Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Tonight My Endorsements for Tuesday's Election

Here are my endorsements, I need to get up at 5 am so I am just putting up the names. I will post detailed reasons why I feel these people are the best choices Monday night.

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo (Row E, WFP line)

US Senate: Charles Schumer

US Senate : Kirstin Gilibrand

NYS Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman

NYS Comptroller : Tom DiNapoli

**NYS Assembly 101st (the most important race) Kevin Cahill please help reelect this great public servant****

NYS Assembly 103rd Marc Molinaro

Ulster County Comptroller : Elliott Auerbach

Ulster County Sheriff : Paul Van Blarcum

NYS Senate 40th Greg Ball

US Congress 22nd Maurice Hinchey

US Congress 20th Scott Murphy

US Congress 19th John Hall

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Supervisor Quigley In His Own Words

warning this contains very explicit language

Last week Eric Kitchen attacked Ulster Democrats and former Supervisor Nick Woerner in what now has become t-shirt gate. I wrote a factual post defending former Supervor Woerner and attacking Republican councilman Eric Kitchen. I made a point to mention in that post that Kitchen should be more like Supervisor Quigley and keep partisan politics out of town board meetings. Matter of fact this blog has been very friendly to Jim Quigley, I have refused negative comments bashing the Supervisor and have done positive stories on his administration. While Quigley is a Republican, I have had in the past a close friendship with him.

However, I would say 10-15 minutes of me putting up the post about Kitchen, he called me and left a pretty harsh put it mildly. I took the down the post and attempted to call the Supervisor to explain my position. He wouldn't take my call. That's his choice, I wrestled with posting this voicemail but I think it's important. An elected official should NEVER try to stifle the free flow of information. The town of Ulster is not owned by Jim Quigley, he was elected by the people to run the town and when a Councilman makes controversial remarks and accusations at a public meeting you can bet people are going to talk about it.

The fact of the matter is Eric Kitchen was wrong and what he said in the newspaper was simply untrue and I called him out on it. It's regretful Supervisor Quigley feels that I do not have a right to comment on town politics.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Chairman Parete

Editor & news staff

I am particularly upset and must call attention to Fawn Tantillos’ harsh
rhetoric in the recent Comptrollers debate. Calling Elliot Auerbach
an “incompetent lackey” is way over the top and unacceptable. Civility and good
manners are something Fawn is clearly lacking.

Coincidentally; I call your attention to a published quote that appeared in the
Daily Freeman (Ulster County Unveils Final Plan for Jail) on March 21,2002. "This
jail's been called a 'megajail' by some of its critics. Only someone who
has absolutely no understanding, or someone who is grandstanding, could possibly
call this a megajail," said county Legislator Fawn
Tantillo, R-New Paltz, who chairs the jail oversight committee.

Fawn Tantillo was self appointed cheerleader for this 100 million dollar
fiasco.She clearly had no comprehension how deeply in over her head she was. She
has yet to own up to her responsibility for this taxpayers nightmare.
I would have thought by now she would have apologized to the citizens of Ulster

We warned her that the MEGA-JAIL project would be a disaster, but she mocked us,
and said we were playing politics. In this regard, I must ask Fawn, in hind
sight, was she playing politics, or just simply incompetent?


John Parete

Monday, October 25, 2010

Give Matt Damon His 40TH Birthday Wish Vote Working Families!!

Please join me in granting Matt Damon's birthday wish by voting on the Working Families Party line next Tuesday. WFP is located on Row E on the ballot. I encourage Democrats and Republicans to vote your values and make your vote count. It's especially important to vote Row E in the race for Governor.

Auerbach Recieves Strong Support From Labor

The Auerbach for Comptroller campaign today announced endorsements from the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO; the CSEA Regional Political Action Committee, and the Kingston Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 461.

“We welcome these endorsements as recognition for our focus on working men and women throughout Ulster County as we strive to safeguard their tax dollars from waste and inefficiency,” the Comptroller said.

Paul Ellis-Graham, President of the Labor Federation, thanked Auerbach for his “participation in (their) endorsement process,” and noted that the endorsement resulted from “careful consideration of (his) position on key labor issues that affect working families.”

The CSEA endorsement acknowledges Mr. Auerbach’s “interests in the issues affecting public workers and your commitment to addressing the needs of all hardworking men and women” throughout the County, according to Region President Billy Riccaldo.

The Fire Fighters Association resulted from Mr. Auerbach’s participation in a Candidate Night meeting and a vote from its members, according to Michael Schabot, Secretary, Local 461

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comptroller Auerbach and Sheriff Van Blarcum Endorsed by Daily Freeman

Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum were both strongly endorsed by the Daily Freeman today.

Read the editorial here : Comptroller Auerbach Editorial

Friday, October 22, 2010

Poll Shows Hinchey Way Ahead!!!!!

Poll Shows Maurice Hinchey in Strong Shape

By CQ-Roll Call Staff October 22, 2010 6:17 PM Comments (0)
Democrats are circulating a new poll showing Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) with a double-digit lead over his Republican opponent, George Phillips in upstate New York's 22nd congressional district.

Hinchey is ahead of Phillips by 51 to 34 percent, according to the survey by Abacus Associates for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The poll of 403 likely voters on Oct 20-21 found that Phillips' name recognition was only 39 percent. It also showed that of the undecided voters 28 percent were Republicans, 33 percent were Democrats, and 29 percent listed their party affiliation as blank.

"We are confident that most of these Democrats and some of the blanks will break for Congressman Hinchey," said the memo from David Scott of Abacus Associates. "In light of these results, while the congressman will see a decreased margin of victory compared with recent elections, he should still win comfortably."

In recent weeks Republicans have suggested that Hinchey may be vulnerable. The conservative group, American Crossroads, led by Karl Rove, has targeted Hinchey with over a quarter of a million dollars in television ads.
-- Bennett Roth

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watchdog Auerbach Looking Pretty Good!!!

I came up with a campaign slogan for County Executive Mike Hein in 2008, Hein Sight is 20/20, Mike's budgets as administrator and his ideas for a better Ulster County have consistently come to fruition and it's a catchy slogan. Actually, I'm only 80% sure I came up with it but if someone else did, I certainly coined it and went with it here on this blog. With that being said Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach seems to have a little "Hein Sight" of his own and the legislature and Fawn Tantillo seem to have a little egg on their face.

I'm sure you have all looked at the stories in the Daily Disappointment over the last couple weeks regarding the firing of the RRA Executive Director for alleged sexual harassment, and the over scrutiny over the complete mismanagement of the department. Lets face it the RRA is a HOT MESS right now!

Well a month before all this went down, it was Comptroller Elliott Auerbach that shined the light on the RRA and he was criticized pretty heavy for it. Now the legislature is changing their tune.

Lets reminisce and see what legislative leaders and Auerbach's GOP opponent had to say when Watchdog Auerbach warned us that the RRA might need to be looked at:

The following is a great post written by UlsterObserver, a new local blog:

08/31/2010-KINGSTON – The Ulster County Legislature is supposed to closely monitor the spending and operations of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, but it hasn’t, costing county taxpayers almost $32 million over the last decade, County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach said Monday.

(THIS IS IN AUGUST!) Fast forward to October

10/14/2010-KINGSTON – The board of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency has fired director Michael Bemis amid allegations of sexual harassment and falsifying business records.Bemis’ termination comes weeks after County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach’s report that said the county legislature had not provided sufficient oversight over the agency.

What does Chairman Wadnola , Legislator Roberts and Fawn Tantillo have to say now?

Here is what they said when the report was first issued:

OUR ASTUTE LEGISLATIVE CHAIRMAN: In response to the Comptroller, I believe the Legislature has exercised oversight of the RRA This superficial piece of election year drivel offers no solution at all.

HERE YOU GO KEVIN:Legislator Kevin Roberts, R-Wallkill, who is chairman of the county Government Operations and Efficiency Committee, called the report election year “posturing” and a waste of Auerbach’s annual salary.Roberts described the Resource Recovery Agency as one of the “best-run departments in the county” and disputed contentions that it is supposed to be self-sufficient.

AND NOW YOU FAWN (You did chair the Jail Oversight Committee):Tantillo, a former member of the Legislature, said the report “could have been useful, but not when you hit the legislators over the head with it.” “I probably would have taken it to the Oversight Committee and presented it there, but you don’t get headlines if you do that,” she said.
Posted by O.U. at 5:00 PM 0 comments

Amazing, stuff! Let me remind you of another great phrase that I can't take credit for and is way better than Hein sight is 20/20, a phrase I hope we all remember before we pull that lever on November 2nd: It's not my back, it's not your back, IT'S AUERBACH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rooney Bombs In Front Of POJO Editorial Board

Peter Rooney has been nicknamed by voters in the 101st Assembly district as "Coward Rooney", the GOP candidate for assembly earned that nickname for ducking a serious of debates and forums with his opponent Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, well today Peter confirmed what everyone suspected, the reason he is ducking our Assemblyman is because he does not have a clue. Rooney who has run an extremely negative and untruthful campaign, bombed at a recent appearance before the editorial board of the Poughkeepsie Journal. I have some funny quotes that I will post tomorrow but it's pretty bad. The guy has no basic understanding of the issues, none at all! He comes across as a fool and is just not ready for prime time...not by a long shot.

Below is the video, I think it behooves everyone to watch it. The sound quality is not great and it is a good 4o minutes but it's worth watching. Again, I will embed the video and take out some quotes tomorrow. I will note it's better and easier to watch this after a few drinks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Hein to business leaders: No Tax Increase!

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein said today that he will veto any budget that calls for a tax increase. Mike Hein made these comments at an Ulster County chamber of commerce breakfast this morning. Hein presented a budget early this month that called for no increase in county taxes, it is now before the county legislature.

Turns out Hinchey is right, Freeman reporter full of baloney!


Hinchey found some support for one of his denials at the Monday gathering from YNN reporter-videographer Doug Short, who witnessed Thursday's confrontation.
Short said that there was no question that Hinchey did not choke or try to choke Kemble, who has alleged on a website that the congressman "put his hands on my throat."
Short said the congressman "went right over to Kemble" after telling him to shut up and the two "got in each other's faces."

Short said he saw some "finger-wagging" on Hinchey's part, but could not be sure if the congressman ever touched or poked the reporter.

In the first video on YNN that has gotten so much attention, Maurice Hinchey asks Bill Kimble in response to a ridiculous question that the Congressman had answered many times previously: What are you talking about? Are you still as deceptive as you have always been? And then Hinchey tells Kimble that he's full of baloney.

Kimble's latest claim in the freeman today that Maurice Hinchey assaulted him before the debate, lol, I think we can say with full certainty that YES, Kimble is as deceptive as he has always been and he is indeed full of baloney on his version of what happened. We can also say that he should probably shut up and stop with his vendetta against our Congressman. Maybe Mr. Kimble's idol is that Blair guy from the NY Times, I just do not understand why he thinks he can make stuff up.

While everyone agrees there was a heated argument between the Congressman and Kimble, no one seemed to see Maurice assault Kimble. The YNN reporter and several other witnesses saw Hinchey and Kimble arguing but no one saw Hinchey put his hands on Kimble's neck, as Kimble claims.

Why? It didn't happen. No tv reporter would walk away from a confrontation that involves a Congresssman, it's just too juicy. The tv reporter watched and saw what happened and said point blank, Mr. Kimble's version of events are not what I witnessed.

Furthermore, the argument happened before the debate. Kimble covered the debate. So we are to believe that Kimble was assaulted and than went into the debate like nothing happened and covered the story?

Give me a break! Sounds to me like Bill Kimble is full of baloney!

Chipman's Uphill Battle

Carl Chipman who is throwing his name around as a possible candidate to challenge Mike Hein next year has a 53% Unfavorable opinion among people that voted in a recent Blaber News Poll. Another 20% of people had no idea who he even was...good luck's gunna be an uphill battle.

Friday, October 15, 2010

NY's 22nd Turns Nasty, Congressman Hinchey Being Targeted

Congressman Maurice Hinchey is under attack in what are clearly desperate last minute attacks to try and unseat the 9 term congressman.

First let me start out by saying Bill Kimble should be fired from the Freeman. There is a video of Maurice Hinchey and Bill Kimble arguing that I will post above. In the video Congressman Hinchey is annoyed by the set up style questions this reporter is asking him and Hinchey calls him out on it. Pretty much saying you have no credibility, you have ran untrue lies about me in the past and I want to talk to this other journalist that wants to conduct an actual interview. Bill Kimble persists to harass Congressman Hinchey and Hinchey tells him forcefully to shut up, kudos to Maurice.

Obviously that did not sit well with Mr. Kimble who wrote a very nasty hatchet piece on the Congressman's performance in the debate trying to depict him as if he was old, anyone that knows Maurice knows well that he is very competent and on the top of his game. Kimble is taking his vendetta a step further claiming there was a physical altercation between the two men prompted by the Congressman. This of course is untrue, Kimble continued to harass Hinchey even after the interview and there was a heated conversation. Congressman Hinchey took the high road and walked away from Kimble who was looking for a fight.

If what Kimble said were true, why would he omit that from the original story in the Freeman,?Hey that would be big news, no? A better question why would he feel that he could write an impartial story on the debate after all that? Bill Kimble betrayed and deceived the Freeman readership today to try and tarnish our Congressman and that is unacceptable.

George Phillips who is the Republican candidate for Congress is running ads now paid for a consulting firm owned by Karl Rove. This firm has dedicated over 300 thousand dollars to do it's best to smear Congressman Hinchey.

George Phillips also said in an interview with capital tonight that he fully supports Carl Paladino to be Governor of New York State.

Do we really want a Congressman like George Phillips who accepts money from Karl Rove and thinks Carl Paladino would be a great Governor???

One should be judged by the company he keeps. This is a no brainer Maurice Hinchey needs to be reelected in November. Hinchey is our Congressman and has always been there for us in Washington never afraid to back down from a tough issue. Broome County you can keep Mr.Phillips, Ulster County and the rest of the 22nd don't want him.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Facebook Wars

Controversy surrounding Carl Paladino's appearance in Ulster County yesterday has cost GOP county chairwoman, Robin Yess two Facebook friendships, so we know it's serious at this point. Robin Yess posted the following as her status on Facebook: Robin Vaccai Yess "Ah well...I hated to do it, but I had to delete Billiam and Guy. Too bad that they don't know that I am one of the most gay-friendly Republicans in Ulster County. Bad behavior and inappropriate comments against me and my family will not help their cause. That's for sure. GOP Chair WAS on their team."

Robin's comments are in response to a picture of Robin Yess that was tagged to her facebook page by activist Billiam Van Roestenberg, that contained this caption: Robin Yess the Ulster County republican Chair is horrible she thinks wack-job teabagger paladino is "great!" Robin and her husband Lou Yess have a terrible contracting company where they rip off Hudson Valley residents shoddy unfinished work they never finish they lie and shakedown people - nice republicans ha?

Billiam's comments are out of line. I like Billiam but give me a break, making baseless accusations about a persons business and family is just over the top. I'm not sure what Guy Kemp's involvement was but he gave me such a hard time during the primary for attorney general that we don't speak anymore.

Don't worry me and Chairwoman Yess are still facebook friends.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fawn Tantillo, You Just Can't Trust Her

I wrote a post last night asking candidates supported by the Republican party, whether or not they stand by their nominee for Governor after the comments Paladino made the other day.

A reader posted this in regards to Fawn Tantillo who is running for county comptroller:

Anonymous said...
Tantillo already voiced her support for Cuomo...remember the uproar when she attended the rally in NP and then publicly declared her support? Maybe she knew something the republicans didn't.
12:44 PM

Maybe she did. It's funny but not surprising that Fawn Tantillo attended the rally for Carl Paladino today.
Forget for one second that her timing of switching from Cuomo to Paladino is disturbing. Maybe Tantillo agreed with Paladino's bigoted comments and went to show her support.

Whatever the reason of her switch, it raises eyebrows of a much bigger issue, Fawn is very erratic and can't be trusted.

Tantillo Time Line
(The very small condensed version, I could go on and on)

* When on the legislature she left to take a job as a department head, which brought us the Tantillo ethics law.

* A former Republican, she switched to the Independence party, poo pooing her old party saying it had lost it's way.

* She than slowly crawled back to the GOP, taking the line to try and fulfill her latest pipe dream of being the Ulster County Comptroller..

* Screws Kevin Cahill out of the Independence party by going behind the backs of the Ulster and Dutchess chairs urging the state committee to support Kevin's opponent and denying fellow indy's the right to a primary in the process.

* Comes to an event for Andrew Cuomo and claims she is supporting him as the Independence party nominee, Mario Catalano almost endorsed Auerbach right there.

* Today comes to a rally in support of Carl Paladino for Governor.

Lets face it Fawn Tantillo simply can't be trusted!!!

Paladino Redux: Makes Campaign Stops In New Paltz and Kingston

Carl Paladino arrives in New Paltz

Tim Hunter taunts the Paladino campaign with his guitar

Billiam Van Rostenberg, who was the first person ever to participate in a same sex marriage in NYS, greets Mr. Paladino in New Paltz, the same town he was married just a few years ago.

This is really a great picture and shows the very poor timing of Paladino's comments and reminds us the importance of not discriminating against another human being because they are different than you.

Carl Paladino's younger supporter

I will give Carl Paladino credit he has guts, I can't say that if I were him I would of went to New Paltz the day after a scandal broke involving remarks Paladino made that were viewed as bigoted toward the gay community.

But this morning Carl Paladino was in New Paltz, a very progressive town that was home to the first same sex marriages ever performed in New York state. No surprise, Paladino was greeted with protesters that from what I hear far out numbered supporters.
Carl Paladino tried to clarify his previous remarks:

“I am concerned with the future for all our citizens, gay, straight, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim and Agnostic,” Paladino said.

“Although I am not perfect I do admit my mistakes. I will reach out to leaders of the gay community to educate me on how to better represent my support for the rights of all citizens.”
“If elected as your governor I will stand and fight for all gay New Yorkers rights. I ask you for forgiveness on my poorly chosen words and the publication by others not involved with our campaign of unredacted script that did not reflect my oral statement or match my personal feelings.”

Mr. Paladino also stopped in Kingston, taking a tour of the uptown business district.

Photos courtesy of Dan Torres.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Very Simple Question

I have to say up until today, I was secretly going to vote for Carl Paladino. I love Andrew Cuomo and think he is great, I felt that Carl would shake things up a little bit and really give NYS government the kick in the teeth that it needs. I met Paladino at a Manulus chamber of commerce breakfast and thought he was great; full of energy and very personable and passionate for what he believed in. I also agreed with former Governor Eliot Spitzer that Carl was not as crazy as he is portrayed in the media and would do a credible job.

However, Mr. Paladino's comments regarding gay Americans are completely unacceptable and dangerous. I will not vote for a candidate that discriminates against anyone because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. That is just where I draw the line, I can be pretty edgy but will never attack or discriminate against someone for political gain.

I ask this question to the following candidates: Mr. Rooney, Mr. Kirwin, Senator Larkin, Senator Bonacic, Mr. Goodwin and Mrs. Tantillo ... after the comments made by your party's nominee for Governor will you be supporting him in November?

I really am proud of my good friend Assemblyman Ball, who is in a tight race to fill Senator Liebell's seat, for having the courage to come out against Carl Paladino's comments. Good for Assemblyman Ball!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Our condolences to the family of Harry Castiglione. Commissioner Castiglione served as Ulster's Democratic election commissioner from 1985-2006. Harry was one of the nicest people you will ever meet and will be missed.

President Bill Clinton to stump for Hinchey in Binghamton

Former President Bill Clinton, who was recently polled as our most populat national figure, will stomp for Congressman Maurice Hinchey in Binghamton. Binghamton is the home turf of Congressman Hinchey's Republican opponent. I guess the big guns are being pulled out, not that Congressman Hinchey really has much to worry about.

Here is the press release:

Former President Bill Clinton will speak at a campaign rally for U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey on Monday, according to Hinchey’s campaign manager.

The event is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Holiday Inn at 2-8 Hawley St. in Binghamton.The doors will open at 6 p.m., and the event is free and open to the public.

Hinchey, D-Hurley, represents New York’s 22nd Congressional District, which stretches from the Hudson Valley to New York’s Southern Tier. The district includes all of Ulster County as well as Binghamton. Hinchey is seeking a 10th two-year term in the House in the Nov. 2 election.

Hinchey campaign manager Liam Fitzsimmons said in an e-mail on Saturday that Clinton will “emphasize the need to continue moving the country forward by electing strong representatives like Hinchey who are fighting for middle-class families.”

Friday, October 08, 2010

Cowboy Rooney Trying To Buy The 101st!!!!

Peter Rooney pledged to spend 500k to try and take out Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and he is well on his way in keeping that promise. So far he has spent over $284,000 on his campaign, including over 56,000 in advertising, mostly negative lies that attack and misrepresent our Assemblyman's record.

Do not listen to the smears and lies that the Rooney campaign is telling you, they are untrue. Kevin Cahill is a guy that is a public servant in every sense of the word. An Assemblyman that is fully accessible to his constituents, who has fought hard to help seniors with heap, lower taxes, create strong ethics legislation, help kids receive a quality education, and has helped local municipalities with grants and funding, including the restoration of the long dormant Carnagie Library. This project and many others are now coming to fruition because of Assemblyman Cahill's efforts. Kevin Cahill as chair of the NYS's energy committee has made it a priority to work to make NYS a leader in green jobs.

Rooney on the other hand, has no ideas and does not know the issues, he admitted as much in the Daily Freeman when he announced several months ago.

Rooney acknowledges that he is still becoming familiar with many district issues, such as flooding and natural gas drilling in the Catskills, by talking with party leaders in each community.

"I’m little behind on some of those issues, but I’m working on them, constantly catching up," he said

-Kingston Daily Freeman May 26,2010

We don't have time for a new inexperienced Assemblyman to go to Albany and play catch up. The 101st needs an experienced leader like Kevin Cahill, not a wanna be cowboy. When I see this guy, I think he is going to pull a pistol out of his leather holster and shoot someone. The guy does not have what it takes to be in the New York state Assembly. Vote Cahill, send a message that THE 101st IS NOT FOR SALE!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hein Budget Wizardry Leaves GOP Speechless

Mike Hein released his second county budget that will NOT raise taxes, which by any account is impressive in this economy.

Republicans that have been attacking Hein for anything and everything, where simply stunned by the Hein budget.

Some reactions:

It’s shocking to me that, in these economic times, there’s no tax increase,” said Majority Leader Paul Hansut, R-Lloyd. “I’m a little taken aback.”

“I think it demonstrates the charter form of government is a success,” said Minority Leader Jeanette Provenzano, D-Kingston.

Legislature Chairman Frederick Wadnola, D-Ulster, said legislators will begin reviewing the executive spending plan “immediately.”

Wadnola's comments are unfortunate but typical. The Republican Chair is pretty much saying, I'm going to search this budget and look for any way to make the county exec look bad. Can Wadnola not give credit where credit is due?

Congratulations to Mike Hein and his office for presenting a fiscally responsible budget that puts taxpayers first.

Former candidate for Governor and King of All Media Backs Cuomo for Governor

Howard Stern Thursday said he was supporting Cuomo over Paladino for Governor on his radio show :

Howard said this guy Paladino is a maniac too. He said he read about the meltdown he had when they were asking him about a mistress he might have. Howard did an impression of the guy having his meltdown and he stated screaming that Andrew Cuomo had an affair when he didn't.

Howard said the guy should have said that he came clean about what he did and that he has character flaws. He said he could have said it in a calm way and not flipped out like this guy did.
Howard said he knew this guy was whacked out of his skull just by looking at his raccoon eyes. He said that Elvis' mother had those too. Howard said the guy has to get some sleep or something. Howard said Elvis' mother was whacked out of her skull and so is this guy. Howard asked who the hell this guy thinks he is.

Howard said he's voting for Cuomo. It's as easy as that. Howard said when he sees a guy that whacked out he's not going to vote for him. Howard said you can't be running around yelling and cursing when reporters ask you a question. He said it shows that you're out of your mind. Howard said the guy is irrational.

Howard Stern ran for Governor in 1994 but dropped out because he did not want to disclose his income, he endorsed Pataki over incumbent Governor Mario Cuomo.