Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Pics from the Bazaar Coming Soon

Blaber and Majority Leader Reynolds


Anonymous said...

Hey Jermemy, Good to see you out and about.You are supporting some good people this year,namely Quigley and Madsen. However,Bill Reynolds doesn't have a lot to smile about with the recent news that crime is UP in Kingston and people are moving out at a rapid pace! Although it's not all Bill's fault. It's more this inadequate Mayor's fault because of the people he has serving the City, namely Steve Finkel as Economic Development and Mike Murphy at Community Development. These two bird-brains have done NOTHING for our city. Have you taken a ride down broadway lately? Looks like a section of the Bronx. That's where Alderman Reynolds and Co. who are running for office this year come in. They need to be more vocal and involved in taking into account the failure of these high priced employees and bring in more competent people to perform these highly vital services.Mike murphy is not qualified AT ALL,and shoud focus on detoxing and Finkle has performed poorly and is over his head.There is alot at stake,the time is now for the alderman to apply pressure and move forward.

Anonymous said...

what happened to mike and frank. did theykiss and make up?

Anonymous said...

5:15 Kingston will become a ghost town if they continue to listen to Finkle and Murphy. Finkle has been here the whole time 1000 people left because he can't do the job he is being paid for. Murph has the personality of a rock and doesn't do anything, just ask him. He'll tell you his job title but when you ask him what that intails he has nothing to say because he doesn't even know what he does other that cash his paycheck at Traafskil and then drink it up.