Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter Takes Lead Over Lincoln!!!

I hate to use this picture, it was taken last year and I was about 95 pounds heavier than I am now but Lt. Governor Bill Haulter has taken the lead in the race for US Senate in Arkansas over incumbent Blanch Lincoln. I wish the Lt. Governor the best. He is a real great guy and showed me great hospitality when I visited his state.

Thu May 27, 2010 at 10:58:22 AM PDT
Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 5/24-26. Likely Democratic primar voters. MoE 5% (5/10-12 results)
Democratic primary
Blanche Lincoln (D) 44
Bill Halter (D) 47
Undecided 9

Lincoln 59/36 (61/35)
Halter 63/21 (65/17)

Lincoln seems stuck in the mid 40s, as she has for weeks. Halter scooped up all the undecideds during the first round primary, and continues that trend in the runoff period. All the negative ads from all sides continue to do little to dent both candidates' favorability ratings.
There is a huge gender gap, with Halter winning women 51-39, while Lincoln wins men 49-43. African Americans continue to poll strongly for Halter, and he wins this key demographic 58-28. Lincoln has a slight edge among white voters, 47-45.
Same poll, but general election sample, among likely voters, MoE 4%:

Blanche Lincoln (D) 38 (40)
John Boozman (R) 58 (54)
Bill Halter (D) 42 (41)
John Boozman (R) 53 (50)

Lincoln 37/58 (39/55)
Halter 47/37 (47/34)
Boozman 52/34 (45/34)


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