Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here and There

Mayor Jim Sottile just could care less about reelection these days, he has managed to make enemies of his majority caucus, the firefighters, police, CSEA and is acting completely reckless example: The Maxwells Pizza situation. WTF is this guy thinking?!?!?! Alderman Reynolds, Clement or any other competent Democrat could take him out in a primary in a walk. Mark my words if Sottile is the nominee for the Democratic party Ron Polocco will be the next Mayor of the city of Kingston and I can't say that's a bad thing, I think if Polocco decided to run he would be a good leader much better than what we have now.

Looks like Judge Larry Ball who know has the Democratic and Independence line is well on his way to a landslide victory over the very awkward Mike Bruhn Jr. have you ever tried having a conversation with the guy? It's painful..Ball will destroy him in November.

The race for Ulster County Comptroller has been set, Elliott Auerbach will face of against Fawn Tantillo who has three lines. Tantillo has the Independence line because she is a member of the party and the bylaws of the party call that they support their own. Which is fine but make no mistake about it if Linda McDonough would have won the GOP caucus, Ellliott would have the I.

The one benefit Elliott has in not getting the Independence line is that it will be a constant reminder to the old guard Republicans that Fawn Tantillo is a turncoat. Fawn left the Republican party with her tail between her legs when times were tough for the party but asks for their support when it's convenient. Fawn may have the Republican line but plenty of prominent Republicans will be supporting the very likable and qualified Elliott Auerbach. Republicans are under no obligation to support Fawn she is not a Republican.

On a side note at the GOP convention, Butch Dener nominated Linda McDonough over Fawn and he made mention of my blog and what was written about his candidate like 3 or 4 times during the speech...I'm glad the Ulster County GOP is reading. ;)

I would like to thank Mario Catalano for allowing me to observe, Chairman Catalano is always very gracious and while we are members of different parties and share really no similar views, I respect the guy and he's a friend.

I also ran into Ulster Mojo author MoJoe Roberti at the convention, he gave a lack luster speech nominating Goodwin for Sheriif (let's not forget Roberti has a crush on Frank Falutico) and when I confronted him about the untrue and nasty postings he writes about me and everyone else he grinned and ran away as fast as possible...what was that you called Ken Ronk a few weeks back MoJoe Roberti?...I think the word began with a p? Yeah that's definitely the way MoJoe was acting that night.


Anonymous said...

Had the GOP given us a choice for Comptroller maybe it would be a different score. The fact is any real Republican with a CPA and some experience could wipe the floor with Auerbach. But instead the party chose to put up two, unqualified, inexperienced, non-Republicans for the office. So now the voters have no choice in the election.

Great job Republicans. I know me, nor any other Republican I know has any intention of voting for, signing a petition for or donating money to Tantillo. And we wouldn't have if they had nominated the Democrat either.

PS: We won't vote for Auerbach either. We might just write your name in Jeremy. After all you are the one with the balls to do the dirty work for the democrat candidates when they want to stay squeaky clean. You deserve a win more than they do.

Anonymous said...

You do realize how little credibility you have when you bash the mayor after years of riding his coat tails and telling every one how great he is, dont you?
And now you lost a few lbs and are a tough guy?
I imagine this Roberti guy must be a pussy if he is running from you..

Anonymous said...

At least Sottile shows up for work,,,,unlike you BLABBER

Anonymous said...

Polacco will not get the GOP nod unless Rich Cahill chooses not to run.

If we get Sottile vs. Cahill (the rematch), Cahill will win.

Anonymous said...

Last night, @ a Hinchey event @ Temple Emanuel in Kingston, "MO'" thought he was walking into his usual Liberal Jewish crowd of supporters,,,,


he was blindsided by the "really pissed off by his anti-Israel stance" group -

They peppered him with questions on his Anti-sanctions of Iran vote,, his vote on the hideous Goldstone Letter & his stupid position on the Blockade of Gaza !
Only the equally hideous, stupid & wrong Gale McGovern & her little puppet tried to get back to the usual ass-kissing of Hinchey, but the PRO-ISRAEL supporters gave them all HELL !!

More is yet to come for old senile Maurice -

the sooner the better,,
one person even said to " MO' "

" If you do not have the steel in yr spine to stand up to these terrorists,, please tell us now & we can find someone who has the Spine !! "

George Phillips for Congress 2010 !!!

Anonymous said...

So on Channel 23 last night it was reported the our Mayor has been taking a real estate course in Albany for the past few weeks all at taxpayers expense, wonder if he is using the City Jeep too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blaber,

Easy on Fawn. She temporarily bowed out of politics to take care of her family. She is not a turncoat.

Anonymous said...

To 8:44,

Yes, the mayor left his personal red jeep at city hall each day, and took the city jeep to his classes.

Anonymous said...

9:54 WRONG !!!

Fawn Tantillo did NOT step out of politics to take care of her husband-

she was rejected by any & all she tried to "represent"

her meal ticket was out of power so she had no base to stand on so she slipped back into the darkness

now, she is using Bernardo's ambitiousness for her new platform.
She is only about HERSELF !!
a true phony selfish witch.

she will go down to elliott 2 - 1.

Book it !

Anonymous said...

Not a turncoat she is a puppet she does whateveer she thinks will get her a job. How about going to work?? republican independence, Conservative flavor of the week. Her presentation is what sells her be sure to put a picture of her up for me to hang on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I second 10:58 's notion/motion.

Gonna MO you down in 2010

Anonymous said...

Rich may want to run but I don't see the GOP allowing it. There are some up and coming Republicans who could fill the bill. Nothing against Rich but he might be polarizing.He is a man of conviction and sticks to his principles unlike a lot of politicians, Dems and Repubs

Anonymous said...

Why is Sottile is taking the city's vehicle to further his own education that has nothing to do with running the city? Isn't that illegal? Is he reimbursing the city for mileage, gas, and tolls? Does John Tuey issue him a 1099 at the end of the year? It's really considered income.

Anonymous said...

You would get more response if you didn't have a Bernardo monitoring it

Anonymous said...

Rich is an asshole...period.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with keeping to principle? The GOP will back Cahill if he runs. In fact, if they go with Cahill - Turco-Levin as a team, they will kick butt.

They will not back Polacco. He does not do anything.

Anonymous said...

Why put DiFalco in the poll? He has ZERO chance of winning a real election. People might vote for him in your poll, but only as a goof.

Anonymous said...

10:04. I meant that in a good way about Rich's principles. Unfortunately, that might get in his way with people seeing him as being non negotiable in certain matters that would come across his desk as Mayor. Just an observation after seeing what is currently going on in City Hall. Voters are fickle!!
As to the post about DiFalco being in the running...Is that person delusional like DiFalco???? Would be a campaign like Pat Paulsen for President!

Anonymous said...

Walker speaks out about the runaway Fire Dept and acts professionally. Cahill giggles like a small child and bashes Blaber and Kevin Cahill - he will not cuit the Fire Dept.