Friday, October 24, 2008

11 days left

11 days left and counting before election day and it's looking good for the Democrats in Ulster County and Democrats all over NYS and across this country.

Mike Hein is all but assured a victory on election day, with his support from Dems and Republicans alike, he is going coast to at least a 2:1, maybe even a 3:1 victory next Tuesday and he has ran a great campaign and it's well earned.

Elliott Auerbach is also going to be victorious on election night with all internal polls on both sides showing him way ahead, one even has him stomping his opponent by a wider margin than the Hein:Bernardo race. Auerbach is an extraordinary individual that I really think will mold the office of Comptroller into the vision put forth by Dr. Benjamin and the charter commission.

(It should be noted that Mr. Auerbach's opponent tried to defeat Benjamin's vision, apparently he thought everything in Ulster County was just fine, the 100 million dollar jail fiasco meant nothing.)

Obviously things can change and the only poll that matters is the one on November 4th. Both Hein and Auerbach realize that and are taking nothing for granted, both running as if they were 20 points down. Knocking on as many doors as possible, making phone calls, putting out lawn signs, going to every little community event possible and preparing for a strong GOTV effort on election day.

We have had enough of the failed GOP leadership for both country and county. When we go in that voting booth it's important that we vote row A, all the way, from Obama to Auerbach.

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