Friday, October 31, 2008

When $1 equals 100k or more!!

I have received campaign literature from Mr. Jim Quigley that has very misleading information. Either Quigley has been terribly misinformed or he lacks the basic understanding necessary to hold the office of Comptroller.

In his ad's, he has stated that he will use all but $1 of his salary to hire two new auditors. There are fatal flaws with his plan that make it virtually impossible to happen.

First and foremost, the current Majority of the Legislature, which has to approve ALL new positions, has been working for almost 3 years to reduce, not EXPAND the size Govenrment. Do more with less has been our battle cry. The Charter commission determined the correct staffing levels for each new department and we agree with them. We will not support or vote for two new positions.

Another major flaw with his "plan" is that $100,000 in salary is just the beginning of the expense related to hiring new employees. What about the approximately $80,000 in benefits for the two new employees? How about the additional cost of training or that the taxpayers will be burdened with carrying these positions forever?

The Majority of the Legislature is not prepared to throw three years of work, and thousands of dollars of taxpayer money out the window to fulfill a ill conceived, ill thought out campaign promise.

This plan exposes Quigley's lack of understanding of how government works and his total disregard for taxpayers. It shows he is not prepared to become the first Comptroller of Ulster County.

Elliot Auerbach has been there and done that. That is a very good thing. Elliot Auerbach knows that working together with the Legislature,
we can achieve more reform and efficiencies that in the end, will benefit taxpayers by reducing, not expanding costs. The taxpayers of Ulster County need a Main St. thinker like Elliott Auerbach not a wall St. thinker like his opponent.

Brian B.Cahill
Majority Leader
Ulster County Legislature


Anonymous said...

Do more with less has been the democrats battle cry. Try telling that to the mortgage company, Central Hudson. Suppose I only pay half my taxes and the politicians can do more with less. I don't see any of them offering to give up there health insurance or take a cut in pay.

Anonymous said...

Is Quigley Gay?

George Straight

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. I am not sure I want a Legislator who is willing to work for fewer peanuts than they work for now. There should be some incentive to get good people to run.

Glenn Noonan Minority Leader said...

Amazing Mr Cahill thinks under the new Charter he can still bully people around by pushing his weight as Majority leader. I find it very generous of MR Quigley to offer his experience and service to the people of Ulster County for a dollar. If he would like to add staff within his budget it would be totally acceptable I'm sure by the taxpayer if it made the goverment run more efficient and saved money For Mr Cahill to challenge the generousity I would like to ask How many family are getting paid by on the dole with taxpayer money? (need more than one hand Brian) Has any ever offered to give any back? End of story

Anonymous said...

Jeremy-- this comment was too much for Cahill to post because the truth and criticism do not fit into his agenda. We never like the attacks on you by him, his father and the moron who calls the public access shows to berate you and we call in to rebut and refute those comments whenever possible.
the following is the latest comment he chose to omit. please post it here.
We 5 KAPA VIEWERS have been trying not to read nor respond to your desperate ranting and preposterous claims that appear to be some imagined reverie emanating from the mindless 'allegationary' brain section that must develop in some attorneys.
When Quigley was on the k/chronicles I tried to get thru to ask how the real estate he invested in using money from the accounts other people invested in his business were miraculously spared the bottoming out like the rest of the market went through. Since other businesses failed and shopping mall rentals suffered, spending at stores dropped and home property values didn't stay up in the ozone area when all else was crashing, he could have patented his formula. Can you explain how he did that? It made it seem as if he was some financial wizard miracle worker while all others around him were going down for the third time. Will you even print this because it started out the way it did with the dig against you? We 5 KAPA viewers tried to swear off this blog and the egomaniacal claims you come up with but you are throwing it out to see if something sticks and its borderline bull, libel and nuts. If Sottile donated only 2500 bucks to insure a position in the new county gov’t. and now you are accusing Nick Woerner of some malfeasance or misfeasance, why not go straight to the DA’s office with your self-righteous charges?
Why pretend to be some fortune-telling omen-bearing post Halloween horror story teller as well? If you are calling for the heads of those you personally dislike because of your past loss in the mayoral race, why not say it? We tried to find the list of campaign donations to Auerbach’s war chest and couldn’t find the site. So you claim that for a mere $2500.00 Sottile has bought a position in the new county government. Nick Woerner paid for some ads and he’s in. Wow, the screenwriter’s guild must be waiting for you to submit a script from the crypt of political science fiction—go for it. 5 KAPA VIEWERS

Anonymous said...

Jeremy I appreciate the fact that you posted my earlier comments and hope to be able to celebrate the nonimpeachment method of dumping the Bush fiasco machine and getting on with the departments of peace, prosperity and good will to all with the Democratic Party winning everything. I have another post that Rich Cahill refused to print to honor our first amendment rights. He and his dad seemed to be getting off on the carstomp sponsored by Tim's 'sorta-automotive' last night and I had to turn it off and not call in to acknowledge his childish ways. If you want to publish both comments they are as follows:
The expectations you proposed on your TV show less than 9 hours before the polls open are unrealistic and absurd—that is, for Auerbach to retract or refute statements in an ad paid for by Nicky Woerner. The letter from Ann Catalano is just as absurd. Anyone who had signs placed on their lawn from the opposing party and used her method of disposal in that time frame deserves whatever she claimed almost happened. Why didn’t she call the opponent’s campaign headquarters or the police to report it and have them remove the signs? What is most preposterous is to believe anyone could or would concoct such a scheme to have the recycle center worker turn paparazzi and snap a photo of her dumping those signs for the negative publicity since she would have been called by any newspaper if they were going to run the photos to make sure the truth was told. Junk stories fabricated by the losing party that smell badly
Rich, you are guilty of making juvenile remarks, using name-calling as well and refusing to post clean caustic remarks about your tactics here on your blog thereby not really following the unspoken rule of our first constitutional amendment--to wit; I have submitted many things which you have posted and many you wouldn't because it seems you cannot take criticism well. I agree with 6:53 pm that you should publish all responses and use the **** method so we the people who choose to use our time to read and write back shall have the option to view or not to view—to judge for ourselves or to follow the oft tarnished-other golden rule, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’ I know you cannot find someone’s Internet Provider as he suggested unless the forensic cyberspace police are needed to be called in to find a terrorist or child predator, etc. I have taken on no less than 6 or 7 different personas when responding to observe the reaction when I suggested that what you said to poster ‘x’ should be good for you and where you skip right over the content of a post that takes time to type and research in some cases. You skip over the message and attack the person delivering it. I shall go back in my archives and print up a copy and let you read it or else go on another public access show and do an hour of comedy and satirical seriousness about the entire subject.
The coal industry comments do not deserve a rebuttal since you refuse to allow the truth of the concept to surface even after it was correctly and brilliantly laid out by 1:53 PM and it is weird how we can only refer to someone’s writing by the time signature. If something is purely satirical you usually don’t get it and start responding by name-calling. The gist of my usual remarks was for you to maintain the dignity of an officer of the court at all times--especially on your blog, and to not assume the asinine attitude of that one channel 23 caller who calls all democrats liberal, socialist communists. You jumped on it and ran with it as if it were your own regarding Congressman Hinchey, while completely failing to recognize the socialist approach our current federal government has taken with the financial abyss created by Bush and the cowboy economic theorists riding roughshod with him on our nation. It’s almost as if you have a selective vision problem where you can read the information in one column and not see the next if it is not what you want in print on your BlogSpot. Nothing posted here will change the world nor will it make anyone with a brain change how they will vote. Signed:5KAPA viewers

Anonymous said...

jeremy, cahill posted one comment but not the second part. if he posts my response to him under my real name, A. Burr, we will see if he does believe in the real American way by allowing free speech to flow. The last response is to his 'no-case' against me claiming all the wrong things from what I said. Good thing he's a lawyer because he's good at making a case for himself and his wrong assumptions that were not put forth by me in the post. Thanks, only hours to go before the wacky bush wackers are gone into history and his memorial library will be the toilet paper shelf in the basement bathroom of his daddy's memorial library unless there's room in the septic system.
Signed: A. Burr (one of 5 KAPA viewers.)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, this is the last comment Cahill refused to post as innocuous as it is in response to my remarks about Ann Catalano's dilemma over lawn signs from the Democrats.

"Look, folks, there you have what?--I’m fully aware of one's right to remove unwanted crap from one's own lawn and I am A. Burr. I didn't even imply that it was Mrs. Catalano’s fault that the signs were there—it was done as a prank or an affront or a 'dirty trick' or whatever 'spin-the-tail-on-the-donkey' you call it. I was trying to save word space when I said, quoting your grammar here, “she should have called the police and caused taxpayer money to spent on the removal of the signs.”-- to quote your broken English. It wasn’t like someone burned a cross on her lawn. I didn’t even come close to mean she should be penalized for removing the signs either. What is wrong with your comprehension ability and interpretation today? Is it getting too close to D-Day—Democratic Party victory day?
What I meant was that if perchance she called the police they could make a blotter notation and perhaps patrol her area where they might catch the culprit committing this high crime. She (almost) had her picture taken, oh goodness me, lordy, lordy, lordy. If all I turn out to be through this election season is an agent provocateur, so be it. You seem unready to crash and burn when the Republican regime change comes to a grinding and deafening halt and the whole world begins to spontaneously recover without the Republican rehab that the bailout benefactors are ushering in to save the day because everything Bush did turned out to be nothing more than a bad sign on the White House lawn signifying the fractured fiasco-failures from 2001 right on down to the present. This latest approach taken by Bush and his economic cabinet is pure textbook European socialism. This is slowly reminding me of a bad version or rendition of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”—cut yourself some slack this is one of the biggest non-issues going no matter how hard you try to inflate the balloon, it will either burst or fizzle out as you lose your grip on it. Signed: A. Burr