Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zimet Running For New Paltz Town Supervisor

Sue Zimet announced that she will run for Supervisor of the town of New Paltz, a position she held before getting elected to the County Legislature. She faces a primary from incumbent Toni Hokenson but smart money says Zimet will be the next Supervisor of New Paltz. Look forward to Zimet's candidacy..she's a fighter and will do good things for the town. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, JB,

Zimet is a nasty witch with so many personal feuds she makes Joe Roberti look like a nice guy.
She hates the NP Police & will try again to destroy them.
Her husband is one of the nastiest bastards to ever walk the earth but he has the big bucks so he gets doors opened.
Toni actually governs NP well & she will continue to do so.
Her own Party Leaders are so stunad they cant see the forest for their vendettas & petty bickering.
Let the NP Dems self-destruct & sit back & enjoy the show !

Anonymous said...

Well the County's gain is the Town of New Paltz's loss I guess