Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hoffay and his Court Jesters Trying to Stop Police Station in Midtown

Everyone agrees that crime is an issue in midtown, both Mayor Gallo and Hayes Clement ran on cleaning up midtown as part of their campaigns. Mayor Gallo in his first six months has delivered! The King's Inn site has been knocked down and it looks great over there, a decade old eye sore is now gone.

Bank of America is willing to donate their building on Broadway and Mayor Gallo and many business leaders and the community support relocating the Kingston police department there. Makes sense, why not have a police presence in an area that really needs it. Seems like a no brainier. Going after quality of life and stepping up a police presence has worked in major cities like Rochester and did wonders in NYC under Mayor Guilani but Hoffay and his jesters once again are against it.

If Hayes Clement had come up with this idea, Hoffay would have already ordered the ribbon and would have been praising his efforts.

We understand your bitter and we understand it's tough to lose an election. We also understand that there is give and take in politics but there is also certain things that you don't play politics with and that is public safety.

I have to ask how far is Hoffay and his jesters willing to go with this and at what cost?


Me again, said...


Great timing too -

The morally challenged Tom Hoffay has some nerve even acting like he has a right to speak to decent folks.
Now he wants to block Kingston's attempt at saving itself with Gallo's plans ?
He is against the cops cause degenerates always fear the police agencies.
Ask Matt Taggart about that !!

Hoffay & his "boi" should hide when decent people pass them on the street cause they are trying to stifle Kingston's revival on every level.
Light up or leave me alone, Hoffay, if ya get my drift.
'nother words,
Lead, follow or shut the EF uop & get out the way, ya mutt,,

Anonymous said...

I would need to speak to the persons involved, but if this is true, it reflects a very petty and childish level of maturity by the members of the Democratic Party in this city. Not to mention a dis-service to the common good and the community of people they were elected to serve!!!! smitty

Anonymous said...

seems like everyone on the council has some reservations about it and the mayor has provided precious little info so who exactly are you calling jesters. Dont be afraid Blaber name names.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay is no good, he lost, Gallo won. Get over it Hofffay!

Anonymous said...

This has Tom written all over it Blabs, I knew it from day one. I tell you every time I see you, it was you that told me uptown many years ago that it was a good idea for Sottile to appoint him in Ringwood's place. What did I tell you. It was a big mistake, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Hoffay is taking advantage of Dunn. Dunn is new to the city council and Hoffay has been at this game for a long time. Dunn really seems like a sincere guy. Once he gets his footing he will drop Hoffay.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hoffay will be voted out in the next election--count on it! He has pissed off some people in his ward that are Gallo supporters with his obstructive antics with Gallo's policies. Matt Dunn is skating on thin ice as well. He too has upset some folks that helped him last time around that arent going to work for him again.

Anonymous said...

My 2 sense....lol
Buildings dont deter crime and I dont want to see the filth on Broadway, so why not put the cops elsewhere so we dont need to witness them in action?
What business will this promote?
Hoffay and the guy that lost need to oppose this so that they are noticed. If they were on board it would give them any publicity.
I for one agree that we all need to see all the details before we jump into this, and I hope it doesnt happen as no new business will be attracted to braodway to operate next the police station where the criminals are.
Why is it the only thing thing this county and city can build is jails?
Why are we so worried about new facilities for the criminals?
Shouldnt our new mayor and alderpeople be focused on tax payers and business, not criminals.
Lets focus on the sinkhole that consuming one of our neighborhoods and crippling some tax payers and businesses for once and to hell with the criminals?
Oh but wait, we cant put a plaque on the sinkhole with some politicians name on it after its repaired...
This city and all its cronies are so small minded.
Hide the criminals, patrol mid town with an iron fist, get the DA and judges to hand out bus tickets back to where they came from, and get Mike Hein to make it harder to get social services the day they get off the bus, and then we can promote our city as business and family friendly.
Just making a new house for the filth will not fix the issues