Saturday, September 29, 2007

Football Picks with Blaber and Parete

A new weekly feature on the blog, Blaber and Legislator Parete's football picks, will feature Rich and my weekly football picks. We'll keep track every week and see who does the best. Please feel free to use the comment area to post your own.

Parete's Picks :

Minnesota over Green Bay L
over St. Louis W
over Jets W
over Detroit L
Miami over Oakland L
over Houston W
Baltimore over Cleveland L
over Tampa Bay L
San Fran
over Seattle L
over Arizona L
San Diego
over KC L
over Indianapolis L
over Giants L
over New England-- Monday L

Blaber's Picks :

Miami over Oakland L
over Houston W
over Baltimore W
over Detroit L
Green Bay over Minnesota W
Dallas over St. Louis W
NY Jets
over Buffalo L
Carolina over Tampa Bay L
over San Fran W
Pittsburgh over Arizona L
Kansas City over San Diego W
over Denver W
NY Giants
over Philadelphia W
Cincinnati over New England --Monday L

Blaber --8 Parete--3


Anonymous said...

I'll pick some:

San Diago

Anonymous said...

Nice article on Rich Parete and Kraft in the paper today. He's a good guy deserves to be unopposed.

Anonymous said...

New Englad loses to Cincy?? Not likely. I hear the Pats have good video surveillance of the Bengal's play calls.

Anonymous said...

This post makes some of the case why a lot of people in Kingston are pushing so hard for Bradley. Think about it. "News Forecast Only"

Anonymous said...

A spaceship has decended on Ulster County. Aliens have abducted and brainwashed our Blaber.

His brain has been erased and reprogrammed by the Paretes. This family can't pick the right DA candidate. What's up with Parete's football picks? Who cares????

Next we will have Sottile's picks of the next winner on Dancing With The Stars.

It's irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

The DA's contest isn't over yet but the Paretes have been right on all their other picks. Even Bonacic/Zimet.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Rich is a friend of mine, and if we disagree on a particular race that does not change anything.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy...there are no real friends in politics or business.

Anonymous said...

One could easily argue that the race was over following the first Democratic convention. Then, the two following votes (one being stacked) just nails in Bradley Jr's coffin.

The district attorney should be an impartial reviewer of facts and evidence. I just think Sennett is a more mature, seasoned and level headed candidate with relevant prosecutorial experience.

It is about the law and justice throughout the county.. Not a popularity contest inside the city limits of Kingston.

Bradley should save face and find a job and bow out gracefully. The writing is on the wall and pride goeth before the fall.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you gave Parete a thumpin this week.

Anonymous said...

9:42 - it's interesting that you pointed out that the second vote (the executive committee meeting) was stacked - I couldn't agree more - don't you find it a bit ironic that a candidate for District Attorney would go along with something that was so obviously unethical and in some cases (new appointees who didn't have the right to vote) against the Committee's by-laws? That whole circus clearly shows that Bradley and his supporters believe that rules don't apply to him. If that's how they operate now, imagine what would happen if he got elected. He should have said to Parete "nothing doing - if it isn't above-board, then don't do it". But, he had no qualms about disregarding what is right. I find his whole candidacy very frightening.

Anonymous said...

Sottile over Cahill by 4 touchdowns!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA