Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stand behind Hevesi a man with a record of accomplishment

Allen Hevesi is the most qualified man to be New York's Comptroller, don't buy into the political nonsense made by his opponent. No one is infallible and people make mistakes. Mr.Hevesi admitted he made a mistake reimbursed the state and it is time to move on for the betterment of New York. Please take a look at Mr.Hevesi's record of accomplishment and let that be the decider on how you vote.

Throughout his public service, Alan Hevesi has demonstrated a commitment to helping working families achieve a better life. His vast experience, background and track record have earned him the support of the labor movement in the race for Comptroller.

1. Alan Hevesi: Uniquely Qualified To Protect Your Future. Alan Hevesi is the only Comptroller running for Comptroller in this race. Only Alan Hevesi has the fiscal experience to protect taxpayers. Alan Hevesi has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and improved services with audits that made a difference. He's rooted out fraud, waste and abuse in government agencies and corporate boardrooms. Alan Hevesi's strong fiscal management helped increase the value of the New York City pension fund from $50 billion to $81 billion.

2. Alan Hevesi Has a History of Supporting Issues of Concern to Working Men and Women.Alan Hevesi is the only candidate who was a member of a labor union. Alan Hevesi has supported labor issues and initiatives including the right to organize, an increase in the minimum wage, a living wage standard, Agency Shop, and the enforcement of prevailing wage laws. His actions and points of view concerning the future well-being of working men and women are a significant contrast to his opponent in this race.

3. Experience You Can Count On.A product of our public schools, Alan Hevesi earned a Ph.D. in Public Law and Government from Columbia University. Alan Hevesi served in the New York State Assembly for 22 years and authored 108 laws. As Comptroller, he will continue to be a strong voice for public education and he will protect the rights and interests of working men and women.

* Jeremy Blaber has thrown his full support behind Comptroller Hevesi


Anonymous said...

Hevesi is a crook. He should move to Ulster County, and by that I mean to the State Prison..You support criminals, Jeremy.. shame on you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Even as a Democrat, I am deeply diappointed that Hevesi took advantage of his elected capacity, not once, but twice! Shame on Mr. Hevesi. Although I know little about Callaghan, he gets my vote November 7th.

Anonymous said...

Hevesi is a good public servant, did he screw up...yes but who hasnt? I am sure his opponent has but Hevesi does not run that type of campaign and sticks to the issues and bottom line Hevesi is the only one quilified to be comptroller. The other guy is a treausure of a small county. Lew Kersiner might as well run becuase he is has the same experiance as the republican candidate.

Anonymous said...

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer hasn't hammered away at fellow Democrat Alan Hevesi because the embattled state comptroller gave Spitzer's office a free pass when it came to being audited.

Former state assemblyman John Faso calls Spitzer's response to Hevesi's admitted misuse of state funds "timid." The GOP candidate from Columbia County says Spitzer isn't being more aggressive in the case because Hevesi let the attorney general's office "off the hook" when it came to audits.

Faso says Hevesi has conducted hundreds of audits of other state and local agencies during his four years in office.

Spitzer has said he's withdrawing his endorsement of Hevesi and opened his own investigation to see how much Hevesi owes taxpayers for using a state employee to serve as a chauffeur for his wife.

Hevesi is toast. Sorry, Jeremy..You are backing a criminal loser!!!!!

Letz B Serious said...

I really wish MR CAHILL would simply put his name on his "posts". Hiding behind ANONYMOUS doesn't accomplish anything and it makes it difficult for the readers to figure out which right wing loon with an INVISIBLE FRIEND is logging on. But the fact that they are on here reading is,in fact,a victory in itself! Now all we have to do is get them to keep their leaders away from little boys,stop plunging our country into unrecoverable debt,make sure the next time they invade a country they at least have a CLUE as to how to finish the job,and please please please let's make sure they never tie up OUR CONGRESS(they seem to think it is theirs and theirs only)with another friggin Terri Schiavo phoney fiasco! Maybe instead of wasting taxpayer money on a BAN of gay marriage(LOL they now wanna ban something that doesn't exist)they should help US ALL with a BAN on the Catholic Christian Ever Spinning WHEEL OF DIVORCE!

robb kinnin said...

Lets look at the facts. Mr. Hevesi's security detail is nearly double that of the State Attorney General. He apparently decided on his own the size of the detail and who should be protected. Seems strange to me but shouldn't the State Police have jursdiction over security? In fact, the State Police even said during the Ethics investigation that his wife posed low level risks. It was revealed since last week that Mr. Hevesi has paid only about 1/3 of what really should be paid back to the state.

Some questions to ask yourself now and in the voting booth: 1/ Do you want Mr. Hevesi minding billions of dollars of taxpayer money? and 2/ More importanly for state workers do you want this person who stole at least $83,000 of your money watching your retirement funds?? I would say no.

...and if you don't value my opinion then look at the endorsements of Mr. Hevesi's opponent by that of; The Poughkeepsie Journal, The Times-Herald Record, NY Times, NY Post and Newsday and more...

...and if that is not enough then read what men of Mr. Hevesi's own party said; of US Senator Charles Schumer, "It is a breach of ethics", Andrew Cuomo said during a debate for State Attorney General when asked by one of the panelists describing Mr. Hevesi's actions, "Would you prosecute this person?" Mr. Cuomo said that he would, going on to say that no one is above the law and that a new tone needs to be set in Albany. Though Mr. Cuomo said that his willingness to prosecute Mr. Hevesi was based on the facts which have been reported in newspaper accounts, these facts have been admitted by Mr. Hevesi already, leaving little doubt as to whether or not Cuomo would prosecute his own running mate."

And Lastly, and perhaps most important, Eliot Spitzer a long time friend and the Democrat's answer for Governor stated in the NY Times on October 26th that he withdrew his support from the embattled state comptroller, Alan G. Hevesi and made it clear that he expected the State Senate to consider removing the comptroller from office for using a state employee to chauffeur his wife.