Friday, June 02, 2006

Broadway Looking Cleaner?

After looking at Broadway it seems cleaner, all the trash that once disheveled Broadway has been removed, papers and bottles seem to be replaced with flowers and neatly cleaned sidewalks. " It really is something, it has improved surpassingly said Blaber.

Mayor Sottile has done a great job reshaping Broadway and making it a cleaner and more appealing part of the city, my hat is off to him.

Although Blaber was quick to point out the transformation on Broadway, it is not unique to Broadway. The city looks better as a whole said one city resident, "I am proud to live here, our Mayor has done a fantastic job making Kingston look and feel more desirable."


Bill Berardi said...

Glad to see we have your energy on the Mayor's Task Force.

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that you are a green thumb with the flowers? But watch out I understand that Mike Madsen has been known to empty a trash can or two.