Monday, September 24, 2007

Scott Moone Passes Away

I first met Mr.Moone when that nut Hal Turner was planning to come to town, I forget who contacted who but I do remember what a nice guy he was. What many people may not know, Mr. Moone, who I only met a few times is responsible for the creation of this blog, giving me the idea when he was developing a website for a friend of mine. Not sure if Monday morning radio will be the same without the guy.


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Mike Harkavy said...

I never met Mr. Moone, but I have enjoyed his commentary on WGHQ. While I didn't always agree with his positions, I always thought that they were well thought out. He always showed respect for opposing views. I especially enjoyed his dialogues with Congressman Hinchey. Condolences to his family. I know I will miss his civility and non-partisan approach on the radio.

Jeremy Blaber said...

For those sending me comments about Mr.Moone's's my understanding he had a heartattack...nothing else will be published for his sake and that of his families