Monday, February 18, 2008

Assemblyman Molinaro to Appear on my New Show

Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro will be a guest on my new show on March 6th at 7:30pm. Molinaro first appeared on my show when he was running for Assembly and I'm glad to have him back on. Assemblyman Molinaro represents the 103rd district of the New York State Assembly.

Also, I'll be doing a poll on the naming of my new show, it used to be be Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber, now that I'm on at 8:30 I need to change it.


Anonymous said...

Call it, "I know not many of you are out there watching, but here's my 8:30 show."

vomit on row D said...


Why dont you have a contest to name
your new show?

You are the only good show on KPA

Anonymous said...

Are you going to have a delay so you can censor your show like you do this blog?