Monday, May 04, 2009

Dem County Brunch A Success!!

The Ulster County Democratic Brunch was a huge success with well over 300 people in attendance...Senator Gillibrand was great and Lew Kirschner received a well deserved tribute from the Ulster County Democratic Committee. I have a lot of great pictures I will put up soon!


Anonymous said...

Jeremy your looking great. Love the picture of you and Lew.

Anonymous said...

A great party.

Anonymous said...

All that walking really pays off.

Anonymous said...

We hear you are supporting Quigley over Nicky?

That is very unadvisable, boy!

We are watching you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If that is true, that you are supporting Quigley over Nick. Hats off to you Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

If Quigley is the candidate, you will not be alone in supporting him. He will win easily. The Ulster thugs are nothing, they are all mouth. What can they possibly do? Come November, Woerner and his crooked cronies will be looking for work. I hope the first person he takes out is that nasty little f*ck Zweben, followed by Sinagra and Watzka.

Anonymous said...

7:30 am. I love you. You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Nick Woerner is going to win.
All those who talk ill of him, or his associates shall be held liable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Nick Woerner and his lowlife associates.

Anonymous said...

Game on! Nick Woerner's thugs are in bully mode early this election. I will be glad to see them go away.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the real thugs in Ulster are the Republicans, and now that they will be an electoral minority in the town for many years to come, they are whining and hurting the town by hurling lies about our wonderful town supervisor, Nicky Woerner.

What's their plan for affordable housing?

Oh, they'll make out Steve Aaron out to be some vulture, but that is a lie. Just go ask the many residents of his apartments. They'll tell you. They all vote too. Who do you think they'll vote for????? Quigley? Nope.

What's their plan for keeping our town safe?

Nick has done a great job with the town police. Their performance is the envy of the county. Our Streets are safe.

What's their plan for taxes?

Republicans are responsible for the largest tax increase in the history of the County, while Nick in Ulster had held the line of spending. Sure, taxes have gone up this year, but the reason behind that are draconian budget cuts in promised state aid from Albany. Nick has done well playing the bad cards delt to him.

What's Quigley's plan for Economic development?

Sure, Daddy WarBUCKS Quigley can buy off a few interests, fix a roof here and there.. all of which is commendable, but Nick has been working to bring real economic development to Tech City, as well as a very pro-business-growth platform to increase our tax base and help the working families in Ulster. I don't see much growth around the county, but there has been some activity in the town of Ulster recently. Thanks to Nick!

Ok, well, GOP attack machine can reply with their usual lies. Bring it on. YOUR DAYS OF A 28-5 MAJORITY IN THE LEGISLATURE ARE OVER!!!!





MOVE TO Greene County. GET OUT. GOODBYE!!!!


Anonymous said...

4:21- haha I love it!!!

12:35- Ohhh I bet blaber's just terrified by someone who signs onto his blog, reads his perspectives, and then has the audacity to comment threateningly with an anonymous tag.

How typical... I bet hes scared that the boogy man's going to come and get him!!

If you have balls, have balls, dont get on here and grow a pair because you can hide your name.

And thanks for your re-appearance at 4:29, now Im sure everyones TERRIFIEDDDDDD

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