Friday, March 12, 2010

Spitzer Talks To Sold Out New Paltz Campus!!!!!

Eliot Spitzer event was a blast! I had a great time, Spitzer is brilliant..we had tons of access to him and I have great pics! A report on how he did and pics coming later in the's Saint Patrick's Day Weekend and I am a little busy! :)


NP local said...

My Alma Mater should be ashamed of itself !

but, i expected no less from that morally bankrupted administration, their lack of respect for the local alumni is pathetic & just wrong !

They deserve Elliott - they both screwed us !

Anonymous said...

I like the guy. But then again I appreciate intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

10:26 - There is nothing intelligent about a guy who spends 80 thousand on a hooker. A guy like that is a fool. Anything else he's done that seemed intelligent was obviously just dumb luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Butch for your thoughts go back to the bong

Anonymous said...

Kudos 2 DA kpd for klipping da koon.

more more more... howdy LIKE IT, HOWD Y like it bitchaz!!!

White Minority

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dumb rednecks!

Chong said...

hey 9:17 -

kiss my bong !

don't use them,, never did, asshole - only stupid children like you use a bong -

real smokers ROLL EM EASY as Little Feat would say,

but that cultural reference is to smart for a hater like you, dirtbag,

gerald said...

Spitzer is brilliant but way too impolitic... he offended politician and citizen alike. His program to license illegal aliens was foolhardy and a waste of good will. And he kind of thought he was superman, thinking, hey, they can't see me, and I can fly to a hooker and not get seen.
I feel cheated that he took himself out of the game... as citizen, I needed him, and need him... assuming he can function. Others have taken the hubris cure, and Spitzer so very much needs to do that.
And the man is brilliant and loved for that brilliance.
And made useless by his hubris. Lose it.

Anonymous said...