Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi To Appear On Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi who is currently seeking the democratic nomination for Governor will appear on Late Night w/Jeremy Blaber. The Nassau County Executive will be in the Kingston area next week and has agreed to do a tapping for Blaber's June 13th show. " I am honored to have this opportunity said Blaber."

I plan to discuss why Mr.Suozzi is running and what his plans are for the state and specifically for upstate NY said Blaber. There are a lot of issues that are on our minds as New Yorkers, the rising cost of health care for our seniors, our children's education and the tax rate in NY state, the people will want to know his positions said Blaber.

* In an effort to remain impartial Jeremy Blaber and Blaber News and Commentary have NOT endorsed any candidate for the NYS Governor's race, and has given an invitation to all candidates to come on his weekly show.

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