Tuesday, April 03, 2007

4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!

Mayor James Sottile has announced he is running for re-election during his Birthday bash, at The Cozy Tavern. You could feel the energy in the room when he announced, said Blaber. 4 more years of an administration that has done such great things for this city, it's a beautiful thing, the city is lucky to have his leadership and he has my full support.

Supervisor Nick Woerner also expressed his support for the Mayor:

"I think the mayor has hit on key issues such as repairing the (city's) sewer infrastructure and has even broached the subject of affordable housing," Woerner said. "The mayor has dealt with a mixed bag and has done what he can to fix the problems. If given more time, I think he will make Kingston a great place to live." NO Nick, you're wrong about one thing....Kingston already is a great place to live under Mayor Sottile.


Anonymous said...

Cahill (small version) for Mayor! That way Sottile won't have to spend a penny to get re-elected!

Anonymous said...

Cahill vs Sottile will be a great race!

Anonymous said...

Let cut to the chase.

Sottile will be reelected by a huge
margin as he should be. Four More

Webmaster said...

I hope Cahill does run. I think he can beat Sottile.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Quick Note: "the webmaster" is in charge of Kingston politics 101, not this website. However, all his postings are done under the name Webmaster. just wanted to clarify in case there was some confusion.

Anonymous said...

I love it The GOP bash Sottile
every chance they get but when its time to put up....they run like cockroaches

Anonymous said...

jeremy - the whole world knows that 'webmaster' is little dickie himself.

Anonymous said...

I have told you before, Kingstonpolitics101 is mine, and I am not Richard Cahill
Zippy TWC