Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Respectfully Disagree

The Freeman put out an editorial today that I respectfully have a difference of opinion on. The editorial pretty much says that Mayor Gallo was unfairly picking on Hoffay's  speech for illegitimate reasons. Their point is this, why would the Mayor attack a speech that as Alderman Senor put it "something safe, that you can't get in trouble for".  After all Hoffay is talking about ethics, and open communication, but what he is not talking about is anything of substance which is what I think aggravated Hiz Honor.

We have seen the first four months of Gallo's administration, what we have is a Mayor that is passionate about making change in government and not afraid to ruffle some feathers to get things done. The public is behind Gallo, there is no question about that, just go on the streets and ask. They welcome change, they welcome results. What they don't welcome is more of the same. They don't want more committees and studies and great speeches that are all fluff, they want what Mayor Gallo is giving them: RESULTS.

Mayor Gallo is also correct to question the voodoo economics of using 1 million dollars of the fund balance money to balance the budget last year while the current council was up for reelection. That is something you can't do every year,  and it leaves Mayor Gallo with a one million dollar hole this budget cycle. Mayor Gallo will have to be the adult and make tough decisions. In short, the previous council had a party and Mayor Gallo is stuck with the hangover. Look in New Jersey, where Gov. Corzine used 1 billion dollars in stimulus money to put off raising Jersey transit, well, he was in an election used the entire stimulus in one year, even after being advised by President Obama not to, and now the new Governor has a huge mess to deal with...

Mayor Gallo has a right to be passionate and a right to be inpatient,  his mood represents the mood of most Kingstonians that have been patient for far too long and have sat year after year listening to city leaders give them speeches and make promises that they can't or wont deliver on. It's Enough! 



Anonymous said...

Majority Leader Hoffay needs to stop being an enemy of reform. We all need to put the grudges behind us and work together.

Anonymous said...

Is the council a group of mindless Drones (minus Ms. Ball who is doing a good job) that just follow the lead of Hoffay? We need more Aldermen like Ball and Senor. I agree with you on Mayor Gallo by the way, he is doing a great job and I supported Hayes. I didn't know Gallo but I am very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Gallo = reform Hoffay= more of the same

Anonymous said...

Alderman Hoffay has been a big part of the problem within city government for a long time, it is time for him to go. He enabled Sottile to ruin this city and he has been an intricate part of the administration that has failed us.

Shayne Gallo is doing an excellent job so far. I am very happy with the mayor's performance. Keep up the good work mayor Gallo, you are shaking things up around here and that is what we've needed for a long time!