Friday, March 30, 2012

Schriebman Gets Endorsements in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia and Green Dems


With two weeks left before petitions are due for Congress, Julian appears he will be the Democratic nominee for Congress against Republican Chris Gibson. First he will have to push back a challenge from Dutchess County Legisltor Joel Tyner which should be a walk in the park.

Chris Gibson's district which has been Democratic before (Gillibrand over Sweeney, Murphy over Tedisco) has a big farming community and is extremely's my free political advice to Congressional candidate Schriebman to grow back his beard...It will do him well in the district for both primary and general.


Anonymous said...

lol . you're right.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That beard is pretty weak - makes him look like Hooper from Jaws. Masybe the Grizzly Adams look isn't a good campaign strategy after all for Julian.

New Paltzer said...

I saw Andi Weiss Bartacs & Irwin Sperber well known PROGRESSIVES circulating TYNER petitions in New Paltz last night !!

Be Advised Dems,,,

It ain't over til the foul breath Zimet sings,, & she is rarin' to
S I N G !!!

Anonymous said...

He does look good with the beard. A caution, don't voters tend to vote for more clean shaven candidates?