Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Protesting with SEIU in front of WWE owner and US Senate candidate Linda McMahon's Connecticut HQs. Linda McMahon is running for Senator Chris Dodd's seat who is not running for reelection.

It's been a while and I am sorry I have not updated the blog in so long have been extremely busy with work and not a lot of time to blog. I have kept in close contact with my Ulster County sources and there is a lot going on in Ulster County:

Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum now has a GOP opponent, SGT. George Goodwin of the UC Sheriff's office. While Paul will easily beat his subordinate in the general election; I hear the GOP may cross endorse Van Blarcum over the weak Republican candidate.

Elliott Auerbach, the guy that deserves a cross endorsement may face an opponent as well. We hear a "well respected woman" from the Southern part of Ulster County may toss her hat in the ring...I can't get a name on who she is but Elliott has a well oiled machine that will cruise him to victory this November.

Not for nothing but Auerbach has went out of his way to make the office of the Comptroller both transparent and accountable to the people of Ulster County and is the only countywide elected official to reach across the aisle and do the right thing on a daily basis. Mario Catalano should do the right thing and give him the GOP line.

Don Wise, failed candidate for Supervisor and Assembly ( against Hinchey back in the day) has announced that he will be running against the very popular Kevin Cahill in the 101st. While Kevin takes every race seriously and will run a full campaign on the work he has done both as our Assemblyman and as Chair of the NYS Assembly's energy committee he will take out Wise by a 3:1 margin. Putting him in a great position to primary Mike Hein next year for County Executive, if that is something he wanted. No question he would win.

Side note to Don Wise: Please do not use those awful huge yellow signs....such a turnoff

We hear George Phillips who is running against Congressman Maurice Hinchey for the second time may have a GOP primary on his hands. We hear former Assemblyman John Garren is backing Phillips opponent and will be throwing some cash at the race...interesting.

Democratic candidates for NYS Attorney General spoke before the Ulster County Democratic Exec committee last night and from what I hear both Dinalo and Assemblyman Brodsky were on their game. Senator Eric Schniederman and Nassau DA Katleeen Rice (who I support) are also in the running. Rice and Dinalo are the front runners at this point. Although Brodsky is someone that is really impressive...a dark horse in the race.

And finally, I have gotten a lot of comments as to why I took down the Eric Kitchen post, it was out of respect for his wife. I think the point was made and Councilman Kitchen did pay his back school taxes.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, good to see you back! I agree with you,those yellow signs of Wise's were an eyesore! Also, I feel compelled to say that it is good that Councilman Eric Kitchen paid his taxes, but lets face it, he only paid them in a hurry because it was exposed that he hadnt been paying for years! He sure did take his time didnt he?

Anonymous said...

Don Wise what a joke they can't find anyone better.

a bro said...

i met Brodsky @ a Constitutional Convention forum in New Paltz a few months ago - he is a slimy, pompous, ego-maniacal nasty prick !! DO NOT let the Dems nominate him, he is slimy & horrible,,

As for a cross endorsement - i doubt it because Mario ran on open races & if there is a GOP candidate who wants to run, he is almost obligated to "let" him/her -
too bad cause Van Blarcum is "ok" non-offensive & except for Falutico, pretty decent as a Sheriff,,
Elliott WILL be opposed by someone,, that seat is too important to just let go.

Glad to see YOU back, JB,, was worried 'bout ya, bro,

Anonymous said...

Very popular Kevin Cahill???? By who???. You? Cahill has been too long at the Fair and needs to go home. Need a clean sweep of all incumbents. Republican and democrats. Shake up the NYS government. You waste our go home.
I want to give Don Wise a chance and I am a democrat. Moderate but still a democrat!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Van Blarcum is a good man! He deserves another shot at Sheriff. However, regarding the Eric Kitchen post, BOTH KITCHENS , MR. AND MRS. were in serious arrears on thier taxes and that is usually PUBLIC info. Glad to hear the councilman paid his taxes AT LAST.

Anonymous said...

GLAD to see that you are OK, JB !

however, my sister has worked for the McMahons & WWE for over ten years & they have been awesome employers.
I agree with much of Linda's platform & would even if my baby-sis didnt make her coin in their realm,
Sorry, but yr cohorts are on the wrong side, as usual, on this & most candidates,
see you in November -

Anonymous said...

10:47, If you are truly a Democrat, moderate or not, there is no way you want to support Don Wise.
He is, in no particular order:
Anti-Gay Rights
Pro-Tax increase (He stated he would raise cigarette taxes)
Anti-Health care reform
Pro-Tea Bagger

He is everything a Democrat is not.

Anonymous said...

10:26. 6 out of ten is okay with me.With what has been happening in the NYS senate with our taxpayer money makes Wise ,perhaps, a breath of fresh air. He cannot do any worse then the incumbents.
If you are happy with the direction that is current in NYS, by all means vote them back in.

DonWise Supporter, now said...

hey THANKS, 10:26 -

now Don Wise has MY support.
95% of what you wrote he is for, I am for!
You should work for his campaign you did such a good job of gaining my support for Don Wise !!!
Good Job, ( for a dumb dem, especially )

Anonymous said...

10:41 Lets stop on the Catalano boat ride the ship is sinking He supported 3 Dems for legislature inspite of Rep candidates out there, he supports Levy a dem over 2 Rep fo Gov, ans his only vice chair is a recently converted Dem looking for a party to move up in. Catalano would proably be a dem himself if his brother-in-law Guerin told him. What a phony

Anonymous said...

I may not be agreement with Albany politics, but I certainly approve of what Kevin has done in his quite distinguished career. He is a great representative who knows the district. Why would I trade that in for a Neo-Conservative, right wing kook? Wise is not representative of Ulster voters, not even close. I think the Republicans even know that.

Anonymous said...

10:26, Cahill is not in the Senate, if you want to get rid of your Senator, it would be Larkin or Bonicac. It appears that your anger may be misdirected.

Anonymous said...

10:53...why the name-calling? Was it necessary to call the Democrat dumb? If that's how a Don Wise supporter argues, then that's all the more reason to support Kevin Cahill. Please work on Don Wise's campaign - you could run his campaign the way Sean Matthews ran his. All the negativity came back to bite him in the butt. Stick to the issues, not the name-calling.

Anonymous said...

10:26 is typical of the Tea Baggers supporting Wise. They have no idea what they are mad at, they are just mad. Maybe if George W. Bush was still screwing the country up, they would feel better. Peel away a layer or two and the Tea Bagers impetus gets very, very ugly.

Anonymous said...

I meant the assembly 9:55. Thanks for pointing that out to me. But why not clean up all of the politicians while we are at it? Term Limits for all. Perhaps a new era in NYS politics.? We could get more work and legislation completed if the politicians didn't have to kiss butt for funds to get re-elected. Not to mention the time they spend trying to insure their seats for another term. Maybe they would concentrate on the important tasks at hand.