Monday as Kingston Public Access T.V. Kicks off a 24 hour telethon to benefit the station, update equiptment etc. 100% of money raised goes to K.P.A. directly all producers and commissioners are all volunteers.

Before I go any further I would like to thank all the members of this community for there continued support of Kingston Public Access and I want to thank all the businesses that have donated to public access to make this telethon possible without the viewers and the local businesses this telethon and Public access would not be running, you guys are what make public access what it has become today and for that I thank you. I also would like to publicly thank Alderman Robert Senor for putting himself on the line and being a great sport for a great cause, he truly is a man of great character and integrity.

The telethon will kick off at 12pm on Monday and last until 12pm Tuesday, there will be local entertainment from poets, musicians and comedians. There will also be local politicians and leaders of the community including Mayor Jim Sottile,Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner, Alderman Bob Senor, Alderman Bill Reynolds, Alderman Lenny Walker, Chief Civil Officer Don Ryan and many others.

Some give aways will be "win a date with Bob Senor" Lenny Walker mows your lawn, Golf trip, A dinner prepared at your home and a cooking lesson, a picture painted by Chris Gonyea, Benchello's gift certificate, Dinner for two at Mariner's Harbor, dinner for two at Rosita's, $100 Gift card to The Steel House, dinner for two at the down town cafe, go-cart passes, $ 250 Microwave from Earl B. Friden, Coffee from Uptown Cigar shop, $25 dollar gift card from Portabella's, 3 month pass to fitness Unlimited, Late Night with Jeremy Blaber season one, and lots more.

The Telethon will be hosted by Jeremy Blaber and Local Comedian Rich Shultis.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kingston School District Budget Fails

The Kingston school district budget FAILED yesterday, despite the fact the school board worked diligently to cut more then 1.6 million dollars from the original budget, and proposed a less then 1 percent increase of what is mandated by the state. " I am disappointed if there is anything I think we should spend money on it's education said Blaber it is an investment, we need to give our future (our children) the best educational environment possible. I do not think this budget will do that, but the people have spoken and it is what it is and I accept it."

Kingston School district Superintendent Gerry Gretzinger said he tried to keep as much as possible for the kids even under the austerity budget.

I thank Superintendent Gretzinger for his hard work on this, here is what the people took away from the kids:

* $100,000 for building work and repairs (only emergency repairs will be allowed) and $2,000 for summertime school improvements.
* $30,000 for high school and middle school extracurricular activities, a 50 percent cut.
* $50,000 for interscholastic sports, a 50 percent cut that will force the elimination of such new sports as bowling and girls' golf.
* One teaching position (grades 7-12) and benefits, at $68,799.
* $25,000 for seasonal employees and substitutes.
* $15,000 for an energy manager.
* $199,900 for equipment purchases.
* $15,000 for staff development, a 33 percent cut.
* $30,000 for teaching supplies and audio visual supplies, cuts of 31 and 55 percent, respectively.
* $10,000 from the Committee on Special Education, a 35 percent cut.
* $10,000 for night school, an 8 percent cut.
* $40,000 in debt service.
* A $685,000 transfer to the district's capital account

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Alderman Ringwood Gets Tough on graffiti

Alderman Jennifer Ringwood who has made it a priority to clean up the city with her numerous neighborhood cleanups and work with neighborhood watches has struck again this time tackling graffiti, which recently has become a problem in this city. "Jen's work for Kingston is commendable and I really am pleased with her efforts" said Blaber.

Alderman Ringwood's proposal was favored by the laws and Rules Committee 4-1 (Alderman Cahill) the law will require property owners to remove graffiti within a 10-day period or face a reinspection fee of $150 leveled by inspectors with the Building Safety Division.

"Some of these tags have been there for years, not days, not weeks, and something needs to be done about it," Ringwood said.

Chief of Police Gerry Keller also praised the plan saying graffiti sometimes occurs in spurts, with one vandal trying to outdo or match another one. Keller said that by getting the graffiti removed quickly in a 10-day period may prevent its spread.

This will be an effective law and will help our city look it's best. I think it will also prevent graffiti said Blaber. Once these thugs who are vandalizing peoples homes see that there "tags" are being so quickly removed they won't do it anymore.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Town Supervisor Nick Woerner Continues Good Works For Ulster

It was January 1st Supervisor Nick Woerner took office after easily defeating opponent Walter Maxwell, since then Supervisor Woerner has done an impressive job in the town. " Supervisor Woerner is doing a fantastic job, he has brought a blast of fresh air to the town, his passion and commitment to the town and it's residents are inescapable" said Blaber.

Supervisor Woerner has passed a tentative contract with Laborers Local 17 covers all town employees, an act that will provide wage increases by 3.6 percent over the next three years. "It was one of the main priorities that Democrats campaigned on in the 2005 elections," he said. Also the Supervisor is working to fix the town's phone system which is broken, the 4 year old system does not allow residents to leave messages after hours, a "new Executone phone system" is going to be installed. In February the Town board approved Supervisor Woerner's plan to authorized borrowing $600,000 to repaint the Ulster Water District storage tank and build a pump station. "We do have the water currently coming in right now," "What this is going to allow us to do is when the demand becomes higher, such as in the summer months and when our contract increases ... to pump in the necessary amounts that we will need." said Nick. The Town also has a legal police Commission under Woerner.

Supervisor Woerner has only been in office for a little over 6 months and so much has been accomplished, the town is lucky to have his leadership. If this is any indication of what is to come then the town is in for something great. One thing I can say for sure is the town is in good hands.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blaber News Person of the Week Alderman Bob Senor

Blaber News Person of the Week : Alderman Bob Senor " Alderman Senor's work for the city and his ward is very visible and I applaud him for his tireless efforts to the city and his constituents" said Blaber

Alderman Senor has done great things for this city and his ward since regaining office in January. In just six short months back in office Senor has accomplished a lot. The Roundout Market once plagued with loiterers and drug activity is now free and clear from such activity and people are no longer afraid to shop there. Another important accomplishment in ward 8 is the repair of the traffic light on Delaware Ave., now the kids at Kennedy school are able to cross the street and use the crosswalk with out fear of being struck by a speeding car.

The Alderman has also been an independent voice on the council most recently taking a stand on not rushing into a memorializing resolution in were the city of Kingston would support keeping the high school in Kingston. Even though this is a touchy subject for people and in it's very early stages the Minority Leader of the city had put tremendous pressure upon Senor and the rest of the council to vote in favor of this resolution and state there position. While Senor did state that he was not in favor of a new school he voted to table the resolution to a later date to gather more information so he could make an informed decision, I applaud the Alderman for doing so and showing that he represents the people, not the party.

Alderman Senor has also participated in joint neighborhood meetings led by Alderman Bill Reynolds and has done so in a bipartisan manner, having participated in the neighborhood meetings with him I can say they have been a success.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blaber News Gives 2006 endorsements

Governor- Elliot Spitzer
LT.Governor - David Patterson
U.S. Senate Hillary R. Clinton
Attorney General- Andrew Cuomo
Congress 22nd District Maurice Hinchey
Congress 19th District Ben Shuldiner
NYS assembly 101st district Kevin Cahill
NYS Senate 40th district Sue Zimet
NYS Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi
State Supreme Court Karen Peters
Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum

It is with a great sense of honor I give my full endorsement to these candidates, they all have proven leadership and proven results. I know that once (re) elected they will fight hard for there constituents and work hard to make sure they provide the best services possible for the people they represent.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Broadway Looking Cleaner?

After looking at Broadway it seems cleaner, all the trash that once disheveled Broadway has been removed, papers and bottles seem to be replaced with flowers and neatly cleaned sidewalks. " It really is something, it has improved surpassingly said Blaber.

Mayor Sottile has done a great job reshaping Broadway and making it a cleaner and more appealing part of the city, my hat is off to him.

Although Blaber was quick to point out the transformation on Broadway, it is not unique to Broadway. The city looks better as a whole said one city resident, "I am proud to live here, our Mayor has done a fantastic job making Kingston look and feel more desirable."