Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last night, I called Supervisor Woerner and we had a long conversation about public access and it's risk of shutting down. Nick was very receptive to the need to keep public access alive and the benefit and potential that it has for this community. Supervisor Woerner pledged at the public access commission meeting tonight, to go to his town board and have them provide $5000.00 to keep the station alive.

At the commission meeting tonight Supervisor Woerner also spoke about working with the commission on improvements, "I'm here to say that I want to be a partner with public access and work with you in your efforts to continue to raise money and improve programing to make public access the best that it can be, I'll be at this meeting, the next meeting and the meeting after that to help you achieve these goals," said Woerner.

This $ 5000.00 will be the town's commitment for 2008, and will hopefully be an annual thing to help with operating expenses. The money breaks down to a little more than $1 per subscriber, and will come out of the town's general fund. Woerner added that one of the goals he will be working with the commission on is to become financially self sufficient.

This is a great thing and I really commend Nick and the Town of Ulster for stepping up to the plate and making sure that public access continues. I think people should come to the town hall meeting on Thursday at 7 pm and thank the town board and Supervisor Woerner for recognizing the importance of supporting our local public access.

I encourage the City of Kingston and other townships to follow Woerner's example. While the money provided is a great start and more than Ulster's fair share, there is a long way to go to keep public access running. I know Lisa Alt is meeting with a person that may want to contribute money privately and that's great. However, the other town's must step up to the plate.

On a semi related note: I will be resuming my show on Thursday nights at 8:30pm. I hope to do a story about a possible co-host in the near future


Alderman Madsen said...

Jeremy, Let me say that I am very impressed. Both with you and Nick Woerner regarding this outcome. Survival of the live KAPAC controlled studio and all it offers to subscribers in our district is so vitally important.

As one of the three lone supporters on the Council, I am thrilled that the operations will continue and that you will once again join us on the late night talk circuit.

My disappointment with my fellow councilmen deepens as they dig in and stand behind their manifested threats to council members and finances in the way of false frivolous law suits and the like.

Its all about content and no amount of double speak will shroud the truth. I just wish it weren't so.

Jeremy. we witnessed something special at this meeting. Nick, the commission, and interested parties worked together and discovered a temporary solution to the funding issue, but the hearts and minds of those who run THIS city must be swayed to accept the true potential of Channel 23.

Find me if you would like to sign my petition

Mike Madsen aka Madness

Bob Smith said...

THANK YOU Nick and Company.It was like sunshine at midnight in a dark time for the soul of Public Access in our area.

It breathed new life for me, in the words of our Mayor regarding the Kirkland. Seems to apply here as well; "not to give up when you truly believe in making something happen."

Thank you again to the citizens and public servants who restore my faith in the democratic process and the people of our community.

Hope springs immediate and eternal.
Bob Smith

Brittany said...

THANK YOU! I am so happy that Supervisor Woerner is willing to do the right thing and support KPA. If only others would stop playing politics and chip in their fair share, maybe KPA can move in the direction of the incredible PEG program that Saugerties has!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy the king....
Take a lesson from the boy prodigy.
He just made a boatload of people happy for using common sense and not being a vindictive whiner.
Kudos Nick, you and your colleagues did the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Alderman Madsen could care LESS
about the taxpayers.
Reynolds Do look out for the Taxpayers

Jeremy hold your head in shame. You are no better then
Cahill and Cosme. You lost 5 votes
on the School Board that you were going to get. Maybe you can make that up with Old Dick and his friends

Anonymous said...

Thank's A K A Madness. You are the only true understanding one on the council.

Anonymous said...

That is what Madsen will face a Democratic Primary next year

Anonymous said...

11:14 AM
Isn't this the crew that sells repo houses to the LOWEST bidder.
If that's looking out for me and other taxpayers, I'll pass and vote for Madsen anyday.

Anonymous said...

Boy, are you bitter pal. You obviously hate public access to attack Jeremy so.

Anonymous said...

My thanks go out to Jeremy, Mr. Woerner, Clark R., Mr. Madsen, the KAPA council members, the KAPA producers, the people who participated in the telethon, the folks in Rosendale that lent their support, and to all of the others that have put time, effort and/or money (especially to those that had to dig deep - but cared enough to do so - to send five or ten dollars) into saving ("as is") Kingston Access Public television.

I believe you will see the station bloom when it has enough attentive gardeners on board... So keep up the good work, and keep plugging for the resources that the station needs in order to enjoy the ongoing security that WILL produce "grade A" community programming!

There are some extremely creative, intelligent and committed persons plugging for KAPA...

Thank you one and all!


Anonymous said...

What is the Old Dutch Church going to utilize their $450,000 in federal grants for?

Perhaps the church [I believe all churches get free advertising on KAPA as not-for-profit (ahem) tax-exempt groups...] would like to contribute some of thier (in violation of church and state?????) windfall to KAPA's well-being?

Perhaps Mr. Hinchey would like to go to bat for KAPA in the same manner that he did for his church buddies?

[See the "Daily Freeman," 2/14/2008; p. A3... "Hinchey Will Speak at Old Dutch Dinner"]

Anonymous said...


So lets have a bet??

How long before someone uses the
'N' Word again......

Brittany said...

6:52 --

I don't think anyone in this discussion has condoned the use of that language on any television program. However, the solution isn't to eliminate a wonderful resource (and right, some may argue) that may community members see as a benefit to the community. One of the most impressive things about Supervisor Woerner's decision is that he will remain active with KPA and help to ensure appropriate standards for programming and producers. I'm sure it won't eliminate all of the kinks, but will serve as a starting point to take appropriate action without doing a monumental disservice to the community by eliminating public access television entirely.

Anonymous said...

How long before the next mainstream television advertisement tries to sell me another bogus disease or purported remedy?

How long have people been buying cough medicine for the children to find out not only that it generally doesn't help and might even hurt?

By the way, did the foot fungi creature (at least he was "cute") go out of business?

I wonder how many noxious toenail growths he put an end to?

My point?

Nothing is perfect, but some things sure are better than others...

Support KAPA!

Robb Kinnin said...

Kudos to Supervisor Woerner and his team in the Town of Ulster for realizing the asset of Kingston Area Public Access [KAPA] and what Channel 23 provides to the community.

Based on what I have read in other responses it would seem that there is a public-private partnership brewing. We have heard about such successes in other venues and have to believe that there could be a great deal of sucess if it also happens on the KAPA level as well.

Again, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

to 1:57 - not only was it the lowest bidder, but the lowest bidder is a good friend of Alderman Cruella.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Town of Ulster for becoming the SECOND municipality to do the right thing and give a portion of their Time Warner customers' franchise fees to KAPA.

Rosendale was FIRST, with a message to the rest of the towns and the city to please pony up.

Anonymous said...

Rosendale only came up with a small amount. Don't deminish the fact that Supervisor Woerner truly saved public access. Now maybe Rosendale can come up with some more money.

Anonymous said...

Please, Woerner saved KPA? With the taxpayers money! The Ulster Taxpayers are the ones who saved it if anyone did. It isn't like he cured cancer.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Thank you to the Town of Ulster tax-payers!

Anonymous said...

I Am saved. Channel 23 Lives!

Shelly Zimbler said...

Congratulation to Nick Woerner. A true leader. One who understands the concepts of the necessity and vitality of Public Access. Those who battle against the use of public funds might be correct in their truly conservative views, which might be to rail against this new concept in communications. They might have been the same ones who fought against the "Iron Horse" as it moved west. Here in the Kingston area, it is vital to maintain the channel. The reasons are to large to reiterate. Suffice to say, that those who continue to withold funds from the KPA are the same politicians that give the usual summer grants to the various festivals that are also important to the area.
It is now time for the KAPA Board to follow through on my initial programs which were to establish a 5013C Not for profit corporation so that the KAPA is not ever placed into this position again.
At this time, I am certain that other funds will be found in the various budgets, but at this time it is important that we congratulate and remember those that allowed the KAPA to continue and to expand their programs.

Libra said...

Brittany, I wouldn't bet the farm on Woerner's committment to KPA. You said,"One of the most impressive things about Supervisor Woerner's decision is that he will remain active with KPA and help to ensure appropriate standards for programming and producers."
I say this won't happen; not unless he can find a way for his participation to benefit him personally.

Anonymous said...

This is all about the big splash. Nickie will not show up at another KPA meeting.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you lost one of your biggest fans Nick.

Anonymous said...

- "Rosendale only came up with a small amount. Don't deminish the fact that Supervisor Woerner truly saved public access. Now maybe Rosendale can come up with some more money."

As I said before, and you chose not to print, it's my understanding that Rosendale gave about 5% of the franchise fees collected from their residents. Ulster gave about 1% of the fees they collected from their users. So who gave more? And Rosendale didn't have to be guilted and cajoled into it. They were the first municipality to give back, they gave willingly, and they did so with the message to the other towns who collect farnchise fees from their residents to do the same. I'm glad Ulster finally did, even though it was a much smaller amount. Now maybe other municipalities will follow Rosendale's example, like Ulster did.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Ulster approved $5,000 but Public Access TV received $5,750 tonight. How did this happen? Councilman Eric Kitchen, who opposed the funding by the Town of Ulster, pledged a donation of $250 from his own funds in support of Public Access. Mr. Kitchen then went on to challenge each of his fellow Board Members to contribute from their personal funds. To his credit Supervisor Werner pledged $500. Where were the pledges from the other three Councilmen? They were dead silent. They were ok to spend the Town of Ulster Taxpayer's money but they could bring themselves about to spend their own money. Public spirited? Yes they are, but not when it comes from their own pocket.

Please make sure that the pledges from Kitchen and Woerner are collected and deposited to the Public Access TV Bank Account.

Inquiring minds want to know that they keep their word.