Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am writing simply to confirm that I will be a candidate for mayor of the Village of New Paltz. Village elections are traditionally non political and I respect that. This blog is very political and I intend to keep it separate from my campaign. I plan to run a very aggressive race to become the Village's next mayor.

Village residents, feel free to call me anytime 718-662-9748 or e-mail me @ jeremyblaber@yahoo.com

I look forward to meeting with all of you over the next 7-8 months and hope that you will agree that I am the best choice to be your next mayor.


Jeremy Blaber
Candidate for New Paltz Mayor


Anonymous said...

Best of success - you would be a breath of fresh air - clean up New Paltz and then come back to Kingston to clean up our mess.

Anonymous said...

Don't come to Kingston!!! Do not need anymore dysfunction. By the way, where do you reside? New Paltz? or is that just a mailing address?

Anonymous said...

The only reason New Paltz elections are considered non-political is because liberal vs liberal sorta takes the politics out of it doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

So who will pick up Ward 7 when Sottile leaves, Noble and Reynolds move up? Tony Sinagra maybe?