Saturday, May 26, 2012

Parete for Senate?

If you pick up Hugh Reynolds' column this week there is a piece in there about the lack of a real Democratic candidate running in the newly created 46th Senate district, or at least a candidate from Ulster County which covers 25% of the district. In essence Reynolds said he was surprised and hinted at the possibility of a big name candidate announcing at the Democratic convention in a few weeks.

Some Dem leaders have written off the race already because the likely Republican nominee, George Amadore, who is a good guy, will spend a ton of money to win the seat. No question that is true, I worked on Susan Savage's senate race two years ago in Schenectady county, Amadore was running for reelection to the Assembly in a race that he was definitely going to win and still Amadore dumped about 500,000 in his race. The guy has money.

However, the district leans Democratic and this is a presidential election year, and whether people love Obama or not, I have a feeling he is going to do pretty well in NY. I also think Democratic candidates will benefit from him being on the ballot. Again, 25% of the district, which is a considerable amount is in Ulster County.

Getting back to Reynolds' theory that a big name candidate may announce brings me to the name I keep hearing: Ulster Legislator Robert Parete.  Parete would be a great candidate, actually the ideal candidate for the race and to run against the likely Republican nominee. Parete is a six term county lawmaker, in that time he has lead committees such as the health and human services committee and gotten a lot done. He's a very likeable, smart individual that is passionate about public service, it sorta in his blood.  Legislator Parete is currently the Minority whip of the county legislature.

Rob also has a background not just as a county lawmaker but he also worked in the state legislature under Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. As for the money, I think that Rob will be able to raise a significant amount, he's a good campaigner, his father has gotten a lot of Democrats elected in this county and you get to know a lot of people. I really believe Rob Parete would be our new Senator in the 46th if he decided to run. It really is important to sit and ask yourself, do we want a Senator from Ulster County that knows the issues of our county and how to address them, or do we want a Senator from somewhere like Schenectady County that isn't necessarily familiar with our county? Under Parete we would have a Senator that represents our interests.


Anonymous said...

Rob would be a great choice. There are currently 3 candidates for SD46
from the Schnectady area. We need someone from Ulster County. It is getting late in the process, now is the time to take the leap.

know this to be true said...

Save your money, Dems,
George Amedore is the real deal.
He will make a great representative for our area & his entire District.
Rob is a great guy but he doesn't have that "spark" that "Je Ne Sais Quois" that Amedore has,,
People just really take to him when he is in the room - a natural born leader - imho -

Trade off you get to keep Kevin & we get George - ok ?

Anonymous said...

While he would be a great choice to run, I disagree with you regarding his ability to raise the amount of money necessary to make himself know in the other counties of the District. Just for him to get his name out there will require at least 200K and probably more. At this point, he has not raised a dime. That is assuming there is not a primary for the nominations. He does not have the ability to raise that kind of money in that short a period of time. If he wanted this, he needed to make this decision a while ago, which leads me to believe he doesn't want it or think he has a realistic chance. All you need to look at is Schreibman's fundraising inabilities. In six months he raised $100K (and $100K of his own money) and that is for Congress, a much more high profile race. That amount will not even get him on TV throughout the District.