Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here and There

The race for Kingston City Council races are heatin' up!

In Ward 1, Andi Turco Levin will be a candidate for the Republican nomination and I hear she has strong support from Independence Chair Len Bernardo. Al Teetsil may not even have enough votes to win his party's nomination.

There is a likely primary between Cahill Sr., and Jean Jacobs the winner going against Alderwoman DiBella in the general. There are rumors of Anne Marie not running, as a Democrat that wants the ward to remain Democratic I hope Anne Marie does seek reelection.

Jeanne Edwards has declared she will be a candidate in the 4th Ward against Incumbent Democrat Shirley Whitlock. While I like Mrs. Edwards her motivation for running is wrong, Shirley fought hard to keep Jeanne her job several months ago and is a damn good Alderman. I strongly support Alderwoman Whitlock's reelection bid!

Mike Madsen also will be involved with a four way primary as previously reported, all are politcal nobody's and will be handily defeated by Mike.

GILDA GILDA GILDA GIlDA! Get used to hearing the name of Gilda Riccardi who I hear is a heartbeat away from a run for county clerk. If Gilda runs, make no mistake about it she will be the next county clerk. Albert's money, influence and threats will not be enough to overcome Ms.Riccardi's charm, dedicated campaigning and QUALIFICATIONS!

Jon Katz is getting a lot of support in his bid for county court and could be days away from an appointment by Governor Patterson, despite the pushing by Stuart Fraiser to put in his hand picked candidate Debra Schneer.


Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Republican Committee. Mr. Cahill has told us he's running, but Jean has said nothing about it.

In fact, I hear she might run for County Legislator.

Anonymous said...

Whitlock did absolutely nothing to save her job. It was Ashdown, Robins, Cahill, and Fratto who did it.

In fact, Shirley voted in favor of cutting her job before Madsen made a motion to alter the budget.

Anonymous said...

9:54, who cares? No Republican is ever going to win...ever..

Just give it up. Take up a hobby, go bowling, masterbate to kiddie porn like most of you fucking republicans do anyway.

Anonymous said...

Gee, did the City Committee have a closed door secret meeting somewhere when Cahill Sr announced his candidacy? Let's get real here. The man should be put out to pasture with Teetsel. Maybe they could start their own City Republican Senior Club.

Anonymous said...

Really 9:54?? What the hell is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda! Gilda!

Anonymous said...

9:54 and 8:13,

The fact that you would say such despicable things tells me you are concerned about losing some seats on the Council.

Seats in wards 4,5,8, and 9 are in real danger. If they fall and 1 and 6 stay the same, the Democrats are in the minority.

I think you guys are scared -- perverted too based upon your immature comments.

Anonymous said...

oops ...that comment was for 1:54 am, not 9:54..sorry.

Anonymous said...

1:54 is right about those Republicans. They go to Church 3 times a week out of guilt for their bad behavior.

Anyway, Kingston is in real trouble. Your Bankrupt Newsrag is not telling you the truth by omitting the true dire status of the city's finances.

By this time next year, I expect the question of who wins whatever to be moot, as the State will be running city goverenment. That might just be the enema this city needs.

Old Jeezy

Anonymous said...

9/54 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Albert's money, influence and threats helped get Hein elected.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Whitlock did nothing about a parking meter issue(credited the wrong side) brought to her attention, and only the Mayor decided to "apparently" do anything about it(as if any are or would be concerned at all about such technical matters, look at all the $$ the meters are bringing in to mollify the great moneyed Kingston taxpayers, who themselves-- many of them-- attend church three times a week). I heard though that Judge Gilpatrick was out there with a drill and screwdriver and told the rest of them to "get a work ethic."
As such Whitlock is just the "token darkie of the hour", elected over and above the activism of Matt Ryan, done because the Mayor would rather throw himself into the Hudson River than deal with any potential race riot as was the supposed case a few years ago and done to mollify the race--not actually employ anyone, but mollify to keep the darkies(the term used by Dr. Mauceri, who injected himself into local politics sufficiently--not my term) from rising up tomorrow.
Let's not forget what was done to Clark Richters when the establishment wanted that superficial career local activist Ringwood in. Clark is still in town, Ringwood is gone to other pastures--where they speak in even more nasal tones than in Albany-- where her needless stuff can be used to further her self-image in life, which I suppose is better as an alternative, say, of becoming a Nun, but let's get serious now about local politics for locals, unless of course Ms. Ringwood is into serious overseas Missions support while yet remaining non-celibate. And as a result of her departure, enter a man whose background in the church is well, of a certain nature so as to render him inconic as someone in some kind of public life that reflects the perverseness no one has been able to do anything about in that religious life.
Case closed, next case...

Anonymous said...

Patterson should take O'Bamas lead and appoint a hispanic women who has all the qualifications and life time experiences such as Gilda Riccardi. Go Gilda for
County Judge.

Anonymous said...

TO 7:58 AM

I don't know where you get the info about Joe Mauceri without some researched references since it seems way out of character for him to make comments of that denatured nature. You depict him as some small-minded smalltown racist unless you are just that yourself as a onehorse open "slay" troll. The overuse of mollify must be the word of the day you found on channel 20--the KHS station.
Just where and when did Dr. Mauceri use that expression and make those statements? Be specific or else retract your bullshit hate speech supposedly spoken by a medical doctor who is a great example of what a Catholic should be like and I'm Jewish.

Anonymous said...

7:58, I was one of the 9 voters who voted for Clark.

Agreed on all points.

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