Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bernardo Announces for County Executive

Len Bernardo owner of Skate Time on 209, announced today that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for County Executive. It seems as if Senator John Bonacic is behind Bernardo, tonight announcing him at his fundraiser, as the first County Executive of Ulster County.

So if the powerful Republican Senator is behind Bernardo that spells bad news for Noonan and Quigley who both are interested in running. Unlike the Democrats, the GOP does not have an open process, at least that has been the case historically.

Bernardo's candidacy is great news for Democrats, the GOP's only hope of staying competitive in this race was running Jim Quigley, a successful businessman, who could easily fund his own campaign.

Bernardo who is a registered member of the Independence party, also could be trouble for Susan Zimet who was counting on the Independence party's nomination as a lock.

Everything seems to be falling in line for Hein, I guess Hein sight really is 20/20.

OTHER NOTES : I hear Robin Yess and Mike Stock both attended Bonacic's fundrasier and both are still interested in challenging Kevin Cahill...both are wasting their time.. Stock, Yess, take some free advice, if you can't win a county legislative race, try for town board, not the State Assembly!

Also I hear from GOP insiders that there candidate for Comptroller will be announcing next week...more info as it becomes available.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Attacks on Steve Gorsline Over the Top

On Monday night on the Kingston Chronicles, a comment was made that DPW Boss Steve Gorsline is rumored to be involved with drugs. These comments are so disgusting and despicable that I will never watch that program again until an apology is issued to Superintendent Gorsline. It's one thing to attack a public official and hold them accountable, it is a whole other story to slander a man that has dedicated his life to the residents of the City of Kingston.

I have never agreed with the Cahill's but I always watch the show because it deals with local issues and I find it entertaining to listen to the commentary that is provided. I was really disgusted this morning when I listened to a tape of Mr. Cahill Sr., even suggesting without ANY facts at all that Gorsline was involved with illegal activity.

Mr. Cahill, the man has a wife and kids do they have to hear such outrageous lies on television? Give me a break.

What Dems Have to Look Forward To

North Carolina is already attacking Obama and he is not even the candidate yet. While this ad is awful, politics is a blood sport and this is what Dems have to look forward to in a general election if Barack is the candidate

Hillary Leads McCain By 9 Points

Senator Hillary Clinton now leads John McCain by 9 points according to a new poll issued by the AP. This really helps Hillary's case to the super delegates that she is the most electable candidate to beat John McCain. Republicans in North Carolina are already running nasty tv ads against Obama. (see above video) Giving us a glimpse of what they will use against Barack Obama in a general election.

Democrats can't afford to lose another election. Do I think Obama can win? Yes, and I would support him of he is the nominee. However, the most qualified and most electable candidate is clearly Hillary Clinton.

Monday, April 28, 2008

County Dem Brunch Sunday, May 4th

Ulster County Democrats
Annual Spring Brunch
Sunday, May 4, 2008
Noon to 2pm
Wiltwyck Golf Club
Kingston, NY
Tickets: $50
Please make reservations
by emailing or calling 706-2996.
Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
Make checks payable to Ulster County Democratic Committee and send to UCDC, 292C Fair St, Kingston, NY 12401 Attn: Brunch
--reservations a must—
(All Proceeds to benefit the Ulster County Democratic Committee)

FYI- Anyone with an announcement, Dem or Republican, send it to me by e-mail at and I will make sure that I put it up in a timely fashion.

The Great Carnegie Library

While I can't talk about school board issues on this blog I hope people will go to this link : Carnegie article, and read the story on the Carnegie Library. Thanks to the Kingston School Board under the leadership of Jim Shaughnessy and Robert Mann, the restoration of this great building is moving forward. I'm proud that Mr. Shaughnessy and Mr. McCoy and other board members that ran on the restoration of the Carnegie library are following through on their promises.

I attended the first meeting last year when Mr.Mann made his pitch to the Board of Ed. and it was considered a long shot, because of the dedication of this community to restore our historic buildings, that long shot is now becoming a reality.

The work of the Kingston School Board, Assemblyman Cahill, Mayor Sottile and Robert Mann to restore this great building really is a great example of how beneficial a public-private partnership can be.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

U.C. Races Shaping Up

Last week Susan Zimet joined the race for Ulster County Executive, touting her experience as a County Legislator and a former Town Supervisor. While I support Mike Hein and feel he is head and shoulders above any announced candidate, I like Susan a lot and hope the race is run on the issues and in a fair manner.

Both candidates for Executive have vowed to support the party's nominee and not have a repeat of last years D.A. race. It's good to see both candidates start out in an honorable manner.

For Comptroller, it looks like on the Democratic side David Donaldson and Elliott Auerbach will be the only candidates that will be seeking the nomination.

No Republican candidate has announced yet for Exec or Comptroller.

NY Assembly's 101 district has one announced Republican candidate, Robin Yess, has ditched her candidacy for Exec and opted to run against Kevin Cahill. Mike Stock is also looking at a possible run.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill is in a strong position for reelection, his recent appointment to the state's Energy committee will likely help boost his fundraising capabilities. His top notch constituent service and personality makes the guy virtually unbeatable.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sottile Heads to Indiana to Stump for Clinton

Our great Mayor Jim Sottile is heading to Indiana to stump for Hillary in this critical Democratic primary that is coming up. Sottile who serves on Senator Clinton's national conference of Mayor's, will be talking about why Senator Clinton is the most qualified candidate to be our next President.

Make us proud, Mayor!

Back Home

Tomorrow, I will have an update on my trip to Arkansas. This conference really was great, I met a lot of great people and did training with top political consultants from across the Country. I also was fortunate enough to attend a lecture at the William Jefferson Clinton School of Public Service.

The reception at the Governor's mansion was also something that I will not soon forget. The one on one time that I had with Governor Bebe, A.G. McDaniel, the Speaker of the Arkansas House was great. Governor Bebe in particular was one of the most personable politicians that I have ever met, he is a regular person and made me feel at home. His Lt. Governor Bill Halter was the same way and will probably be President some day. We all had full access of the Governor's mansion and I had a good 20 minute conversation with the Governor.

Full update tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton Beats Obama in Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama by 10 points! The race was not even close, when it comes to key states that Democrats need to win, Barack loses. Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, all states where Obama was defeated by large margins..

I think the super delegates will start to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama can not win a general election. And, as a party we can't afford a third Bush term under John McCain.
Blaber with NYS Assemblyman Karim Camara of the 43rd Assembly District.

Pics from Arkansas

Here are a few pics from the Clinton library and the Arkansas Governor's mansion. I'll have more updates later.

The Clinton Presidential Limo
Blaber at the podium at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion

Blaber in the Clinton Oval Office

Blaber in President Clinton's Chair in the War Room.

Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter and Blaber

Blaber with Arkansas Governor Mike Bebe
Blaber with Arkansas Atorney General Dusty McDaniel ( who still is a Young Democrat for a few more months)

Blaber outside the Governor's Mansion

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Radio Show/ Arkansas/ Short Break

I'm leaving on Monday night for a brief three day trip to Arkansas for a convention at the William Jefferson Clinton library. Hopefully, I'll fit in a little vacation time in as well. The blog will probably not be updated this weekend, I have a lot of things to do before I leave. I will however, update the blog, while I am away. I also will keep up on comment moderation via my blackberry.

Make sure to tune into Kingston Community Radio on Monday morning from 7am to 9am... I will be on with Rich Parete and Glenn Noonan.

Addabbo Key to Taking Back Senate says Malcom Smith

Queens Councilman Joe Addabbo kicked off his campaign for the NYS Senate's 15th district. The Dems' will be focusing on this seat after a virtual unknown came 800 votes short of taking out 10 term incumbent GOP Senator Serf Maltese, without any help from the Dem machine in 06.

This is the tipping point to winning the Senate. There is no race more important than this one. We should all eat, sleep and dream. Joe Addabbo, Jr."

- Minority Leader Malcom Smith

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Berardi Drops Bid For Executive

Bill Berardi, today, dropped his short bid for Ulster County Executive. I like Bill and I think he could be a great asset to Ulster County but he is not a politician. And, that's a good thing. I hope Berardi will stay involved and take a look at Mr. Hein's candidacy and join a team that is ready to move Ulster forward. I think the two of them have a lot in common and at the end of the day the same goal : To make Ulster County the best place to live, work and to raise a family.

13 of 19 Democratic Lawmakers Endorse Hein for Executive

BREAKING NEWS : 13 County Lawmakers have endorsed Mike Hein today for Ulster County Executive. These are people that deal with Mike Hein on a day to day basis and recognize his leadership to move Ulster County forward.

There are also over 230 confirmed guest for Hein's fundraiser tonight. Hein's support is growing and growing fast, while the other candidates are not even out of the gate.

Hein, a lifelong Ulster County resident, is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for County Executive in June. Under a new charter form of government starting next year, the Ulster County Executive will have the authority and power to create an executive budget; to set overall goals and priorities, to cut wasteful spending - and to hold all county departments, agencies and managers accountable for results.

Hein has 18 years of private sector financial management experience and a track record of delivering the first Ulster County Administrator’s budget to cut spending. “The legislators endorsing Hein know first hand that he is fully qualified to lead a $325 million operation with 2,000 employees.

Ulster County Ways and Means Committee Chairman Alan Lomita, D-W Rosendale, said Mr. Hein has that selecting the right person for the job of executive is critical. “He has shown to be uniquely qualified for this important position. There is a lot at stake here and Mike understands how (important) it is to address the property tax burden.

Brian Shapiro, D-I-W Woodstock, Chair of the Environmental Committee said: ”Mike Hein is demonstrated he that he will advance sustainable growth while protecting the environment.”

Praise for Hein continues around the county. “Mr. Hein sees how to promote assets and reduce liabilities. Southern Ulster County will benefit from his plan to make county government more efficient,” said Legislator Jon Decker, D-Highland.

Legislator Mary P. Sheeley, D-I Wawarsing, believes Hein knows how to balance fiscal responsibility with compassion. “He is the most capable and competent choice for this pivotal leadership position,” said Sheeley.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum had endorsed Hein. In 2006, Democrat Paul Van Blarcum swept a countywide election for sheriff and successfully operates a large countywide agency with a multimillion-dollar budget.

Hein already has the endorsement of Democratic Committees in Hurley and Esopus. He will address committees next week in Wawarsing, Kingston and Saugerties

Full list of Endorsements:

Legislator Alan Lomita D-Rosendale

Legislator Robert Parete, D-W Boiceville

Legislator Thomas J. Briggs D-I Wawarsing

Legislator Joseph P. Stoeckeler, Jr. D-I Wawarsing

Legislator Mary P. Sheeley D-I Wawarsing

Legislator Richard Parete, D-W Accord

Legislator Peter G. Kraft, Glenford D-W

Legislator Peter M. Loughren, Kingston D-C-I

Legislator Jeanette Provezano, D-C-I-W Kingston

Legislator Frank P. Dart, D-C-I-W Kingston

Legislator Philip C. Terpening, D-I-W Kingston.

Legislator Jon Decker, D-Highland

Legislator Brian Shapiro, D- Woodstock

For more information go to:

Reynolds Tops Comptroller Straw Poll

Kingston Alderman Bill Reynolds, a person reportedly considering a run for Ulster County Comptroller came out as the candidate of choice in a Democratic straw poll which included the two already announced candidates for the job.

Bill Reynolds, an extremely well polished pol, would be considered as an automatic front runner for the job if he entered the race. Reynolds who has been active in public service for more than 16 years is well respected and liked on both sides of the aisle. Bill Reynolds' extensive work with the State Senate, NY State Comptrollers office and his own local elected office make him uniquely qualified to be the County's oversight watch dog.

We need someone that knows all aspects of government and the process, as well as someone that will be able to examine everything with a microscope. Someone that will be able to keep tabs on the Executive and the legislature. regardless of their party affiliation. I think Bill Reynolds would be that guy and I strongly encourage him to throw his hat in the race.

Editor's Note: This is not meant to take anything away from Elliot Auerbach or David Donaldson, I really have a tremendous amount of respect for both individuals and think either one would be an excellent Comptroller. There is also another candidate that is contemplating a run that I would certainly support. We are lucky as Democrats to have such a packed and talented field of candidates.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blaber on KCR This Monday Morning

I will be filling in for Mike Sweeney this Monday on Kingston Community Radio from 7-9am. As many know Mike Sweeney and his choir will be preforming for the Pope during his visit to New York. Also Monday night, I will be leaving for a YEO convention in Arkansas for three days...more on that later today.

I will be on with my good friends Rich Parete and Glenn Noonan... I'm sure we will talk about the upcoming race for Executive and Comptroller. As well as whatever other issues are going on. I look forward to it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hein Endorsed by Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum

County Administrator Mike Hein today received the endorsement of Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum. This endorsement is very significant. Sheriff Van Blarcum knows what it takes to win County-wide and what it takes to lead a multi million dollar department because he has done both.

The endorsement from Van Blarcum comes on the heels of a recent endorsement from the Esopus town Democratic Committee last week.

Walker Challenges Sottile to Boxing Match.....Was November Not Enough of a T.K.O??

former Alderman Lenny Walker has challenged Kingston Mayor James Sottile to a boxing match on April 19th at the Mid Town Center for charity. There is already an armature boxing card scheduled for that night. While the concept is certainly amusing, did Lenny not learn his lesson when the Sottile/Noble team cleaned his clock in the November election. Why add insult to injury?

Lenny lets be fair, you can't just challenge the toughest dog in the yard to a fight, you have to earn your right to face them. I want to see Lenny, Cahill, and Langon fight for a number one contender spot. The winner will have the opportunity to face Sottile next year.

This will also give the winner a year to train and get ready for the money is on Sottile.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

State GOP Starts Early with their Gutter Politics

The state GOP is so predictable. A few days ago I put on the blog a report that Mike Stock might be running against Kevin Cahill for NYS Assembly. Well, just a week before that announcement a push poll was conducted completely distorting Cahill's record and largely inflating Mr.Stock's. Then, a few days after Stock's announcement a letter appears in a local paper challenging Assemblyman Cahill on a variety of issues that again are factually inaccurate.

The state GOP has to get down in the gutter and start this character assassination on Cahill and other good Democrats because they simply can't compete with them on the issues. And, there are too many important issues going on to even respond to such nonsense.

Luckily, voters of the 101st district know Assemblyman Cahill's record and will not be influenced by the GOP's nasty bitter attack-dog politics.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Photo Blog of the Kirkland Grand Opening

The ribbon is cut, Mr. Sottile is in center cutting the ribbon on the historic building he worked at for many years. Also in picture from left Ward Todd, Senator Larkin, Kevin O'Connor, Congressman Hinchey and Mayor Sottile
Kingston Majority Leader Bill Reynolds, his wife Anita and son Sean
Blaber with 4th Ward Alderwoman Shirley Whitlock .... (the picture was taken looking up at us)
Senator Bill Larkin, County Legislator Sue Zimet and Jonathan Sennett, esq.
Kingston Alderman select Tom Hoffay, Council President Jim Noble and Dan Ahouse
Blaber with Stefanie (Jon's legal assistant)
Mayor Jim Sottile addressing the crowd
Dan Ahouse, Judge Gilpatric and County Majority Leader Brian Cahill

A few of the Kirkland Pics...much more to come

I have tons of pictures from the Kirkland grand opening that I took on Jon's camera...I will have them tomorrow or the next day. Here are a few that Madsen sent to me.

Tomorrow when I receive the other pictures, I'll have information on the event. It really went well and was well attended. I have pictures of the ribbon cutting and a lot more.

my favorite picture of all, Blaber with Bob DiBella
Blaber with Lew Kirschner
Blaber with Congressman Hinchey...I accidentally blinked.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stock Looks to Challenge Cahill for Assembly (LOL)

a preview of what a Cahill v. Stock campaign would look like.

Mike Stock, a former Majority Leader of the U.C. legislature is considering a run against Kevin Cahill for the NYS Assembly. Is this some sort of late April fools joke? Mr. Stock was kicked out of office as the incumbent Majority Leader and he thinks he can challenge and compete with Assemblyman Cahill. There is a reason that our Assemblyman has not had an opponent in the last two elections.. he does his job well and is a superior leader that will not be beaten.

Assemblyman Cahill Secures 6.5 Million for Solar Energy Consortium

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has once again come through for Ulster County, securing 6.5 million dollars for the Solar Energy Consortium in this years state budget. The consortium will use the money to attract solar companies in Ulster County.

Assemblyman Cahill has done a tremendous job as a champion of green renewable energy and the NYS Assembly is extremely fortunate to have someone with his passion for these important issues as the Chair of New York State's Energy Committee. This funding made possible by Cahill represents an investment for hundreds of future green jobs in Ulster County.

“This funding will provide a tremendous boost to our goal of making the Hudson Valley a global leader in the research and development of renewable energy,” said Cahill. “The advancement of solar power is critical to addressing our energy and global climate change challenges. With this money TSEC can now hit the ground running to make sure that happens right here in Ulster County.”

"The exceptional leadership of Kevin Cahill in his role as Chair of the Assembly Energy Committee and his continuing support and mentoring of The Solar Energy Consortium is greatly appreciated," said Vincent Cozzolino, CEO of The Solar Energy Consortium. “TSEC could not have achieved the success it has in its short existence without the support and vision of Assemblymember Cahill.”

The mission of the not-for-profit organization is to integrate and harness the state’s vast financial, technical, scientific, academic and manufacturing capabilities to double the efficiency of solar technology.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Catalano Show Your Hand/ Sennett for Dem Boss

I don't know about you but I find it extremely humorous that GOP Boss Mario Catalano always talks about the highly qualified candidates he has banging down his door to run for different offices. However, he never will tell you who they are. What's wrong with transparency Mr. Catalano? If you have candidates that are going to run for Executive or Comptroller let the people know who they are so they can make an informed decision.

The reality is that Mario Catalano has nobody and is waiting until the last minute in hope that someone half way creditable will step forward. Sure if no one steps up they will throw up a paper candidate like Quigley who can finance his own campaign very easily but will have little impact against a Hein candidacy.

Ironically we saw in 2007 that a paper candidacy can win in Ulster County. The Ulster County Democratic party needs to get over the Sennett/ Bradley nonsense of last year or we will again lose. Even though are ideas and our candidates are better then that of the Republican party if we are not united will will not win. This year is too important to hold a grudge. Or to have a did you support Jon Sennett litmus test. Just because a person supported Vince Bradley does not mean they should immediately be taken out of consideration for a position in Ulster County and vice- versa.

The comments on my blog are worrisome of a 2007 repeat. Dem's have to get over the D.A.'s race fast and unite together. I am just as upset that Mr. Sennett is not at 1818 as the rest of the more than 16 thousand people that supported him. There is nothing anyone can do about the result but make sure that we do not make the same mistake twice.

Part of the healing process has to be obtaining new leadership within the party. I'm fairly confident that John Parete will not seek reelection as Chairman of the Democratic party in June. He's got a nice job at the Board of Elections and does not need the stress. As committeemen when we pick a new leader, we must pick someone that will unite and represent our party the best way possible. There is not anyone that I can think of that would do a better job as party chairman then Jonathan Sennett. Mr. Sennett has the strong Progressive values needed in our next chairman and the tireless energy needed to continue to get Democrats elected in Ulster County. Which is why I strongly hope that Sennett will run for chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Party this June.

Farewell Party for Alderwoman Ringwood this Saturday

The City of Kingston Democratic Committee will be hosting a farewell party for 2nd Ward Alderwoman Jennifer Ringwood on Saturday, April 12th from 5-7pm at the Holiday Inn.

Jennifer is a great Democrat and has contributed a lot to the Democratic party in Ulster County. As a City lawmaker, she has brought important progressive issues to the forefront. I'm very sorry to see her go but am confident in her successor, Tom Hoffay's abilities.

Come out Saturday and show your support!

Kirkland Ribbon Cutting Friday 4 PM

The grand opening of the Kirkland Hotel will take place this Friday, April 11th at 12pm and will go on until 5pm. The ribbon cutting ceremony is at 4pm. I actually have taken a tour of the Kirkland and the building is absolutely amazing. Mayor Jim Sottile and Kevin O'Connor of RUPCO should be given a tremendous amount of credit for recognizing the importance of this building's restoration.

The building will have a restaurant, office space and affordable apartments on the top floor. Attorney Jonathan Sennett, of Sennett Law is the first tenant to move into the Kirkland.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sorry About the Spam E-Mail

A friend of mine from Pace college sent me an e-mail for ...I'm still not sure what it is exactly but I don't see her that much because after h.s. she moved to NYC. So I signed up as a better way to stay in touch.

When I signed up it sent out an e-mail to every person in my yahoo address book. So if you got an e-mail from me today... I sincerely apologize. I even called the company and they assured me that is the only e-mail you will ever receive.

Hein Blows Away Woodstock Committee

I attended the Woodstock Democratic Committee on Monday night and listened to Mike Hein address their committee. As I have stated before, I'm supporting Hein and I hope everyone will join me. However, after hearing him speak to that committee, I have a totally higher level of respect for him then ever before. The one phrase to describe him is that there is no question he is the real deal. He's bright, extremely well spoken and knowledgeable about the issues facing our county. As a community we would be short changed if we did not elect Mike Hein as our first County Executive.

Queens Galley Event a Success

I went to an event featuring Orleans last night in Woodstock to benefit the Queens Galley, a local soup kitchen in Kingston. The event went very well and was well attended. A great group of people and I'm glad they had a successful event.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Cuomo Speaks At Democratic Rural Confrence

AG Andrew Cuomo stopped by the Democratic Rural Conference’s 10th annual convention in Saratoga Springs last night. During his comments, he said to the audience, “You are the true blue” and joked that he had a tough campaign for AG because “everyone” was running for AG, asking, “Is there anyone in this room that wasn’t running for Attorney General?”

Cuomo went on to talk about the theme of this year’s convention, which is “Take Back the State Senate!”, saying “we are going to take back the Senate. We are going to do it…bet anyone you want to bet that the Democrats are going to win the Senate. If you have any questions ask a fella named David Valesky if we’re going to win. If you have any other questions, ask Darrel Aubertine.”

Cuomo went on for awhile, criticizing Republicans and and the Bush administration, the economy andthe Democrats’ work on behalf of working families.

Then he went into what sounded a bit like a campaign stump speech: “That is what I do as Attorney General, using the law, using justice, to equalize the playing field to help the working families to get what they need.” Then he listed some achievements, particularly in the areas of healthcare and his investigation of the student loan companies.

As he left, he greeted a throng of well-wishers, shook hands, took pictures, and headed out.

Reception for Mike Hein

You are cordially invited to a reception in honor of


Thursday, April 17th from 6-8pm

Wiltwyck Golf Club $125 per person $200 per couple

rsvp to : Commitee to Elect Mike Hein PO Box 3005, Kingston NY 12402

Sunday, April 06, 2008

SNL Last Night

Donaldson Drops Bid for Exec and Opts for Comptroller

Below is a letter I received today from Chairman Donaldson. The letter expresses his desire to seek the Democratic nomination for Comptroller. I like Donaldson and have been a strong supporter of his forever but I do have have some issues with his candidacy. One, I think he is a good legislative Chairman and many members of the legislature fought very hard to make sure that he kept that position. I personally think that is where he should stay. There also is the issue of him announcing for Executive and now running for Comptroller as some second place prize.

Below is the letter in it's entirety :

County Chair, Town Chairs and others
I will soon be announcing that I will be seeking the democratic nomination for Comptroller.
As most of you know I have been involved in local government for the past 25 years with the past 15 in County Government. I served as the last democratic minority leader in the legislature and I have the honor of presently serving as the first democratic Chairman of the Legislature in almost 30 years and the only democrat to serve as said chairman for more than two years. I believe my integrity and dedication as an elected official in general and as a democrat is quite sound. I also believe I am a creditable candidate that can win come this November with your help.
In regard to the position, despite what some believe, the comptroller in the new charter is not the Chief Fiscal Officer. The Commissioner of Finance will hold those duties and will be appointed by the County Executive . The Commissioner of Finance will eventually replace the elected County Treasurer .
What will be required of the Comptroller's Office is to have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of county government and to be able to work with the County Executive and Legislature to help promote efficiencies. The individual will also be an independent voice to protect the taxpayer through the use of oversight, audits, interviews and a close examination of procedures used by departments, the County Executive and the legislature.
As Comptroller I intend to work collaboratively and cooperatively with the county executive and the legislature, as well as each department in order to provide fiscal discipline to county government and to assure we continue to move Ulster County in the direction of better government at a better price.
As the independent watchdog I will need to put the interest of the taxpayer first and foremost and when necessary, vigorously communicate my concerns to the public on wrongdoing, procedures that create waste or are questionable, along with matters that I find troubling or inefficient.
As our democratic principles dictate, I will assure an open, honest government that is accountable to its citizens. That's what a Comptroller should do and that is what I will do. The people of Ulster County deserve no less. That is how I as Comptroller, will create the public trust in the office of the Comptroller and will help to create the public confidence in democrat candidates in general.

David Donaldson

Friday, April 04, 2008


Sources very close to the Republican party tell Blaber News that James Quigley will run for Ulster County Executive and Tom Turco will run for County Comptroller. Mr. Quigley spent close to nine thousand dollars to try and defeat the County charter and now he wants to be our first Executive? Mr. Turco to the best of my knowledge has no financial background to be the County's chief fiscal officer. Looks as if the Dem's will have a cake walk this November.

Auerbach Announces for County Comptroller

Below is a press release I received today.

BREAKING NEWS : Ellenville Village Manager, Elliott Auerbach, announced today that he will be a candidate for Ulster County Comptroller this November.

Auerbach, an Ulster County native and a life-long Democrat, brings the strength of his private and public sector background to the office of the County’s newly established position of chief accounting and reporting officer. The former three term Ellenville Mayor and Executive Director of the Rural Economic Area Partnership managed a family owned business for twenty years and enjoyed a series of successes in corporate America and private industry before returning to public administration in 2002.

Of late, Auerbach has been serving the people of Ulster County as Assistant Chairman and Assistant Secretary of the Ulster County Industrial Development Agency and as Secretary of the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce.

Ellenville Mayor Jeffrey Kaplan, who has endorsed Auerbach for Comptroller, remarked: “Elliott has the independence of mind to put the people of Ulster County ahead of party or politics. That’s why I think he’s the best person for the job.”

He is a graduate of Hofstra University with a degree in Economics-Business, has three adult children and lives in Ellenville with his wife Judi

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blaber Show Welcomes Don Ryan Tonight

Blaber and Ryan during the 2005 Telethon

Tonight on my show I'm welcoming Don Ryan, the chief civil officer of Ulster County. We'll be talking about the Public Nuisance Abatement Law. Tune it tonight at 8:30pm on in

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Howard Dean met with Florida party officials today and assured them that the Florida delegates will be seated at the convention. This is the only fair thing to do and I give Chairman Dean a tremendous amount of credit for stepping up to the plate.