Thursday, March 30, 2006

City Of Kingston Person Of The Week

The honorable Nick Woerner is this weeks person of the week for Blaber News. Nick Woerner is a pillar of the community someone I greatly admire and look up too. Woerner made his mark by becoming the towns youngest supervisor at the age of 21 and bringing with him the first democratic majority in over 28 years. A few months ago I began work to started an organization to get young adults and young professionals involved in local government, Mr.Woerner is what the organization is all about and proof that there is a place for young professionals in local government. His strong work and leadership is and will continue to benefit the community. I am proud to count him as one of my friends.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neighborhood Meeting a success

I would like to thank Alderman Reynolds and Alderman Senor for attending my neighborhood meeting of the 7th and 8th wards and addressing the concerns of the residents and keeping them informed of what is going on. Although there was a low turn out it was still a very positive meeting and I feel a lot was accomplished. I also would like to give a thanks to all who attended. Are next meeting will be in a few months or so dealing with the AVR project, at the White Eagle.

What should be done about the old library?

What should be done with the old Library
Used as a resource center
used for afternoon activities ex.. school newspaper, khs tv, civics program
turned into a new caferteria
turned into the board of education
Free polls from

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blaber News endorses Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

Blaber News is proud to endorse Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General of the state of New York he was the passion and leadership to represent the state of New York. He has proven results working on his father Mario Cuomo's successful 1982 gubernatorial campaign. Cuomo also became a key senior official in the Clinton administration, Cuomo is a graduate of Fordham and Albany Law school. When Jeremy Blaber was contacted on giving an endorsement for the Attorney General race he responded with out hesitation "hands down Andrew Cuomo, it will take big shoes to follow in the footsteps of Elliot Spitzer and I can not think of anyone more qualified then Andrew Cuomo he has proven results and proven leadership and is just what New York needs." To quote our great president Andrew Cuomo is a passionate believer in doing what's right and he is a determined leader who gets it done. His test is never soft sentiments,but hard results. -President Bill Clinton Dec. 23,1996

The U.S. Postal Service Under Fire

Alderman Anne Marie DiBella and Alderman Robert Senor have launched an attack on the the post office about the installation of mail boxes curbside to help the post office workers deliver the mail easier. Alderman Senor said Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, well Alderman Senor what is different? They are still delivering just a few feet closer..Correct. I do agree with alderman DiBella that it is an eye soar, those mail boxes on those wooden sticks look awful but I do not support a ban of them we should not be telling people what they can do with there property if they want it close to the curb then that is there right. What we need to do is develop a compromise.

Reminder neighborhood Watch

Reminder to all residents of Wards 7&8- There will be a joint Neighborhood meeting on Tuesday the 29th at 7pm at John F.Kennedy School. Alderman Bill Reynolds and Alderman Bob Senor will host, this is a chance for residents of the area to come out and talk with your alderman about concerns you may have in the ward, all residents are welcome to attend.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

City Of Kingston's Person Of The Week

The Hon. Brian Cahill- One of our counties newest democratic legislators Brian Cahill is Blaber New's Kingston person of the week. Brian Cahill won his seat this November after crushing his opponent then county legislator Jim Maloney. Brian Cahill is a good example of how important it is to vote and that how every single vote counts although Brian won his seat this time by a very large margin, two years ago he lost his bid for the legislator by one single vote. The dems also that year gained a few seats but not enough to put them in the majority, they ended up having 15 seats to the republicans 16 which means the majority of the whole legislator was decided by a single vote. Brian who is now in a 21-12 majority is really making a difference early on after taking office in January, I can see his compassion as he speaks at the legislative meetings and even though I am not in his district when I had a problem with something that fell into his district him and Mike Berrardi both called me right away and had it solved with in 72 hours. He is someone I strongly admire and look up too, I don't know if you can be proud of some one older then you but I am proud of Brian and what he has accomplished in his life and so far on the legislator and look forward to these next two years, and hopefully years after that.

Drug Sweep Nails 12 thugs

The Kingston Police department arrested 12 people in a drug sweep yesterday morning following a five week investigation my hat goes off to detective Matthews and the KPD they are hard workers and do everything they can to make it safer for us to live in.

Here were the thugs arrested:

Tiffany Aiken, 28, of 296 Wall St.;
Anthony Brown, 31, of 256 Washington Ave.;
Naomi Clark, 50, of 4 O'Neil St.;
James Douglas, age and address unavailable;
Barry Futrell, 43, address unavailable;
Omar Herbert, age and address unavailable;
Sequoya Mayo, 33, of 42 Downs St.;
Walter Mayo, 31, of 42 Downs St.;
Trevis Meeks, 23, of 181 Wall St.;
Omar Muhammad, 31, of 277 Albany Ave.; and
Maria Rameriz, 44, of 105 Downs St.
In addition, one juvenile was arrested and the case turned over to family court.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

From Nazi to Friend

I really am glad to see in the Freeman that Mayor Jim Sottile and Alderman Bob Senor seem to be getting along and that Sottile and Senor are able to put politics aside and do what is best for the city. It seems like yesterday the two were bickering weather it be Senor calling Sottile a Nazi or Sottile claiming Senors incompetence. I for one have noticed a change in Mr.Senor when he was elected I was expecting a loud mouth that was too thick minded to listen to anyone elses opinion but his own but thus far what I have gotten is a different Bob Senor a kinder Bob who listens to peoples ideas and opinions with an open mind. As well as an alderman who has gone out of his way to help people and make Kingston a better place.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alderman Ringwood pushes for clean Up

Alderman Jennifer Ringwood is pushing for tougher action be taken to rid the problem of trash being thrown on the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad way. The are is presently infested by drug users and prostitutes and is full of trash, alderman Ringwood had organized a neighborhood clean up for the area a few months back but apparently the trash and the drugs have returned. Alderman Ringwood stated Keller and the KPD have done what they can to patrol the area but simply do not have the manpower or the resources. She went further to say the property must be maintained, and that Ulster County, as the owner, is ultimately responsible.
"This would be no different than what is required of any landlord in our community," Ringwood wrote. "I fear the liability the county may face for the lack of care, which has resulted in dangerous activities taking place on the property. With the warm weather on its way, the problem will only exacerbate." I agree I hope this will be addressed, I was at the last clean up and it was a mess it needs to be maintained! I am glad Jen is addressing this concern on behalf the people of her ward and trying to improve Kingston's quality of life.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

GOP members of the legislator refuse to give up benefits

Ulster Legislator- Allen Lomita d-Rosendale, brought a proposal that would have eliminated health insurance buy-outs for legislators, increased health insurance contributions, eliminated mileage reimbursements and removed legislators from the county's management "flex plan," this resolution would have saved the county 52,000 dollars, instead of the republicans embracing this idea to cut spending and chip in a few dollars for there health insurance the republicans of the ways and means committee voted against it! Rich Gerentine was quoted as saying " We're asking county departments to cut 5 percent, which would have been about $7,000 for the Legislature," he said. "This proposal called for $52,600 in cuts. I found that a bit unfair, a little extreme. A LITTLE EXTREME??? You know what I find a little extreme Gerentine, pick-pocketing the tax payers of this county with a 37 percent tax hike under your leadership or how about a jail project that is millions of dollars over budget? Huh? that is what I call a little extreme. He went further to say if we cut benefits it will be difficult to attract candidates. That is just untrue and just a cop-out, most people do not run for office for the health benefits, they run to benefit the community and if I ever decided to run cutting legislator benefits to control cost is something I would defiantly support, cutting cost and controlling spending anyway we can is something I would support! Remember your representatives represent you, call the legislators who voted No on this and urge them to reconsider so we can cut some of the cost in Ulster county and ultimately relieve the tax burden on our residents.

Richard Gerentine(r-Marlboro) Home 845-236-4855
Susan Cummings (r-Ellenville) Home 845-647-8599
Minority Leader Glenn Noonan (r- Gardiner) Home 845-255-8771

City of Kingston's person of the week

Lew Kirschner- This weeks person of the week is Lew Kirschner the great Ulster county treasure, as the county treasure Kirschner is responsible for recording and reporting the financial condition of the County within the guidelines set forth by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. He is further responsible for the enforcement and collection of delinquent property and school taxes in accordance with Real Property Tax Law. The Treasurer also invests County funds securely, while maximizing interest earnings. Lew Kirschner is a legend in Ulster county a personal friend of mine, I have never heard anyone have anything but positive things to say about Lew. We are fortunate to have him as a member of our community.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tom Suozzi to be on Late Night W/Jeremy Blaber!!!!!

Tom Suozzi a candidate for governor who is challenging Elliot Spitzer for the democratic nomination for governor has agreed to appear on my show Late Night w/Jeremy Blaber. As soon as I get more information on the interview I will let everyone know. I will ask and see what his plan for NY is and what he will do about health care, taxes, and most importantly what his plan for upstate New York is.

Congressman Hinchey tackles Medicare Part D

Congressman Maurice Hinchey held a press conference yesterday afternoon were he criticized President Bush's new Medicare part d plan. Five days ago, a patient who needs an MRI went to NekosPharmacy on North Front Street with a prescription for medication that would allow her to take the test without having any pain. Pharmacy owner Maryann Sheeley said, she was told by an administrative clerk in charge of the new Medicare Part D program that it would take another 96 hours before approval might be given.
Sheeley filled the prescription on the pharmacies dime.
Later the pharmacist was told by another clerk that a wound-healing drug for a disabled man was not covered under either the Medicaid or Medicare program, even though it had been in the past. The owner filled that one as well. This is just ridiculous when we have big oil getting billions and billions of dollars in tax incentives and our seniors can not get the proper medicine they need to survive. I really am glad we have representatives like Congressman Hinchey that will stand up for our seniors and protect there rights. I could not agree with Hinchey more when he says the only people that this new plan benefits is the pharmaceutical companies. When asked what should be done Hinchey responded "The first step in fixing this prescription drug program disaster is to help seniors immediately get the medications that they need," Hinchey said in a press release. "Once we address the immediate problem, Congress needs to go back to the drawing board and take a look at the Democratic proposal, which I am co-sponsoring, that would ensure all seniors have access to voluntary, affordable, prescription drug program that covers all medicines." We are almost spoiled to have such a great congressman.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Alderman Senor making progress

Alderman Senor the outspoken alderman in ward 8 has begun to make improvements in his ward, because of the efforts of Bobby Senor the traffic light on Delaware Ave. is being repaired after months of a blinking light that would not allow the children at J.F.K. to use the cross walk. Also there have been a decrease of the thugs that loiter at the Roundout market after Senor has stepped up police patrols in that area, an effort started by former Alderman Jen Primo Gilbert. Through bi-partisan efforts, Reynolds has invited Senor to join him in a joint neighborhood watch through parts of wards 7 and 8. Although we are only sixty days in office and have a long way to go, I have to say I am impressed with Alderman Senor thus far. His efforts in the ward are towering and I applaud him for it and I hope we can all continue work in a bi-partisan manner because when we can all put are political differences aside and work together I feel we can get the most work done.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A record of Accomplishment

If you watch public access with the exception of a few shows that I like to call Public acesss's voices of reason (eye on Kingston, late night w/Jeremy Blaber, and the mayors show) you would probably come to the assumption that we have a horrible do nothing mayor and a dem majority council that is a rubber stamp. Of course that is not the case we just have programming on the air that is based on an agenda against Sottile and the dems and not facts. Lets talk facts we have a council that is diverse with there own minds and own voice not a rubber stamp not a lackey for any one, does a democratic majority at times have similar views with there democratic mayor, absolutely! That however does not make them a rubber stamp. We also have a mayor that gives his heart and soul to this city and has dedicated his life to public service, in my personal opinion one of the best mayors ever to hold office in this city. He would do anything for anybody and I would do anything for him. Some of his many accomplishments are his promotion of economic development, improving our cities bond rating which under his administration has continued to go up. He also has turned this city around financially and has put a city close to bankruptcy to a city that is now has a cash surplus. Mayor Sottile and the council have a majority in this city because they are right for the people of this great city and I wanted to take these last few minutes to thank them for all there hard work and to let them know it does not go unnoticed.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Majority Leader Reynolds proposes Kingston go Wireless

Common council majority leader Bill Reynolds is asking that the city look into the possibility of having government wireless internet service throughout the city of Kingston.
"Providing Internet access in addition to the more traditional services such as water, sewer and trash pickup would give people one more reason to live and do business here in the city of Kingston," Reynolds said. I could not agree more this is what we need to bring the city into the 21st century, the internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is the way we get are work done everyday and when I'm looking for a job I know I can send my resume to 10 different companies in a matter of minutes. Rich Cahill, the common council minority leader said that the cost would be '' gigantic," that's funny I didn't know a study was done. I remember Anne Marie DiBella telling Cahill to write Fiction novels a few months back, maybe he should try fortune telling as well.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill to be on KPA's #1 show "Eye On Kingston w/Bill Reynolds"

Thursday, March 9th at 7pm, Kevin Cahill joins Bill Reynolds on his top rated public access show to discuss the good work he has been doing as are representative and to explain to the viewers just what the responsibility are of the NYS Assembly.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jean Jacobs elected GOP boss?

Last year when the common council had all nine seats I thought it can't get any better then this for the dems, I was wrong! The Kingston Republican party has elected Jean Jacobs to be the leader of there party, this is a huge victory for the democratic party in the city of Kingston. Those of you may remember Jacobs as the former school board president who was thrown out of office, after she ran a crusade to get former superintendent of schools Peter Litchka fired. Or you may remember her as the republican candidate of ward 5 who Alderman DiBella trounced in the last election. I think the gop really dropped the ball on this one and will pay for it in the next election. Jacobs goals are to take back the mayor's office and to take the council majority in 07. The chances of either of those goals being accomplished are slim too none, although it will not be Jacobs fault entirely the Kingston Republican party's main reason for being the minority party is there lack of leadership. I also wonder what Richard Cahill Sr. (father of Rich Cahill jr. the former gop chair and current minority leader of the council) thinks about Jacobs being the party chair? Being as he was quoted just 24 hours prior to Jacobs being elected chairwoman as saying how a woman would make a bad leader because of there unpredictability.

Reynolds and Senor team up neighborhood watch

Majority Leader Bill Reynolds D-7 and Alderman Bob Senor R-8 have teamed up together to create a neighborhood watch in there wards. This is a great non-partisan effort on both parts. Reynolds who came up with idea thought it would be good being that parts of the ward are very close together and have similar issues. The first meeting will be Tuesday, March 29th 7pm at John F. Kennedy School