Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petition Drama

Interesting week, a lot of things are going on locally now that petitions have been filed.

Here is what we hear:

Andi Turco Levin, Republican candidate in Ward 1, failed to file enough petitions to secure the Republican nomination for Ward 1. This is just pathetic, 19 were needed and only 14 were turned in.

Andi's opponent by contrast turned in over 90. We like Andy and think she would be a great Alderman but you have to want the job.

It's very disappointing to see that Andi could not get 20 signatures to get herself on the ballot.

The next stop for Andi will be a GOP OTB, no names will appear on the ballot and anyone can write anyone's name in. There is no love lose between Andi and Al Teetsil. Could we see Al try and take the line or could he have his friends write in Andi's opponent's name?

A once sure thing for Andi has now become interesting.

Looks like Richard Cahill Sr., will not have the Independence line, Cahill is looking at having 3 signatures. Knocked out for lack of a date on the signature..making him short the required number of signatures.

Jen Fuentas has also had her Working Families Party petitions challenged but we are told the petitions are valid and will stand at the end of the day.

Ms. Fuentas is inching closer to becoming the first registered member of the Working Families Party to be elected to the Kingston Common Council. Vegas odds have her at about 90%

Speaking of Ward 5, two time unsuccessful candidate for Alderman, Jean Jacobs is taking another stab at it. Jean has filed paperwork to run against Cahill Sr. In the GOP primary, if she is successful we could see a three way race in that Ward, Cahill Sr. Has the Conservative endorsement.

Jean Jacobs also has filed petitions to run for County Legislator in District 12 ...whether or not she can run for both offices at the same time is being researched.

Nina Postupack came within an eyelash of not having the Independence line after Independence Chairman Len Bernardo had to hold it hostage to get Mario Catalano and his committee to sign the Wilson Pakula for the three Dems and all the Conservative Party candidates that had been endorsed by the GOP at their convention last month.

Apparently, Catalano "forgot to sign" the Wilson and was MIA during today's deadline.

After a heated exchange with Tom Turko, Len got the GOP to hold up their end of the bargin .....the GOP caved in kicking and screaming to save Nina Postupack's Indy line.

Speaking of the Independence Party : Debra Schneer has filed enough petitions to force a primary for the line against Don Williams. Debra has a strong committee and is now the sitting County Court Judge... She has a good shot.

I firmly believe whomever wins the Independence party primary will win the November election.

Its not even August yet, this is going to be an explosive election year.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting. Out of all the candidates in the entire county, the two that have a problem are both Republican and from the City of Kingston.

I thought that the new chairman of the City of Kingston Republican Committee was brought in because the old chairman was not doing her job.

This doesn't sound like the new chairman is doing his job. Town Chairman need to be there to help the candidates and make sure that their petitions are OK.

Maybe we need to bring Jean Jacobs back, at least she understand the petition process.

And by the way, I am not Joe or Ellen DiFalco, so don't even go there.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a listing of all legislative candidates in all districts and bby party? If so would be nice to see that lisitng.

Anonymous said...

Don't think this race is over in the 1st Ward.... Dirty politics? You tell us.

Anonymous said...

looks like an awful lot of bullet voting on your poll for county legislature, unless people supporting Mike Madsen are supporting Frank Dart. Wanna bet??? This will probably happen in the primery vote also.

proud republican said...

I see, in a matter of hours, Frank Dart caught up with Mike Madsen in the poll for UC Legislature. How funny is that!!!!!!!!!!!!Democrats are fighting against each other all over the city and county. I know, its only funny if you are a republcan. Well, I am and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, talking about dirty politics,why didnt Charlie Landi report the campain contributions generated by the three fund raisers Nick Woerner held at Wyltwick golf club,Littly Italy, and Mariners Harbor? I mean after all he is the Treasurer for Nicks campaign aint he? Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

Whats really funny is how votes for Dart seem to have disappeared since I last checked a few hours ago. Couldnt have anything to do with the fact that Blaber supports Madsen and Provenzano could it?

Anonymous said...

Jean Jacobs does not know the petition process and does not have any respect for the City GOP Committee and its officers.

Case in point, she is running for 5th Ward Alderman and didn't bother informing any of the officers, including the Chair that she was carrying petitions.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:07,if that is true ,I am outraged over that! Carlie usually has a big mouth against these kind of shenigans.What is Charlie,Nicky and his scum bag friends hiding?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the updates!


Anonymous said...

Respect for the City GOP Committee and its officers? Are you kidding me? After what they did to her? And not for nothing, but respect is earned not given. The GOP officers don’t even know the petition process themselves. Not one of them is a true leader.

Anonymous said...

doesn't look like Blaber's support is helping the Provanzano lady

Anonymous said...

Another screwup by Mario! I bet the republicans lose more seats in the legislature. The democrats can be divided and still beat the stupid republicans.

Anonymous said...

When is Landi going to be held accountable for not filing the correct elections report for Woerner?

Anonymous said...

wow, frank dart with over 170 votes on a blog, OMG, he is a sure winner!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who's Dank Fart?

Anonymous said...


NYS Court of Appeals says, "No." And they say it over the course of about thirty-five years and several opinions. The phrase they keep repeating is "a sham, if not an outright fraud against the electorate." They have also indicated that in cases like Jean's, all petitions must be tossed.

Anonymous said...

Town of Rochester Committee Chairwoman Mary Jane Knudsen has a short memory. She successfully challenged the large Club in her town two years ago and saved her sizable ass and those of her committee mates. Now the Club is challenging her petitions for the very same reason she legally won on in court. Now we know why Rochester is always a mess, their committee leader is a moron.

Anonymous said...

Noonan's Co-Conspirator, Rochester Chair MaryJane lost another battle in her endless war to destroy all things GOP in Rochester. Her latest puppet, Councilwoman Manuela petition objections against GOP running mate Bernardo were denied.

Plus all of MaryJane's petition objections against GOP Club members seeking to kick her out were denied. When will this mis-guided fool realize she does not represent the GOP in Rochester. Her time to resign was 10 years ago when she started supporting candidates against the GOP line. At least when Democratic Supervisor Pam Duke lost, she did it with grace. Committee Chair MaryJane is like a spoiled child refusing to give up her toy.

Committee Chair and Committee Vice Chair may not want to part company for reasons only known to them. They have been together for a very long time working as team, and as MaryJane always says there is no I in TEAM. The real question is; what Team are these two playing for? Certainly not the GOP Team and this year, not the Democratic Team, maybe its a more personal team. Add Noonan, that's a pretty scary 3-way!

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny how the town of rochester chairman got her petitions thrown out by the board of elections? she got tossed for the same screwup she sued some of her fellow republicans for 2 years ago. it was illegal last time around and it should be just fine now? talk about a double standard. wonder if she'll go to court and claim she was wrong the last time?

Anonymous said...

Marijane, Alan and Stanley are not nice people. They got what they deserved, just like their buddy Glenn Noonan. It's ironic how all the malcontents got bounced together.

Way out of town said...

I want to know what is wrong with Richard Cahill? He is like the Wizard of Oz, a little man hiding behind the curtain with his toes all curled up.

He continually attacks people's integrity. Now he is attacking Jean Jacobs. I have known Ms. Jacobs for almost ten years, and I can assure the public that her ONLY intention was to serve the public, not to deceive anyone!! If he wants to get personal....let's go. How about the fact that his wife threw a tantrum at the court house the other day when the security officer tried to look through her purse. She had a fit and refused to let them do so. The officer told her to "lose the attitude" or she'd be outside.

She had a camera that he confiscated. Who did SHE think she was? Kingston Royalty? Little Cahill just stood there, stammering. An unfortunate urchin like Richie Cahill should look in the mirror before he starts attacking other people's character.

Let me ask the public this...what has Richard Cahill Jr. done for this community of note? That's right. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING....except to sit on his blog and call people names.

He had better know one thing...what goes around, eventually does come around. Wait till the law firm he works for realizes that he is losing them business...then maybe he will wake up. Until then, he needs to know that people are watching and making sure he doesn't buy any guns. His personality is the type who will shoot up a place when he finally snaps. There, Richie...how do YOU like it??